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Friday, May 05, 2006

Cabinet Reshuffle

Well, the expected cabinet reshuffle has been announced. Not quite the vote-winner I suggested earlier today but interesting nonetheless.

The Sweaty Baboon has been sacked and will now return to the back benches where he can't get into too much trouble.

Margaret Beckett, previously Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is taking over the Foreign Office from the Jack "Demon Headmaster" Straw. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is responsible for paying subsidies to English farmers - something they have completely buggered up so far.

John Reid, the Scottish Secretary of Defence, has slipped into the Home Office further strengthening the Scottish Raj.

Alan Johnson is replacing Ruth Kelly as Minister for Education.

Jack Straw has list the Foreign Office and is now Leader of the Commons. Bit of an insult I'm sure.

And last but certainly not least - John "Fat Turd" Prescott will remain as Deputy Prime Minister but is losing his office which is expected to be split up and subsumed into other departments. Ruth Kelly is taking over Prezza's responsibilities in Parliament. Two jags, three shags, four chins and no job.