English children to get unique ID number

! This post hasn't been updated in over a year and I've changed my opinions on many things over the years. Deleting things I wrote years ago would be like ripping pages out of a diary so I'm not going to do it despite the fact that some stuff I've written in the past will probably be used against me during elections by UKIP hating fascists. You should read this bearing in mind that what I thought in the past might not be what I think now.

The British government plans to allocate every 14 year old child in England a unique ID number which could be tied to the national ID database and will be used to provide access to school records for potential employers and the state.

The Education & Skills Bill – which only applies to England, not the whole of the UK as the press are reporting – will introduce the “Learning Number” which will be the key to a national database of state CVs for every child in England.  The Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills – one of No Mandate Brown’s made up government departments – said “It is just a way of making life easier for learners and employers. It is something we think will help people looking for work”.  What a load of shit.  It is a way of introducing 14 year old children to the concept of being numbered and monitored for the rest of their lives and the state taking control of their identity.

The same spokesman also said the database will be “cast-iron in terms of integrity” whilst the Information Commissioner said “We have provided advice and assistance to help ensure that this system is watertight and secure – but no system is immune to human error and breaches can and do occur”.

Just like HMRC losing the details of 25 million recipients, just like the MOD officer losing a laptop containing secret data, just like all the other recent admissions of data loss by British government departments – the data will be vulnerable to inaccuracy, loss and fraud.  Your identity isn’t like a bank account – it can’t be changed if it falls into the wrong hands – your identity is unique and identity theft will cause you problems for the rest of your life in Liebour’s database state.

The state stealing the identity of our children has surely got to be a breach of their Human Rights.

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