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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Letter: Shropshire Star

Growing Scottish influence on cabinet

I had the misfortune to see Labour's party election broadcast the day before the local elections.

The broadcast talked about how well Britain was doing under Labour and finished with the strapline "Britain is moving forward - vote Labour".

Bearing in mind that these were the English local elections, I wonder how many people were left wondering what Labour were planning to do for England and how many votes they lost as a result of Labour's continued denial of the existence of our country.

Can you imagine what would happen to Labour's all important majority in Scotland and Wales if they used the word "Britain" in a local electon broadcast there?

The cabinet reshuffle that follwed Labour's humiliating loses at the local election had both positive and negative sides.

The positives were the sacking of Chalres Clarke and John Prescott being stripped of all his powers. These two men were possibly the biggest threat to freedom and democracy in this country.

On the downside, there are now 5 MP's with Scottish constituencies in top ministerial positions running departments that are rarely permitted to do anything that affects their own constituents.

This is a clear message from Tony Blair - if England can't be trusted to vote Labour then he will have to bring in people we can't vote out of office. There are only two ways to get anywhere in this Labour government - you either have to be incompetent or Scottish.

Stuart Parr