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NO Politics in Europe

In 1951 the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) was set up consisting of Belgium, West Germany, Luxembourg, France, Italy and the Netherlands. The ECSC had the power to decide policy and make decisions relating to coal and steel in those countries.

In 1957 the European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM) and the European Economic Community (EEC) were formed.

In 1967 ECSC, EURATOM and the EEC were merged into a single federal organisation with its own parliament and ministers.

In 1973 the UK joined the EEC following a referendum. The British government of the time campaigned in favour of joining the EEC. To engineer support amongst the electorate for joining a European federation, the British government told the public that the EEC was merely a free trade organisation and not an organisation dedicated to the creation of a federal superstate.

The British government lied.

The British government continues to lie.

The Schuman Declaration was the document that heralded the beginning of what was to later become the European Union. The declaration actually contains (in French) the phrase "the first step towards a European federation". It was written in 1950.

The ultimate objective of the European Union is the establishment of a Federal European superstate with a single currency, government, army, police and all other trappings of state. The end result will be the abolition of nations and national governments in the European Union with a single national European government and local government in former member states handled by subordinate regional governments.

The European Union will result in the termination of any nationality in the European Union other than European.

A little advertised (understandably) European treaty already in place provides for national laws in member states to be applied in other member states. For example, in Germany it is illegal to glorify the Nazi's. In the UK it is not. It would be possible for the German authorities to come to the UK, produce valid paperwork (no evidence required) and demand that the UK authorities arrest and extradite you to stand trial in Germany for doing a Nazi salute in the UK. They do not have to provide evidence of your crime, it does not have to be illegal here, the British authorities would be obliged to comply with their demands and you would have no right of appeal before your extradition.

The average UK citizen probably breaks a dozen laws of other EU member states in this country every day. This number will certainly increase when Turkey joins the EU and Sharia Law has to be taken into account. It might even be possible for a women who has had an affair to be deported to Turkey to be stoned to death under Islamic law. It is unlikely that this would happen but under current EU law it is possible.

Nobody in this country has ever voted in favour of any of this.

A European Common Market is a great idea. Free trade agreements with other European countries are a great idea. A political European Union is not.

There is next to no support amongst the electorate for a European federation or for any form of political union with Europe.

Pro-EU activists and other EU-related and dependent organisations and politicians defend our continued membership of this European dictatorship by telling us that the cost of leaving the EU would be great and point out all the money the EU gives us. This is a falicy - we are a net contributor and the money the EU gives us is our own and comes to much less than we contribute.

No Politics in Europe