Friday, September 30, 2005

Fatty Prescott's Council Tax Evasion

In the week in which we have seen a pensioner go to prison for £50 of unpaid council tax, we find that Fatty Prescott has been dabbling in a bit of tax evasion himself.

Apparently, the chunky one has only been paying council tax on one of his three homes saving him £1,300 per year. The irony is, it is his department that is responsible for overseeing the grossly unfair and hated council tax.

Will the tub of lard be dragged in front of a carefully hand picked and loyal judge to let him off? No. It appears that he is exempt from paying on his second and third homes.

Twat of the Week: Labour

I haven't done Twat of the Week for a couple of weeks now - completely went out of my mind!

Anyway, this week's Twat of the Week is another collective one - the Labour Party.

After this weeks demonstration of the Labour Party's willingness to physically bully people who disagree with them and to have the police invoke the Terrorism Act on an 82 year old man for shouting "nonsense" at Jack Straw from the back of the conference hall where he wouldn't have heard him anyway, the Labour Party are deserving winners. The whole thing was just remenicent of pre-war Nazi Party rallies where hired thugs would deal with hecklers and private police would abuse the law.

Letter: Shropshire Star

Regional assembly would be a mistake

It is refreshing to see Bob Wydell take his eye off Brussels for a moment and turn it to this green and pleasant land (England does not show on EU map - September 26).

It is true that EU maps no longer feature England, favouring the nine euro-regions instead. It is also true that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland still appear on official maps having escaped the infliction of regionalisation.

It may surprise Mr Wydell to know that a large number of UK government maps that also fail to acknowledge the existence of England.

Most of these appear to have originated from John Prescott s Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

The government has made its case for Regional Assemblies many times. Apparently, they will be "more representative". Excellent buzzwords but utterly meaningless.

Regional assemblies are the government's preferred method because they are unelected, unaccountable, ineffective and answerable to John Prescott. In a conflict of interests between the Scottish Parliament and the West Midlands Region Assembly, which body is likely to get its own way?

Another argument the government likes to put forward for regionalisation is that England is too big to be governed whole. It has to be split up into smaller parts to function properly

It's funny that in this day and age the government is unable to do something that has been perfectly manageable for the last few hundred years without the benefit of modern technology.

Stuart Parr

enjoyEngland removing Union Flag

I emailed enjoyEngland two days ago about them using the Union Flag on their website.

The good news is that they're removing the flag. The bad news is, it isn't anything to do with them recognising that England ISN'T BRITAIN!

Dear Stuart,

Thank you for your e-mail.

I believe there is a misunderstanding here. The flags do not stand for languages but for countries. Every one of the websites gives information about how best to enjoy what England has to offer. Thus, for example, the French website has this information in French and with a special emphasis on offers for people living in France (eg flights from France to England).

The UK site has information about England for anyone who lives in the UK - be that in England itself or in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. The proper representation for the UK as a whole is the Union Flag. You are quite right however to criticise its appearance on the UK website as at that point you already are on the UK website. We have therefore taken steps to remove the Union Flag from the website.

I hope you find our website useful. Many thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

Kind regards

Stefanie Armbrust
Enjoy England

Roman Abramovich: Comfortably well off

I heard on the news last night that Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea FC, has sold his gas/oil company to the company the Russian government stole ... sorry, rescued from the bankruptcy caused by billions of dollars of spurious taxes.

He is now comfortably well of. Apparently, his personal wealth is now greater than the GDP of 158 countries and he could also afford to buy ever single premiership football club (which is against the rules but impressive nonetheless).

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Letter: Shropshire Star

County sports stars get raw deal

Sport England, the national sports funding body for England, is to be disbanded.

Sport England is the Government organisation that sponsored the Tour of Britain cycle race that didn't have an English team and which said that it wouldn't want to sponsor an English cycling team even if there was one.

I would be quite happy for Sport England to be disbanded and replaced with another organisation that actually wants to represent England.

However, the Government intends to replace Sport England with UK Sport whilst leaving the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish national sports bodies in place.

This means that they will be replacing yet another English organisation with a British one that still only deals with England - nothing more than a boardroom shuffle and a new name.

This is quite simply the latest in a long line of propaganda exercises to try and confuse England with Britain in the hope that we won't pay too much attention to the £15 billion of English taxes flowing out of our country to the devolved governments in Scotland and Wales.

Stuart Parr,

Labour's new logo

The Labour Party have undergone a new rebranding following yesterday's events at the part conference.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

enjoyEngland uses Union Flag

Source: Cross of St George

Over at the Cross of St George forum, tyke has spotted a mistake on the enjoyEngland website.

The enjoyEngland website, part of Visit Britain (there isn't a Visit England because it's a government department), uses a Union Flag do denote the English language version of the website.

Normally, I would let it pass because it's usually used (along with the American flag) to denote English language on websites. But this isn't a British website, it's an English website and nowhere on the site does the English flag make an appearance.

This is yet another thinly veiled attempt to associate England with Britain.

Send them an email to

Here's the one I sent earlier ...

I've just looked at the enjoyEngland website and somebody has made a mistake. On the navbar there are flags for the different languages and somebody has put the British Union Flag down for English. I presume this was a mistake or a joke because using the Union Flag on the enjoyEngland website would be a pretty stupid thing to do really wouldn't it?

Can you drop me a line to let me know when you've corrected it with the Cross of George? Much appreciated.

Stuart Parr

Not speaking English is really useful

Source: BBC News

According to Cilt, the government's national language body, the growth in communities teaching their own languages is a great educational asset.

This is the sort of mamby-pampy, multi-cultural, diversity at all costs bullshit that is causing the "creeping problem of racial and religious segregation" in this country. It is the unwillingness to learn and speak English and official encouragement not to do so that is driving a wedge between the natives of this country and the immigrants that come here.

Cilt is, of course, only following standard government doctrine here. They did some research on people in the UK speaking a foreign language and apparently we're better than most people think at speaking second languages. They don't say how much of this second language speaking is immigrants and their decendents speaking their mother tongue.

A quick glance at the results shows you that they're another product of the great regionalisation disease the government has infected England with ...

London - 78%
Scotland - 74%
NE England - 71%
NW England - 70%
East Anglia - 68%
S and SE England - 67%
Yorkshire - 66%
English Midlands - 65%
Wales - 65%
West of England - 61%

Not too sure about this English Midlands thing. Have they let something slip here? Is the West Midlands region going to be combined with the East Midlands region? Does anyone, quite frankly, give two hoots what they do with the euro-regions? Come the revolution, comrade, they will be gone.

Junk food to be banned in schools

The government is banning junk food from schools. They are using £300m they found between the cushions of the chez longue to fund a healthy eating programme in schools (that'll be £100m for Scotland, £75m for Wales, £50m for NI and £25m for England I expect).

As a parent with 2 children in school and another 2 who will be starting over the next few years this affects me directly. How do I feel about it?

I'm happy for them to offer a healthy school meal and that they are committed to the health of my children. It's a shame they can't see their way clear to giving us equal health funding to the rest of the country but that's a digression.

Ok, I'm happy for them to provide healthy meals but banning all processed food in the kitchens and banning sweets and chocolate from the vending machines? Surely it is my decision what I allow my children to eat? If I decide that my children should be able to eat smiley faces and turkey twizzlers, is that not my decision?

If my children go for a school meal and there is a healthy option then they will probably choose it. However, the eldest one is a fussy eater and doesn't like a lot of vegetables. He is also the type of kid who would choose the healthy option under pressure from the teachers (which they already get anyway) and end up eating only half a meal.

There should be a choice of the "beans and lentils" type food and "normal" food and the children should be educated but not pressured to choose the former. The schools should also be forced to spend a damn sight more of the couple of quid a school meal costs on the food they're serving. The average is apparently 37 pence.

Surely this is illegal?

Source: BBC News

Still with the Nazi-Labour Party Conference and I read that an MP who is an amateur photographer had his pictures of the queue at the conference deleted by a Police officer despite telling him not to.

The MP had been taking pictures with his digital camera of the queue's outside the conference hall when a steward demanded to know what he was doing. The police were called over and they asked to look at the pictures. The MP said they could but repeatedly said he didn't want them deleted. The police officer told him it was ok because he didn't know how to use the camera. When he gave the camera back the pictures had all been deleted.

Surely this is theft? Once the picture is taken it is the intelectual property of the photographer. The photo's would have had a potential value and the police officer, without permission, authoruity or legal right, destroyed that man's property.

The Nazi Party Conference

At the Nazi ... sorry, Labour ... Party Conference, an 82 year old man who has been a Labour Party member for 57 years was ejected from the conference hall by security for heckling Jack Straw.

A slight over-reaction you might think.

Jack Straw said "We are in Iraq for one reason only to help the elected Iraqi government build a secure, democratic and stable nation."

Walter Wolfgang said "Nonsense."

He was removed from the hall and then Police used powers under the Terrorism Act to prevent him from returning.

These are the people we are expected to trust with our security and wellbeing.

I've just seen the footage on the news. The steward was trying to physically pull the guy out of his seat by his coat. A man sitting next to him said he's an old man don't be so heavy handed and they manhandled him out of the hall as well.

Princess Tony under investigation for offending the Welsh

Apparently, North Wales Police have received a complaint that Traitor Blair repeatedly said "fucking Welsh" during the results of the Welsh Assembly elections in 1999.

The person making the complaint said that it was offensive to Welsh people and he should be made to apologise. North Wales Police are seeking advice from the CPS.

This is good because if it happens, as well as Traitor Blair being made to apologise in public and North Wales Police and the CPS looking like complete numpties for taking it seriously, it means that every time the Traitor or any of his cronies say anything offensive about the English (such as Fatty Prescott saying there is no such thing as English nationality), we can all make a complaint to the Police.

Freudian slip by Princess Tony?

The BBC says "Punk puzzle: Why did Tony Blair choose Sham 69?"
It's all to do with Princess Tony's choice of theme tune at the Labour Party Conference. Apparently he chose a song by a 1970's punk band called Sham 69.

I'm thinking that perhaps this was a freudian slip. After all, he's a sham of a Prime Minister lording over a sham of a government under a sham of a democracy. As for the 69 ... hopefully it's nothing to do with Cherie. Possibly the last time he said something without an alternative motive or told the truth?

Police demand removal of man's flag

View from Middle Britain points us to this thread on the BBC Radio 2 messageboards.

The Police in Leeds received a complaint from a passer-by that somebody was flying a Cross of St George outside their house and they found it offensive.

The Police camped outside the house quizzing the neighbours on what type of person the owner was.

They then demanded he remove the flag and threatened to arrest him if he didn't. The guy risks losing his job if he gets a criminal record so he's bottled it.

I suggest you get onto that thread and put your two penneth worth in. You have a legal right to fly any of the UK's nation flags. They are not covered by planning laws and if the Police attempted to arrest you for flying your national flag then it is they who would be breaking the law.

Funny BBC News spoof

John at the England Project points us to this hilarious BBC News spoof website.

I particularly like the "latest" ticker across the top.

The links to the stories don't seem to work which is a shame.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Why is my son speaking with an American accent?

Yesterday my eldest son started talking with an American accent. This morning he was still doing it. Why?

We reckon it's the amount of American TV they watch. Except for Cbeebies and CBBC every kids TV channel on Sky seems to be American. He's obsessed with Pokémon and Power Rangers - both American. We asked him to name a programme he watches regularly that isn't american. He came up with Pokémon, Power Rangers, American Werewolf in Paris, the Simpsons, Futurama and on and on and on until we told him to stop because there aren't any.

Anyway, we've cured him of it at least temporarily by talking to him with an equally naff American accent until he started shouting at us to stop it. You have to be cruel to be kind.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Update on David Wright

Maybe I've been a bit too hard on David Wright MP for ignoring my emails? I did acknowledge that he might be struggling to find time in between photo shoots for the Shropshire Star but it appears he's now extra busy blogging for the Telegraph. Makes you wonder how he finds the time to look after his constituents.

I forgot to mention on my previous post about Mr Wright how much the taxpayer paid for the privilege of an MP that doesn't like talking to constituents (unless there's a camera around) - £92,704 for the year 2003/04.

Letter: Shropshire Star

Failing to address grouping problems

The chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) made a speech about the creeping problem of racial and religious segregation and he called on the Government to do something about it.

He proposes many things including forcing schools to change their catchment areas to artificially create a balanced intake of white and minority pupils.

As usual, the CRE has failed to address the real problem.

Why are there areas with up to 90 per cent of the population being from ethnic minorities?

Why are there entire communities that cannot or will not speak English?

Why are there ethnic groups that will only mix with and do business with people from the same ethnic group?

Does anyone force them to do this?

Are they prevented from learning English?

Does the "establishment" stop them from mixing with other ethnic groups? Is there something stopping minority communities from integrating with society?

The answer is yes.

Organisations such as the CRE and the Muslim Council of Britain serve only to confirm that these minority groups are "special" and different.

They encourage members of minority groups to hold on to their culture, often at the expense of integration with the wider community.

But mainly it is the members of these ethnic groups making the conscious decision not to speak English, not to mix with people from different cultures.

Perhaps ethnic minorities would feel more inclined to integrate with society if they-weren't constantly treated differently to the rest of us?

Stuart Parr

President-in-waiting Brown

The main theme of the back-slapping and self-gratification of the Labour Party conference appears to have been the promotion of Gordon Brown from Traitor Bliar wannabe to president-in-waiting.

The Deputy General of the Scottish Raj made a rousing speech telling the carefully vetted crowd of Labour cronies how great Britain was going to be under his wing. He even plans to visit all of the nations and regions of the UK.

It's all mapped out already it seems - Bliar steps down a year before the next election, Gordy steps into the breach and sweeps to a stunning election victory and the nations and regions bathe in his glory.

Only one problem. Short of "improving" the electoral boundaries again, Labour haven't got much chance of winning the next election. Actually, make it two problems - I still have a pulse and Labour will breeze through the next election over my cold, dead body.

Enemy of the State banged up

A judge today imposed a custodial sentence on one of the most hardened enemies of the state - Sylvia Hardy.

73 year old Sylvia, who is better known by her codename "gran", embarked on a multi-hundred pence tax evasion scam when her local authority sent her the usual inflation-busting council tax increase.

The scam involved not paying the extortionate increase which some experts have put at as much as £53.71. However, "gran" didn't bank on the dogged determination of her local authority and the court system who pursued this one-pensioner crime spree till the very end.

The judge is said to have considered a public flogging or even a spell of hard labour in the colonies for this most heinous crime of defying the state. However, he settled for 7 days in prison and a stern telling off reminding her that "If everyone paid their debts on the basis of what they thought appropriate this country would descend into anarchy".

Wise words from one who is paid by the very same taxes the state forcibly extorts from us.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

BBC supporting Team Britain

The BBC are supporting the proposed Team Britain football team for the 2012 Olympics. As you can see from this BBC Sport article, they've already been talking about their own dream team. Well dream on boys because it's going to turn into a bloody nightmare.

See also:
Little Man in a Toque

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Shropshire CEP in the Whitchurch Herald

As promised, here is the article in the Whitchurch Herald on Shropshire CEP. Well done Edward for getting us mentioned in so many newspapers!
Give England's taxes back to the English

SHROPSHIRE now has its own local branch of the Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP).

The CEP aims to put the issue of real devolution for England on to the political agenda.

The Westminster Parliament is the parliament for the UK, representing all four constituent nations together.

However, Scotland has its own parliament, Wales and Northern Ireland their own Assemblies. England has been left out, and therefore there is no-one to speak for England.

Last year, the UK Government spent £1300 per person more on the people living in Scotland than they did on the people in England.

Money is taken from the English taxpayer and given to other areas of the UK, meaning that England suffers an annual loss approaching £15 billion a year.

We think things should be a lot fairer. An English Parliament would stand up for England, and give us a fairer deal.

This is an issue that affects all 50 million people living in England, regardless of race, colour or creed.

We believe that, were the people of England to be engaged in a proper debate on the subject, they would say `yes' to the idea of a devolved, national parliament for England.

Join us today and make a difference.

Shropshire branch co-ordinator
Campaign for an English Parliament
Rea Bank

Friday, September 23, 2005

Chased up David Wright ... again

David Wright, MP for Telford, has a habit of ignoring all my emails. Actually, when I say emails I am in fact referring to the same email I sent him months ago which he can't be bothered to ever acknowledge. I've been adding a paragraph or two every time I resend it asking him to answer the email.

I even wrote a letter to the Shropshire Star suggesting he was too busy posing for their photographer to bother answering constituents correspondence thinking it might prompt him to reply. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. (He loves Europe does Mr Wright).

Last time I even included a link to the guidelines for MP's on answering correspondence which he obviously didn't read.

Tonight I've chased it up again and asked him to show me the courtesy of informing me if he is deliberately ignoring my emails.

Anyway, while Mr Wright was on my mind I thought I'd have a look at his profile on - a website which tracks MP's voting records and various other stats.

He has a pretty good voting record having turned up at 79% of votes in parliament. He's apparently a bit of a party rebel but his votes don't bear this out, I can only presume there are a lot of votes that have been taken into account.

So, how well does he represent me? Here is his voting history ...
  • Very strongly for introducing foundation hospitals
  • Very strongly for introducing student top-up fees
  • Very strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws
  • Moderately for the Iraq war
  • Very strongly for introducing ID cards
  • Very strongly for the fox hunting ban
  • Very strongly for equal gay rights
That's 7 of the key votes in Labour's last term. I'll award 1 point for each of those where he has the same view as me and 1 point for whether he represents a party that doesn't make me want to hurt people when I think about them.

Let me see ... that's ... half a point. Well done Mr Wright, you've completely failed to represent me and won't even talk to me!

p.s. the half point was for the gay rights thing - I guess I must be half a wishy-washy liberal.

Sport England to be disbanded

According to press reports, Sport England is to be disbanded and replaced with a new body called UK Sport. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will, of course, be allowed to keep their own national sports bodies which means that yet another English organisation will be replaced with a British one that still only deals with England.

Telford & Wrekin - take down your EU flag

I have emailed Telford & Wreking Council today to formall request they remove the illegal EU flag from all public buildings in the borough.

I am writing to formally request that the EU flag be removed from all council buildings in the borough and replaced with the cross of St George. I have attached a press release received today from the Metric Martyrs confirming that flying the EU flag on a public building is illegal.

I can confirm that the Cross of St George does not require planning permission as it is officially classified as a national flag and therefore exempt from the Town & Country Planning Act.

Please confirm that you have made arrangements for the immediate removal of the illegally flown EU flag and it's replacement by the English national flag. Should you wish to save money, time and effort and clarify the legal position with your colleagues in Wear Valley District Council who have already done so, their telephone number is 01388 765555 (extension 877).

Thank you,

Stuart Parr

EU flags are illegal on public buildings

The Metric Martyrs/People's No Campaign, care of Neil Herron, have today sent out a press release regarding EU flags flown from public buildings. Details are below:

Press Release
The People's No Campaign
23rd September 2005
First the another Victory for England
(Campaigners force Council to remove EU Flag)

Wear Valley District Council has been long flying the EU flag outside its council offices. Its Leader, Olive Brown is a representative on the EU's Committee of the Regions. Neil Herron and Bishop Auckland and Wear Valley District Council resident resident, Jim Tague, decided action needed to be taken against this blatant attempt to promote the EU.
The Regulations for the flying of flags is controlled by the Department of Culture Media and Sport. The flying of flags other than the Union flag is regulated by the Town and Country Planning Act 1992 Regulations on the display of Advertisements.
As the European Union is a political project a Local Authority will also be in contravention of Section 19 of the Local Authority Guidelines on you cannot use public money to attempt to persuade the public to hold a particular view on a political matter.
So, any Local Authority flying an EU flag must be asked politiely to remove it as they will not have planning permission and are in breach of the Section 19 guidelines.
The request for an explanation as to whether WVDC had planning permission to fly the EU flag was made by Jim a couple of weeks ago and yesterday WVDC confirmed that they had no authority or permission to fly the flag.
This morning the Cross of St. George had been hoist on the flagpole in place of the EU flag.
Neil Herron states: "It is not acceptable for any Local Authority to be promoting the EU... a corrupt, undemocratic, unaccountable, profligate bureaucracy. The EU is a political project and cannot be promoted using taxpayers money. Flying a flag amounts to blatant propaganda. Within twelve months we will ensure that no EU flag will be flying from any public building in this country.Well done to Jim Tague for bringing the matter to a speedy conclusion."
We now expect every other Council across the country to start obeying the law and remove any EU flags from public buildings.
Neil Herron
Office: 0191 565 7143
Mobile: 07776 202045

More newspaper articles from Shropshire CEP

Edward Higginbottom, co-ordinator for Shropshire CEP, has had three articles published in local newspapers - the Shropshire Star, the Shrewsbury Chronicle and the Whitchurch Herald. I don't have a copy of the Whitchurch Herald article yet but the other two are below.

This was the article in the Shropshire Star:
Campaign branch on devolution
I would be extremely grateful if you would allow me to inform your readers that Shropshire now has its own local branch of the Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP).

CEP aims to put the issue of real devolution for England on to the political agenda.

The Westminster parliament is the parliament for the UK, representing all four constituent nations together. However, Scotland has its own parliament, Wales and Northern Ireland their own assemblies. England has been left out and therefore there is no-one to speak for England.

Last year, the UK Government spent £1,300 per per-son more on the people living in Scotland than they did on the people in England. This is, in fact, money taken from the English tax-payer and given to other areas of the UK, meaning that England suffers an annual loss approaching £15 billion a year.

We think things should be a lot fairer. An English parliament would stand up for England and a fairer deal.

We believe that the people of England would say "yes" to the idea of a devolved, national parliament for England. Join us today and make a difference.

Edward Higginbottom
This one was in the Shrewsbury Chronicle:

SHREWSBURY could become a major frontrunner in the push for devolved government in England - thanks to the creation of a new campaigners' branch in the town.

Edward Higginbottom, who is a member of the Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP), has formed a branch at his home in Hanwood to represent the rights and views of people across the county.

The CEP argue that while other home nations have been given freedom to manage their own affairs by the Govern­ment; England has missed out, and Mr Higginbottom said he was determined to stand up for Shropshire taxpayers.

"Last year the UK Government spent £1,300 per person more on the people living in Scotland than they did on peo­ple in England," he said. This is in fact money taken from the English taxpayer so you can see how people in a town like Shrewsbury are getting far less than their counter-parts in a similar town in Scotland – it's just not fair."

Mr Higginbottom said the creation of a national parlia­ment for England would mean residents would receive better health and education services because of extra money available.

There are currently ten to 15 CEP branches around the country, but more interest is needed from people in this area: "We need people to join us and help write letters to their MP, newspapers and generally put the campaign in the spotlight," said Mr Higginbottom.

“It is difficult to get people to know about us but when I speak to people in the street most say they want a devolved, national parliament for this country, so there is plenty of interest."

For details about the CEP or to join the Shropshire branch, call Edward Higgin­bottom on 01743 860140.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mark Pritchard MP (Wrekin) on English Parliament

Edward Higginbottom, the new co-ordinator of the Shropshire branch of the CEP, wrote to the Mark Pritchard MP (Wrekin) about the work of the CEp and the subject of an English Parliament.

Mark Pritchard's reply is beolow followed by Edwards subsequent reply.

The Wrekin

020 7219 3000

Mr Edward Higginbottom
Campaign for an English Parliament
Shrewsbury XXX XXX


Thank you for your recent letter setting out the work of the Shropshire Campaign for an English Parliament.

Whilst I note your accurate comments on the fact that more people in England voted for the Conservative Party than for Labour, yet Labour has a majority of seats in England, I am afraid I do not support your campaign as I feel it will play into the hands of European federalists by breaking up the United Kingdom, even more than Labour have done already. I think that there would be many in the European Commission and elsewhere on the Continent who would be delighted at seeing the United Kingdom become nothing more than a country of regions - a type of "divide and rule" concept.

I know that the CEP has the best interests of England at heart, but I don't think that an English Parliament is the way to deliver these interests.

Thank you for taking the time to write to me on this most important issue.

Yours sincerely

Dictated by Mark Pritchard
but signed, at his request, in his absence

PS I remain, as ever, a Eurosceptic
Edward's reply ...

Mark Pritchard MP

House of Commons



Dear Mark,

Many thanks for your letter dated 19th September.

Whilst I note your concerns about a break up of the United Kingdom the source of such a split already exists, the Scottish Parliament. The manifestly unfair devolution system is unfortunately not going to go away as the people of Scotland are now unlikely to vote to scrap their Parliament. If anything there appears to be an effort to obtain even more autonomy.

The pressures also seem to be mounting for the Welsh Assembly to be upgraded, which no doubt will happen in due course.

The present situation leaves the people living in England as second class citizens within the United Kingdom with no separate voice of their own and suffering from a grossly unfair distribution of the financial pot.

It is time for the United Kingdom Parliament to insist on fair and equitable treatment for all of the constituent parts of the country.

Yours sincerely,

Edward Higginbottom

Co-ordinator, Shropshire Branch of the Campaign for an English Parliament

BigDaddyMerk, owner of the tongue in cheek unofficial Mark Pritchard MP blog, has posted a link to this entry. Mr Pritchard doesn't seem to spend much time in his constituency so the blog was set up to let his constituents know what it is he's doing for them ... or mostly for other people.

CRE complains about segregation

The Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) has been bleating about the rising racial and religious segregation in Britain and the resulting ghettoes.

I'm not racist, I'm not xenophobic and I like to think I'm as tolerant, if not more so, than the average man on the street. However, this multicultural diversity bullshit that gets spouted at ever corner is really beginning to piss me off.

The problem with ethnic (mainly muslim) communities being segregated from the rest of society is their own devising and calling for the government to do something about it is achieving nothing. These communities deliberately segregate themselves because they refuse and are encouraged to refuse to integrate with society.

The prevelance of ethnic representative groups such as the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) only serves to strengthen the divide by encouraging minority groups to retain their native culture at the expense of fitting in with the rest of the country and by reaffirming the fact that they are different to the natives of this country.

Positive discrimination again segregates society into us and them - us being English/British/whatever and them being minority groups such as Sikhs, Muslims, Jews, etc. These positive discriminations are supported and encouraged by these ethnic representative groups and are often even conceived by them.

These minority groups often refuse to learn or speak English, they will only talk to others from the same culture, they will only shop at each others shops. This segregation is of their own devising.

The problem can't be solved by legislation or by forcibly moving ethnic minorities to mainly white areas and vice versa because the problem is with attitude. If minority groups don't want to integrate with society and aren't encouraged to do so, they won't.

The CRE is as racist as they come and actively discriminates against white British people to follow it's agenda promoting minority culture at the expense of our own.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Americans starve on diet of beurocracy

Source: Yellow Swordfish

It appears that the US Food and Drug Agency have condemned half a million packets of food rations as unfit for human consumption. These food packets have enough food for one person for 48 hours and have been supplied by the EU and NATO.

The rations were already on the trucks and en-route to victims of Hurricaine Katrina when they were recalled and dumped at an FDA incineration plant where they are awaiting disposal. The supplies, which were donated to the "most powerful country in the world" from our own emergency supplies, cost the British taxpayer millions of pounds.

Let's remember this next time they come begging for our help.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Simon Jenkins - anti-English Guardian reporter

Simon Jenkins, anti-English reporter for the Guardian (do people still read it or is it just softer on the bum?), had an article in the aforementioned rag on 14th September about the celebrations of the English cricket team winning the Ashes.

He says ...
Yesterday's victory was laboriously attributed to "England". The flag of Saint George waved everywhere over its celebrations. This was as absurd as that "England's" World Cup team should be beaten by Northern Ireland, and that what is really Britain must face the world explicitly to the exclusion of Scotland and Wales.

Americans do not stage a knockout competition to decide which state should represent it abroad. Bavarians and Catalans, with far more autonomy than Wales or Scotland, do not exclude themselves from their national teams. British cricket has always respected the United Kingdom, and even its governors have felt obliged to add Wales to their formal title. For goodness sake wave the union jack and let this glorious game belong to the nation as a whole.
This has understandably angered a few people, not least myself. I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't for the fact that what he has written is just misinformed, anti-English biggotry. As it was, I sent them an email ...
Re: Forget the bling and egotists, this is the beautiful game

I have a few comments to make about your appalling article ...

Yesterday's victory was laboriously attributed to "England".

It may have escaped your attention but it was the English team playing.

The flag of Saint George waved everywhere over its celebrations.

Funnily enough, it's the English flag. Would you have preferred they flew the Scottish flag instead? Or perhaps the EU flag?

This was as absurd as that "England's" World Cup team should be beaten by Northern Ireland, and that what is really Britain must face the world explicitly to the exclusion of Scotland and Wales

I'm sorry, what is really Britain? You mean England? England is as much a country as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You don't tell the Scots and Welsh that they are really Britain do you?

Americans do not stage a knockout competition to decide which state should represent it abroad.

American States are not the same as British countries.

Bavarians and Catalans, with far more autonomy than Wales or Scotland, do not exclude themselves from their national teams.

Again, they are states, not countries.

British cricket has always respected the United Kingdom, and even its governors have felt obliged to add Wales to their formal title

British cricket? There is a Scottish national cricket team, I presume you are aware of that? The cricket governing body for England and Wales is the English & Welsh Cricket Board (which they themselves usually call the ECB). The team is England. However, the England team is open to all UK cricket players. This does not make it a British team though otherwise it would be called the British Cricket Team which it isn't. There isn't a law against England doing something better than our "partners" you know?

For goodness sake wave the union jack and let this glorious game belong to the nation as a whole.

Firstly, it is the Union Flag and not the Union Jack. The Union Flag is the British flag and not the English one. As it was the English team and not a British team there is no reason why they should have flown the Union Flag.

If you will insist on writing this bigoted anti-English rubbish, please research your subject first. Quite frankly, I cannot comprehend why a newspaper would employ somebody who clearly doesn't live on the same planet as the rest of us and would rather write anti-English bullshit (excuse my Anglo-Saxon ... or should that be British?) than something factual and constructive.

Stuart Parr
Also blogging about this:
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Monday, September 19, 2005

Flying the flag at school


According to BBC News, Tory leadership candidate Dr Liam Fox has called for all British schools to fly the Union Flag so that schools could show a common identity.

Labour then went on to criticise nationalism in class ... I mean, how dare we teach our children to be proud of their country? We might offend somebody and that wouldn't do, best give a few more million to the MCB.

After receiving criticism for his proposal he then went on to say that Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish schools could fly their own flags if they want. He said "schools in these areas would have the option of flying their own flags i.e. the red dragon if they so wish" and "We are a two-flag party".

JUST AS LONG AS IT'S NOT THE ENGLISH FLAG! There, I said it for you. Wanker.

Woman to sue NHS over cancer drug

A nurse is getting ready to sue her NHS Trust in Somerset for refusing to give her cancer drugs that could save her life. She is in remission now after chemotherapy but doctors have told her that there is a very good chance that it will re-occur.

The drug she wants would give her a 52% chance of keeping the cancer at bay. The drugs she can have give over a 50% chance that she will get cancer again. The reason she can't have the drug is because it is not licenced by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).

The NHS Trust in question (Somerset Coast PCT) says that it is only working to NICE guidelines which says they can only give the drug to patients in the advanced stages of cancer ... when it's probably already too late!

However, if ms Clark was living in Scotland she wouldn't be having this problem. Drugs in Scotland are not approved by NICE as they control their own budget (as they also do in Wales) and can afford the more expensive drugs thanks to the huge subsidies they get from the English tax payer.

What price do you put on a life? Depends if you're English of course ...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Britblog Roundup #31

Tim Worstall has published his Britblog Roundup #31. This weeks is huge!


English Nationalism = White Supremacy apparently

Last week Vince Cable, Lib Dem Shadow Chancellor, lumped English Nationalists in with white supremacists. Now we have some daft bint by the name of Yasmin Alibhai-Brown writing in the Independent also associating English Nationalism with white supremacy. Where do these people get off? Is this some concerted effort by the propoganda merchants in power to try and associate English Nationalism with racism and white supremacy?

It appears that Yasmin has been told by some of the local hicks in the backwater that she lives in that she will never be English because she wasn't born here. Personally, I don't subscribe to that theory but sadly there are enough people out there who do have these views to allow idiots like Yasmin Alibhai-Brown to make gross and inaccurate generalisations in the national press.

If Yasmin wants to write about biggoted nationalists then she should be concentrating on the likes of the BNP and the racist Scottish Raj in Westminster and not trying to dirty English Nationalism with her lies. She isn't a Labourite by any chance is she?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Blueyonder speeding up!

I currently have a 1mb broadband connection off Blueyonder. It's not the fastest or cheapest around but it's reliable and it's faster than ADSL at the same speeds and, unlike Telewest's main customer services, the support is excellent.

I got an email in my inbox the other day announcing another free speed increase. Previously they took it from 512k to 768k and then from 768k to 1mb. This time they're upgrading it, for free, from 1mb to 4mb and increasing the upload speed from 128k to 384k.

They're also keeping it uncapped!

More information.

Friday, September 16, 2005

The advance of the Police State

Gordon Brown: Liar

This week saw a huge step towards the establishment of a totalitarian police state with the government's threat to invoke anti-terrorism laws to prevent lorry drivers protesting against the unbearably high tax burden on the industry and the subsequent government campaign of lies, misinformation and propoganda.

The anti-terrorism laws were designed to forced onto us against the will of the majority of the electorate on the premise that the police needed powers to deal with terrorists in the event of an attack on the country. The government has no right to attempt to use this same legislation to prevent legitimate and lawful protest - one of our basic legal rights in the UK and a fundamental feature of a democracy.

If the lorry drivers had indeed blocked an oil refinery or any other road for that matter, the police have sufficient powers to move them, detain them and prosecute them without invoking any anti-terrorism laws. The only reason this was threatened was to scare people out of protesting and to allow the authorities to prevent any legal and legitimate protest - something that isn't allowed under any existing law.

While all this is happening we have statements from the lying crooks in power such as the little gem that Gordon Brown came out with saying that the increasing price of fuel is down to OPEC limiting supply and that reducing the fuel duty won't do anything to bring the price of fuel down. First the lie - the high price of fuel is down to the unfair level of tax on it with the price of oil having a minimal effect on the price with it accounting for such a small percentage of the total cost. Second the propoganda - blaming OPEC which is mostly Arab/Muslim countries for the cost of fuel is a classic move, especially with what's been going on recently. Third the misleading/misinformation - cutting fuel duty would have a much greater effect on the price of fuel than reducing the cost of the oil it's made from because tax is such a high precentage of the total cost.

In 2000 the government lied, misinformed and unleashed a propoganda campaign onto the people of this country. In 2005 they've done it again.

Warner Breaks are great!

We got back from our Warner Breaks holiday today. It was bloody fantastic!

We spent 4 days at Alvaston Hall near Nantwich. We turned into the driveway and caught a glimpse of the hotel over the wall. All we could both say was "Oh. My. God." As we turned into the car park we were incapable even of that. The place was absolutely amazing. It's a huge timber framed building with some more modern buildings attached to it but all inkeeping with the look of the place. Inside was equally amazing - the entrance hall was like walking into a stately home!

Warnder Breaks only cater for adults. "Their motto is Holiday's for grown ups". Kids aren't allowed which is why we chose to go there in the first place - no point having a break without the kids and having to put up with other people's.

It was only at dinner on the first evening that we realised exactly how grown up your average Warner Breaks guest is. The only people even close to our age (27 & 30) were the staff and even then most of them were older than us. We were by far the youngest guests there but I'll tell you what - these old buggers have got some energy!

We went out to a local town/city every morning and came back to the hotel after lunch. We did Nantwich, Crewe and Stoke. The hotel put on entertainment pretty much constantly from 10am to midnight. We spent most of the time either at the evening cabaret shows or in the leisure centre.

Let me just elaborate on the leisure centre because it was my favourite bit. There was a gym which I studiously avoided. There was a swimming pool, spa, sauna, steam room and tropicarium. Most people won't have heard of a tropicarium (I hadn't) - it's basically a sauna crossed with a steam room. The sauna is about 80 deg C, the steam room about 50 deg C and 100% humidity. The tropicarium was about 60 deg C and about 40% humidity so it wasn't too hot and it wasn't too dry - I could have lived in that tropicarium if it wasn't for the fact it only seated about 6 people and it would have killed me after about an hour.

I definitely have to recommend this place for a holiday for adults. No kids, good food, no kids, good entertainment, no kids, good staff, no kids ... no kids.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Twat of the Week: Vince Cable

In a rush, going on holiday.
Twat of the week this week is Vince Cable, Lib Dem Shadow Chancellor.
Check blog entries for the last few days for the reasons.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Car Keys - what a drama!

You can't make this stuff up.

Tomorrow I am taking Mrs Sane away for 4 days of debauchery and relaxation in a hotel with no kids. This morning we decided to drop off some suitcases at my mum's house so we had enough boot space for our own luggage when we drop #3 and #4 off tomorrow morning en-route.

We all had coats and shoes on ready to go then ... where are the keys? Long story short, me, Mrs Sane, Mother-in-Law and mini-wonko's #1 & 2 spent the whole day today turning the house upside down looking for the keys.

Places searched ...
  • Cupboards
  • Drawers
  • In, under and on furniture
  • Microwave
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing Machine
  • Tumble Drier
  • Shoe Rack
  • Subwoofers
  • Bins
  • Beds
  • Toy Boxes
  • Garden
I phoned a Citroen dealer who said they could get a key, it takes 24-48 hours to arrive, I have to provide log book and ID which are faxed to France and the can't be ordered until tomorrow as the world is closed on Sunday.

In desperation I phoned a 24 hour auto-locksmith. He very helpfully offered to come and do it for a very reasonable price (considering it's a Sunday) of a £15 callout fee plus £25 for the key. "All I need," he said, "is the key code and security code for the ECU". Ah. Quick phone call, hope waning, to the company that sold us the car. "Yes we've got the details sir, have you got a pen?" They gave me the key code and security code I was chuffed. I phoned back the auto-locksmith and gave him the codes. "The security code is 4 digits, not 3 sir". Bugger. "I'll check the key code for you ... nope, not a valid key code sir." Arse!

PHoned my mum and got her to loan us her car. She brought it up, Mrs Sane ran her back home and then drove back to Sane Manor again. "That car is crap" she said. "Oh joy" I thought. "The accelerator is too stiff and I can't possibly drive it all the way" she said. "You'll have to," I said, "I'm not insured to drive it. Perhaps you'd get oon better if you were wearing some proper shoes instead of half a pair of trainers?" (I was referring to these slip on things she has).

Anyway, I'm rambling again. We gave the kids a bath and asked Joseph (as the number one culprit for having hidden them) if he knew where the keys were ... again. "In the cupboard" he said. "Which cupboard Joseph?" I asked. "In the back" he said. "In the back where Joseph?" I said. "In the back of the front" he replied. Just winding us up we thought.

Mrs Sane gave it one last try before bed time. "Where are the keys Joseph?" she asked. "In the cupboard" he said. "Which cupboard Joseph?" she asked. "This one" he said pointing to a cupboard which me, Mrs Sane and Mother-in-Law had all checked. "Where Joseph?" she said. "Here" he said and pulled the keys out of one of the pockets on a christmas stocking type thing.

Mrs Sane jumped around the room screaming and kiassing Joseph to within an inch of his live.

I think today has wiped at least 5 years off my life expectancy.


I've added Haloscan trackbacks for this blog. It's changed the layout a bit I think, let me know if it's messed anything up.

I don't like the Haloscan comments page that replaces the blogger one so I might remove Haloscan.


GMail notifier extension for Firefox

I don't use GMail much because the standalone notifier is crap. While I was getting the Whiz RSS extension for Firefox last night I found the GMail notifier too.

Once you set it up, it pops an icon on the far right hand side of the status bar in Firefox. It tells you how many unread mails you have and a single click will load GMail, even logging in for you. Through the options you can even choose to load GMail into a new tab instead of navigating away from what you're doing..

Wizz RSS

For those of you using Firefox, I would like to recommend the Wizz RSS extension for Firefox.

I tried FeedBurner which was good until the interface got all messed up rendering the application useless and uninstalling and reinstalling didn't help. Before I gave up on FeedBurner I exported my settings to an opml file and vowed to find an alternative ... sometime.

Anyway, last night I was looking at the Firefox extensions and saw Wizz RSS. I installed it and I'm very impressed. It imported my opml file for me so I didn't have to find all those feeds again. TO start Wizz RSS, all I have to do is go to the Tools menu, click on Wizz RSS and it opens a new panel on the left hand side of Firefox containing all my feeds. If I click on a feed it loads in the posts and clicking on a post loads it into the main Firefox browser window.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Twat of the Week: Sepp Blatter

Just realised that I forgot to do Twat of the Week this week so here it is.

Twat of the week this week is Sepp Blatter.

Sepp Blatter, chairman of FIFA, has instructed the British government that they must field a British football team at the 2012 Olympics. They would have done it anyway but how dare he interfere in the internal affairs of this country.

Gareth summed it up with his piece entitled "Sepp Blatter = Cunt".

Friday, September 09, 2005

Books Direct: More shit than I gave them credit for

Following on from my previous entry on Books Direct ...

Books Direct have today sent me a demand for payment for the books which I sent back to them last month. Here's the message I just sent them ...

Thank you for your demand for payment which I received today, the contents of which are noted.

I regret that I am unable to pay you this money because I have already returned these books to you.

The history of this whole saga is long so I will briefly recap.

Firstly, I never ordered these books - you decided to send them to me off your own back.

It took many, many attempts to get returns labels for these books over the course of at least 6 months.

When I eventually managed to get returns labels from you I phoned up customer services for my membership number as I no longer had any correspondence from you because your company is so dismally appaling at everything it does and I have no intention of ever using it again.

I spoke to a rude woman who barely spoke understandable English who asked me repeated personal questions to "verify my identity" - some of which I had never given anyway.

After a painfull 5-10 minutes listening to this barely intelligble interrogation, she informed me that she could not divulge my membership number for Data Protection Act reasons and told me over and over again that I should get it from the correspondence I repeatedly told her I had previously thrown away.

In the end I gave up trying to reason with this imbecile and simply returned the books without my membership number on the returns label but including my name and address.

Now I find I have received a demand for payment for these books which I neither wanted or requested and which I have already returned.

Your company is a shambolic, disorganised, incompetent mess. I have genuinely never dealt with a more ludicrously pathetic bunch of people in my entire life.

You will not receive a penny from me. All you can expect to receive from me is an invoice for my costs, both in terms of wasted phone calls and in time, effort and resources trying to return YOUR goods which you should never have sent to me in the first place.

If you continue to pursue me for this, I will seek damages from you for harassment and, in the process, expose your company for the incompetent mess that it is.
I feel better now.

Jack Straw says we must embrace Turkey

Jack Straw says we must embrace Turkey into Europe to show that western and Islamic culture can live together harmoniously. He said:
By welcoming Turkey we will demonstrate that Western and Islamic cultures can thrive together as partners in the modern world - the alternative is too terrible to contemplate.

Complete and utter multicultural bollocks. Admitting Turkey to Europe will not stop Islamic militancy, nor would its non-admission bring about World War 3. The League of Nations and UN were founded on the basis that if everyone is joined together into an organisation, they won't want to kill each other. This, of course, doesn't work. Iraq, for example, is a member of the UN. Turkey, Greece and Cyprus are UN members. Palestine and Israel are in the UN. India and Pakistan are in the UN. They would all happily bomb each other into oblivian if they thought they could get away with it.

Admitting Turkey into the EU would be disasterous, not because of cultural reasons, but because they are unbelievably poor compared to the rest of Europe. What benefit is there on admitting Turkey to the EU that would outweight the billions of pounds of subsidies that they would taking out every year?

I have a feeling that it's going to go ahead anyway though once the Demon Headmaster hypnotises the other EU leaders ...

Demon Headmaster

Jack Straw

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Vince Cable - Tosser

Hotspur at Cross of St George points out this article by Lib Dem shadow chancellor, Vince Cable.

The article is about how important multiculturalism and how we should all accept the errosion of our culture so we can live harmoniously with other people who come to this country and refuse to accept our culture.

In it he explains that "The threat to harmonious social relations in Britain comes from those who insist that multiple identity is not possible: white supremacists, English nationalists, Islamic fundamentalists."

Nothing to do with Scottish or Welsh nationalists of course and nothing to do with the people who refuse to accept our culture and expect us to adapt to accomodate them. Then again, should we expect anything else from the party that is more determined to regionalise England than Labour is?

I will be sending a complaint to the Lib Dems over his offensive singling-out of English nationalists when the Scottish and Welsh nationalists are more dominant in this country and English nationalism is still in its infancy. Email the Lib Dems at

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NO2ID protesters arrested in case they did something naughty

Civil liberties protesters from NO2ID, the group fighting plans to introduce ID cards in the UK, have been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to cause criminal damage.

Now, forgive me if I'm mistaken but I don't recall a law being passed that empowered the police to arrest someone because they think there's a possibility they might be thinking about doing something. Presumably they have evidence - I believe Neil Herron is involved with NO2ID so they'd better have a damn good excuse because I can't see this being the end of it.

The protesters were in their cars, en-route to a summit of EU interior ministers in Gosport, Northumbria where they intended to protest wearing orange boiler suits, barcodes stamped on their heads and a giant mock ID card. The police stopped their cars and then arrested them.

The irony is, that the members were there to protest against erosion of our civil liberties. We've recently seen badly planned and hurried race hate laws that make it illegal to offend someone of a different religion, the banning of protests outside Parliament and plans to impose expensive ID cards on an unwilling population.

Other people blogging about this:

The England Project


Nothing to do with birds - Neil Herron has struck again, this time he's seeking a judicial review of Sunderland Council's illegal parking ticket scam.

In the notice of intent he has sent to Sunderland Council, he's also given them notice that he's seeking a European Court of Human Rights review of NPAS - the "independent" adjudicator. I say "independent" in quotes because independent they are not. They are funded by the local authorities who run the decriminalised schemes with a levy of 60p for each ticket paid and members of the panel are appointed by the local authorities themselves. Independent they are not and this contravenes the European Convention on Human Rights.

Channel Islands are in France?

According to Britblog, the Channel Islands are in France? I kid you not:

HomeBlog DirectoryLocationEuropeFrance › Channel Islands

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Game: spot the bullshit

Just seen this classic piece of misinformation from a Treasury spokesman on the Sky News website.
"We believe the biggest priority in terms of reducing fuel costs must be working with the American government to restore production levels affected by the Hurricane Katrina disaster," said an official.

It also believes it is important "to maintain pressure on OPEC to set their oil production at levels consistent with more stable and sustainable prices.

"More than half the fuel used in the UK bears little or no fuel duty at all.

"That includes the red diesel used by farmers like Mr Spence, and the fuel used in industrial production, heating of homes and workplaces, and rail and bus transport.

"Seeking to address the problem of high oil prices through road fuel duty alone would do nothing for the majority of consumers."
See how many misleading comments you can pick out - the person with the most BS points wins absolutely nothing.

Edit: I've got 5 ... any advances on 5?

Fuel Protests threatened

According to BBC News, Fuel Lobby (formerly known as People's Fuel Lobby) are threatening protests at refineries if the government doesn't cut fuel tax. PFL were involved in the last one although the BBC wrongly name them as the organisers.

The last fuel protests were in 2000 and embarassed the government immensly. The protests had been planned by hauliers but they were beaten to it by a group of militant farmers who kicked the protest off early. The hauliers brought forward the date of their protest and joined the farmers.

Things were going well, the country was brought to its knees but importantly the public, who were fed up of increasing fuel prices and road tax, were behind them.

After a week or so, things changed. The Road Haulage Association (RHA) poked their noses in and said they'd done what they needed to do which was kind of amusing as they had bugger all to do with it. Then the Sun mysteriously changed their mind overnight and instead of publishing stories in support of the protests, they started publishing stories saying how irresponsible it was.

The stories the Sun carried were basically word for word regurgitations of the government propoganda being pushed out at the time. They said that lorries were blockading refineries, that tanker drivers had been threatened and that ambulances were running out of fuel. All lies and I'll tell you why ...

The lorries were not blockading the refineries. To do so would have been illegal and there was a police presence at every protest. There were also news crews at every protest - where was the news footage of this happening?

The tanker drivers were not threatened - again, the police were present and so were news crews. The tanker drivers also have to buy fuel and fuel tax as well and they were shafted by their employers. They refused to drive in sympathy with the protests and because the oil companies told them to divert deliveries intended for hospitals to petrol stations which the drivers refused to do.

The emergency services and military were never short of fuel. The emergency services have stocks of fuel in case of emergency. Think about it. The military have private pipelines from onshore and offshore refineries - when was the last time you saw a tanker delivering to a military base? Even if the emergency services' fuel supplies started getting low, they would still be able to replenish them from the military.

The whole thing was a lie. If was the government propoganda machine getting into full swing. They leaned on the press (particularly the Sun) and they fed the public with disinformation. The combination of this, the disasterous attempts by RHA to try and take the credit for the protests and the refusal of the big hauliers like Eddie Stobart to get involved (Stobarts fill their lorries up in France) brought the whole thing crashing down and prices remained high.

I really do hope that this time they go ahead and they work. My source has their doubts as to whether it will go ahead (why give a weeks notice to the government so they can plan for it?) and if it does whether it will work at all.

The government have shown their contempt for the opinions of the general public on many occassions and there is little to suggest they will listen now. A treasury spokesman said cutting tax would not solve the problem of high oil prices. That is correct but about 4/5ths of the price of fuel is tax so you see, it's already started?

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Letter: Shropshire Star

Shropshire Star

England's team will die if they allow this

The ink was still wet on the agreement for London to host the 2012 Olympics when the Government announced it wanted a British football team there.

The English FA, defender of English footballing interests, has had no hesitation in sweeping aside years of sporting history and agreeing to it.

The Premiership has alao pledged its support.

Sport is one of the few areas of life where we are still able to support our country and be proud to be English.

Watch any England match and you will see a stadium full of St George's Crosses. The English are clearly proud of their team.

The Scottish FA, quite rightly, immediately turned down the proposal and the Welsh FA wasn't too keen either.

There is a very good chance that the English will be the only ones required to forego their national team at the 2012 Olympics as our interests are once again sacrificed to show the world that we're all happy British citizens.

The most disturbing part of this is that the fans and general public have not been asked whether they are happy for their national team to be replaced with a British team.

It is unlikely they ever will be asked and if they are, the question will undoubtedly be put across in such a way as to confuse the issue and ensure the required result.

UEFA have given their word that fielding a British team in the 2012 Olympics will not affect the status quo but have no doubt, once the British team has been rolled out for one event, it will happen more and more often until one day the English team will quietly disappear.

This Government is determined to wipe England off the map and this is just another stepping stone to achieving that goal.

We must not let it happen - write to the English FA and tell them where they can stick their British team.

Stuart Parr

Wonko is noteworthy?

A View from Middle England has very kindly described this blog as "noteworthy".

Thanks for the kind comments, much appreciated. A View from Middle England has been on my links list from day one of this blog and I read it at least once a day. Definitely well worth a read.


This has got to be one of the funniest stories I have ever heard. This is perfect justification for my hatred of cats.

Electoral Register

John at the England Project is mulling over whether registering to vote is going against his stated intention that ...

I will no longer cooperate with the state or any agent of the state unless by withholding my cooperation I am seen to be breaking the law.

John, you can justify registering as it is a legal requirement to appear on the electoral register if you are entitled to vote.

We had the electoral register form through last night and I'm undecided whether to write English as my nationality. Is it illegal?

Trackback for original post.

Hattersley calls for Jerusalem as English anthem

Source: Waking Hereward

Roy Hattersley (isn't he Lord Hattersley now?), the drooling former Labour minister and excellent source of inspiration for Spitting Image, has called for Jerusalem to be used as the English anthem at the upcoming final Ashes test at the Oval.

I hate cricket, it's one of the most singularly dull sports ever invented. I have my suspicions that it was actually invented as a form of punishment rather than a sport. However, I do like to see England winning things and this is very good news. Cricket has a big following round the world, especially in the Commonwealth, and to play an English anthem at an English match being broadcast around the world will remind the rest of the world that England is still here.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Welsh fans booing the anthem

England beat Wales in the footy at the weekend. A welcome victory after they beat us in the rugby.

The whole match was, however, marred by the Welsh fans booing God Save the Queen when it was played as England's national anthem. It has been suggested that the Welsh took exception to it being played as our anthem.

Firstly, join the club. A lot of English people resent it too but they just won't let us choose our own song to play as our anthem.

Secondly, it's the Welsh anthem as well! Wales is still part of the UK and the national anthem of the UK is God Save the Queen. You might have your own national song but God Save the Queen is still your national anthem.

Theirdly, booing any national anthem is totally disrespectful - even if you hate the people it is supposed to be representing. It is simply not the done thing, especially when it's your own national anthem.

Dear Tony ...

Yellow Swordfish has this absolutely stunning letter to Tony Blair. Absolutely priceless.

Sebb Blatter = Cunt

From Gareth at Little Man in a Toque:

Sepp Blatter you are a cunt. You have no regard for the heritage of football or the wishes of the fans in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can fuck off and take English quislings Trevor Brooking and David Davis with you. I will never, never support a British team. And not only will I not support a Bitish team, I will support the opposition, boo the British players and boo the national anthem.
What can I say? Pretty much sums up everything I wanted to say and using some classic Anglo Saxon in the process.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Disabled Access

I have just been going through some holiday snaps and came across this one ...

Good old NatWest (Cardigan Branch) putting in an automatic door for wheelchair users. Unfortunately, they forgot to do something about the bloody great step in front of the door while they were at it!

The Wellington Branch of NatWest in Telford is the same except that has about 4 or 5 steep steps.

Decomissioning the Fishing Fleet

The British fishing fleet is being decomissioned. This has been happening for quite a long time now and the government compensate the fishermen for their loss.

There are 5 million people living in Scotland and 50 million in England. The government have enough money to scrap 138 boats in England and Scotland so, when you pro-rata it out, that's 125 boats for England and 13 for Scotland right?


It's 30 boats for England and 108 for Scotland. As if this piece of blatant discrimination against English fishermen wasn't bad enough, take a look at how many fishermen applied to have their boats decomissioned.

748 English and 215 Scottish.

The government had money for only 4% of English fishermen but had enough for just over 50% of Scottish fishermen.

Source: Cross of St George

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Team Britain in the news again

The chairman of the ENGLISH FA was on the telly yesterday gushing about how wonderful a British footie team would be for the 2012 Olympics.

This is just so wrong on so many levels. The English FA, like Sport England, need to remember who it is they are supposed to represent.

If anyone is interested in helping collect email addresses for a mass mailing of every league football club in the UK, please email me. You won't have to send any emails out, just help compile a mailing list.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Namibia land reforms

Namibia have taken Zimbabwe's lead and are now stealing ... sorry, expropriating white farms to resettle black landless Namibians. The first white farmer has had an eviction notice and she, along with the 12 black farm workers and their 60 dependents will have to leave the farm by the end of the year.

One question. How can the Namibian government look at the way that the very same policy turned Zimbabwe from the bread basket of Africa to a starving, economically decimated dictatorship in the space of a couple of years and think that it is going to work there?

New Orleans

Lot of bad shit happening in New Orleans at the moment after Hurricane Katrina has done its bit.

The hurricane caused massive damage throughout the city.
There is a 200ft breach in one of the dams that stops the Mississippi from flooding the city.
Around 80% of the city is under water.
They have no electricity or water supplies.
They are running out of food and drinking water.
Looting and shooting is going on throughout the city.
The city authorities have ordered a full evacuation of the city.
The city will be uninhabitable for at least 2-3 months.

What is the American government's responseto this disaster? The army have been called in with orders to shoot to kill and George Bush is golfing.

High Peak Council on Tour of Britain

Just had the following email from someone at High Peak out of the blue. I don't remember ever emailing them about Tour of Britain but it's nice to hear fromt hem anyway.

The reason there is know english team is because england race in the british team along with a welsh rider Geriant Thomas. If the uci were to allow a english team it would mean a re-structure of the olympic games as England don't race in the olympics yet britain do why not have the best british team comprising of riders from England Scotland an Wales and riders from the two other nations having lesser teams.
DAi Larner

Dai Larner
Strategic Director (Planning and Regeneration)
High Peak Borough Council
Council Offices
Hayfield Road
High Peak
SK23 0QJ

Dai, Dai, Dai ... that's a Welsh name isn't it? An interesting email, mainly because what he's suggesting as better is exactly what's in place already.

I sent him a reply back ...


Thanks for your email, it's always good to hear peoples' opinions on these things.

"The reason there is know english team is because england race in the british team along with a welsh rider Geriant Thomas."

Whereas the Welsh ride in Team Wales, the Scots ride in Team Scotland and the Northern Irish ride in Team Ireland. Why should the English have to ride in Team Britain without the choice of their own team? Does this not sound like discrimination to you?

"if the uci were to allow a english team it would mean a re-structure of the olympic games as England don't race in the olympics yet britain do why not have the best british team comprising of riders from England Scotland and Wales and riders from the two other nations having lesser teams."

Firstly, the UCI don't disallow an English team - that was a lie peddled by Sport England, the reason for which I should find out when they reply to my Freedom of Information request. It's simply the fact that they won't spend the money setting up an English Cycling Federation, preferringto spend the money on the rest of the UK.

Secondly, you wouldn't have to restructure the Olympics because Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland don't have teams - they also compete in Team GB.

Thirdly, you're just proposing exactly what there is now - a British team and national teams for everyone except England. The British team is open to all the British racers, it's up to them to decide which one they race in. That's exactly what we have now - why shouldn't there be an English team? England is no less a nation than Scotland or Wales despite the government's best efforts.



Thursday, September 01, 2005


Before I bugger off to bed, here are some stats for the last week ...

Average of around 350 unique visits per day.
Top 5 referrers are Toque, MSN, blogspot, Kevsoft and The CEP.
3 most requested pages are the main blog page (blogger.html), Sport England don't give a shit about England and the Atom feed.
Most bizarre visitor's url