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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Letter: Shropshire Star

World Cup uncovers very deep divisions

The World Cup is responsible for much of the flag waving throughout England but the flags first started popping up just before St George's Day.

The press are divided on their reporting of flag waving ā€” the "highbrow" newspapers see it as something to rise above whilst the tabloids can see pound signs in front of their eyes by supporting England.

The cross of St George is often incorrectly associated with racist groups like the BNP. At the moment, the English flag is correctly associated with racism ā€” racism against English people. Last week the Chief Constable of North Wales warned English people not to drive in Wales with English flags on their cars. He said it was disrespectful and could lead to racism and violence.

An Englishman who moved to Scotland five years ago to care for a disabled friend has had his windows smashed for daring to hang an English flag in his window. The First Minister of Scotland has followed the lead of most of his fellow Scots and is supporting Trinidad and Tobago.

Two chain stores in Aberystwyth had their shop fronts vandalised for supporting England. The words "Aber isn't in England" was sprayed on their windows.

This racist and juvenile behaviour is an indicator of exactly how fractured the so called "United" Kingdom really is. If our neighbours hate us that much, then why donā€™t they do us all a favour and declare independence? Lets see how long they last without multi-billion pound subsidies from the English taxpayer.

Stuart Parr