Global Warming propagandists blame Australian fires on climate change

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The wildfires in Australia are a terrible disaster for the country with over a hundred people killed but why do the global warming propagandists have to seize on every natural disaster to try and scare people into believing in their scam?

The State of Victoria has assigned 100 police officers to investigate the fires which they believe were started deliberately and are treating it as a murder inquiry.  But in the next breath, the global warming propagandists at the state government are saying that the fires are down to climate change.

Australia is mostly desert and has been for centuries. It is the fact that most of the continent is hot and dry that causes fires to spread – which happens pretty much every year – not climate change which is causing a decrease in global temperatures.

Australians have been told by their government that the fires have been caused by climate change but if a police inquiry discovers that the fires were started deliberately, will the government publically announce that it was nothing to do with climate change after all?  No, because there is only one thing that’s incompatible with climate change theory and that is admitting when it’s wrong.

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  1. Michele (3 comments) says:

    Actually – the Police Commissioner has made it quite clear that the Gippsland fire was deliberately lit.

    However, they won’t go down quietly – it was because of global warming that they spread so quickly – apparantly global warming is to blame for the lack of rain which has dried Victoria out.

    Unfortunately it is also being blamed for the excessive rain in North Queensland which resulted in disastrous floods!

  2. Man in a Shed (10 comments) says:

    The Warmists are in full flow on some blogs etc.

    I had a tongue in cheek go at global warming with the photos of the recent snow, and someone left a comment that it was just weather. And they are right.

    All we can tell for sure is that the Warmist lobby tries to use scare tactics and events that do not amount to a hill of beans in terms of scientific evidence. This I think tells you more about the people concerned than the climate.

  3. Stela Yordanova (1 comments) says:

    People in the UK concerned about family members affected by bushfires in Australia please visit

  4. axel (1214 comments) says:

    The main problem with Oz is the fact that they grow so much stuff, yes it has been dry, yes it has been hot but……

    If the several billion gallons of water that had been sooked up by the wheat fields had gone tio the sea, the fires would been not half so bad

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