Buggering up the English NHS … again

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The Financial Times reports that No Mandate Brown left a little present for the English before he left the Treasury – a £2bn cut in funding for the English NHS.

It’s not the fact that he has no mandate on health with it being devolved in his own constituency, it’s not that he kept it quiet until after his coronation, it’s the fact that the Barnett Formula is being fudged so that the cut in health funding won’t be passed on to Scotland that makes me so fucking angry.

The Goblin King has defended the Barnett Formula saying that it’s a fair way of distributing funding to the “nations and regions” based on need.

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  1. George (16 comments) says:

    Totally agree, and unfortunately with the recent terrorism incidents this hasn’t even made a blip on the major news channels. If I hated Blair, then I absolutely detest Broon.

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