Wednesday, August 10, 2005

EU does u-turn over Barmaids getting their baps out

Following on from the report that the EU wants barmaids to cover up their cleavage in case they get skin cancer from sunburn when they go outside collecting glasses, it now appears that they have done a bit of a u-turn and will exempt bar and restaurant staff from the legislation.

CAMRA complained, as did the Mayor of Munich who threatened to boycott the Oktoberfest beer festival and the EU announced that they would not extend the legislation to pubs and restaurants.

There is, of course, an alternative reason that they changed their mind. You've guessed it - it's all thanks to The Sun!

Lets have large ones all round to celebrate, folks - The Sun has saved Britains busty barmaids.

EU killjoys have backed down over plans to make our girls cover up by banning low cut tops.

The Brussels bureaucrats surrendered in the face of The Sun's double-barrelled attack.
For christs sake, is there anything The Sun haven't claimed responsibility for?

Put an end to the bullshit - Boycott the Sun!