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Friday, November 18, 2005

Labour MP Gisela Stuart worried about Englishness

Labour MP Gisela Stuart is worried about Englishness.

Yet it has only been in the last five years or so that I have heard people in my constituency telling me, “I am not British – I am English”. That worries me.

I wonder what makes this German-born British Labour MP so worried about people saying they are English.

Reading on, she says ...

British identity is based on and anchored in its political and legal institutions and this enables it to take in new entrants more easily than it would be if being a member of a nation were to be defined by blood. But a democratic polity will only work if citizens’ identification is with the community as a whole, or at least with the shared process, which overrides their loyalty to a segment.

I'm sorry to tell you this Gisela my dear, but as an MP in Birmingham you really should understand that this is already pie in the sky.

Birmingham has a large proportion of ethnic minorities. Some places, such as Handsworth, are virtually no-go areas for white people. Most Asians fail to integrate with society and their loyalty lies with their foreign religion and their own community.

I do have to take issue with Gisela's implication that English nationalism and/or patriotism is somehow defining nationality by blood. No doubt it will disappoint Gisela to know that the vast majority of English nationalists can actually see further than colour and religion and realise that Englishness is nothing to do with DNA or what country your family is from. Englishness comes from inside - it's a sense of belonging, of patronage, something intangible.

I am assuming that as someone who was born German and has taken an oath in the British Parliament that Gisela now considers herself British. You'd have thought that, of all people, she would be able to put her finger on what nationality is all about.

It's interesting that Gisela is implying that English nationalists have at least some of the same racist beliefs that the British Nationalist Party (BNP) have. This tactic is used quite often to try and discredit English nationalists and usually at a time when the British government is suffering most pressure about state discrimination of the English.

I'm sorry that I worry you Gisela. Unfortunately, I can't stop being English and until the British government (of which you are a part) stops discriminating against me, my family, my friends and the other 60 million of my fellow countrymen (and women) I won't stop telling as many people who will listen just how badly disadvantaged England is at the hands of the Scottish Raj. I will continue to mark my nationality as English on anything that asks and take issue with those who refuse to acknowledge it. I will persist in encouraging my fellow countrymen to express their Englishness but most of all Gisela, I will do my very best to rebel against bigotted politicians who bend over backwards to accomodate any nationality or culture as long as it isn't English.

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