DEFRA spends £170m on consultants

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DEFRA, the incompetent British government department that looks after the environment and rural affairs in England, spent £170m on consultants last year.

Some of these consultants were no doubt responsible for overseeing the farcical farm subsidy scheme which has been bankrupting English farmers and has landed the British government with massive fines from the European Federation.

While all this money has been wasted on consultants, DEFRA has been making hundreds of people redundant and has been ordered to cut its budget by £200m next year, partly to make up for the fines.

The minister in charge of DEFRA is good old David Milliband who has probably never dirtied his shoes on a farm in his life and who New Labour flunky, Matthew Taylor, held up as a shining example of responsible blogging.  Has the Milliblog got details of these consultants which we, the taxpayer, have paid for?  No.  Does it contain an apology – or even an explanation – for the complete balls up of the farm subsidies which have put countless English farmers out of business?  No.  Milliband is, of course, still in Nairobi at the expense of the taxpayer coming up with new ways to tax us to prevent global warming that isn’t actually happening.

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  1. Sean Lynch (80 comments) says:

    This is what characterises labour, arrogant contempt for real people, not the imaginary socialist ‘masses’, matched only by utter incompetence.
    They have gerrymandered the vote not just by their reliance on the over-representation of Scots and Welsh in the UK parliament, but by creating a vast client state, whether they be quangos, placemen or workshy loafers (unemployed now called ‘incapacitated’, to get the figures down innit!), the common factor is the need for a labour government to pay for their existence using hard earned taxpayers money.
    Without doubt the most corrupt and devious full of hidden agendas government we have ever endured.

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