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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Englishman in Scotland gets windows smashed

Source: UEP

AN England fan living in Scotland is living in fear after thugs smashed his windows because he flew his country's flag from them.

Alan Robinson displayed the St George's Cross and the Union flag on his house to celebrate the start of his team's World Cup campaign.

But only hours after hanging them on Friday, he discovered rocks had been thrown through three bedroom windows.

The unemployed 44-year-old said: "I was horrified. It was obviously because I'd hung the England flag that morning.

"It didn't take them long - all three bedroom windows were smashed in by 4pm.

"I'm frightened to venture outside now.

"I'm disgusted. I've lived in Scotland for five years and never had any problems being English.

"Now I'm terrified to leave the house and I'm thinking of moving away from the area."

Divorced Alan, originally from Leeds, Yorkshire, lives in Coat-bridge, Lanarkshire. He moved north to care for a disabled pal.

He took the flags down after the attack and called the police but no witnesses could be traced.

Within minutes of the cops leaving, more rocks were thrown through the windows.

Alan added: "That day, my girlfriend and I went down the local shops and I was in my England strip. I got abuse hurled at me.

"I didn't leave my house all weekend and I'm thinking it might be safer to move.

"I feel very unwelcome and quite frightened."