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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bob Piper again

Councillor Bob Piper and his fellow Labour blogger, Mike Ion, have kept me amused for days now with their practical demonstrations of New Labour hypocrisy.

Bob has excelled himself these last couple of days though. First of all, he's complaining at not hearing an apology from another councillor who failed to see the problem with a local standards committee only having white members. I have suggested that maybe they were appointed to the committee based on merit and not their colour but Bob has so far chosen not to offer his opinion on this particular suggestion.

Bob certainly has a lot to say in another comment thread though. Just in case anyone was wondering what King Tony's "Respect" agenda is all about, Bob gives us a practical demonstration by resorting to name calling and playground insults in response to comments by one of his readers (who I presume lives in the ward that Bob was elected to serve). Bob's imagination knows no bounds - Michael Oakshott hilariously becomes "Oakshitt" in Bob's comments. How I laughed.

I suggested to Bob that his behaviour is not what you would expect from a public figure such as himself and told him that I was going to pass the details on to the local press in Sandwell. Bob isn't worried about what the electorate think though - as he said, "there's no such thing as bad publicity".