Friday, August 12, 2005

Bakri says he's coming back ... then he's arrested

Following on from this.

Omar Chewbacca Mohammed (who is known as the Tottenham Ayatollah and not the Tottenham Taliban as I mentioned earlier) did a runner to Lebanon a few days ago, apparently because the police said they were going to investigate him under treason charges.

Once he was tucked up safely in Beirut, he said he would be back in 4 weeks (just inside the limit so the DSS keep paying his benefits). Apparently, he's due to have an operation on the NHS. Can't remember what but it's lifesaving which is a shame.

Anyway, not long after he says this, the Lebanese police arrested him for what his spokesmen said was an informal interview.

Meanwhile, the government can't seem to decide whether he can come back or not. One minute Fatty Prescott is saying he can come back whenever he wants, next minute he's saying of course we can stop him coming back.