Gas & Electric, Federal Europe and the great global warming scam

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nPower has just bumped its prices for gas and electricity up by quite a sizeable amount because of “rising energy prices”.

The boss of nPower was on the telly the other day saying that we just have to get used to the fact that prices will keep on rising significantly and, of course, he’s right.  We may have the choice to change to another provider but gas and electricity are not a luxury.  The suppliers all sit around watching each other, waiting for one to put up their prices and then they all put them up to match.  Usually it’s British Gas that put their prices up first, presumably to encourage customers onto a fixed price tariff.

But it’s wrong to say that it’s all down to “rising energy prices” because it’s not.

The hysteria that has been whipped up by the British government, eco-terrorists and “scientists” who make a living out of inventing climate change data, has forced electricity suppliers to start looking at renewable energy.  It’s a token gesture because we can’t possibly satisfy our energy needs by wind farms and solar panels – they are unreliable, uneconomical and completely unviable.  But they have to build them to satisfy the demands of those customers that get a warm fuzzy feeling if they think the electricity they’ve got coming into their home is “green” and the British government which is doing everything it can to wring a few more billion pounds of “green” taxes out of electricity suppliers.

Federal Europe has a hand in this as well, of course.  As DK points out, the “Renewals Obligation” requires at least £1bn to be spent on building wind farms and other types of renewable energy and the cost of Federal Europe’s Carbon Trading scheme – where companies can sell parts of their allowance on carbon emmissions to other companies – is about £6bn.  The additional £7bn being spent on the carbon emmissions/global warming fantasy will be passed on to customers on top of the “rising energy prices”.  Federal Europe is also talking about putting tariffs on cheap goods from emerging economies like China and India because of their carbon emissions.

We would be cushioned more from the “rising energy prices” if our fellow European Soviet Socialist Republics didn’t hike up the price of gas and electricity they supply to us.  In direct contravention of Federal Europe’s rules, gas and electricity suppliers on the continent artificially inflate the price of what they supply to the UK.  This isn’t to cover the cost of actually supplying to us, it’s on the actual price of the gas and electricity itself.  And this is done with the full support of their own governments, further evidence of the fact that the UK remains part of Federal Europe solely for the purpose of financing it.

This obsession with the myth of man-made climate change is slowly killing our economy and it will only get worse.  Debate on the causes of climate change are closed down immediately despite all the evidence showing it to be naturally occurring.  Eco-terrorists like Al Gore and Greenpeace claim the argument is won and there is no room for debate.  In November, Margaret Beckett said that climate change deniers were like Islamic terrorists and shouldn’t have access to the media.

Well the argument hasn’t been won and when the global economy is fucked, people like Gore and Beckett will be the ones responsible.  But that’s what the eco-terrorists want – sandal wearing, bearded, left wing hippies want the worlds capitalist economies to collapse to pave the way for a global socialist state.  They don’t learn from history, you see.  They don’t look at every communist government the world has seen and realise that it just doesn’t work, that there will always be a ruling class and that they – the ones who have shown themselves to be rebellious – will be the first ones against the wall when the inevitable purge happens.

The only people that are benefitting from the global warming scam are the “scientists” and places like China and India where they don’t want to go back to being stone age hunter gatherers on the back of a discredited, artificially created scam.

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  1. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    So, the EU is the USSR rebord, the greens are reds who are in bed with the energy monopolies…

    This is all very amusing, Wonko.

  2. Thomas (2 comments) says:

    This is not amusing. It’s true.

    Sadly so.

  3. Matt Fairy (1 comments) says:

    wake up and smell the coffee – Im a Brit in the energy business living in the US its a f@#$&^g disgrace when old people cant afford to heat their homes and winters here make England look like Costa Brava We are paying 26c per kw /hr (13p?) the future is making energy where you need it, when you need it.


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