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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Soft on Crime ...

... soft on the causes of crime.

Traitor Blair has taken some flack in the UK Parliament today over lenient sentences handed out for serious crimes. The Home Secretary blamed judges for the kind of scenario where a paedophile rapist can potentially get released from prison after only 5 years, a shorter sentence than you would get for bypassing your electricity meter. The judges, quite reasonably, have taken issue with the Home Secretary's comments and pointed out that they are only following instructions contained in Labour's sentencing guidelines.

So, what is Princess Tony's solution to the problem? Scrapping the guidelines? Toughening them up? Taking away some of the paperwork from police officers so they can do their job? Of course not, that isn't the Labour way. No, the answer to the problem of offensively lenient sentences for serious crimes is ... to bring in a whole raft of new laws!