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Saturday, September 02, 2006

If you don't like our flag go somewhere else

The Daily Mail has a letter today from 4 young muslims who want to change our flag because its Christian symbolism is offensive to them.

We British Muslim lads, born in England of Pakistani parents, are football fans and our team is Manchester united.

We’d like to support England at football and other sports, but we can’t because the flag is unacceptable to Muslims.

No Muslim home in our area displayed the England flag during the world cup. That flag represents Christianity: it’s the anti-Muslim flag of the Templars and the Crusaders.
The vast majority of Muslims and, we believe, Englishmen in general would support changing the flag from its present style to the three lions.

That would be a flag which all elements of the community would be willing to support.

We don’t wish to be ‘radicalized’ and we would never become terrorists, but the continual use of an anti-Islamic flag increases our sympathy for, and understanding of, our fellow Muslims who believe direct action is the only way to make our voices heard.

Samir, Said, Ahmed and Tariq, Manchester

Samir, Said, Ahmed and Tariq, let me just tell you in no uncertain terms that no, we don't want to change our flag because it offends your unreasonable and intolerant religion. Most English people don't want to see the Cross of St George replaced with the three lions of our national football team. If you can't support your national football team because the flag of your country is offensive to you then it's about time you went somewhere else. The crescent and star of Islam are offensive to me because they represent an anti-English, anti-western, anti-democracy, anti-women religion, the aim of which is to Islamify the whole world whether they want it or not.

Hat-tip: Armchair Activist