Shropshire Star: Residents warned of sub region

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The following story appears in tonight’s Shropshire Star:

A Telford campaigner against a regional Government has said that giving a “sub region” tax raising powers would be bad for residents.

Hazel Blears, Communities and Local Government Secretary, yesterday announced plans which would put Telford in a new “sub region” with the Black Country, Birmingham and Coventry.

It could have powers to drive regeneration including tax raising.  Stuart Parr has been campaigning against regional Government for several years and set up the West Midlands No! Campaign website.  He said: “the West Midlands No! Campaign warned, as far back as December 2006, that the city region had ambitions for tax raising powers.  Many ‘business community’ leaders in the West Midlands have backed the city region in return for a promise they will get more say in decisions affecting both business and residents.  The people involved with the city region have no intention of consulting taxpayers and are relying on the business community for support.”

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  1. John Franklyn (59 comments) says:

    They have NO INTENTION of consulting any resident and funny really, I own a business and have been asked one question.

    So just what is their criteria.

    You never know, we could be very lucky and Hazel Blears could get washed away in a decent sized flood!!

  2. Steve (38 comments) says:

    It is McLabours sole mission to break up England into “regions” for their EUSSR masters to rule, they are committing treason by directly working for a foreign power, and who better than strategically placed bitter and twisted anti-English communist Jocks in the ‘Yoo Kay’ government to do it?.

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