Word Cup Qualifiers

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England plays Andorra tonight in the World Cup qualifiers.  Will I be watching?  Will I buggery – it’s only on Setanta and there is no way I’m subscribing to a bloody sports channel just to watch one football match and I’ll tell you why …

Firstly, I don’t have that much interest in sport.  I like to watch international football and rugby matches and on the very rare occasions that Shrewsbury Town are on telly, I watch that.  I like to see the English-hater, Andy Murray, lose and of course I cheer on anyone but Scotland or Wales.  Would I watch £13 worth of sport in a month?  No.

Secondly, on principle I will not pay to watch England on TV.  We fund our football team through our taxes and it costs us millions.  It’s not unreasonable to expect to be able to watch your national team for free on the telly.  You wouldn’t, after all, buy a season ticket for your team of choice and then expect to pay to watch them play, would you?

As a happy aside, the sweaty socks lost 1-0 to (don’t laugh) Macedonia.

If you want to watch the match you can watch it for free on Andorra TV over the internet.  The feed quality is awful but it’s better than nothing.  The commentary is in Spanish but I’ve just muted the ATV audio and I’m listening to the commentary from BBC Radio 5.

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  1. jerry (78 comments) says:

    There was a big debate going on earlier this year in germany if the rights to the bundesliga and the world cup qualifiers should be sold to private channels rather than to the national(free) ones but thankfully enough the rights were given to the free channels after all.

  2. axel (1214 comments) says:

    There is an interesting argument here, does all the extra money improve the game?

    I think in England it has, the premiership is allegedly the best league in the world and the english national team is/should be one of the best too.

    However, if you want to see the damage that money can do, come over the Tweed and see the shite we play.

    I think we should turn all football grounds into car parks

  3. axel (1214 comments) says:

    How anti english is andy murray?

    I’ve never noticed it myself but……

    I never listen to what the wee gob shite says anyway

    I never listen to what sporting people say as they are famous for their muscles not their minds

    Is it just me or are the oz cricket team a bunch of pussies for crying for being called monkeys by the indian team?

    I think we should bring the hatred back into sports, it gave the derby games an extra piquancy asnd also tended to mean a few extra too dumb to live in society rejects were permament victims of the old Ultra violence

  4. axel (1214 comments) says:

    i hope the press does not Henmanise Murray, it is bad enough that you lot go on about him but if my mum notices him, it will be doom for me 🙁

  5. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    I don’t think there’s much chance of him getting the same kind of support that Henman did – he’s a miserable, spotty, lank haired, skirt wearing sweaty sock. If only he was ginger, people would be calling for someone to do the decent thing and put him out of our misery.

  6. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Well, i think in the right light, he is ginger, when natural sunlight hits him a certain angle, before he scereams and cringes, his hair takes on a ginger tinge.

    Looks like the ginger miolkman has been doing white wee wee on his family tree!

    I know he is not cuddly like Tim was but he is successful, unlike Tim. My mum reads the daily express, so i hope they decide to hate him, that will suitably clour my mums oppinion

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