Draft Local Transport Bill – Hansard

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Not much information in the Hansard on the Draft Local Transport Bill – no dissenters, no cries of “NO MANDATE” from the opposition benches.

However, the Hansard for the bill does start thus:

Draft Local Transport Bill

The Secretary of State for Scotland (Mr. Douglas Alexander):
I am today publishing a draft Local Transport Bill, for public consultation and parliamentary pre-legislative scrutiny.

Forgive me if I’m starting to sound like a broken record but TRANSPORT IS DEVOLVED.  Why is the Secretary of State for Scotland, an MP elected in Scotland, introducing a bill that only applies to England?


  1. Calum (183 comments) says:

    It will also apply to Scotland. I know it is a develved mattter, but Darling is talking about a nation wide scheme. I know you have spoken to the scottish and welsh execcutive, but Darling has said on numerous occasions than any road pricing scheme would apply to the entire UK. IT IS NOT A SOLEY ENGLISH AFFAIR.

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    When has he said it will apply to the whole UK? Show me.

    Nationwide as far as the DfT is concerned is England-wide because the DfT doesn’t apply to the rest of the UK.

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