Majority are officially victims

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According to a new report by Civitas, the majority of Britons are now officially recognised as members of an “oppressed group”.

“Oppressed groups” include birds women, puffs homosexuals, cripples disabled people and darkies ethnic minorities.  Think I just managed to get away with that one which is good because members of these “oppressed groups” – 73% of the population – are entitled to special protection.

The report criticses the British government for the ridiculous state of affairs where almost three quarters of the population are officially classified as victims saying that the victim culture is undermining democracy and the concept of everyone being equal in the eyes of the law.


  1. Alfie (28 comments) says:

    You forgot to include the ‘fat jaffas minority group’ which includes John Prescott,
    the ‘crappily inadequate minority group’ which includes John Prescott,
    the ‘nob like an interesting chippolatta sausage minority group’ which includes John Prescott,
    the ‘GBH-ery of the English Language minority group’ which includes John Prescott,
    the ‘Croquet is a game for toffs, so I’ll play it’ minority group’ which includes John Prescott,

  2. R Johnson (8 comments) says:

    Women are not oppressed, i’m comparison to a lot of nations (Especially America) Scotland, Wales and Britain (oops I mean England) treat there women with very nearly perfect equal rights. But thats not the end, in the `Land of Liberty` there are few women in high position jobs and women are very much talked down to. Something which if you tried over here you’d loose your wonko in seconds.

  3. Man in a Shed (10 comments) says:

    What about WASP Conservative candidates ?

    I’ve been turned down for a training course before because the woman in the department hadn’t been on it – and couldn’t go that time either – and they wanted to promote her career.

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