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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Begging for forgiveness

Source: BBC News

Deputy Chief Apologist of the Metropolitan Police, Andy Hayman, has apologised for the "hurt" caused to the terrorist suspects arrest in Forest Gate nearly a fortnight ago.

I can't even be bothered to discuss this. It's pathetic. They were terrorist suspects and they were treated as such. The police didn't turn up any evidence of a chemical weapon which they expected to find but that doesn't mean they're innocent, it just means that the police found no evidence. Now there's a very good chance that these men were not guilty of terrorism in which case they should have got a private apology, not a grovelling public apology for acting on intelligence that they posed a terrorist threat to the country.

I was arrested a couple of years ago because my wife's ex-husband got done over and told the police it was me. He told the police a big long story about what I'd said to him before I'd kicked him in the head fracturing his cheek bone. I showed the police logs from MSN Messenger to show I was at home chatting online at the time and a letter from my consultant to say that the chronic juvenile osteoarthritis I have in my knees means that I would be incapable of getting in even one weak kick, let alone 3 kicks to someones face with enough force to fracture his cheek bone. The CPS threw the case out in next to no time, not because of lack of evidence but because of evidence proving my innocence. I got no apology for being arrested in front of my children and being locked up in a cell for hours during which time I suffered an asthma attack because I suffer from claustrophobia. I asked the police to prosecute him for lying and having me arrested but they refused.

This is what is wrong with the police in this country - they are so politicised that they are scared to offend the "muslim community" but will quite happily offend any number of white English people.

Guess I could be bothered to discuss it after all!