Any volunteers?

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Somebody needs a slap, any volunteers?

A 14 year old girl was accused of being a racist at school, put into isolation and then a week later was arrested by the police and questioned for 4 hours before being released without charge.

Her crime?  She was put in a group for a science lesson with 5 other children, all Asian, who sat there talking to each other in Urdu so she asked the teacher if she could move to another group because she couldn’t understand them.

A perfectly reasonable request you might think – how can she possibly work with a group that can’t/won’t speak English?  But no, this is the most hideous of racist crimes.  The teacher screamed at her that she was a racist and she was put into isolation.  A week later the police arrested her for racism, kept her at a police station for 4 hours and interviewed her before releasing her without charge.

Would the same have happened if a child who only spoke Urdu asked to be moved from a group of English speaking children because they didn’t speak English?  Would it buggery.  This obsession with branding people as racists is really starting to get on my tits.


  1. Andrew (3 comments) says:

    Well said that man. It is a shame that good old fashioned British common sense is left by the wayside whenever discrimination, or indeed religion, is mentioned.

    Perhaps we really do need a law in place to enforce discrimation on the grounds of non-discriminatory arguments.

  2. Straightwhiteteeth (1 comments) says:

    I read the BBC’s slant on this story before I found your post. The girl’s treatment at the hands of the authorities was described as 6 hours detention by the gestapo, sorry I mean police. The BBC can no longer be trusted to be objective and truthful in reporting the news especially when it comes to rascist behaviour by the teaching, social services and police authorities themselves. It is thanks to the bloggers that we now have a reliable source for accurate and truthful news. Labour is poisoning our country using the same tactics the Soviets used – FEAR! Honest debate has been made a crime.

  3. Fear The Beast (7 comments) says:

    By `the BBC’s slant on this story’, do you mean `telling both sides of the story’?

    What grounds could you have for suggesting that anything about that report is anything other than objective or truthful?

    Oh, and thanks for saying that bloggers are a `reliable source for accurate and truthful news’. I’ve not laughed so hard for ages!

  4. Sean Lynch (80 comments) says:

    You might call this an abuse of power by the communists who are now running our country, a country where a simple request is regarded as a “hate” crime.
    Who in their right mind would be happy being English sitting in a class in England with a bunch of foreigners babbling in their own lingo. If anything it was the complainants rights that were being ignored.
    But, ay, there’s the rub in Nulab Britain, if youre English in England you have no rights.

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