Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Game: spot the bullshit

Just seen this classic piece of misinformation from a Treasury spokesman on the Sky News website.
"We believe the biggest priority in terms of reducing fuel costs must be working with the American government to restore production levels affected by the Hurricane Katrina disaster," said an official.

It also believes it is important "to maintain pressure on OPEC to set their oil production at levels consistent with more stable and sustainable prices.

"More than half the fuel used in the UK bears little or no fuel duty at all.

"That includes the red diesel used by farmers like Mr Spence, and the fuel used in industrial production, heating of homes and workplaces, and rail and bus transport.

"Seeking to address the problem of high oil prices through road fuel duty alone would do nothing for the majority of consumers."
See how many misleading comments you can pick out - the person with the most BS points wins absolutely nothing.

Edit: I've got 5 ... any advances on 5?