BNP narrowly defeated in Nuneaton & Bedworth

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The BNP were only narrowly pipped at the post by Labour at the Nuneaton & Bedworth by-election yesterday.

Labour managed to retain the seat by the skin of their teeth with the Tories getting a dismal number of votes – not much over 50% of what the BNP got.  The Illiberal Dums got about half of what the Tories got, the EDP got 75 votes, a local NHS candidate got 46 and last an unfortunately least, UKIP got 8 votes.

I’m told that there wasn’t much support by local UKIPers for their candidate and that the BNP have a lot of followers there, fought the election hard and even produce a regular magazine in the area.  Not sure what the reasoning is behind the Tories poor result but well done to the EDP – ever the under dogs but rarely at the bottom of the results table of late.


  1. stephen sterry (1 comments) says:

    hi ,
    my name is steve i am very intrested in voting for you on may the 1st but am unable to find out who my local BNP candidate is could u please help me with this problem.

    yours steve

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    If you were voting for “me” then you’d be voting UKIP, not BNP.

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