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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Evesham customer service is shit

I got a laptop through a company shceme from Evesham a couple of months back and it no longer charges a battery. Alarm bells should have started ringing when I asked for a replacement battery and was told to send in the faulty one to be repaired rather than a straight swap but I told them to chuff off and do a swap and they agreed. However, the new battery wouldn't charge either so at a guess it's the charger unit on the motherboard at fault.

I rang them up and told them and they said that it would have to be collected. I have an on-site warranty but apparently the technician decided over the phone that it couldn't be done at my home. I arranged for collection of the laptop and they sent a man in a clapped out escort van who didn't even provide Mrs Sane with a receipt to say he'd collected it.

They had my laptop for a week before deciding that it needed to go back to the manufacturer for repair. The manufacturer is Mitac and their repair centre is 2 minutes' drive from my house. I only found this out after phoning them when I didn't get my laptop back after a week, they hadn't considered volunteering this information.

I called on Monday to chase it up and was told Mitac would have it for 7-10 days. Not impressed. I called again today to complain because I think they're taking the piss. I'm told I might get it back next week. I had a discussion with the lady on the phone about how unacceptable it is that I'm paying for a laptop that I haven't even got because they supplied it to me with an inherent fault. She tells me that 7 days is a standard time for a laptop repair. Unlucky for her, I used to work for a laptop repair company and I know that this is not the case.

I used to work for Celestica who repair Dell laptops. Now, Celestica are a shit company - they couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery - but I know that if I phoned Dell before noon today from virtually anywhere in Europe, they could collect my laptop, return it to the UK, repair it and return it to me on Friday morning.

Anyway, still no sign of the laptop and I'm expected to wait another week to get it back. I phoned the people at our company who deal with the laptop scheme and they've had loads of problems with Evesham. The HR manager here is in contact with an Evesham manager about the complaints and I've added mine to the list.

I'll relay any further developments as and when they occur but in the meantime, DON'T BUY EVESHAM!