Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Citizenship Days

The CEP points us to this article from the Scotsman on Sunday at the weekend.

The government proposes that all teenagers swear a new oath of alleigence when they turn 18 to boost Britishness. The article also quotes Mark Leonard, director of foreign affairs at the Centre for European Reform, saying that immigrants should integrate more and "Everyone who lives here should have to learn the language". It also mentions the only sensible things Blunkett ever did as Home Secretary which was to introduce citizenship lessons for immigrants if they want a passport and saying Asians should speak English at home.

Unfortunately, the above quote by Mark Leonard is the only sensible thing he said - the rest of it is all about British this and British that, how can we improve Britishness, etc., etc. He's even written a book about being British. How nice.

They can introduce a Citizenship Day if they want but by the time my kids are 18 I very much doubt they'll swear alleigence to Britain. They know they're English, they see the Cross of St George and proudly say "that's our flag".

Britain's first 'Citizenship Day' has been pencilled in for this October, to celebrate the value of community and volunteer work.