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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More Scottish Racism

A 7 year old boy, his father and a disabled man are the latest English victims of North British racism.

The 7 year old, 3' 6" boy was attacked by an ever so brave 25-30 year old North Briton for wearing an England shirt. The man shouted "You fucking English wanker" at the boy, punched him and then walked away. When the boys father went after the man and asked him why he did it he pointed to his Rangers badge. The father turned round to walk back to his family to avoid trouble but as his back was turned the man punched him on the jaw, then in the head.

In a separate incident, a 41 year old disabled man was dragged from his car and beaten, leaving him with double vision and requiring hospital treatment, for wearing an England shirt in Aberdeen.

These two reports have both come from the Edinburgh Evening News as well as appearing on BBC News so there's no excuse of anti-North British media making up stories.

As Kev quite rightly asks - when will the North Britons reclaim their flag from the racists?