C of E criticises multi-faith policies

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A leaked report by the Church of England has criticised the British government’s multi-faith policies saying that by giving Islam and muslims preferential treatment they are actually contributing to the alienation of muslims and encourages them to withdraw further into a sense of victimhood.

The Church of England is increasingly sidelined in order to pacify muslims who are required by their religion to convert the entire planet to Islam, by force if necessary.  The British government’s Commission on Cohesion and Integration doesn’t even include a representative of the christian faith of any denomination.

Meanwhile, 4 British soldiers who have just returned from Afghanistan have had to look for alternative accomodation after four muslims trashed a house they were about to start renting in Windsor.  The soldiers have been told to find somewhere else in another town to avoid stirring up tensions in the muslim community close to the Queen’s home.

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