Boris gets his hammer out

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Boris Johnson has got out his special laser-guided hammer and hit the nail right on the head over the Iran and North Korea nuclear bomb “story”.

He suggests that Iran should be allowed, maybe even helped, to develop nuclear weapons in the hope that it will put the Americans off invading saving them.  As he quite rightly says, the US invaded the only middle eastern country in the “axis of evil” that wasn’t actually developing weapons of mass destruction.  He also points out that the Israeli’s have over 200 nuclear warheads and the Iranians are quite unlikely to try and nuke Israel because “even the mullahs are not mad enough to take on a country that could turn their desert into molten glass”.  A very good point Boris but I’d be more concerned about Israel’s nuclear capability than Iran’s.

I’m sure Boris’ article will upset the Americans and Israeli’s (I hope it does) but as usual he’s right.  If David Cameron had the balls to say even half the things Boris does, the Tories would be romping home to victory in every election.

Boris for Prime Minister.

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  1. R Johnson (8 comments) says:

    It’s worth mentioning that Iran is a shit hole of a place. It can cripple the most strong of westerns if you try to do buisness there. The best thing to do to Iran would be to just nuclear bomb it, turn it into a radioactive waste land it’ll be of more use. That or somebody will notice the difference.

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