I refuse to accept EU justice

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The Home Secretary is in Finland today for a meeting with other home affairs and justice ministers from Federal Europe where he will be instructed to give up the UK’s veto on justice.

The vice president of the European Federation’s commission for justice, liberty and security – Franco Frattini – has said that the only way the UK can be safe from terrorism is to allow the federalist crooks in Brussels complete control of our justice system.

Obviously he didn’t use those words.

He says it’s time to put aside our “national jealousies” and allow police, secret services, courts and prosecutors to extend their jurisdiction across the whole of Federal Europe.  Worryingly, he says that this should extend to accusations of racism or xenophobia.

Frattini says that we should trust Federal Europe with our justice system.  He says he things Habea Corpus and trial by jury are great and should be applied elsewhere in Federal Europe … but what about the rest of Federal Europe?  They’re all quite keen on their backwards legal system where you are guilty until proven innocent and can be locked up for years just on the accusation of your next door neighbour if the accusation sounds feasible.  And what about Frattini’s successor?  Will he be of the same opinion?  Doubtful, that wouldn’t further the federal dream.

If we lose the veto then he aims to make it easier for national police forces to exchange information and to consult each others DNA databases.

In a blatant attempt to scare the public into supporting this hideous power grab by the European Federation he explains that “The precondition is, of course, mutual trust,” and “If you say mutual trust doesn’t exist, fine, but in that case terrorists will win.”

There you have it – if we don’t trust the European federalists who want to establish a federal European superstate and impose their inferior and incompatible Napoleonic legal system on us then we’re handing victory to the terrorists.

Here’s my suggestion.  Tell Frattini to go and take a running jump.  Leave the EU immediately and cease all funding.  Repeal any and all EU laws that force us to accept immigrants or asylum seekers – the method that a lot of wannabe terrorists use to get into this country.  Sack Reid, Blair and anyone else responsible for integrating us further into the European Federation and charge them with treason.  When we control our own foreign and domestic policies and our own legal system, then we can deal with would-be terrorists.

And I do declare, That no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence, or authority ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm.

Bill of Rights

Trust the EU?  I would rather trust a strapped-up suicide bomber than that bunch of crooks. 

Hat-tip: Englishman’s Castle

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