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No Mandate Brown, the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan, has decided not to call an election after all.

After seeing the latest batch of opinion polls showing that support for the Conswervatives was increasing whilst support for Liebour was decreasing, he has decided that he “wants a mandate on policy, not on promises”.  Or votes for that matter.

God, how I hate that lying, conniving, cheating, unelected, illiberal, disrespectful, cowardly, dictatorial, two-faced turd.

Like I said the other day, the Ignorant Jock shouldn’t have any say whatsoever on when an election is called.  An election is an opportunity for the people to give or take away the mandate of the ruling party, not a political tool to be used for the benefit of the party or personal career or the Prime Minister – especially when that Prime Minister has never contested an election as leader of his party and has no right to interfere in domestic policies in England.  The timing of elections should be the responsibility of an independent body – the Electoral Commission would be perfect if it could ever be made impartial – and not the ruling party.  It’s an absolute sham.

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  1. Sean Lynch (80 comments) says:

    Absolutely Wonko, Britishness Broon doesn’t do elections, when has Broon ever had an election? As you say he didn’t even have an election to be the Liebour leader never mind PM. What with his attempts to build a one party state, I doubt whether there will EVER BE another General Election
    with this gutless, ugly, scheming, devious creep who has been installed as PM by a political coup.
    At least now though, the bubble has burst about him somehow being different than Bliar, having ‘convictions’. He will be seen for what he is, a craven, calculating, seedy and spineless opportunist who basic concern is himself.
    There will be no more ‘bounce’.

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    With a bit of luck, we’ll see an English UDI before long and we can send Gordo the Goblin King and his whiskey-sodden tartan army back up north where they belong.

  3. Sean Lynch (80 comments) says:

    For me Wonko, had there been a General Election, far from abandoning Liebour as they should have and as a few commentators have speculated, the Scots would have elected the usual Liebour tartan army to Westminster to defend their quasi independent state. I would not mind betting that the SNP would not have gained a single Westminster seat.
    It is the hypocrisy, the double standards whereby they inflict on us what they do not want for themselves that is unpalatable. At this moment in history they(the Scots) are having their cake and eating it. It is a situation which will not last and there will be a point where independance for Scotland is the ONLY option.
    And with that we will have independance for England. To the wreckers in the Liebour party, who started the process of dissolving the onion, but have the nerve to blame “little english nats”, there is such a country as England and it will in the future be known once again as England.
    There are so many of our fellows who have had enough of the Scottish protectorate that is governing us with the help of of few charmless English quislings masquerading as Liebour MP’s.

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