Nigel FarageThe EU is an undemocratic dictatorship which costs this country dearly, both financially and in terms of lost sovereignty.  Three quarters of our laws originated in the EU and it costs us £50m a day for the privilege of having a hostile foreign power making most of our laws and pillaging our taxes.  UKIP is the only party that will take us out of the EU.

The economy is on the rocks and it’s largely thanks to the British government’s obsession with a high tax big state.  The tax system is insanely complicated – so complicated that it has to be bound in three volumes when printed.  Every time someone finds one of the gaping holes that every new set of tax rules produces, the British government just makes more rules to close the loophole rather than looking for the flaw in the original rules.  The amount of tax we pay is so high that we don’t have enough disposable income to spend on the things that generate tax revenue and create jobs.  UKIP is the only party that will simplify the tax system and reduce the amount of tax we pay.

Immigration is out of control.  Unlimited numbers of immigrants can move here from the EU and the number of non-EU immigrants it virtually uncontrollable thanks to the EU courts ruling that controlling immigration in any meaningful way is illegal.  There aren’t enough jobs and houses to go around the people who already live here, there is no case whatsoever for any economic immigration while the economy can’t sustain it.  UKIP is the only party that will freeze economic immigration for 5 years to allow the economy to recover and then introduce a points-based system to ensure that the people who come to live in this country have a skill we need, a job and the means to keep themselves without needing to claim benefits.

The British government ignores the wishes of the electorate so many times that there is simply no trust in politicians to do the right thing.  Most people want to leave the EU, create an English Parliament and stop giving billions away in international aid to countries that don’t need or deserve it but British MPs refuse to do what they were elected to do.  UKIP is the only party that will introduce Swiss-style referenda, binding the British government to the wishes of the electorate.

I believe passionately in an English Parliament and UKIP is the only party that supports the creation of an English Parliament.

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