England -v- Ireland

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I will be Tweeting the the England -v- Ireland Six Nations game.

Follow the commentary on Twitter or Facebook.

If anyone is interested, here’s the commentary from Twitter …

  • England get the British national anthem again. When will we get Jerusalem instead?
  • National anthem scores: England 0 – 2 Ireland
  • All 3 BBC commentators – English, Irish and Welsh – are predicting an Irish win
  • Paddy’s are on the offensive, very good at line-outs
  • England aren’t even trying to win line-outs, very strange
  • Ronan O’Gara misses a penalty for Ireland. A good attempt but it was a long way and a challenging angle.
  • England make a break but waste the opportunity with a silly mistake. Lot of foot action going on at the moment.
  • England concede a penalty yards from the Irish line. Bit of nastiness. England concede another penalty, O’Gara misses by miles.
  • Not a particularly exciting game this, no score so far and neither side looking very dangerous.
  • Famous last words – O’Gara scores from a penalty. Third time lucky I guess.
  • England attacking, not convincing
  • England concede another penalty, Phil Vickery getting attention from the medics.
  • Ireland made the only convincing try attempt of the game so far. England put the ball into touch. Huge sigh of relief.
  • England come close to scoring a try – much closer than Ireland. Penalty to England, dead on and close. Flood scores an easy 3 points. 3 each
  • A dull first half. Score is 3 all. Nobody has shone in the first half, a thoroughly disappointing game so far!
  • Second half starting a bit more lively. Words will have been had in the changing rooms.
  • O’Driscoll scores a drop goal for Ireland. Score now 6-3 to Ireland.
  • Ireland looking much more promising than England. Nasty tackle on O’Driscoll, bet he’s seeing stars right now!
  • O’Driscoll runs into an Armitage shaped brick wall. Penalty for Ireland but no idea why. Armitage was trying to avoid tackling off the ball.
  • One too many knocks for O’Driscoll, he’s out of the game holding his head. Ireland came within an inch of a try.
  • Ireland using a penalty to get a lineout in the England corner.
  • Vickery gets a yellow card for playing the ball when he was off his feet – just what we need when Ireland are a few feet from the touchline.
  • O’Driscoll still on the pitch and scores a try for Ireland. No idea who went off holding his head then! Maybe there’s more than one?
  • O’Gara misses the conversion. England still within reach of a win but a man down and not playing as well as Ireland.
  • England looking like they might get a try – a blinding run halfway down the pitch
  • England attack is over – England throw the ball out of play and then concede yet another penalty.
  • Armitage scores a penalty for England bringing the score to 11-6 to Ireland. England need a converted try to win.
  • Toby Flood and Paul Sackey both injured. Andy Goode (aka the missing link) is on the pitch. Danny Care gets a yellow card, no idea why.
  • Danny Care got the yellow card for trying to bend an Ireland player the wrong way – well deserved.
  • O’Gara scores a penalty for Ireland. England are a man down, the game is Ireland’s
  • England suffering from being a man down. Ireland winning 14-6 with 3 minutes plus injury time left to play. The fat lady is warming up
  • Armitage scores a consolation try for England! Goode scores the conversion. 30 seconds left to play, a drop kick is all England need
  • Ireland wins 14-13 but England almost caused an epic upset in the dying moments. Awful play by both sides and the score reflects that

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    dont worry guys, like i always say, the only game that counts is the calcutta cup, its at twickenham and you always hump us there

    you will be ablr=e to beat your hairy chests in a manly way and feel fully masculine

    i’m actually writing a skit about wales and whether it is actuially a real country and not the result of the circus visiting a victorian asylum, i mean we only see them on rigby days and that is the impression they generate when they are here

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