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Sunday, July 09, 2006

MORI poll shows majority want English Parliament


New Ipsos MORI Poll;
The demand for an English Parliament;
Commissioned by the English Constitutional Convention.

PRESS RELEASE; 8th July 2006:-

41% in favour of an English Parliament

The English Constitutional Convention is pleased to announce that repeated Government claims, of there being no demand for an English Parliament, have now been utterly demolished by the latest Opinion Poll on the subject by leading pollsters, Ipsos MORI.

In the old 2001 poll, often quoted by Government sources, which was conducted with somewhat slanted questions, it was then found that there was then 16% in favour of an English Parliament. In the new (attached) poll, Question 1 is exactly the same question as the Government's poll, and now shows that there is 27% support in England for an English Parliament.

Also now, in Question 2, Ipsos MORI have discovered that, when voters are given more information about the present constitutional arrangements, they then vote 41% in favour of an English Parliament (which is much more than any other option, including the status quo).

These results, reported in the Observer on Sunday 9th July, are highly significant as they show a marked shift towards support for an English Parliament within a federal UK. These levels of support can be contrasted with the results in the Welsh Assembly Referendum, which attracted the votes of a mere 25.3% of their electorate, and with those of the Scottish Parliament Referendum, in which 44% of their electorate voted for the Holyrood Parliament. In those countries these referenda occurred after long campaigns and also after much publicity. This new result in England is, by contrast, without any equivalent publicity.

These new results therefore suggest that the English Constitutional Convention's role, as a non-party political, debating forum seeking consensus on the proper and democratic Constitutional arrangements for an English Parliament, is most timely.

The members of the English Constitutional Convention therefore invite all interested Parties, groups and individuals to join the debate on England's future.

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