Britishness Brown interfering in English education again

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The BBC reports that Britishness Brown is stepping up his Prime Ministership campaign by setting out his policies on education.

The problem is, the Chancellor was elected in Scotland where education is the responsibility of the Scottish government.  Gordon Brown wasn’t elected for his education policies because his education policies don’t affect his own constituency or any other constituency in his beloved Scotland.

He has plans for Britishness lessons in schools.  But only in England.  He won’t say what he plans to do about the cap on tuition fees that Scottish MP’s imposed on England against the wishes of a majority of English MP’s.  He plans to force 16-18 year olds into further education.  But only in England.  His Britishness lessons should include lessons about the “freedom from arbitrary rule that came in during the 16th and 17th Century”.  This is slightly confusing as Britain didn’t exist in the 16th and 17th centuries – he is, of course, referring to the English Bill of Rights.  The Tartan Taxman has a rather annoying habit of claiming English laws and inventions for Britain, once referring to the Magna Carta as a great British statute even though it predated the union by 500 years.

I have only one thing to say to Gordon Brown’s education plans: NO MANDATE!

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  1. A brummie (75 comments) says:

    Nail on head Wonko.

    I notice that the beeb is not showing any comments on this article as well.

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