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Merry Christmas

It’s been a quiet blogging year here this year but I’ve been very busy on Bloggers4UKIP and my councillor blog, Stuart Parr for Brookside.

Let’s have a look back at 2011 …

Christmas TreeJanuary saw two sports presenters lose their jobs after secret recordings of a private conversation in which they made sexist comments were made public and the protracted revolution in Egypt which kicked off what came to be known as the Arab Spring.

In February the Northern Irish MP, Ian Paisley Jr, spoke out against an English Parliament even though it’s none of his damn business and consultations started on changes to hospital services in Shropshire.

March was the month UKIP had its best ever election result beating the Tories to second place in Barnsley, the Welsh voted for more devolution in their second devolution referendum (two more than we’ve had), the Scottish government abolished prescription charges leaving England the only part of the UK paying for prescriptions and the far left organised anti-government riots.

In April one of our neighbours and his daughter tragically died in a house fire, the census police were out and about telling lies, GPs in England were told to halve the amount of medication they put on their prescriptions to bring in more money, Telford & Wrekin Council put on an excellent St Georges Day event (Google ignored it) and Nick Clegg said that it’s right English students should pay £9k a year in university tuition fees whilst the rest of the UK doesn’t pay anything despite a broken manifesto promise to abolish them.

May saw the long-overdue death of Osama Bin Laden, my election to Stirchley & Brookside Parish Council and I published my proposal for a British confederation.

June saw teachers striking for special treatment and the British Olympic Committee causing outrage in Scotland, Wales and NI claiming their FA’s support a Team GB football team.

In July the Guardian journalist, Kia Abdullah, showed the true face of the nasty left by making fun of the death of three teenagers killed on a gap year in Thailand and surprise, surprise the racist university tuition fees charged for English students studying at Scottish universities resulted in less English students studying at Scottish universities.

August was the month that thieving former Labour MP, Jim Devine, was released from prison after serving just a quarter of his sentence for stealing from the taxpayer, Iain Stewart MP argued against an English Parliament, a Scottish doctor suggested English students could sell a kidney to pay for their university tuition, the EDL came to Telford and failed to cause mayhem, I reflected on how the British have lost Wales and an opinion poll on the Daily Mail website said 72% support English independence.

In September the Conservatives came close to being disbanded in Scotland and an excellent 89 year old letter warning of imminent doom from global warming was published in the Shropshire Star.

In October I made the conscious decision not to support the Poppy Appeal for the first time, the British government put the recession to one side to sort out the vitally important business of the sexist line of succession and HMRC demanded a voluntary tax contribution off Mrs Sane.

November saw Virgin Money snap up Northern Rock for a song, I explained why we don’t need a British Bill of Rights and Speaker Bercow spent £37k on a painting of himself and a coat of arms.

Finally, in December Jeremy Clarkson was pounced on by money-grabbing unions for poking fun at the BBC, the wicked witch of the left, Harriet Harperson, demanded the BBC stuff its Sports Personality of the Year Awards with women in the name of equality, I found out I need a hearing aid, the South Americans want a pissing contest over the Falklands and the British government have given the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish a £30m gift of English money because the British have spent money for their Olympics in London.

So, we started 2011 in the EU dictatorship, the only country in Europe without any form of self-government and ruled by a bunch of crooked politicians and we’ll finish 2011 in the same state.  I lost a grandad and auntie this year (they died, I didn’t misplace them) but it’s been a good year overall – I have the best wife a man could wish for and four brilliant kids to be very proud of.

I’d like to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my friends and enemies.

South Americans want pissing contest over Falklands

The South American trade group, Mercosur, has banned Falklands-flagged boats from docking in their ports in solidarity with Argentina.

Uruguay proposed the ban and and the other three members – Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina – agreed.  There are less than 40 boats registered in the Falklands so it doesn’t affect a huge amount of people but that’s not the point, it’s an attack on the Falkland Islanders.

The Mercosur nations are ganging up on the Falklands for no reason other than to cause a nuisance.  They know that the Falklands belong to the UK, that the Falkland Islanders want to remain a British Overseas Territory and that the British government has pledged not to hand over the Falklands to Argentina unless the islanders wanted it.  They know that all they’re going to get out of this is a pissing contest.

That said, we have no aircraft carrier and most of our deployable armed forces are already deployed in the Middle East and Africa so if Argentina did decide to invade the Falklands again, we’d struggle to take them back again.  And don’t think our “allies” in the EU will help us – especially the French who Cameron stupidly decided we should enter into a military alliance with – because they won’t.  The president of the Falklands Chamber of Commerce has already had a thinly veiled pop at the EU, saying:

If we were Palestine, the European Union would be up in arms

If it didn’t involve the UK and the former Spanish & Portuguese colonies then they’d be up in arms.  We can’t rely on our supposed “allies” in the EU to stand with us (they gave Spain jurisdiction over Gibraltarian waters, remember) and we certainly can’t rely on the French to provide us with the aircraft carrier we’re supposed to have an agreement for if it means going to war with their southern neighbour’s allies.  Or going to war with anybody for that matter, the cheese eating surrender monkeys.

If the EU won’t impose a retaliatory ban on Uruguayan, Paraguayan, Brazilian and Argentine goods then the British government should impose a unilateral one.  If the British government doesn’t have the balls (they won’t) then we boycott them ourselves!

Mutton Jeff

Mad Hamish


I went to the ENT clinic at the hospital yesterday to see if they could figure out why my hearing is so bad and came away being told I’ve got to have a hearing aid.  I’m 33 years old for god’s sake, hearing aids are for old people!

I must say, I wasn’t expecting to have a diagnosis (of sorts) and a cure (of sorts) on my first visit.  I’ve got to go for an MRI to make sure there’s nothing wrong with my head and I’ve got to get fitted for a hearing aid some time in the new year.  Which is nice.

My knees are buggered, my eyesight isn’t great, I get eczema and rosacea, I suffer with a bad back on and off, I’ve had asthma for years … I’m a wreck!

If I was an animal they’d put me down.

A dose of reality for the “have not’s”

The London Evening Standard had a story back in 2007 which I’ve only just seen about a cleaner who pays 22% tax on her part time wages while the people who own the company she works for only pay 10%.  It’s old news but it’s pertinent in today’s climate of fierce jealousy of anyone rich and successful.

First things first, it’s possible to reduce your tax liability through legal avoidance but not to the extent where you pay no income tax.  If you earn a wage here you pay tax on it.  What counts as a taxable income can be bent but you can’t earn the sort of money that give you a £260m personal fortune without paying tax on it.  But let’s go with what the London Evening Standard says anyway.

In the case of this cleaner and the financiers behind the company she works for, she’s paid £225 per week and pays £26.58 per week income tax and National Insurance (NI).  Her evil capitalist employer pays £11.88 per week Employers NI.  That’s £1,382.16 per year that she pays in tax and £617.76 her employer pays in Employers NI for the privilege of giving her a job.

Assuming her evil capitalist scum employer avoids all his income tax liability (which is impossible) and he only pays 10% Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on his earnings, he would have to earn only £117,000 to pay the same amount of personal tax as the cleaner which isn’t a lot for a devil-worshipping evil capitalist fat cat is it?  And his company is paying for the privilege of employing her as well as paying tax on its profits.

In more general terms, there are calls every day from the left for rich people to “pay their fair share”, fair share being entirely undefined but more than what they pay now.  The fact that the top 5% of earners contribute something like a quarter of the UK’s tax income is lost on these people who are motivated by jealousy, not common sense.  But who contributes more to the Treasury?  One man earning £200k a year or 10 people earning £20k a year?

The 10 people earning £20k will all have a tax free income of £7,475 each, the person earning £200k will have no tax free income as it reduces by £1 for every £2 earned over £100k.  So that’s £149,500 of untaxed income for the 10 people earning £20k each.

The person earning £200k will pay income tax at 22% up to £35k, 40% up to £150k and 50% thereafter.  The people earning £20k will pay £4,038 each in tax and NI in a year which totals £80,760 in gross contributions to the Treasury.  Most of the people earning £20k will also be entitled to tax credits and someone taking £50 per week in tax credits will be receiving £2,600 per year back from the Treasury.

The person earning £200k will pay £82.959 in tax and NI on his income over a year and will get nothing back from the Treasury.  So one person earning £200k contributes more in direct taxation than 10 people earning £20k each and the gap widens the more the high earner earns and more in indirect taxes (such as VAT and fuel duty) because they have a higher disposable income.

I wouldn’t wipe my arse on the Guardian

Kia Abdullah CommunistKia Abdullah, a Guardian columnist, has apologised for making fun of the death of three teenagers in a coach crash in Thailand.

The three boys – all educated at a state school – were taking a gap year and ended up in Thailand where they were involved in a bus crash that killed them instantly.

The well paid, wealthy left wing class warrior said:

Is it really awful that I don’t feel any sympathy for anyone killed on a gap year?

Erm, yes.

I actually smiled when I saw that they had double-barrelled surnames. Sociopath?

Sociopath?  “Another name for psychopath […] a person with an antisocial personality disorder”.  Erm, yes again.  Actually, combined with that natural hatred for society that seems part and parcel of being a Guardian writer I would say misanthropist is a more accurate description.  Or just “hateful bitch”, possibly.

Kia Abdullah is just another left wing hack turned out of the hateful Guardian mould.  They’re all toy soldiers in the war against society.  Anyone who criticises someone from an ethnic minority is a racist.  Anyone who criticises a religion other than Christianity is a fascist.  Anyone who thinks we should stop giving half our income to the state to pay for cheerleader development officers, diversity co-ordinators or simply just paying people not to work is an evil right wing baby-eating capitalist.  Anyone who thinks everyone should be treated equally rather than encouraging a culture of “positive discrimination” for any perceived minority is a sexist/racist/disablist/other -ist.

The Guardian is a hate-filled communist rag that I wouldn’t wipe my arse on and their writers are equally beyond redemption.  The tax-dodging Guardian is a rag for prehistoric trade unionists, champagne socialists, angry students and rich people with pictures of Ché Guevara on their walls who feel guilty about having lots of money but don’t feel guilty enough to give it away.  In other words, the ideal home for misanthropists and sociopaths like Kia Abdullah, Polly Toynbee and all the other horrible left wing hypocrites.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year boys and girls.  Let’s hope 2011 is a happy and prosperous year for everyone (even Scottish people).

Merry Christmas

I haven’t been posting much recently but for those of you that still pop along and keep in touch, have an excellent Christmas and I’ll be back in the new year and I promise to post more often.

I need an Octeday

It’s been over 2 weeks since I last posted, I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit recently.

So what’s been happening in the last couple of weeks?  Well, I went to the UKIP leadership hustings in Birmingham last week.  I’m backing Nigel Farage for leader of course, he’s the best candidate by far.  The second placed candidate, David Campbell Bannerman, is going down in my estimation every time he says or does something and I’m not the only one – I’ve had DCB supporters get in touch to tell me they’re switching allegiances since he got Farage pulled from BBC Question Time.

I’ve somehow found myself standing in for the Chairman of Brookside Improvement Group, my local residents’ group, while the Chairman recovers from illness.

The Campaign for an English Parliament’s new website is up and running.  We’re still tinkering around the edges but it’s there or thereabouts.  The latest feature to be added is a supporters mailing list.

There are a few hours left to take part in the competition over at Bloggers4UKIP.  Nigel Farage will be judging the best post published on Bloggers4UKIP by close of play today (October 22nd) and the winner will receive a signed copy of his book, Fighting Bull.  Anyone interested in taking part, use the contact form on Bloggers4UKIP.

David Wright has finally replied to me on the 500 RBS redundancies in Telford but fails to explain why he did nothing to stop the RBS policy of English Jobs for Scottish People when he was working in the British Treasury.  I asked for a meeting between him and the CEP, he’s told me to speak to his secretary to find out details of his open surgeries.  If he wants to play games, I’m happy to play along.

We’ve been doing the tour of the secondary schools again, #2 son is leaving primary school next year.  Hopefully he’ll get his first choice because it’s going to be a logistical nightmare (not to mention, expensive) if he doesn’t.

Orange are still pissing me off.  Unbelievably, a week after Three turned off their mast near my house resulting in me not being able to get a Three signal in my street, Orange did the same thing.  It hasn’t affected signal strength all that much but the already overloaded network is now worse than ever – from Friday afternoon to Monday morning, Mrs Sane can’t make or receive calls or send and receive text messages and my Three phone won’t roam onto Orange for most of the weekend because Orange cut off roaming partners when they’re overloaded.  It wouldn’t be so bad but I provide 24 hour cover for work every other week and for the second weekend in a row I’ve had to give my home phone number to work because the Orange mobile they’ve given me is useless.  Orange are now refusing to accept – despite having already admitted to me, terminated my contract early and paid me a considerable amount of compensation for refusing to admit their fault for months – that there is a problem with their network!

It’s been a busy few weeks … in fact, it’s been a busy few months.  I really must make an effort to blog more.  If anyone knows a way of slotting an extra day in the week I’m all ears.  Terry Pratchett has the right idea – I could get loads done on Octeday.

I wouldn’t mind being exploited for 6 grand a month

Grayling Pole DancerThe British government have banned adverts for “the sex industry” in Job Centres because they might lead to exploitation of vulnerable unemployed women.

I’m not an expert in “the sex industry” so I’m happy to be corrected but this all seems a bit daft.

For a start, I’d imagine the kind of strip club or lap dancing club that prostitutes their dancers is unlikely to place adverts in the Job Centre.  It therefore follows that if someone was looking for a job as a stripper or a lap dancer that they’d be less likely to be exploited going to a Job Centre than replying to an ad in a free newspaper or a card in a window.

Furthermore, why is lap dancing, stripping or topless waitressing necessarily being exploited?  According to this website, a good looking, talented girl can earn £1,500 after “house fees” and before tax per week in one of the top London clubs like Stringfellows or Spearmint Rhino.  That’s for a 4 hour shift, 5 or 6 days a week.  Four hours a day on minimum wage sitting behind a till in Tesco will earn you £116 per week before tax.

I’m lucky: I have a stress-free job, I work regular hours and I enjoy what I do but I certainly can’t earn 6 grand a month before tax working 37½ hours a week and getting paid for providing round the clock out of hours cover every other week.  I’m starting to feel a little exploited myself, I wonder if that nice Mr Grayling will ban adverts for jobs paying less than £75 per hour?

How was your day dear?

Having spent four nights in the world’s most uncomfortable hotel bed in Leicestershire, I woke up tired and grumpy this morning which is not a good way to start the fourth day of a five day training course.

Actually, I was woken up by a phone call from an excitable Mrs Sane rather than my alarm this morning to tell me that the internet was working again in our house.  It stopped working Friday night/Saturday morning and if it wasn’t for repeated phone calls arguing with “higher level technical support” people at Sky about what the problem was, I would still be without internet now.

Anyway, I haven’t put in my expenses and compensation claim for 5 days without internet, hours of phone calls on my mobile and doing their bloody job for them yet so I’ll save the details for another day.  They’ve also messed up my phone line in fixing the broadband because the phone number rings out but the line is dead.  They’re saying someone will call me in 24-48 hours to do some diagnostics, I’ve told them I’ll be phoning Virgin if it’s not working by the time I get home tomorrow.

So, back to this morning.  I’m already feeling a bit crap – tired, aching, homesick – so what I really needed to cheer me up was a phone call at half 11 this morning to tell me my grandad had died.  He’d been ill for a while having had a couple of heart attacks, emphysema, pleurisy, and asthma and had a couple of weeks in hospital a couple of months back but as far as we knew, he was waiting for a chest infection to clear up so he could have a blocked artery sorted out.  He was taken into hospital overnight with a bad chest and died this morning at half 10.  Bit of a shock and pretty gutting, especially as I’m away from home and having to make do with phone calls to family.  Listening to my daughter crying her eyes out when I phoned home telling me “I didn’t want grandad to die, I wanted to go and see him again” was horrible and I couldn’t be there for her.

We weren’t close in the way that some people are with grandparents – in fact, I hadn’t seen him for a few years until he went into hospital a couple of months back – but that’s how it was when we were kids and other than my parents, my sister and my nan, I don’t see most of my family for years at a time even though most of them live within 20 minutes’ drive.  But he was my grandad and I loved him even if he was a cantankerous old bugger (not to mention being Welsh).

I went to see him a few weeks ago and we talked for a long time – probably more that one day than I’ve ever talked to him before.  That was the last time I saw him and that’s what I’ll remember.  He was smiling and joking, I didn’t see much of that side of him as my grumpy grandad when I was a kid.

I didn’t see him as often as I should, especially when he only lived a few miles away but I’m glad we spent a bit of time together this last couple of months.  He told one of my aunties the other day that he was fed up of feeling ill and that he’d had enough.  Yesterday he had pictures of my nan out on the table with her things that he’d kept (she died years ago).  I guess he knew what was coming and I think he wanted it.  He died with his wife and four of his daughters around him.

But I’m not going to write today off just yet.  My mother-in-law is in Shrewsbury tonight for the Pride of Shropshire awards where she’s in the final three for the carers award.  She’ll find out in a couple of hours if she’s got the award.  Hopefully she does and I can end the day on slightly less of a downer.

I’ll be glad when today is over and even more glad to get home tomorrow.  Today has been a thoroughly shitty day.

Pride of Shropshire Awards

My mother-in-law is in the final 3 of the Pride of Shropshire Awards in the Carers class.

My father-in-law has an über-rare disease called superficial siderosis.  As of 4 years ago there were only 270 confirmed cases worldwide so as you can imagine, there’s not much known about the disease or what is likely to happen in the future.  He started losing his hearing about 20 years ago, the last thing he heard was a firework about 6 or 7 years ago (it certainly surprised him!).  When I first met Mrs Sane her dad was walking with a stick, driving by himself and going fishing.  Now he needs a wheelchair outside, a big walking frame in the house and he can’t go anywhere on his own.

We won’t know if she’s won until next Thursday but just being in the top 3 is an achievement even if she doesn’t.

Hung Parliament, tens of millions of votes ignored

Well, it looks like people didn’t use their vote wisely after all.

The expected anti-LibLabCon backlash didn’t materialise with people voting for the LibLabCon coalition.  The Leaders “Debates” shown on Sky, ITV and the BBC successfully deflected attention from the local candidates and onto the party leaders even though only a few thousand of us could vote for them and the anti-hung parliament propaganda in Tory newspapers scared a lot of people into so-called “tactical” voting.

The BBCs partiality in this election needs to be investigated and steps taken to ensure that the privileged and powerful few aren’t given an unfair advantage over the already disadvantaged smaller parties.

And when the Tory media complains about the fact that Gordon Brown is still Prime Minister despite losing by 2m votes and 50-odd seats, they have only themselves to blame for interfering in the election.  If they’d left people to get on with voting for who they wanted instead of peddling propaganda about a hung parliament the result could have been very different.  If they’d stuck to slagging off Liebour and the Limp Dims instead of telling lies about a hung parliament they wouldn’t have motivated the LibLab voters.

It looks like UKIP’s hopes are all pinned on Nigel Farage.  The result has been pretty disappointing nationwide for UKIP but it looks like a lot of deposits have been retained and UKIP have beaten the BNP in almost every seat contested.

In Telford, David Wright managed to cling on to his seat with a reduced majority of about 1k, reduced from 5k.  Denis Allen got almost 2.5k votes, keeping his deposit and effectively depriving the Tories of a victory.  That was certainly the general consensus anyway – the Tories were fuming with us and the Liebour lot were shaking our hands blinking away the tears in their eyes, thanking us for seeing the Tories off!

In the Wrekin constituency, Mark Pritchard increased his 500 majority to 9k.  Malcolm Hurst for UKIP got 2,050 votes and missed the 5% needed to keep his deposit by about 350 votes.

As I type, there are over 2m more votes for the Tories than there are for Liebour and a difference of 47 seats.  There are 1.6m votes between the Limp Dims and Liebour but the difference in seats is 189.  The electoral system is fundamentally wrong and needs changing.  Under proportional representation, based on current vote share with 43 seats left to declare, the seat allocation for the main parties should be something like:

  • Con: 235
  • Lab: 185
  • Lib: 149
  • UKIP: 20
  • BNP: 12
  • SNP: 11
  • Green: 6

Tens of millions of votes will be ignored no matter what the outcome is because we still have this medieval first past the post electoral system.

Use your vote wisely

The polling stations have been open for 20 minutes now and today is probably a once in a lifetime chance to change the face of English politics forever.

For too long, English politics has been about the same tired old parties – the dishonest Conservatives, the illiberal and economically illiterate Labour Party and the weak and ineffectual Lib Dems.  We’ve seen our country bankrupted and sold to the EU and our trust abused by thieving politicians.  Today we have a chance to break the stranglehold the corrupt LibLabCon have over our country and change the way it is governed.

It might not seem like it with the media’s obsession over Brown, Cameron and Clegg and the exclusive “Leaders Debates” but today we are voting for an MP, not a Prime Minister.  If you listen to the LibLabCon and cast a so-called “tactical” vote then you’ve cast a wasted vote.  If you vote for somebody you don’t want to try and stop someone else you don’t want from winning then all you’re going to get is someone you don’t want representing you for the next 5 years.

You know that feeling you get when you’re choosing a new mobile phone?  You look at all the features and read the reviews and think “Can I live with this phone for the next 12-18 months until I’m due my next upgrade?”.  That’s the feeling you should be getting when you look at your ballot paper multiplied by a thousand.  The person you vote for today (if he or she wins) is going to represent you in Westminster for up to 5 years.

Forget about the Leaders debates – unless you live in Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath, Witney, Sheffield Hallam or Bangladesh, you’re not voting for any of them.  Forget about a hung parliament – a hung parliament is healthy for democracy, it’s only the megalomaniac party leaders that have anything to lose from a hung parliament.  Forget about the “big picture”, it’ll look after itself.

There is no such thing as a wasted vote, us it wisely.

Dear Neighbour, you’re a wanker

I’m quite a placid person, despite the occasional often ranting outburst on this blog but there are times when someone pisses me off and makes me ranty in real life.

At half 8 tonight I finally had enough of listening to the incessant revving of a car engine and went to investigate.  Surprise, sur-fucking-prise, if it isn’t the same arsehole from up the road that I had to go over to a few months ago when he was hammering the shit out of the car at night.

I was polite and told him that I could hear him revving his car over the top of my telly in my house.  Then he shrugged his shoulders and revved the engine again so I practised some anglo-saxon words on him, got out my phone and made a point of counting the numbers to his house.  He stopped.

If you live on a housing estate, you have to accept the fact that you can’t batter cars with hammers or rev your engine at night when your neighbours’ kids are in bed and you also have to accept the fact that if you do batter cars with hammers or rev your engine at night when your neighbours’ kids are in bed, said neighbours are quite likely to come round to your house and shout at you.

Let’s talk about immigration

If there’s one topic that can cause heated discussion, it’s immigration.  For too long it’s been a taboo subject and public criticism of unfettered discrimination has been left to the far left BNP, assorted nutjob organisations on the fringes of mainstream politics and a relative few individuals prepared to put their heads above the parapet.

But there has been a change lately and immigration is no longer the taboo subject it was.  It seems that the more full the country gets, the less jobs and houses there are to go round the people that already live here, the more people talk about the proverbial elephant in the room.

The facts are quite simple.  At this point in time, according to the Office of National Statistics, there are 2.45m people living in the UK that don’t have a job whilst there are only 480k job vacancies.  That’s 5 people currently living here, relying on unemployment benefits, for every job vacancy.  In 2004 there were half a million homeless people in England alone and the figures are rising year on year.  According to Property World, we need to build a quarter of a million new houses every year just to keep up with population growth and currently about 100,000 per year are being built.

So there aren’t enough jobs for the people already living here, nor are there enough houses.  But the British government still allowed a quarter of a million immigrants to move here in 2008.  Where will they live?  Where will they work?  Or, as they have to have somewhere to live and work before they can move here (EU citizens excepted, of course), where are the homeless people already living here going to live and where are the unemployed people already living here going to work?

We cannot sustain economic immigration and it will be a number of years until we are able to do so.  Unemployment and homelessness needs to be down to the 10’s of thousands before we can sustain economic immigration.  It’s not about race or religion or skin colour or any other minority qualification, it’s about maths and logic.  The country is full.  The country is broke.  We can’t afford to pay people not to work because the jobs they could have been doing have gone to people moving here from another country.

The LibLabCon are talking about a fairer society in their general election campaigns but there is nothing fair in increasing the already unsustainable competition for the woefully inadequate supply of jobs and houses.  It’s unfair on everybody who lives here, whether they can trace their ancestry back to the Anglo-Saxon settlers or whether they’re first generation immigrants who’ve been here barely 12 months.  The unemployment and homelessness crisis that’s exacerbated by immigration affects us all.

The BNP and their racist clones aren’t the solution to this problem.  Closing our borders to all immigration and “sending the darkies home” isn’t the answer.  The only party with a sensible and fair policy on immigration is UKIP – ban all economic immigration for 5 years and then introduce a points-based system for all immigrants, including those from the European Empire.  That gives us 5 years to get people already living here into jobs and houses and then allow only the people we need to come and live and work here.

Merlin Entertainment recognises Dyspraxia

We’ve just returned home from a long weekend darn sarf for a visit to Legoland and Chessington.

Legoland was a bit of a disappointing day out because the queues for everything were just enormous.  Traffic was backed up for miles just to get in the car park.  We had to queue for ages with our advance tickets to get them changed into normal tickets to get through the turnstiles.  All the rides had long queues – the shortest queue was about 15 minutes, the longest was a couple of hours.

Chessington Gate HouseFrom an entire day in Legoland we managed to go on 3 rides because #3 has Dyspraxia and can’t queue for long enough.  While we were waiting for a Legoland maintenance person to come and help us bump start the car (accidentally ran the battery down too far while we were having lunch) a member of staff asked Mrs Sane what sort of day we’d had.  She said it had been a bit disappointing and why and the member of staff said that we should have said when we arrived there because they know children with Dyspraxia can’t queue for long and allow them to queue jump.  A bit late to find out at 6pm!

We went to Chessington World of Adventures on Saturday and headed straight for customer services.  We explained what had happened at Legoland, they took our details and gave #3 a queue jump wrist band.  They recognise things like Dyspraxia and other illnesses that can cause distress or agitation when queueing as a disability which is great and made all the difference for our day out.  The system they operate is pretty fair – on the most popular rides, if you jump the queue they write the time you would have got on the ride if you’d queued and you can’t go on any of the other most popular rides until that time.

Where Legoland was a day of dragging a very unhappy, bored and agitated 7 year old (and his sister) around the park, Chessington was completely different.  We got to go on most rides, we didn’t have to keep dragging him back into the queue or try and find ways of constantly occupying him for half an hour or more.

It’s fantastic that Merlin Entertainment recognises the difficulty kids with Dyspraxia have with queueing and offer this queue jumper service.  It made our day and we’d definitely go back to one of their attractions.  In fact, before we decide to go to anything similar I’ll be checking if they do the same thing.

Brown Calling Election for May 6th

Vote UKIPNo Mandate Brown has announced that he will be asking the Queen to dissolve parliament tomorrow and call an election.

He is expected to announce a May 6th election.

I can’t wait to see the smug grin wiped off McBroon’s gurning face and the deflated look on Camoron‘s face when he realises that he hasn’t got a majority.  I’m predicting 3 seats for UKIP this time round, I’ll tell you which 3 another time.

Is it any wonder people are turning to the EDL?

Is it any wonder English people of all colours and religions are supporting the English Defence League?

Over 4,000 people gathered at an English Defence League demonstration in Dudley to protest against the planned £18m muslim mosque which over 20,000 locals previously objected to in a petition.  The protesters were herded into a large fenced-off car park surrounded by police whilst local fascists and muslims threw bottles and bricks over the fence.  The police stood and watched them do it right up until the EDL protesters pushed over the fences at which point the police ran away.

I’ve read on another website that an EDL marshal was stabbed and another had a glass bottle put in his neck.  The EDL website reports that a marshal was hit by a bottle, which would appear to give some legitimacy to the story.

I’m still not interested in ethnic nationalism or race politics and I’m not about to march with the EDL but it pisses me off that English people exercising their constitutional right to free assembly are treated this way and put in danger by the police while violent left wing fascists and muslim extremists are allowed to roam the streets, incite violence and murder and attack people who oppose them.  I’m half tempted, next time they’re in the area, to go along to one of these protests with a camera and see what happens first hand.

And just in case you’re wondering, there were 9 arrests at the protest: 3 EDL supporters (out of 4,000) and 6 UAF fascists.  The UAF arrests were for possession of offensive weapons and drugs.

So much for Christian charity

Mrs Sane had to take the dog to the vets this morning.  When he did his business on his morning walk it was full of blood which isn’t a particularly good sign so we called the emergency vet recommended by our normal vet.

It cost £109 for a consultation – triple the normal amount – because it’s Easter Sunday.  Plus £23 for a couple of injections and some rehydration powder.

I thought Easter was supposed to be a time for Christian charity?

Happy Easter

Look after my eggs, I'll be back in a couple of days