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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Terry White even makes it into the Shropshire Star!

Terry White has even managed to get a less than favourable report in the Shropshire Star.

Anger over Labour official's flag view

Sports fans who carry the flag of St George are tantamount to right-wing hooligans, a Labour Party official has suggested.

The comment was made by Terry White, who works in the party's communications unit, in an e-mail to a member of the public, it was reported today. The man had asked of Labour: "Why is it that as a party you dislike the English so much?" He added: "The Labour Party are trying to wipe England off the UK map."

Mr White was reported to have replied: "It is a fact that the right and extreme right in Britain cloak themselves in the English flag, the cross of St George and claim to be the true representatives of the English.

"Wherever there is a hooligan behaviour, usually linked to extreme right-wing political groups, eg at football matches here and abroad, it is the flag of St George that is displayed."


Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell said: "I find these comments insulting and outrageous.

"People will be very angry to hear what Labour thinks of them and their country," he added.

A Labour Party spokesman said: "We cannot condone these comments and they in no way represent the views of the party. We apologise unreservedly for any offence caused, "We take this matter extremely seriously and will be investigating it thoroughly," the spokesman added.

Last year the country saw a resurgence in the popularity of the flag of St George during England's run in the Euro 2004 football championships, leading to claims the flag had been "reclaimed" from right-wing hooligans.

Shops reported booming sales of flags, which were flown from the windows of homes and businesses and attached to cars and vans.

Supermarket chain Asda sold 38,000 mini England flags in the run-up to the tournament while rival Sainsbury's, an official sponsor of the England team, sold 75,000 giant flags and packs that include a car flag and bumper sticker.

Twat of the Week: Terry White

You don't have to be a genius to figure out who gets this week's Twat of the Week Award!

Terry White, the Labour Communication Unit worker branded patriotic Englishmen and women racists for flying their flag and said that England, not Britain, has a bad reputation. He claims that the English flag is associated with right wing groups and racists.

The Labour Party propaganda machine can't run forever and this is the first major breakdown. The story even made it into the Sun with a number of angry replies published on their website.

It was a close choice between awarding him Twat of the Week or giving him a medal for doing an unbelievable amount of good for the cause of English nationalism but at the end of the day, the simple fact that he is obviously a twat for making the comments in the first place was enough to tip the balance.

Terry White, you are this week's Twat of the Week.


The Sun goes to town on Labour

The Sun have today published the story of an email sent from the Labour Communications Unit to a member of the public claiming that people who wave the English flag are racists and that England, not Britain, has a bad history.

Terry White, 65 years of age and of unknown nationality, probably didn't realise he was writing to a Campaign for an English Parliament member otherwise he would probably have tried to conceal the contempt in which Labour holds the English people.

The full story, which is on page 2 of today's Sun, is as follows:

Labour attack on English


A LABOUR Party official caused outrage last night after suggesting sports fans who wave the England flag are racist.
The outburst came from Terry White, of Labour’s Communications Unit, in an email to a member of the public.

It followed a row last week when ex-minister Gisela Stuart claimed the rise of Englishness is a threat to democracy. German-born Ms Stuart said she is concerned people claim to be English rather than British.

The man who complained, named only as Allan Murray, wrote: “Why is it that as a party you dislike the English so much? I am fed up to the back teeth with Labour’s endless dumbing down of the English. The Labour Party are trying to wipe England off the UK map.”

Mr White, who is 65 and near retirement, wrote back: “England, as opposed to Britain, has an unfortunate history around the world and within the British Isles and please do not say that it is all past.

“It is a fact that the right and extreme right in Britain cloak themselves in the English flag, the cross of St George and claim to be the true representatives of the English.

“Wherever there is hooligan behaviour, usually linked to extreme right-wing political groups eg, at football matches here and abroad, it is the flag of St George that is displayed.”

Millions of flag-wavers will be outraged by the attack on fans.

After England’s rugby World Cup triumph a million supporters packed the streets of London to cheer their heroes home many draped in the St George’s flag. There were similar scenes after the England cricket team trounced the Aussies.

Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell raged: “I find these comments insulting and outrageous.

“People will be very angry to hear what Labour thinks of them and their country.”

UKIP leader Roger Knapman said: “This is an insult to our own people. To suggest that England, but not Britain, has ‘an unfortunate history’, is sheer ignorance. If Labour is seeking to disown the Empire, then it should be told that it was the British, not English, Empire.”

A Labour spokesman said: “We cannot condone these comments and they in no way represent the views of the Party. We apologise unreservedly for any offence caused.”

Follow-up's to

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Police reject white male candidates

Forgive me father for I have sinned. Today I read the Sun.

Actually, the moment of weakness was worth it because they had a story about a police force rejecting nearly 200 applications because they were white males.

The police force in question actually had the nerve to tell them that they had been rejected because they were over-represented by white men and needed more minorities.

It's reassuring to know that when I next need the police I can be safe in the knowledge that they will have achieved their quota of minority representation, even if they aren't necessarily as good at the job as some of the other candidates.

BBC journalists to get lessons on devolution

Source: The Scotsman

BBC journalists are all going to be given lessons on devolution.

Don't get excited though, it's only about Scottish devolution.

Apparently the poor little darlings (no, I don't mean the English transport minister who has a constituency in Scotland) north of the border are a bit upset that the BBC reports things affecting only England and Wales as British and don't devote enough time explaining how the laws will affect Scotland.

I really don't understand the mentality of the Scots sometimes. They have their own parliament. They have their own laws. They have a BBC Scotland. They control the British government. Their MP's impose laws on England against the will of English MP's.

Yet still they complain and still they want more! What, if anything, will appease them? I'm sick to death of whinging Scottish jobsworths who can't see past the end of their nose. They get the best of everything yet they still complain. It's like they've been brought up to hate the English because we dominated British politics for so long and now things have changed and it's them dominating us and screwing us over left right and centre, they just don't know how to stop hating us.

I don't know about anyone else but I'm fed up with paying for what my ancestors did x hundred years ago.

Monday, November 28, 2005

St Georges Day is not a special occassion

A High Court judge has told a pub landlord that St Georges Day is not a special occassion.

The landlord had sought a judicial review after a magistrate refused him a late licence again this year on the grounds that St Georges Day is not a special occassion in England. They had granted him a late licence for Chinese New Year and St Patrick's Day though.

This is the tip of the iceberg - Anglophobia runs through the heart of the establishment. It is rampant in the British government and government-appointed judges carry out the Scottish Raj's death sentence on English culture.

This is the beginning of the end - if this doesn't motivate people, what will?

Censored by the State Part 2: St George's Revenge

I reported a couple of days ago that the Scottish Parliament had forced fellow Witanagemot blogger, Gareth, to remove a spoof Scottish Parliament homepage.

They wrote to his ISP and said they didn't want to make a fuss (tip: find out who you're up against before you start censoring people) but would they remove the offending page as it had found its way into the media and falls foul of their draconian copyright statement which basically says you can't use their logo for satire.

A dictionary definition of satire is in order here I think ...
satire, term applied to any work of literature or art whose objective is ridicule. It is more easily recognized than defined. From ancient times satirists have shared a common aim: to expose foolishness in all its guises—vanity, hypocrisy, pedantry, idolatry, bigotry, sentimentality—and to effect reform through such exposure. The many diverse forms their statements have taken reflect the origin of the word satire, which is derived from the Latin satura, meaning “dish of mixed fruits,” hence a medley.
So what the censors at the Scottish Parliament are basically saying is, you can use our logo as long as you are praising us but if you wish to criticise us in the form of a joke then we'll kick up a fuss.

Now forgive me for being, perhaps, a little naïve but I was under the impression that one of the things about democracy was the ability to criticise the government and the government's inability to censor you from doing so.

Anyway, I have managed to acquire a copy of the web page in question and will be hosting it until such time as the Scottish government force me to remove it. However, to make this less likely to happen, I would urge as many bloggers and webmasters as possible to host a copy of the page. They don't want to make a fuss and they won't want to spend all that time and money pursuing a large number of largely anonymous people for taking the piss out of them - hardly good publicity is it?

If you want the files, please contact me.

A Scot lectures us on the difference between England and Britain?

You'll like this.

Scottish First Minister, Jack McConnell, has told a "Values of Britishness" conference that people south of the border should give more recognition to Scottish devolution and to recognise the difference between English and British.


Mr McConnell is a Labour MP and therefore part of the hideous propoganda machine that constantly confuses English and British as part of its campaign to destroy the English nation and secure the future of the Scottish Raj.

He said ...
It means government, UK political parties, the British media and the institutions which are largely located in metropolitan London must - as, for example, the British Council have already done - accept and embrace post-devolution Britain and multicultural Britain.
The main British political parties, media and institutions are already doing what the British Council does - they have Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and British organisations but no English counterpart.

He also said ...
When I was growing up, being Scottish was more about not being English. And in the 1980s about not being Tory - than it was about a positive expression of our culture and our background. Now I believe that has changed. That our definition of what it is to be Scottish has become a more positive statement.
Well I'm sorry but if the comments from Scottish people on my blog are anything to go by, Scottish is still about hating the English. I haven't had a single comment on this blog from a Scot that isn't about hatred for the English.

If Mr McConnell is that concerned about us, I think I'll ask him if he will openly support the Campaign for an English Parliament.

Calls to promote Scottish culture

500 Scottish writers are handing a petition to the Scottish Parliament to ask them to do more to promote Scottish literature, history and language at all levels of education. They believe the current arrangements are inadequate.

Meanwhile, a group of 0 English writers are submitting a similar petition to the non-existant English Parliament amid concern that the British government's policy of Britification and the abolition of the English nation, culture and national identity is rapidly leading the country towards the disolution of the union.

Give them and they take 90cm.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Protesters arrested outside Parliament

Two more protestors have been arrested inside the censorship zone around Parliament.

Recently, the British government passed a law preventing anyone from protesting within 1km (why metric?) of the British parliament. They passed the law to enable them to move on an anti-war protestor who has been camped outside the British parliament since the start of the Iraq war. Unfortunately for them, a judge said the law didn't apply to him because he was there before it.

So it didn't achieve its main purpose but it has served them well in preventing protestors putting off the tourists and spoiling MP's view as they go to work. It's like the three Labour monkeys - Hear no Evil, See no Evil and Shit on England.

Anyway, the police have reluctantly arrested two more OAP's for unauthorised protesting. They were ringing bells to remember the estimated 100,000 people killed in Iraq since the start of the war.

The police man apparently said "I wish I could join you. I wish I could do what you're doing. This is filthy. This is very hard for all of us."

Since the law was introduced, 27 people are facing charges for unauthorised protesting.

Click here for details.

Welcome to Blair's Britain.

Giant Mosque proposed for Olympic village

Source: Cross of St George

There is a proposal for a huge 40,000 capacity mosque to be built in the Islamic quarter of the Olympic village being built for the 2012 London Olympics.

40,000 worshippers?

The proposed mosque and surrounding buildings could house up too 70,000 people and will cost around £100m.

Is this a case of burying bad news? I don't remember any mention of an Islamic quarter in the Olympic village before this.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Censored by the state

Gareth has been forced by the Scottish Parliament to remove a page on his website in which he had a spoof Holyrood homepage with a story saying that MSP's had walked out of Holyrood as a show of solidarity until England got its own parliament.

Lucky for us but unlucky for the architects of state censorship, Google still has a cached version of the page and some of us have a screenshot of the page.

So, unlucky Alison Howitt. You may have forced Gareth to remove the original but it hasn't disappeared and your unsuccessful attempt at state censorship will only make myself and others all the more determined to make sure this story spreads as far around the world as possible.

To think the Dalai Llama held the Scottish government up as a shining example of democracy.

Click here to view a screenshot of the censored page.

No TV Licence?

The TV tax, masquerading as the BBC licence fee, is extortionate.

For the privelege of watching a few re-runs and the odd documentary, we have to pay around £120 per year. Or do we?

According to the law, if you own a TV or video (or even a tuner for your PC), you have to have a TV licence. Not watching BBC channels is no defence either - if you have the ability to watch BBC channels you have to pay for them whether you do or not.

Neither is having a TV that is incapable of showing BBC channels a defence. I remember a few years ago when a TV engineer nobbled his TV so that it was incapable of displaying BBC channels. He didn't buy a licence, the BBC took him to court and he was fined.

Enter the Abolish the TV Licence Campaign.

These guys have been busy finding out all there is to know about TV licensing and detection.

They asked a solicitor what to do when the licensing people knock on your door to find out why you haven't got a licence. Easy - refuse to answer their questions and don't let them in. If they want to prosecute you they need evidence. Their doorstep interview with you will be their evidence. If you denying using a TV without a licence when they ask you, they will ask to inspect your TV. If you allow them to do this, they will use this as evidence that you have and use a TV.

You are not obliged to answer any of their questions and they have no right to enter your home without a warrant. They cannot obtain a warrant without evidence and without confirming your name, the address and that you are the occupier.

They rely on the threat of detector vans and handheld detecting equipment to scare you into admitting that you are using a TV without a licence. The results of this equipment alone are not sufficient evidence for a successful prosecution - they must obtain further evidence.

The advice can be read here in full.

Parking Victory ... kind of

Source: Neil Herron

NPAS have upheld Robin de Crittenden's appeal against an illegally issued parking fine.

Robin, with the help of the People's No Campaign, appealed on the basis that the Bill of Rights does not allow a fine or forfeiture without conviction and that NPAS are not independent as they claim to because they are funded by a levy of 60p on each successful parking fine.

It's a victory of sorts but the appeal was upheld on a technicality - Worcester Council failed to supply any evidence that there was a Traffic Regulation Order in place.

Because the appeal was upheld on a technicality and not because it was illegal, they will now be appealing to High Court on a point of law to establish the illegality of all decriminalised parking schemes.

EDP get councillor elected

The English Democrats Party have got themselves a councillor.

Paul Adams has got himself elected to Crowborough Town Council, I think making him their first election victory. It is quite a victory as well - he took in excess of half the total vote.

The results were:

Paul Adams - English Democrats Putting England First 120
Sarah Hale - Green Party 34
Adrian James Morris - Liberal Democrats 57

Congratulations to Councillor Adams and the EDP.

England twinned with Tibet

Source: Waking Hereward

EU tries to abolish red ensign

The European Commission has put forward a proposal to replace the red ensign with the EU rag on Merchant Navy ships.

They say it will help recognition of the fact that the ships meet strict European safety standards.


This is a blatant attempt at empire building.

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea says that ships must fly the flag of a nation - there is no mention of flying the flags of corrupt, unelected dictatorships.

See Also:
Neil Herron
Anglo Saxon Chronicle

Wyre valley give themselves permission to fly EU rag again

Wyre Valley District Council have given themselves permission to fly the EU rag again.

A few weeks ago, Neil Herron and his colleagues discovered that they were flying the flag without planning permission and forced them to remove it.

Since then, they have been flying the English flag in its place.

However, WVDC are determined to show their alliegence to the EU (presumably to achieve their aim 'to become the best District Council in England') and at a meeting of the planning committee last night, voted to approve their own planning application to fly the EU rag despite it being illegal and having received 19 objections from the public.

There are two reasons why this is wrong.

Firstly, WVDC is in England and should fly the English flag, not the EU rag. The Queen commands when flags should be flown and these instructions are sent to local authorities by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. These instructions are a royal command, not suggestions. The Queen commands that the EU rag be flown only on Europe Day, not every day of the year.

Secondly, Section 19 of the Local Authority Guidelines on publicity says that a local authority is not permitted to spend public money to try to convince the public to hold a particular view. Flying the EU rag is an advertisment under the Town and Country Planning Act and the purpose of an advertisment is to promote a product, service, opinion, etc. By flying the EU rag, WVDC is promoting the EU. The EU is a political project and the local authority is therefore breaking the law by promoting it witht he intention of convincing the public of its merits.

The EU rag will come down, it is simply a question of when.

See Also:
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Friday, November 25, 2005

When is a terrorist not a terrorist?

When is a terrorist not a terrorist? When they are IRA murderers of course.

The British government has voted through the Fugitive Bill which will allow convicted IRA terrorists who are on the run and suspected IRA terrorist fugitives to return to Northern Ireland without having to worry about going to prison.

The on-the-run terrorists will be released on licence and the fugitives will be tried before special tribunals who, if they find them guilty, will only be able to release them on licence.

It strikes me as a bit strange when the British government considered the threat of terrorism in Iraq so great that they could justify lying and making up evidence to go to war, yet when the threat is right on our doorstep they actively prevent judges from locking up convicted IRA terrorists.

Scottish students have less debt

Source: BBC News

A report by the Scottish Executive has concluded that Scottish students have less debt than those in England and Wales.

This won't come as much of a surprise to the thousands of debt-ridden students in England who will spend the next 10 years of their lives paying off loans for university top-up fees that Scottish students don't pay.

Top-up fees were forced on the English against the will of English MP's by their Scottish counterparts. The bill didn't apply to Scotland but that didn't stop the Scottish Labour MP's inflicting tuition fees on England when they were rejected for their own country.

Hello readers

Jus tgone through my stats - first time for a while. I'm currently averaging between 500 and 600 visits per day.

I'd like to say hello to a few people ...

Hello to my Mexican reader, whoever you are. Bizarely, Mexico is number 10 in the country table for visitors this month.

Hello to the person from the US Air Force that's paid a couple of visits this month and the couple of visitors from the US government who've also paid a couple of visits.

A big hello to all the students (or lecturers) that have been visiting this month. There are about 10 universities and educational establishments in the visitor list this month, including Harvard University and UCLA.

Finally, thanks to the CEP or providing the largest volume of linkage again this month.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Scottish Parliament flexes its muscle

Gareth has returned from his holidays to find an email in his inbox from the Scottish Parliament.

Nothing unusual in this as he is, of course, a regular correspondent with many government departments both UK and devolved.

This one was rather more sinister than the usual racism and xenophobia that politicians come out with. This email threatened legal action against him unless he removed a page from his website.

The page in question is a spoof of the Scottish Parliament website in which he mocked up a news story saying that MSP's have walked out of Holyrood and refuse to return until England gets a parliament.

Apparently, the page had hit the international media (they don't go into details) and they decided it had to go.

Rather bizarrely for a government website (paid for with public funds), the copyright message on the Scottish Parlaiment website actually forbids use of its logo (paid for with public funds) for use in satire.

So basically, you can't poke fun at the Scottish Parliament and use their logo (did I mention it was paid for with public funds?) in the process.

How long before the UK is renamed the Peoples Republic of Communist Britain with Chairman Blair as its president for life?

I don't have a copy of the offending page (yet) but in the meantime you can view it through Google's cache.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Barnett Formula is "pretty sacrosanct"

The Scotsman has interviewed both David Davis and David "Tory Blair" Cameron.

It's the usual stuff, kissing Scottish arse to try and gain that extra few votes that could take their total into double figures in Scotland.

Something David Davis said did catch my attention amongst the recycled durge ...
The Barnett formula, he says, is "pretty sacrosanct," and he is "very happy" with the idea of the Scottish Tories campaigning on lower income tax. "I'd love to see a low tax economy working in Scotland before I take over as prime minister," he says. Even if it meant the disintegration of the union? "It won't mean that. The United States hasn't disintegrated and the states there have different tax regimes."
It just goes to show how easily power corrupts. The prospect of the top job has obviously proved too much of a temptation and DD has happily abandoned any pretence of fighting for equality in England.

The Barnett Formula, for those that don't know, is a sum used by the British government to calculate how much more money the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish are going to get than English people. This is, of course, paid for from English taxes.

In case you don't understand exactly how important DD thinks this discriminatory and unfair formula is, here's a dictionary definition of "sacrosanct".

sacrosanct \SAK-roh-sankt\, adjective:
Sacred; inviolable.

Sacrosanct comes from Latin sacrosanctus, consecrated with religious ceremonies, hence holy, sacred, from sacrum, religious rite (from sacer, holy) + sanctus consecrated (from sancire, to make sacred by a religious act).

So there you have it - David Davis puts the Barnett Formula right up there with holy relics, religious sites, etc. and doesn't think that the blatant discrimination of 50 million people (85% of the population of the UK) will lead to the break-up of the union.

Someone send David Davis' office a set of directions back to reality.

Flu vaccine shortage ... but only in England

It's that time of the year again when the elderly and infirm and high-risk people are given their flu jabs.

One small problem - there's a bit of a shortage. But only in England of course. Elsewhere in the (dis)United Kingdom, they have sufficient funds and resources to stockpile vaccines at the expense of the English taxpayer.

NPAS on the ropes

Thanks to the efforts of Neil Herron and Robin de Crittenden, the corrupt parking adjudicator NPAS is on the ropes gasping it's last breath.

Since Neil Herron's investigations into NPAS have started, they have lied, misled and misrepresented facts. They tell the public that they are a court of law and have the status of high court judges when, in truth, they are not a court of law and do not have status even remotely approaching that of a high court judge.

The biggest lie, though, is their claim to be independent. NPAS is funded by a charge of 60p in for every parking fine that is paid. Their very existence depends on the supposed validity of parking fines and on them being paid and therefore have a vested interest in making sure that as many appeals as possible are refused.

For more information, see the following posts:

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Archbishop of York speak out for England

The Archbishop of York, Ugandan-born John Sentamu, has spoken out for England in no uncertain terms.

The Church of England has thus far refused to support any calls for devolution, equality or democracy for England.

The Archbishop says that St George's Day should be celebrated and the English should reclaim their national identity and culture. He also criticises multiculturalism, saying "Multiculturalism has seemed to imply, wrongly for me, let other cultures be allowed to express themselves but do not let the majority culture at all tell us its glories, its struggles, its joys, its pains."

I can seriously identify with most of the things he's said, with the exception of the religion bit.

Perhaps Archbishop Sentamu will be the catalyst for change in England. The church still attracts a certain amount of respect, even amongst non-believers. The British government's love affair with Islam can't last forever and christians still outnumber muslims in the UK.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Twat of the Week: Gisela Stuart

It was inevitable really, wasn't it? Good old G, the German MP for Edgbaston, is worried about Englishness she tells us.

Gisela seems to think that Englishness is a threat to our delicate demshamocracy that apparently helps immigrants abandon their loyalty to their own community in the name of Britishness.

I'm assuming she said this with a stright face, quite how an MP for a Birmingham constituency could manage to do so is beyond me. I mean, Birmingham isn't exactly the model of cultural integration is it? Parts of the city are off limits for white people with any plans for the future that don't involve a trip to casualty or the morgue.

For blatant Anglophobia, thinly disguised as concern for democracy and racial harmony, Gisela Stuart is this weeks Twat of the Week.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bill of Rights challenge to parking fines

Robin de Crittenden challenged the National Parking Adjudication Service (NPAS) over illegal issuing of parking fines.

The Bill of Rights, a constitutional statute which the High Court ruled has precedence over modern laws, very clearly says that and promise of fine or forfeiture prior to conviction is illegal and void.

A parking fine issued without a conviction is therefore illegal and void.

It may seem petty to use a law from 1689 to escape a parking fine but the principle behind the challenge is an important one. The Bill of Rights is one of the foundations of English law which, along with the Magna Carta and others, forms the basis of Common Law.

Common Law protects the rights and freedoms of the people and allowing the government to ignore these rights and freedoms without any challenge to their authority to do so sets a dangerous precedent.

Dalai Lama praises Scottish devolution

The Dalai Lama has praised the Scottish executive and held it up as an example of how things could work for Tibet which has been under Chinese occupation since 1950.

I wonder if His Holiness would draw any parallels from the Chinese occupation of Tibet and the British dictatorship of England.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Children in Need

It's on today but the blogosphere is strangely silent on the subject.

Have we finally grown immune to the constant and endless requests for more and more of our money to help out those who are less fortunate?

I don't give money to charity. When collectors ask me for money I politely refuse. When they send their junk mail through the post, I remove the pen (there's always one lately isn't there?) from the envelope and bin the letter.

I occasionally give money to collectors I see in the street if it's a charity I feel comfortable with and they don't ask me for money.

I am a firm believer that charity begins at home. We have enough money to get by and a little left over for luxuries - not a lot but enough to feel like I'm not going out to work 5 days a week for nothing. If I have any spare money I will spend it on my wife or my children or, very, very occasionally on myself (I have a problem spending money on myself, it feels wrong when I have a family to support).

Every other advert on the telly seems to be for some charity or other these days. Just £3 per month will pay for clean water for these starving Africans so their government can spend money on guns instead of wells. Just £5 per month will help these abused dogs live a better life than the thousands of homeless people on the streets up and down the country.

I've had enough of it personally. I don't want to be made to feel guilty for having food in the cupboard and a roof over my head every time there is a commercial break.

My eldest son, Callum, was in tears over one of the "case studies" on Children in Need tonight. How many people donate money they cant really afford because they've been moved to tears or at least made to feel guilty by the films they show?

Don't get me wrong, I feel sympathy for these people and if I was loaded I'd give money to what I think are deserving causes. But I'm not so I will continue to spend it on my own family.

More on that racist writing competition

Further to my previous post about the racist writing competition:

I had a prompt reply from the Parliamentary Ombudsman suggesting that I contact my local MP, David Wright, as well. Sound advice. If only he didn't ignore all my correspondence ...

Anyway, the Arts Council replied to me with a standard copy_paste job to tell me how fantastic the competition is because it's going to help raise cultural awareness and all that multi-culti bullshit.

The interest bit was further down though. Apparently this was prompted by the fact that their research showed that only 10% of people working in the publishing industry were black and that most of the management in that industry was white. Apparently this concerns them.

I'm not sure what percentage of the population of the UK is actually black. I have a hunch it's around the 10% mark as Asians make up the biggest minority by a long shot.

To help out the Arts Council, I conducted a quick poll at work. It was late in the afternoon and most people had gone home but I managed to find two Asians and three white people to ask the question "If you had the time, would you have any burning desire to write a novel?".

It turns out that all three of the white people I asked would and only one of the Asians would.

I have conveyed the results of my survey and put forward the startling hypothesis that perhaps - this is a really wacky concept, I'm sure you'll agree - but, perhaps black and Asian people don't actually want to work in publishing?

The poor woman I wrote to must have had trouble coming to terms with the idea that ethnic minorities might not be suffering at the hands of institutional racism because I didn't get a reply. Either that or she had gone home early.

Anyway, if I get a reply, I'll let you know what they say.

Labour MP Gisela Stuart worried about Englishness

Labour MP Gisela Stuart is worried about Englishness.

Yet it has only been in the last five years or so that I have heard people in my constituency telling me, “I am not British – I am English”. That worries me.

I wonder what makes this German-born British Labour MP so worried about people saying they are English.

Reading on, she says ...

British identity is based on and anchored in its political and legal institutions and this enables it to take in new entrants more easily than it would be if being a member of a nation were to be defined by blood. But a democratic polity will only work if citizens’ identification is with the community as a whole, or at least with the shared process, which overrides their loyalty to a segment.

I'm sorry to tell you this Gisela my dear, but as an MP in Birmingham you really should understand that this is already pie in the sky.

Birmingham has a large proportion of ethnic minorities. Some places, such as Handsworth, are virtually no-go areas for white people. Most Asians fail to integrate with society and their loyalty lies with their foreign religion and their own community.

I do have to take issue with Gisela's implication that English nationalism and/or patriotism is somehow defining nationality by blood. No doubt it will disappoint Gisela to know that the vast majority of English nationalists can actually see further than colour and religion and realise that Englishness is nothing to do with DNA or what country your family is from. Englishness comes from inside - it's a sense of belonging, of patronage, something intangible.

I am assuming that as someone who was born German and has taken an oath in the British Parliament that Gisela now considers herself British. You'd have thought that, of all people, she would be able to put her finger on what nationality is all about.

It's interesting that Gisela is implying that English nationalists have at least some of the same racist beliefs that the British Nationalist Party (BNP) have. This tactic is used quite often to try and discredit English nationalists and usually at a time when the British government is suffering most pressure about state discrimination of the English.

I'm sorry that I worry you Gisela. Unfortunately, I can't stop being English and until the British government (of which you are a part) stops discriminating against me, my family, my friends and the other 60 million of my fellow countrymen (and women) I won't stop telling as many people who will listen just how badly disadvantaged England is at the hands of the Scottish Raj. I will continue to mark my nationality as English on anything that asks and take issue with those who refuse to acknowledge it. I will persist in encouraging my fellow countrymen to express their Englishness but most of all Gisela, I will do my very best to rebel against bigotted politicians who bend over backwards to accomodate any nationality or culture as long as it isn't English.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Racist writing competition

The Arts Council of England and Penguin Books is running a book writing competition.

There is a prize for the winner, paid for out of public money.

There is a restriction on who can enter though ...
All entrants must be residents of the UK from an African, Asian or Caribbean background. ‘Asian’ in this context refers to the continent of Asia from Turkey in the West to Japan in the East.
Complaints via contact form

I just emailed this complaint to the Arts Council of England ...

I have just read about a racist competition that you are running with Penguin Books.

All entrants must be residents of the UK from an African, Asian or Caribbean background. ‘Asian’ in this context refers to the continent of Asia from Turkey in the West to Japan in the East.

I am absolutely disgusted that public money is being spent on a racist and divisive prize under the vague pretence that it will "raise awareness of cultural diversity". Shouldn't that be "raise awareness of every culture apart from white English"?

I have made an official complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman and the Commission for Racial Equality.
... and I've made the following complaint to the CRE and Parliamentary Ombudsman ...
The Arts Council of England, in association with Penguin Books, is holding a book writing competition with a prize paid out of public funds. The competition is not open to white English people, only British people from etthnic minorities. This is devisive, racist and discriminatory.

Random morbid question

For no particular reason, I have a morbid question.

What songs do you want played at your funeral?

I want Everybody Hurts by REM because that's "our song" (the wife and I). Everyone says it's a depressing song but we think it's positive - it tells you that when things are bad and seem like they can't get worse, just hang on in there because it'll get better.

I also want "Every breath you take" by Puff Daddy - not the Police version because I don't like it, the Puff Daddy version was written in memory of his friend who had been murdered.

Finally (demanding aren't I?), if I am still fairly young when I die I want "One by one" by Queen because it's a nice song and meaningful - I'd like to think that I've been a good person.

That's it, I'm not about to announce that I have 3 months to live or anything - just wondered if anyone else had thought about it.

Just thought - if we don't have an English Parliament and national anthem by then, I also want Jerusalem played

Ex-MI5 director says ID cards won't help

The ID Cards bill was rejected by the House of Lords yesterday amid concerns over who should have access to the data.

A few days ago, the House of Lords asked the British government what the total cost of implementing the scheme would be as the proposals give the cots to the Home Office but not other government departments or the cost of installing card readers in police cars. They refused to provide the information.

ID Cards are being sold to the public on the back of a lie. The British government claims that they will help intelligence and security services and reduce crime, fraud and terrorism.

A former director of MI5 has said that in her opinion the ID cards won't help.

The problem with criminals is that they don't adhere to the law. The problem with fraudsters is that they're good at fraud and forgery. The problem with terrorists is that they break the law, they are good at fraud and forgery and, in the case of suicide bombers, the penalty for getting caught is pretty irrelevant when you're in small unidentifiable pieces all over the inside of a bus.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Letter: Shropshire Star (not one of mine)

Saw this letter in the Shropshire Star the other night - same page as mine ...

Celebrate our nation

If the Irish can have St Patrick's Day, why can't the celebrate St Edmund's Day (the first patron saint of England)?

It could replace Guy Fawkes night as the chief festival at this time of the year. How many English patriots will be displaying England's national flag (the Jerusalem cross) on St Edmund's day, Noverber the 20th.

Robert Shratt
North Somerset

Not sure what to make of this to be honest. We can't even get the British government to give us St George's Day as a public holiday, what hope is there of abandoning the celebration of Guy Fawkes trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament in favour of a celebration of a former English Patron Saint?

Follow up: Shropshire Star


The US has demanded, and been granted, the deportation of a British Muslim.

The Americans accuse him of running websites used for fundraising for terrorists, a charge he denies. His wife was on the news tonight with the usual story of persecution because he's a Muslim - I don't have an opinion on his guilt or innocence because I don't know the facts or what evidence the Americans have of his crimes.

The problem is, the British government don't either because they signed a treaty with the Americans which would allow them to to request extradition of British citizens without having to provide detailed evidence, just a warrant with a list of charges.

It's bad enough that the British government is happy to extradite a British citizen to a country that holds politicial prisoners indefinitely and without charge in internment camps where reports of regular human rights abuses and torture are rife.

What really stinks is that if this person did commit the crimes the Americans accuse him of then he committed these crimes in England, they are crimes under English law and he should therefore be tried in England under English law.

West Lothian Question in the Herald

Why is it that none of the English national newspapers will talk about the West Lothian Question, the biggest democratic disaster for the English nation for several hundred years, but the Scottish papers are quite happy to tell their readers how badly England is getting shafted and even show some sympathy and compassion in the process?

The CEP points us in the direction of this article in the Herald in which Iain MacWhirter is predicting the return of the West Lothian Question.

They [Labour MPs] regard the plan to get all English schools to opt out of local authority control as essentially a return to the Conservative policy of grant-maintained schools, which Labour dismantled in 1998. The move to break up the health service is seen as a restoration of the Conservative government's internal market, which Labour also scrapped on coming to office. It's not so much reinventing the wheel as repeating the mistakes of the past.
But there's one group of MPs Tony Blair won't have trouble convincing – the 40 Scottish Labour MPs. No qualms there. He doesn't have to convince them, of course, because the reforms apply only to England. No rash of privately-sponsored McDonald's Happy Schools is planned for Scotland. The Scottish Executive has ruled out selection and there's no prospect of a return to grammar schools by another name. No foundation hospitals, and private health is so tiny in Scotland it's largely irrelevant.
Nor will Scottish MPs be lobbied by Labour councillors angry that local authorities are losing control of education. Or by health service unions saying that their members are going to be sacked and re-employed by private healthcare providers. Their loyalty to their leader comes with no cost attached.
Some of their colleagues think this reeks of hypocrisy. It used to be the Tories who got worked up about the West Lothian Question, but that may be about to change. Some Labour back-benchers I have spoken to are, frankly, appalled at the thought of Scottish MPs marching into the division lobbies in favour of reforms that don't affect them.

Baby's first swear word

This morning my 1 year old daughter, Sophie, spilt half a cup of tea on my feet. I responded with "shit".

My 3 year old son, Joseph, then said "shit" closely followed by Sophie also saying "shit".

It was kind of cute but I still told them off!

Firefighters face propoganda battle

Some Army officer (a Brigadier I think) was interviewed on the news last night complaining about the firefighters striking.

I don't recall his exact words but he was basically saying they were selfish to strike because the 300+ soldiers that were drafted in to cover them had just come back from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and had had leave cancelled.

I'm a little confused though. Does this mean that there are only 300 or so soldiers currently in the UK that are trained as firefighters? I find this very unlikely. More likely is the British government engineering a propoganda coup to try and take public support away from firefighters.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

EU accounts fraudulent for 11th year running

The European Court of Auditors has again refused to sign off the EU accounts for the 11th year running.

The president of the Court said ...
The Court found that the vast majority of the payments' budget was again materially affected by errors of legality and regularity in the underlying transactions. This is a result of inherently risky transactions, and supervisory and control systems that are ineffective in terms of limiting the risk of irregularity to an adequate level.
Anoneumouse makes the case for leaving the EU under Article 61 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties ...
Supervening impossibility of performance

A party may invoke the impossibility of performing a treaty as a ground for terminating or withdrawing from it if the impossibility results from the permanent disappearance or destruction of an object indispensable for the execution of the treaty. If the impossibility is temporary, it may be invoked only as a ground for suspending the operation of the treaty.

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British World Cup

The British government are backing a British bid for the World Cup.

The ineffective collaborators at the English FA have, of course, backed the proposal and so have the equally ineffective bunch of collaborators at the Northern Ireland FA.

Comrade Brown mentioned the bid during an interview in which he mentioned the word England 3 times without crossing himself and spitting on the floor and without mentioning regions once.

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Whenever there's trouble ...

... the scum are never far away.

The French have been suffering at the hands of rioting muslims for over a week now and the French National Front have been making the most of the opportunity.

Following the terrorist attack in London in July the BNP did the same.

Bottom feeding scum who prey on fear and confusion. No better way of describing them.

Letter: Shropshire Star

Blair has decided on Team Britain

When London holds the Olympics in 2012 there will moat likely be a British football team there.

It doesn't matter that nobody wants a British football team, Sepp Blatter {FIFA chairman) said we have to have one and Tony Blair has decided that this is what is going to happen.

The only problem with Team "Britain" is that the Scottish and Welsh FAs have both said they want no part of it so that leaves only the nodding dogs at the English FA happy to sign away our national team for a British white elephant.

We have had assurances from Sepp Blatter that the four national teams of the UK will be unaffected by the British team in the Olympics. I disagree.

While FIFA may be prepared to tolerate the four national teams of the UK, the British government won't.

Sport is the most popular expression of nationality in England and the opportunity to remove it via the back door will be seized upon by the Scottish Raj.

In January, Tony Blair was asked the question "Should Scotland, England and Wales field one national team in football and rugby?"

His reply was: "Absolutely not.

"Such a move would be resisted by almost all supporters of both sports in the three countries. And I agree with them."

So what's changed Tony? Apart from your tune of course.

Stuart Parr

CRE no longer needed

Source: BBC News

Research has shown that half of children from immigrant families goes on to get a career in mangement or a profession as opposed to 43% of children from white families.

This, coupled with the fact that there is now so much legislation "protecting" everyone apart from white English people, surely renders the Commission for Racial Equality(CRE) redundant?

The CRE costs the taxpayer millions of pounds a year, don't acknowledge race crimes against white people, has a racist at the helm, has failed to prevent a 29% increase in race crimes and appears to be fighting a battle that is already won.

Racism and race hate are a matter for the police, it's nothing to do with equality. Children from ethnic minorities are forging better careers than natives of this country so discrimination clearly isn't a problem ... unless you're white.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Police were asked to put forward 90 day proposal

Source: A View from Middle England

It appears that Chairman Blair has been telling porkies again.

When the Terror Bill was being debated he said that the police had requested an extension to the amount of time they can hold terrorist suspects (hecklers, walkers, etc.) without charge from 14 days to 90 days.

It now transpires that the police were asked to put forward proposals for the 90 days by the Home Office.

I have submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for copies of correspondence relating to this and I will publish the results as soon as I get them.

Charles Clarke asked Police Chiefs to lobby MP's

The Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, has admitted to asking the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) to lobby MP's to vote in favour of the British government's terrorism bill.

This is just wrong on so many counts. The police are not a politicial organisation. They come under the nominal jurisdiction of the government but they are there to enforce the law and keep the peace, not to act as politicial stooges.

Not only should the Home Secretary resign for attempting to bypass the democratic process and destroy the impartiality of the police, but every Chief Police Officer that lobbied an MP on behalf of the government, thereby becoming an agent of the state and making their position untenable, should also resign.

EU flag to get same status as nation flags

The British government is planning on changing the laws controlling the flying of flags to give the EU rag the same status as national flags.

A token mini-consultation will be held at some point in the future. If you want to be involved email

Here is what the Lords had to say on the recent work of Neil Herron and others to highlight the illegal flying of EU flags form council buildings ...

Lord Harrison asked Her Majesty's Government:

What benefits they expect from the proposed reform of the law concerning the flying of national and non-national flags from public buildings, particularly with regard to the tourism industry and the twinning of towns.

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (Baroness Andrews): My Lords, the only change to the law that we have proposed is a deregulatory measure which will allow all national flags and the European Union flag to be flown from any flagstaff without having to apply for permission from the council. That will bring greater clarity to the regulations for people who want to promote support for the EU and Britain and other countries, which could benefit the tourist industry.

Lord Harrison: My Lords, I thank my noble friend for her Answer. Given that towns such as mine—Chester—proudly fly the flag of the European Union, the USA, the Commonwealth and our next-door neighbour Wales to welcome visitors and tourists and to cement those friendships, I ask my noble friend to note that her reply is most welcome to clarify the law. Is she aware of the disgraceful campaign waged by some unthinking Euro-sceptics who try to remove the European Union flag from local council buildings in the north and even from the European Parliament building at Queen Anne's Gate in London?

Baroness Andrews: My Lords, my noble friend is certainly right. The law on flag flying is very complicated and more complicated than I had believed. I am sure noble Lords will not be surprised to hear that. I am pleased to hear that my noble friend is flying the Welsh flag along with all the other national flags as that can certainly be done at the discretion of the local council. I very much welcome what he said about the EU flag. Our new proposals mean that there will be no repeat of the recent events in Westminster and the Weir Valley where UKIP drew attention to the fact that EU flags have been flown without the consent

3 Nov 2005 : Column 272

of the local authority. In future, the EU flag will not require express consent to be flown. During our UK presidency, that is an excellent development.

Does my tag look big in this?

A teenage girl has successfully prevented a judge from imposing a tagging order on her because she likes to wear skirts and the tag would be visible.

Her lawyer must be so proud.

Racist crime up 29%

Race-related crime is up 29% according to the CRE.

We all know that racism is something that only comes from white people so the CRE disregard black on Asian race hate such as the race riots in Brimingham a couple of weeks ago yet still the number of race crimes has increased by 29%.

The question is, what are the CRE doing? They aren't preventing racism (possibly on account of being racist themselves) but they are still taking millions of pounds in government funding.

It's time for them to go.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

England -v- Argentina: full time

It's full time and I have calmed down enough now to be able to type.

I have just watched 93 minutes of possibly the best and most nail-biting football I've ever seen.

England scored the equaliser after about 83 minutes I think and the winner was on the 92nd minute.

Rooney scored first and Owen scored second and third.

Owen now has the record for the second highest number of goals scored for England. He is 19 behind Jimmy Greaves who managed a whopping 44.

The game finished 3-2 to England.

It was such a good game, I can even ignore the fact that the English fans kept singing the British national anthem and, bizarrely, Rule Brittania.

England -v- Argentina: half time

It's half time in the England/Argentina match.

The score is 1-1, the Argentinians are playing dirty (as usual), the referee has failed to give us penalties for 3 blatant fouls.

The first 45 minutes are some of the best international football I've ever seen - outstanding.

My man of the match so far is Wayne Rooney, scorer of that all important first English goal and by far the best man on the pitch so far.

Welsh complaining about merged Welsh police force

Source: icWales

The Welsh government is complaining that the merger of the Welsh police forces isn't taking into account devolution.

Plaid Cymru AM Leanne Wood said "New Labour's behaviour is astounding. They are trying to bully the police constables in Wales and the Assembly into supporting their decision. Well, we will not be bullied. We must get the structure of forces right if we are to have effective policing. New Labour has shown utter contempt for devolution, local government and the police."

No matter what you give them they always want more and no matter how much the English get shit on, they cant stop complaining. If only the Welsh and Scots realised how good they've got it, they might quit whining for once and maybe we could get a word in edgeways.

Independent notices smoking ban scuppered by Scot

Source: The Independent

The Independent has noticed that the watered-down smoking ban in England was down to a Scottish MP.

They have stopped short of criticising the fact that a Scottish MP can scupper English legislation when it has nothing to do with their own constituency but they have made a point of saying that it was a Scot that watered down the ban and offered none of the usual apeasment you find in the main-stream press.

Commonwealth MP's visiting North East


17 MP's from Commonwealth countries are to visit the North East euroregion to see how local and national government works.

Sounds like a perfect opportunity for CEP members in the North East and Neil Herron's lot to go and make themselves heard.

The North East is under the undemocratic and despotic rule of an unelected and unwanted Regional Assembly that they rejected with a 78% no vote in a referendum a year ago.

Since Zimbabwe left the Commonwealth, England must surely be the most undemocratic country in the Commonwealth.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Only in America ...

... could you have creation theory taught in biology lessons and the pupils told that evolution is unproven and based on circumstancial evidence.

Teachers in Kansas will now have to read out a pre-prepared statement in class telling pupils that evolution is unproven and that the theory is based on indirect and circumstancial evidence.

The retarded hicks on the Kansas Board of Education won't be forcing teachers to remind their pupils that creation theory is based entirely on the bible which offers no evidence whatsoever for anything and requires that you do not even ask for evidence but blindly believe everything that is written in it.


By popular demand (one person), get your "England: Sponsoring Scotland since 1707 T-Shirt" here.

They only accept US$ at the moment but £1.00 is about $1.80 so they're actually pretty cheap. There is a UK site in progress, I'll look at that when it's available.


11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

Observe the 2 minute silence in memory of those who died to protect this country.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

University applications down 2%

Applications for university places are down 2% since top-up fees were inflicted on England.

The BBC has covered the story but gives no indication as to whether English applications are way down or whether it is the UK as a whole.

UCAS (the universities clearing house) doesn't mention it, neither does the Department of Education.

I spy a media black-out.

Davis rules out English Parliament

David Davis has ruled out an English Parliament if he gets into power.

Despite co-sponsoring a bill for an English Parliament a few years ago, he now supports the English Votes on English Matters farce that the Tories have come up with.

The reason? You've guessed it - "My view is that we should have an English vote - otherwise we would have to go to the expense of another set of MPs."

How do the Tories hope to win an election when they peddle rubbish like this?

With an English Parliament there would be need for 650 MP's in Westminster so why should there be any extra expense or "another" set of MP's?

And English Votes on English Matters, what a farce. The Speaker of the House (who is currently Scottish) will decide whether a bill (which is proposed by the British government) is an English bill or not. If it affects Scotland or Wales it won't be an English bill. If it costs money then it will reduce the amount left in the pot for the block grants to Scotland and Wales. Consequently, any bill that will cost money will be debated by Scottish and Welsh MP's - nothing will change.

English Votes on English Matters will do nothing to solve the West Lothian Question. Even if the Tories somehow managed to work EVoEM in such a way as to genuinely allow only English MP's to vote on English bills, it doesn't address the political imbalance left behind with the Scottish and Welsh devolution settlements.

In Scotland they propose their own bills and debate them in their own Parliament.

In Wales they propose their own bills and the British government passes them on behalf of the Welsh Assembly.

In England, even under EVoEM, bills would be proposed by the British government, debated by English members of the British Parliament and then passed by the British Parliament.

I certainly won't even give the Tories a second look now.

Gareth has an excellent and comprehensive point by point breakdown of why EVoEM won't work.

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Clamping frenzy

The British government have announced plans to bring in wheel clamping as punishment for a wide range of offences.

Only one problem - it's illegal!

The Bill of Rights says any promise of fine or forfeiture before conviction is illegal. Having your car imobilised is a forfeiture, having to pay to have the clamp removed is a fine.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

NHS Direct are shit

Number 2 son came home from school with an itchy head today. Mrs Sane put it down to head lice as schools are no longer allowed to exclude children infested with them so it spreads around schools like Labour rebellion in Westminster.

Anywa, on closer inspection she saw that his scalp was red but no lice to be found. He went swimming with his nan and she noticed a couple of spots on his shoulders. When he got home he had what looked like a nettle rash in patches on his back. Two hours later his whole body and neck were covered in big red blotches with big white lumps still like a nettle rash.

Bearing in mind his bad heart, we called NHS Direct. They took some details and said we would get a call back in 30-40 minutes. After an hour the rash had doubled its coverage of his body so I called back to tell them and find out when someone was going to call. The flunky on the phone told me it would be three hours before they called us back as it wasn't urgent.

Not happy with this, we took him down to A&E where he was seen and treated within the hour.

In case you're wondering, they said it's just an alergic reaction and given him some antihistemines.

Out, out, out, out

Chairman Blair has lost the Commons vote on 90 day internment without charge.

The proposal was defeated by 31 votes with 49 Labour MP's rebelling despite being told their loyalty is to the party yesterday.

This is the first Commons defeat for Princess Tony and hopefully the first of many.

Michael Howard said Traitor Blair should resign, Charles Kenedy said he was becoming a Lame Duck.

Al that remains to be said is out, out, out, out ...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Welsh betrayed over job losses

Welsh MP's and AM's have been complaining about the "betrayal" over the loss of 500 jobs in the defence sector in Wales.

Meanwhile, 600 jobs are to be lost with the closure of BOD Donnigton in Telford. That's more than the whole of Wales and that's just in one town. There are also several hundred expected job losses within HM Revenue & Customs (used to be the Inland Revenue) in Telford in the coming months.

This doesn't even make the England news pages on the BBC website.

Socialism is only one step from Communism

Traitor Blair has been pressing the flesh with Labour MP's, reminding them that their loyalties lie with the party over the Terror Bill.

Their loyalty is to the party, not the people. Interesting. Loyalty to the party is one of the cornerstones of communism.

Your move Chairman Blair.

BBC poll cheated?

The BBC News poll on the new Terror Bill has mysteriously tipped heavily in favour of the full 3 month internment without charge.

When I looked yesterday, it was almost neck-and-neck between "no change" and "90 days" with the former just in front. A day later and against all probability and rather suspiciously 29% of people apparently want it left as it is and 41% want it changed to 90 days.

I say suspiciously because most public opinion has been against the proposals and the British government cancelled the vote on it in Parliament mere days ago because they knew they would have lost the vote. This morning Traitor Blair was on the telly saying the public were behind the proposals and Sir Ian Blair, Metropolitan Police chief and one of Tony's Cronies, has written an open letter to the Home Secretary confirming that an unspecified terrorist threat from unknown people hung over London and the Police absolutely need to be able to hold members of the public for 3 months without trial, evidence or the need to justify their actions on the vague suspicion that they might be involved in terrorism. Or heckling the Home Secretary. Or walking on a cycle path.

The state currently has the power to detain suspects for14 days without charge. If, at the end of the 14 days, they need more time and have sufficient grounds to hold them for longer they can present their evidence to a judge who invariably extends this. They Home Secretary also has the power to authorise detention without trial. So why do they need to be able to hold suspects without having to justify their actions or provide any evidence to anybody for 3 months?

Monday, November 07, 2005

The Scots think we should have it ...

... why doesn't Tony Blair?

McLeish makes devolution speech

Have your say on terror laws

Traitor Blair is determined to get his 90 day limit for holding "terror suspects". He is doing what he does best - spin and propoganda.

He has urged the opponents not to "compromise with the nation's security". He said "There are people in our country now, as we speak, who are, we believe, engaged in trying to plot terrorist acts".

He also said the opposition was "really not good enough" and said he would not have got away with opposing anti-terror proposals while running to be leader of the opposition. Yet another lie:

  • January 1996 - Labour, led by Tony Blair, voted against Northern Ireland counter-terrorism legislation
  • March 1995 - Labour, under Mr Blair, voted against renewal of the Prevention of Terrorism Act
  • March 1994 - Labour, with Mr Blair as shadow home secretary, voted against the renewal of the Prevention of Terrorism Act
  • Source: Conservative Party

This is just another good example of why the British government can't be trusted with this sort of power. They will abuse it, the same as they abuse the current legislation.

The British government should not have to try and sell a piece of legislation to the public or to each other. They should present the facts and if people are convinced then fine, if they aren't then they should drop it.

There is far too much time spent in Westminster putting spin on things and rolling out propoganda. The British government are there to serve the people - not to tell them what to think or to force legislation that they know is opposed by the majority of the people.

There is a poll on the BBC News website - tell the Traitor where to shove his dictatorship.

French Riots getting worse

The riots spreading across France saw their worst night last night. Over 1,500 cars were torched in various cities.

Again, I can't help but admire the French government's stance on this. Immigrant and cultural "communities" are the cause of too much trouble. If you live in a country with a different culture to you then you should try and integrate yourself, not separate yourself of from the rest of society and then go on a rampage when you find that you are being treated differently.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Remember, remember, the 5th of November ...

... Gunpowder, Treason and Plot!

I think tonight will be an anti-climax for most people round by me as we've been "treated" to fireworks day and night for the last month and a half. Now, when I were a lad ...

Guy Fawkes - the only man to enter parliament with honest intentions and that was to blow it up.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Graves desecrated

Muslim graves have been desecrated in Birmingham.

I don't agree with this. Whether you agree with or despise a religion, a graveyard should be treated with respect.

There was a note rather too conveniently left claiming responsibility on behalf of a group called "Black Nation". Nobody has heard of Black Nation and it sounds suspiciously similar to Nation of Islam. Personally, I think this was done deliberately to inflame relations between blacks and muslims after the recent race riots.

On the news they had messages from community leaders saying that people shouldn't let this cause friction between their communities. Why do they still have their own communities and why do they need community leaders? They have moved to England or have been born here. There is already a community, why do they need to divide it along religous and racial lines?

Riots in France

The French have been having a spot of bother with rioters the last few days.

They started off in a suburb of Paris but have now apparently spread to a couple of other cities.

The rioters are north africans, mostly muslim, protesting at the French government for not taking any notice of them and for not doing anything about their living conditions.

I love the French me, they're great. It's important to have someone to feel superior to. I do look up to them for one thing though - their ability to hold on to their culture and make a stand against immigrants who want to change them.

The French, quite rightly, want to hold on to their culture. They don't see why they should change to appease immigrants who won't integrate. This is in stark contrast to the British government who would quite happily sell their grannies to appease a muslim.

Parking and road signs

I watched Tonight with Trevor McDonald today, something I don't normally do.

I only watched it because Neil Herron was making a guest appearance and I'm an admirer of his work. Neil's appearance was, unfortunately, brief but long enough to be worthwhile appearing and he doesn't look half as rough on the telly as he does in the newspaper mugshots!

Aside fromt he parking regulations, there was a speed camera expert and some very handy advice on speeding tickets.

The speed camera expert showed a parked car doing 8mph and a car doing 29mph clocked at 36mph proving that speed cameras can be wildly inaccurate, even when calibrated and used strictly according to the manufacturers guidelines. In fact, the expert had more time and was using the camera under controlled conditions unlike a policeman on the side of the road.

One think that I found interesting was the law around road signs. There is a set of guidelines on how a road sign has to look and if it doesn't strictly meet them the sign is not legal and is unenforcable. One of them specifically pointed out was one that is in abundance in Telford - a bright yellow board with the speed limit sign mounted on it. The guidelines say a speed limit sign is a round white sign with a red band around it and black numbers in the centre. They even give measurements. Nowehere do the guidelines mention a bright yellow surround and the sign will therefore be illegal.

Things such as this may seem to be nitpicking and maybe even encouraging speeding but there is an important principle at stake. Would you expect to get away with building an extension to your house that didn't meet your planning permission? Even if you argued that you didn't realise that what you were doing was unlawful? Of course you wouldn't so why should local authorities be exempt from the same stringent application of the law? It's not difficult - the British government produces a booklet which tells you how the signs have to look. If the local authority or their (expensive) contractors can't apply the law correctly to a road sign then they cannot expect to apply the law to any "infringement" of the road sign.

It is important that the state is subject to the law in the same way and to the same extent as the people. This is one of the basic cornerstones of the law of this land and the principle was established way back with the Magna Carta and Bill of Rights.

Happy North East No Vote Day

Today is the 12 month aniversary of the people of the North East voting a big fat NO! to the North East Regional Assembly (NERA).

Despite the resounding 78% no vote, the British government have continued to allow the NERA to remain in existance and have even given it more powers. The people of the north east didn't want it, they couldn't have made it any more clear than in the biggest ever defeat a British government has ever had in a referendum. It's still there as a beacon to the contempt the British government holds the people in.

In honour of the British government's most resounding and humiliating defeat and as a mark of respect for the passing of democracy and representation of the people in the north east euroregion, I would like to wish the people of the north east euroregion a happy North East No Vote Day.

I would also like to specifically mention the north east's greatest professional protester, Neil Herron. Without this man and his band of merry men (and women) educating the peope of the north east it might not have been the humiliation the British government deserved and received.

Labour spam and sham questionairre

I have had more spam from the Labour stazi - another three identical emails to three different email addresses, only one of which they have legitimately obtained and none of which have I given permission for them to add to a mailing list.

I sent them an email last week about this and they have ignored it. I've sent them another email tonight and if they ignore it I will report them to the police for breaking the anti-spamming laws which they introduced themselves.

The spam was asking for my views on the terror laws so I broke the golden rule - never respond to spam. This was, I thought, an opportunity for me to tell the government what I think of it's barely concealed attempt to gain extra powers it does not need and cannot be trusted with.

I was wrong. Every question in the multiple-choice questionairre is leading and cannot be answered truthfully without the result being what they want to hear.
Home Secretary Charles Clarke has asked you for your views on the new terrorist threats that face all of us. Please fill in this quick form below to tell us what you think.
Ok, bring on the questions ...
Do you think that our laws should be updated to cope with the current security threat?
Not sure
Let me see ... no I don't, the existing laws are more than enough to cope with it.
Do you think police should have the time and opportunity to complete their investigations into suspected terrorists?
Not sure
Yes they should but then they already do and if they need more time they can take some evidence to a judge and the judge can give them more time. If there is no evidence to show a judge then there are no grounds to keep the suspect anyway - something had to make the police suspicious.

Do you think the government should make sure there are new safeguards to protect innocent people?
Not sure
Yes they should but this legislation won't do that will it? It'll remove more civil liberties and put more power unaccountably into the hands of the state.

Would you like to be kept up-to-date on the progress of this legislation and other issues?
No I bloody wouldn't but that won't stop you will it? You're already spamming me anyway.
If you do not want more information on this, email us at
But I just said I don't want any more information, why should I have to contact you?
The information you have provided will not be shared with any organisation or individual outside the Labour Party without your consent, nor transferred outside of the United Kingdom. Full privacy statement.
Ah, right so you're going to store and use my information?
We provide you the opportunity to opt-out of receiving communications from us easily and promptly. Our unsubscribe requests are processed weekly.
But I've already said I don't want any more information, I shouldn't have to opt out. I haven't opted in to anything. In fact, I have opted out by saying I don't want any more information.

Finally, why should I be obliged to provide my name, postcode and email address to give my views to the government with no option to prevent my details being recorded and put onto a mailing list?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Welsh vote on Parliament

The Welsh are voting in a referendum on whether to upgrade the Assembly to a Parliament.

I really do hope they get it. A lot of English people still have this vague notion in the back of their heads that Wales is a little corner of England and when they see it with a full parliament and law-making powers they will hopefully start asking why we can't have some as well.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

David Davis promises referrenda on the EU

David Davis has promised two referenda on the EU if he takes the Tories to an election victory.

The first referendum will ask whether we want to take back powers ceded to the European Union.

The content of the second referendum will then be decided on what was decided in the first one and on the results of talks between him and the EU.

I'm not anti-European but I would like to see all law making powers given to the EU returned back to the British government. The EU was sold to the people of this country as a trading bloc, not a political union.

The public were misled and the EU, with the help of subsequent British governments, have taken too much power away from the elected representatives of this country (however dubious their victory and mandate may be) and given it to unelected European officials who are immune from prosecution and consequently almost entirely corrupt and devoid of moral responsibility.

This, along with David Davis' previous record on English devolution, would probably be enough to get a Conservative vote out of me and that is an achievment because I have never even considered voting Tory.

Labour majority on terrorism laws reduced to one

Source: BBC News

Labour's majority on the revised anti-terrorism legislation they are trying to force through parliament despite massive public opposition has been reduced to one vote.

This is a massive rebellion and comes after another huge rebellion over the ID cards bill. The Labour Party is starting to lose its control of the British government, it can't be long before they lose a vote of no confidence.

The new terror laws would allow the Police to detain "terror suspects" for up to 90 days (that's 3 months - a quarter of a year) without charge and without having to provide even a hint of evidence to a judge to justify the detention.

The rising terrorist threat in this country, courtesy of Traitor Blair, is cause for concern and clearly has to be dealt with. However, the government have abused the current Terrorism Act over 600 times in the last month - they used it to keep Walter Wolfgang out of the Labour Party conference, they used it to stop and search over 600 people attending the Labour Party conference and they used it to detain and charge a woman for walking on a cycle path.

The government and the Police cleary can't be trusted with what powers they currently have. They certainly can't be trusted with more.

Stamps offend Hindu's

The Royal Mail have refused to withdraw or amend a stamp which Hindu's have been complaining about as offensive.

Hindu organisations have been complaining that the stamp is offensive because it shows a Hindu man and woman praying over Jesus. The fact that the stamp is actually a reproduction of a painting by a Hindu artist from hundreds of years ago doesn't seem to stop them whining.

Christmas is a coming ...

... and the bans are starting to hit the news. Looks like we're in for another "winter festival" courtesy of the PC brigade.

More on this
Some more

European flags

Local Authorities flying EU flags over their buildings are breaking the law.

They are contravening Section 19 of the Local Authority Guidelines on Publicity which says that the local authority is not permitted to spend public money on trying to convince the public to hold a political view.

The Town & Country Planning Act is the law that deals with advertising. Under the Act, national flags are exempt from planning regulations. The EU flag is not a national flag within the meaning of any Act of Parliament in this country and is therefore advertising which requires planning consent.

In order for a local authority to fly the EU flag, they must first obtain planning permission from themselves. To do this, they have to submit a plan to the planning board with the accompanying fee and then give themselves permission to fly the flag.

Once they have ignoreed any objections and given themselves planning permission, they must purchase an EU flag and, in some cases, erect a new flag pole.

The European Union is a political project, a view backed up by the current chief executive of Telford & Wrekin Council who states that there are three levels of government in the borough - local, national and European. He did go on to say that the EU isn't political but quite how an organisation can be a layer of government and not political is beyond me.

So, basically, the local authority is spending public money flying the EU flag. The EU flag is the symbol of a political project and is classified by law as advertising. The purpose of advertising is to market an idea or product - to convince the audience that what is being advertised is something they want or need. The local authority is not allowed to spend public money trying to convince the public to hold a particular political view which can be the only intention of advertising the EU.

The local authority is breaking the law.

Telford & Wrekin Council are still intent on clinging to their comfortable view that all is well and I imagine they must be particularly reassured by this article by European Movement UK, another wheel of the EU marketting and propoganda machine.

I really don't know whether they are really convinced of their argument or whether they think they can just ride out the storm. Either way they're about to be turfed out of their comfort zone.

Blunkett quits again

David Blunkett has once again stumbled through the revolving door of Labour HQ with a letter of resignation in his hand. His poor dog must be getting dizzy by now.

North East Assembly to get eviction notice

Neil Herron, Campaign Director for the People's No Campaign and general champion of democracy, will be issuing the North East Regional Assembly (NERA) with an eviction notice on the 4th.

The NERA currrently occupy the Guildhall building in Newcastle city centre rent free while the city of Newcastle continue to pay the NERA for the privelege of being in the north east.

In a referrendum last year, the NERA was reject by a majority vote of 78% - the largest referrendum defeat of any British government. It is on behalf of the 696,519 people who voted against the assembly that he will be serving the notice.

More information
Even more information

Letter: Shropshire Star (not one of mine)

This was also in tonight's Shropshire Star. Can't see H Taylor getting far while there's a Scottish transport minister unfortunately.

Pensioners demand travel pass equality

We who have tried to get answers from politicians know how difficult this can be.

What I've been trying for is an answer to why people of 60 years of age and over, here in England, have been made second class citizens to our two other partners in Britain, let alone Europe.

In Wales over 60s receive free Road and Rail travel the length and breadth of their country. Scotland will receive the very same service from April 2006, yet here in England, in many areas, we will be stuck with free road travel in a 10-mile radius, then have to pay to travel further.

This is not what we require, we need equality. The Government funded theirs, so they should fund the same service for England.

We must demonstrate now, so that every person can participate, everyone must take up the pen and write to Tony Blair and tell him in no uncertain terms that they are not prepared to sit hack and be treated as second class citizens. We all pay the same taxes by stealth or otherwise and we demand the same services.

This information will be sent to our national and regional pensioners' organisations who I am in contact with on a regular basis.

H Taylor

Letter: Shropshire Star

Smoking ban turns into farce

England has finally got its long overdue amoking ban. Shame it's a farce.

The proposal put before parliament waa a full ban on smoking in a public place.

What we got was a ban on smoking in places that serve food and for that we have John Reid to thank.

John Reid is a former health secretary and represents a Scottish constituency.
The ban on smoking only extends to England, as health is a devolved matter.

Mr Reid's constituents in Scotland will be enjoying the full ban that was proposed for England from April 2006, thanks to the Scottish executive.

How much longer will we be forced to tolerate Scottish and Welsh MPs forcing unwanted and inferior legislation on England?

We didn't elect them and we can't vote them out of office - no wonder that Jeremv Paxman called the British government the Scottish raj.

We need an English parliament.

Stuart Parr

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Citizenship Tests

All immigrants will have to face citizenship tests. They will get 24 questions and must answer 75% correct to be naturalised. The BBC has a sample of the questions and they are ridiculous. The whole thing is a sham - anyone wanting a passport will learn the answers to the 24 questions (they only have 24) to get the passport and carry on living their own life and their own culture.

This will achieve bugger all.

"Memorial Service" for London bomb victims

There is a "memorial Service" in London today for victims of the bombing of the underground.

It's not really so much a memorial service though, as a multi-culti group hug. During the service they will be lighting candles to symbolise the solidarity of different ethnic communities in London.

I'd be insulted to see a memorial service for my loved ones hijacked by the PC brigade.