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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blair Force 1 ... and 2

According to the BBC, Traitor Blair is to be given 2 private jets to fly him round the world on holidays official trips.

He is expected to have a small jet for short-haul flights and a larger jet for long-haul trips. The royal family will also be able to use the jets but they will have to pay the full cost of chartering the planes. This new arrangement will replace the current arrangements with the Royal Flight when the British government and the royal family use a special fleet of planes provided by the RAF.

The price of ferrying Tony and his chums around in the luxury jets will be in the region of £12.3m per year which is £2.7m more than it currently costs with the Royal Flight.

So, Bliar has deprived the Queen of her yacht, he has allowed her to be seen as nothing more than an ordinary citizen under EU law, he has treated her with contempt and utter disrespect and now he is depriving her of the Royal Flight and replacing it with his own private jets that she will have to ask permission to use.

Arrogant, disrespectful and treacherous - just three words that immediately spring to mind when I think about Bliar.