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Three more drugs advisors resign

Three more drugs advisers from the British government’s Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs have resigned following the sacking of Professor David Nutt.

101 Downing StreetNutt was sacked by the British Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, after publicly saying that LSD was less harmful than alcohol, cannabis was less harmful than nicotine¬† and that the British government’s decision to upgrade cannabis to a Class B drug was politically motivated, not scientifically.

There are now 6 vacancies on the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs following Professor Nutt’s sacking and the 5 resignations that have occured in protest at the sacking yet Alan Johnson still won’t admit he was wrong and the British government refuses to put scientific fact before personal opinion and populist propaganda.

Just like the British government ignores the science that proves climate change propaganda to be false, so they ignore independent scientific evidence on the level of danger certain drugs (including alcohol and nicotine) present.¬† The British government isn’t interested in fact, they will continue to spread rumour and false information until the population accepts it as fact.