CRE warning of race violence

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Trevor Phillips, the head of the Commission for Racial Equality, has warned that the recent debates over muslims wearing veils, the “positive” discrimination in favour of muslims and the discrimination against christians may end up leading to race riots.

Good.  Let the likes of the Islamic Human Rights Commission and the Muslim Council of Britain justify the actions of violent muslims who are so intolerant that they will not accept any criticism of their religion or way of life and naturally gravitate to violence as a way of expressing their intolerance.

Phillips seems to be suggesting that any debate over muslims and their intention to islamify the country must only be on subjects that don’t offend muslims.  The trouble is, any criticism of Islam is a sin to muslims and it all offends them.  He says “The main beneficiaries from this debate – because it is having a corrosive impact – will be the far-right, the British National Party, and organisations like al-Ghurabaa and al-Muhajiroun.”  You’d think he’d know his left/right wings wouldn’t you?  The BNP are a far-left party – read their manifesto, it wouldn’t be out of place in the USSR or China with its racial purity and common-ownership of state industries.

He also refers to the race riots in France last year which he says was caused by the French government allowing North African communities to grow up seperately from the rest of the country and hence not feeling French and says that he doesn’t want that to happen here.  The man’s an idiot!  It is the likes of the CRE aiding and abetting the British government that has resulted in the muslim community in the UK growing up separate from the rest of society, mixing only with other muslims, refusing to learn English, wearing veils and burkha’s to segregate themselves.

I really can’t be bothered to turn over these muslim stories any more.  Devout muslims can’t live in harmony with non-muslims because their religion tells them that they have to Islamify the world.  No end of soul searching, debating or pussy-footing around the issues will help.  They are committed to Islamifying our country and we don’t want it.  Things will come to a head, the only question is who will win and it won’t be the likes of the BNP, the Muslim Council of Britain or politicians who will decide it – it will be the average man and woman on the street.


  1. Blues And Twos (1 comments) says:

    Letter in the Sunday Times yesterday speaks volumes :

    An old saying enjoins us, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Today, the maxim appears to be when in Rome, Romans must bend the knee to ensure the Carthaginians are made comfortable at the expense, and to the detriment, of Romans. How sad to see what chasing votes can lead to.

    Blues And Twos

  2. R Johnson (8 comments) says:

    It sadly breeds politicians who have no balls. Even Maggie had hard nuts.

  3. Fear The Beast (7 comments) says:

    The analogy in the Sunday Times letter doesn’t hold up. These people are as much British citizens as the rest of us, so `when in Rome’ doesn’t apply.

  4. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Everyone conquered by the Romans was a citzen of the Roman Empire but it doesn’t mean they were Romans. Would you prefer “When in a country that has a Roman culture, do as those people do”? It’s a good enough analogy – whether these intolerant muslims are born here or not, they are practising an alien religion with alien values and alien customs. Why should we change our own way of life to accommodate that? There are lots of muslim countries in the world that would welcome emigrants from the infidel west.

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