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Wimbledon is upon us again – another few weeks of boredom and seemingly endless coverage of some people hitting a ball at each other at 3,000mph.

Andy Murray was in the papers at the weekend telling us how terribly upset he is that people think he’s anti-English because his gran lives in Newcastle and it was only a joke when he said he was supporting anyone playing England in the World Cup and please could we not call him a Scottish wanker and support him at Wimbledon.

Haha, very funny.  Twat.


Anyone but Murray


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Damn Ruskies

The Netherlands’ performance in the first three games of Euro 2008 was a small consolation for England getting knocked out in the qualifying stages and now those damn Ruskies have spoilt it!

Russia, unbelievably, beat the Netherlands 3-1.

Ah well, no more football for me.  The Dutch are the only team in the competition I could bring myself to support.

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Netherlands 3 – 0 Italy

The Netherlands, my adopted team for Euro 2008, have dealt Italy their biggest ever defeat in international football, beating them by 3 goals to nowt.

Even when they were 3 goals up, the Netherlands were still attacking and came close to scoring a fourth.

It’s a good start for the Dutch – they needed it too, the other two teams in their group are France and Romania. :sad3:

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Euro 2008

I’m not a big football fan, as evidenced by supporting Shrewsbury Town, but I do quite like international football.

England, of course, didn’t qualify for Euro 2008 giving us an insight into what it must be like for Scottish and Welsh people during every international football tournament.

I wouldn’t normally bother supporting a foreign team but this household is going to support the Netherlands for a number of reasons:

  • Our best friends are Dutch (including our soon-to-be goddaughter, Emmy)
  • Dutch people like English people
  • English people like Dutch people
  • They make nice cheese
  • They’re not French

If anyone foreign (ie. Scottish) takes the piss about the fact England didn’t manage to qualify for Euro 2008 (which they do, even though they haven’t qualified themselves), just tell them that we don’t want to be in Europe – whether it’s the EU or football. I’ve tried it on a taff and a jock so far and it stumped them both times. 😀

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Football quota’s – good or bad thing?

I’m undecided on Sepp Blatter’s plans to impose quotas on foreign players in football teams.

  • On the plus side, it’s pissed off Federal Europe who have declared it illegal.
  • On the negative side, anything involving Sepp Blatter must be a bad thing.
  • On the plus side, it means English clubs will have to invest in English talent instead of relying on foreign players.
  • On the negative side, English teams will struggle for a while because not enough investment has been put into home grown talent unlike other countries.

So I’m torn – I can’t decide whether, on balance, it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

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Anthem4England: What’s good enough for Wales is good enough for England!


Embargo: Immediate, Tuesday 20th May 2008

Greg Mulholland, MP for Leeds North West, has said that, after the Welsh National Anthem was played alongside God Save the Queen at Wembley at the weekend to mark the fact that Cardiff City made the final, it is time for an English anthem to mark when English teams compete internationally.

Greg has written to the Football Association to outline these views.

Commenting on the opening Greg said:

“It is rather odd that the welsh national anthem was used for a welsh team playing in the FA Cup Final, yet the English Football Association continues to ignore the obvious fact that the England football team should use an English national anthem.

“It is time this blind spot was addressed. I am all for Scotland and Wales having their own anthems and using them when appropriate, but how long must we endure England being overlooked or lazily confused with Great Britain and the UK.

“It is time English sporting associations, starting with the FA woke up to this. In 1966 England fans waved union jacks, now they proudly and correctly fly the cross of St George. “

“It is time we made the same logical step with the anthem and left God Save the Queen for its correct usage such as at the Olympics when we are competing as Great Britain or the United Kingdom”.


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Rooney criticised for not singing British anthem

Bob Peedle, Chairman of the Royal Society of St George, has criticised Wayne Rooney for not singing the British national anthem before England games.

Apparently, Rooney doesn’t know the words which Peedle thinks is disgraceful and has offered to teach them to him.

The Royal Society of St George is there to promote England and the Commonwealth, singing the British national anthem before English football games is counter-productive to that aim and Bob Peedle is wrong.

I sent the following comment to the Daily Mail:

I’m sorry, I fail to understand why an ENGLAND player should sing the BRITISH anthem when his Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish counterparts sing their own anthem.
Bob Peedle’s organisation represents England, not Britain – he should be devoting his energies to getting an English anthem (such as Jerusalem) sung at English matches, not criticising English football players for not singing another country’s national anthem.

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England have lost to Scotland in the Six Nations.

I don’t mind England losing (I’d rather we didn’t of course) just as long as it’s not to Scotland!

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Murray loses again

Andy “Anyone But England” Murray has been beaten again and almost got censured for swearing.

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Six Nations: England -v France

Jonny WilkinsonEngland had a blistering start with 10 points on the board in the first 13 minutes, 5 of which came from what will probably be the try of the tournament by Paul Sachi.

Jonny Wilkinson’s foot was perfect as usual.

England have played an excellent first half and the statistics don’t match the performance.  France have the majority of the possession but, tellingly, they also have the most errors.

The only danger is that we see a repeat of last week’s performance against France where England dominated the first half and then capitulated during the second half and lost the match.

The score at half time was 13-7 to England.


The final score was 24-13 to England.  It looked a bit dubious for a little while but England outplayed France. 

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Six Nations: Scotland -v- France

Saturday’s defeat at the hands of the mutton munchers was made slightly more palatable by yesterday’s demolition of the sweaty socks by the cheese eating surrender monkey’s.

Our friends north of the border lost by 21 points putting them firmly at the bottom of the table on points difference after the opening fixtures.  Hopefully they’ll stay there for the rest of the tournament.


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2008 Six Nations: England -v- Wales

It’s only 5 minutes until England’s opening Six Nations match against Wales.

Not so long ago I’d have been looking forward to this game to see how much of a pasting we give the mutton munchers but just lately Wales have become a force to contend with and it’ll be a challenging game.

Jonny Wilkinson is playing but Lawrence Dallaglio is out of the squad.

Jerusalem has been played, it’s cold, it’s damp and it’s muddy.  What more could you ask for?  Apart from God Save the Queen not to be played as our national anthem again that is.

Bring it on boyo’s!

England are leading 16-6 at half time.  The crafty celts have played a decent first half but England have out-classed them.  The huge New Zealander that’s now playing for us is very good – a beast of a man but fast.

Edit 2:
England’s game has collapsed and the taffy’s have taken the lead.  England are playing embarrasingly badly – bring back Dallaglio!

Edit 3:
Holy shit!  Wales haven’t won at Twickenham for 20 years and England have thrown away a brilliant first half and comfortable lead.

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It’s the ENGLISH team

Inspired by Alfie, I put pen finger to paper keyboard once again and asked the RFU to stop playing God Save the Queen before England matches.


Our glorious leader has pronounced that deciding which national anthem to play before sporting events is not a matter for the British government and is, instead, the responsibility of the governing body of the sport in question.

Bearing this in mind, can I ask that you please refrain from playing the BRITISH national anthem before ENGLISH rugby matches?

I’m sure that God Save the Queen is very popular amongst the blazer wearing VIP’s in the hospitality lounge but they are only a small group of people.  I think that if you asked the question – perhaps by canvassing the England supporters club – whether fans would rather hear the British national anthem when England play or whether they would rather have an English song such as Jerusalem, they would choose the latter.

Personally, I can’t bring myself to listen to the British national anthem when England is playing and either mute the television or change the channel whilst it is being played.

I’ve written before about the British anthem being played before English games and was given the excuse that Princess Anne is the patron of the RFU.  If you were planning to use that as an excuse again, can you please tell me what Princess Anne thinks about playing an English anthem before an English game?


Stuart Parr

If you’re interested in an anthem for England, take a look at the Anthem for England website.

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Moving Swiftly On

Bloody hell.  When was the last time England didn’t qualify for a European Championship?  Other than when we were banned from European football for having slightly more troublemakers than Vatican United and about 5 million percent less than, for instance, Turkey or Poland.  But that’s another story.

England lost 3-2 to Croatia last night and failed to qualify for Euro 2008.  Croatia and Russia topped England’s group and qualified for next years tournament.  At least we finished above Andorra.

Steve Maclaren was sacked this morning.  Which is nice.  I actually agree with the decision to sack Maclaren – I thought employing him was a bad idea in the first place – but the manager can’t take all the blame.  Putting a 22 year old kid in goal and leaving Beckham on the bench for the first 45 minutes was sucidal.  However, the national squad is supposed to be the cream of English football.  If the tactics the manager has decided on aren’t working, they shouldn’t have to wait until half time or some big girls blouse needs a medic for a broken nail before they change how they play.  Watch Brazil play – if something’s not working they change it.  Yes, we need a decent manager.  But more importantly, we need to shove a rocket up our players’ collective arses and tell them to use their bloody initiative.

It’s been suggested that Alan Shearer is after the job.  Sounds good to me but as long as the next manager isn’t Scottish, Welsh or Irish I don’t care who it is as long as we start winning something.

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Israel – Russia

This is the match that matters.  Israel have to beat Russia to give England a chance of qualifying for next years Euro 2008.  Something you’ll not see very often on this blog – I’m supporting Israel!

Israel has taken an early lead, currently winning 1-0.

Israel won 2-1 which means England are still in with a chance.

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Scotland – Italy

I only wish the match wasn’t on Sky Sports so I could cheer Italy on.

Italy are leading Scotland 1-0 in the second half.

18:24 – Noooooooooooooo, Scotland have equalised.

Scotland lost 2-1 to Italy and are out of the Euro 2008 competition.

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Foreign Rugby

The Great Britain rugby team beat New Zealand today.

The level of interest in the British team is so low that I didn’t even know it was happening or had taken place until it was on the news and it only made the news because the winning try was so farcical.

I wonder how much having a British team costs the taxpayer?  We already have an English team with a massive following.  The British team, by contrast, is largely unknown and of very little interest to the man on the street (or in front of the TV).

I will have to keep an eye out for any future matches – especially if they’re televised – so I can support the opposition.

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Give England a Sporting Chance?

Anglophobia permeates into all aspects of life in the Undemocratic Republic of New Britain, as evidenced by this post on the CEP blog.

Despite comprising only 15% of the population and being responsible for only 18% of the medals won at the last Commonwealth Games, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland between them have 39 staff dedicated to athletics compared to England’s 41.

The North West of England employs only 4 staff for athletics yet has a greater population than that of Scotland and Northern Ireland combined.

How does this happen?  Because sport is devolved in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and recieves far greater funding than in England.  Sport in Scotland and Wales is supported by both their own organisations – Sport Scotland and Sport Council Wales – and Sport England which seems to feel the need to promote all “British” sport.

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Stroke of Luck

Well, I’d like to say that England outplayed France and the victory was well deserved but it was a bit of a fluke to be honest.

France and England both played pretty poorly interspersed with some moments of excellent play.  The highlight of the match – other than beating France and getting to the final of course – was securing the record for the fastest ever try in world cup rugby.

On, now, to the world cup and a chance to pay back the South Africans for their humiliation a few weeks ago.




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Scotland out of rugby world cup

Oh dear, Argentina knocked Scotland out of the rugby world cup.  Sadly, it does mean we won’t have the opportunity to dump the master race out of the competition ourselves.  Oh well …

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