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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Partying tonight so I'll wish you a Happy New Year now.

Happy New Year

Labour Party spam

I've had enough of getting spammed by the Labour Party and them ignoring me when I ask them where they got my email addresses from so I've made a complaint with the Information Commissioner.

If anyone else is having the same problem and would like to complain, you can contact the Information Commissioner via their website.

Excellent article in The Times

Please allow us to get away Scot-free
Michael Sissons

A YOUNG Englishman whom I know joined a Scottish arts organisation last year. He was the only Englishman there. He found the atmosphere of hostility poisonous. Worse, his wife, a doctor, took a job nearby at a large NHS hospital. On her first day at work, she was met by a large white card on her desk with the greeting: “F*** off, English bitch.” Outraged letters to the Leader of the Scottish Assembly and to NHS management produced no reply. The couple packed it in and returned to England.

Recently in The Spectator Alan Cochrane commented on the dismal reality of Scottish politics: “So alien does Scotland now appear to the rest of the United Kingdom since devolution.” Too right, and we should address an issue that goes far beyond the West Lothian question.

Britishness was a 19th-century invention, designed to enable the British Empire to function. The contribution of the Scots to the Empire, in terms of talent and manpower, was indispensable. Yet both the Act of Union of 1707 and the Union with Ireland of 1801 were the product of bitter history, and they were never more than marriages of convenience. One marriage foundered with the creation of the Irish Free State in 1922, and I have come to believe that in due course the other may result in divorce.

I was educated to believe in serving an Empire that my generation could see no longer existed. My Yorkshire grandmother, a pillar of the Conservative Party in the East Riding, insisted to me: “Never forget that we are Conservatives first, but always Unionists second.” Until Suez we never questioned the notions of duty and service. Nor until now did I ever question the validity of the Union.

Then, on holiday, I heard an Ulster Protestant couple describe coming to terms with the inevitability of a united Ireland. They just didn’t believe that the cause of the United Kingdom was worth shedding one more drop of blood for.

Has the issue of the Union, thus shorn of the Union Jack, become our emperor’s new clothes? If we hold Britishness to the light, what do we see? July 7 showed with grim clarity how partial a view of British nationality some of our fellow citizens take. Historically we erred in failing to integrate our immigrant population into a British identity as America has done. Insistence on speaking English might have seemed a good start. Now Government strains to deal with this urgent problem. But what sort of Britishness do we want? Do we defuse racial problems by selling the concept of Britain or of England? Are Wayne Rooney and Freddie Flintoff more potent symbols than the Union Jack? The ambivalent resurgence of the Cross of St George suggests that perhaps they are.

A private Bill is to be introduced into the House of Lords by Lord Baker of Dorking proposing a federal Parliament in Westminster to rule the UK, with an English assembly established to determine English matters. The aim of detaching non-English MPs from English business hardly needs spelling out. But this is not just evidence of the frustration that is building in England over the obtrusive influence of Scottish MPs in Westminster. It is also clear that, given the powers that are being devolved to Scotland and Wales, what was unthinkable 20 years ago is now seen to be inevitable.

There are more Tory voters in England than Labour voters. Labour’s majority is propped up by the combination of an unjust distribution of seats and the Strathclyde Labour phalanx. The Scottish mafia within new and old Labour is, I believe, cordially disliked south of the Border. How popular will the prospect of another Scottish prime minister be when this becomes imminent?

To hell with it. I think I’m an English Nationalist. It’s all right to be a Scottish, Welsh, or Irish Nationalist, so why not? Do I face the putative charge of extremism? Yes I’m a paid-up member of the England Fan Club, so that I can get to the World Cup next year. Yes, I love the England cricket team. Yes, Yorkshire is of course God’s Own Country. But neither the UKIP, the BNP nor Little England attract me. I’m moderately pro-European, in favour of an Anglophone pro-American Europe and a reformed United Nations. I want all my fellow citizens to live harmoniously together. Nothing too extreme or yobbish in that, I hope.

So what now ? Europe is full of independent nations of the same size as Scotland and Wales. I would begrudge neither their independence. The dislike and chippiness displayed by the Scots towards the English is deep-seated, no doubt with good reason. It’s palpable, stronger than ever, and deeply tiresome. The seething resentment in Scotland towards non-Scottish land ownership, at the heart of Scottish nationalism, is an odd phenomenon in 21st-century Europe. Scottish football fans would support Outer Mongolia, certainly Trinidad and Tobago, rather than support England against anyone. I hold nothing against Wales, which seems to have little appetite for independence. A Welsh referendum perhaps? But I ’d love to see Scotland choose independence.

The new sovereign nation north of Hadrian’s Wall could join the EU. It would be welcome to its oil. England would save itself an awful lot of money. We should empower the Scots to take matters into their own hands, and in doing so empower England and the English. Wishful thinking?

Friday, December 30, 2005

England Expects ... to lose out

The Daily Press have received so many letters about England, devolution and the constant shafting from the British government that they have run a front page story on it.

Next summer, St George's flags will be everywhere when World Cup fever grips England. But while our Celtic cousins might be supporting Trinidad when it takes on Beckham and co, TRISTAN CORK discovered that in reality they have more to celebrate, because the English are about to become Britain's secondclass citizens IT was Labour leader Neil Kinnock who famously warned the nation not to grow old, be ill, young or poor as the Tories maintained their grip on power during the 1980s.

But were he speaking now, the European Union Commissioner would be better warning 21st-century voters not to be English.

Next year, more than ever before, it will pay to be Scottish or Welsh. And the year after that, as the full weight of legislation passed in Cardiff and Edinburgh takes effect, the English will find themselves second-class citizens in Britain.

Whether you're a student, a patient, a pensioner, a schoolchild, a teacher, a taxpayer, an international cyclist, a fisherman or a farmer, the chances are you'd be better off - both financially and physically - if you come from Scotland or Wales, and worse off if you're this side of the Severn Bridge or Hadrian's Wall.

That's the claim of a marginal group in British politics - Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP). But it says that, as the English wake up to the inequalities of life in 21st-century Britain, its call for self-government for DDemocratic deficit England will become a powerful force.

The process to initiate Scottish and Welsh devolution began within months of Tony Blair's 1997 landslide election win.

While the Scots voted with a fair majority for their parliament, only a quarter of Welsh electors backed their assembly and 14 per cent said no.

Since then, Scottish MSPs have grasped power with both hands, raising taxes and subsidies from the UK Government to fund a better life for their citizens.

Welsh Assembly members weren't given the same powers initially, but in 2006 London will hand over greater responsibility, and the Welsh are already using cash from the British Gover nment.

Meanwhile, here in England, people are ruled by a British government - and that is at the heart of the problem, both in terms of a democratic deficit and the extra benefits our Celtic cousins will receive over the English.

For the English have no second tier of rulers. While the decisions on education, health, social care, planning and the elderly in England are made by MPs from England, Scotland, Wales and Ulster, those decisions in Scotland and Wales are largely made solely by the national assemblies.

Perhaps the most stark difference is the situation facing university students, with Scottish MSPs creating a two-tier system the CEP claim is akin to South African apartheid. Scottish students have their tuition fees paid for by the Scottish Government, whether they go to university in Swindon or St Andrews.

But a student from England daring to cross the border to study in Scotland has no such subsidy and has to pay full tuition fees. Not only that, but Scottish students only repay £2,000 of their student loan - English students are saddled with debts of more than £25,000. And to complete the bizarre anti-English system, students from France, Poland or any other EU country attending Scottish universities also have their fees paid for.

The CEP is planning a legal challenge to this system.

The second, most glaring, anomaly comes in a hospital ward example. Take two patients with the same form of blood cancer in neighbouring beds in an English hospital.

The one living in Scotland receives drugs the English patient does not. If the hospital was in Scotland, the situation would still apply. The advantages of not being English vex West MP and proud Scot James Gray, and in a report to the new Tory hierarchy he blames the democratic deficit and comes up with a solution.

"If Scotland andWales want to pay their students' tuition fees then that is fine and I have no problem with that, " said Mr Gray, who this year famously lasted less than a week in a new job as Shadow Scottish Secretary after questioning the power of the Scottish Parliament. His Scottish Conservative colleagues, although a minority in Edinburgh, didn't like that.

"What I do have a problem with is that Scotland can only afford to do that because they are heavily subsidised by English taxpayers. The solution is England only votes on English matters, " he added. "Half of Westminster's time every week should be devoted to England, and only English MPs should vote. It is patently absurd for the Scottish Parliament to pay tuition fees for Scottish students and then for Scottish MPs in Westminster to stop English students enjoying the same privilege.

"It is an unbalanced system that is unsustainable and inevitably there are growing inequalities as a result."

Daily Press File:


Free care in residential homes Free screening for bowel cancer for people aged 50 to 74 Free bus travel across Scotland Free insulation and central heating programmes


Free home care for disabled Free bus travel across Wales Free use of swimming pools


Pensioners pay an increasing amount for personal care in residential homes Free screening for bowel cancer for people aged 60 to 69 Free bus travel only across their local authority area Means-tested insulation and central heating programme Means-tested home care for the disabled

STUDENTS: SCOTLAND Students repay just £2,000 of their loan after graduation Students get tuition fees paid at English and Scottish universities

ENGLAND Students receive no subsidy of £25,000 student debts Students have to pay tuition fees, even at Scottish universities

SCHOOLS: SCOTLAND Teachers receive more pay and work fewer hours Government spends an average of £1 on each school meal

ENGLAND Teachers work longer hours Government spends an average of 37p on school meals


No two-tier hospital system Breast cancer drugs fast-tracked Patients routinely screened for malnutrition Specialist blood cancer drugs available Drugs and treatments available only in Scotland are also available to Scottish patients in English hospital beds


Patients routinely screened for malnutrition Prescription charges cut to £4 Free for under-25s


Prescription charges only free for under-18s and pensioners

Dental check-ups to cost £12 No screening for malnutrition


UK Government spends per head each year: Scotland, £7,346; Wales, £6,901; Northern Ireland, £7,945; England, £5,940 TOURISM English Tourist Board abolished.

Scottish and Welsh tourism promoted by national tourist boards and UK Tourist Board.

Spending on tourism: Scotland, £3.77 per head; Wales, £4.03 per head; England, 20p per head


In the Tour of Britain cycle race, there was a Scottish team, a Welsh team and a British team, but no English team

Boots have 1,450 stores where?

Gareth at the CEP points us in the direction of Boots' history page.

Apparently, they have "1,450 stores across Britain, Scotland, Wales & Ireland".

So that's 1,450 stores in Britain then, on account of Scotland, Wales and Ireland all being part of Britain.

You can contact them at

What does chuff is he on about?

Source: The England Project
"With cultural and political strength in the devolved assemblies in Parliament in Scotland, we really do need to reinforce the Englishness of the English but in a comprehensive and open way as part of Britishness," Mr Blunkett said.
Would someone with a degree in spin and bullshit please explain to me what David Blunkett is trying to say?

We need to reinforce Englishness but only if it's Britishness and as long as it's comprehensive and open. Comprehensive and open what?

Black Museum is racist

Source: BBC News

An Asian officer has complained that using the name "Black Museum" for the Metropolitan Police's famous archive of crime artefacts is racist.
Pc Zahid Malik, from Nottinghamshire Police, said the use of the word black in an article in the police magazine The Sharp End was questionable.

The editor of the publication responded to Pc Malik's letter saying: "There was no intention to offend."

The Crime Museum features gory exhibits from famous cases dating back to 1875.

In his letter, the constable said: "In a piece on the Met's Crime Museum you use the term `Black Museum' for this `notorious police museum' and `the man in black' to accompany a picture of the curator.

We live in times where language/images and motives can easily be misinterpreted and misunderstood.

"I question the negative use of the word `black' in these contexts."

He added: "I feel we all have an important responsibility to ensure that the language and terminology we use is in a sensitive and appropriate manner.

"We live in times where language/images and motives can easily be misinterpreted and misunderstood."

The Crime Museum, stored at Scotland Yard, has been nicknamed the Black Museum and contains death masks, casts of necks disfigured by rope burns and a collection of nooses hanging from a gallows.

It also has exhibits featuring some of London's most notorious crimes, such as the Jack the Ripper murders.

It is not open to the public, with admission only by invitation to police officers, lawyers and other crime experts.

The phrase "Black Museum" has traditionally referred to its funereal and evil nature, and has nothing to do with the ethnic origin of its exhibits.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

New T-Shirt

Message reads "Want Parliament - Will Pay For Democracy".

West Mercia boss vows to oppose merger

The Chief Constable of West Mercia Police will continue to oppose the merger of the West Mercia force into a West Midlands superforce.

West Mercia is the best performing force in England and Wales despite covering one of the largest geographical areas, most of which is rural and being the lowest funded police force in England and Wales.

The Chief Constable has said that he may go to court, the Commons and/or the House of Lords if the British government attempt to force West Mercia to be incorporated into the new West Midlands superforce.

It's no co-incidence that the West Midlands superforce fits neatly into the West Midlands region. How long before all services are controlled by unelected regional assemblies?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

So what did Santa bring you then?

This year Santa bought me ...
  • New watch (which I had a few weeks ago)
  • Star Wars book (which I also had a few weeks ago)
  • England football shirt
  • Hand-held Sudoku game
  • Jeremy Clarkson DVD
  • Star Wars Episode III DVD (to complete my collection)
  • Boxers & Socks
  • Smelly Stuff
What did anyone else get?

Monday, December 26, 2005


All went well if a little loud (mother-in-law).

Just some pics for the time being.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

This is my last post for a few days while I take a break for the festive period.

I'd just like to wish my readers a Merry Christmas.

Winter Festival Bill

The British government have put forward the Winter Festival Bill in preparation for next years Winter Festival.

A Labour spokeswoman said "The Winter Festival Bill aims to open up the present distribution network to competition, to bring the operation into line with European health and safety regulations and to ensure that the Winter Festival is more responsive to the needs of our modern, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and diverse society."

The Winter Festival Bill was devised by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister following a 48 hour consultation period with representatives from minority groups and the European Union.

The Bill will require all homes to complete a health and safety assessment and obtain a Festive Visitor insurance certificate before presents will be delivered for the Winter Festival.

When questioned about the cost of the new regulations, Chancellor Gordon Brown said "A tax will be introduced to pay for the administration of the new regulations in England. An extra £5bn has been allocated to cover the cost of the scheme in Scotland and Wales."

An investigation by the EU Competition Commission has found that Santa Holding Corporation is operating a monopoly on the delivery of gifts for the Winter Festival and has ordered the industry to be opened up to competition. To this end, the Winter Festival Bill will provide for the establishment of regional franchises which will be tendered for by interested providers.

The EU has set aside €300m to help subsidise deliveries to the less profitable regions of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Deliveries across the English regions will not be subsidised but will instead be staggered throughout the end of December and the beginning of January.

A spokesman for the SNP immediately objected to the bill on the grounds that gift delivery should be devolved to the Scottish Parliament and demanded that an extra £3bn be allocated to Scotland to offset the costs of the new regulations, whatever they might turn out to be.

Under the bill, four new agencies will be set up to administer the operation of gift deliveries under the Winter Festival Bill. Winter Festival Scotland, the Welsh Winter Festival Observatory Body, Your Winter Festival Northern Ireland and Winter Festival Britain will take over the regulation of Winter Festival gift deliveries with effect from the 1st January.

Twat of the Year

Please submit your nominations for the Twat of the Year award using the contact form.

:: Twat of the Week winners ::

Letter: Northern Echo


ROBIN Brooks's letter (HAS, Dec 20) about Wear Valley Council flying the EU flag is bizarre, to say the least.

His criticism of Neil Herron's campaign to have the English flag, the flag of our country, flown over council buildings instead of the EU flag is something one would expect to hear from the Scottish Raj in Westminster.

The EU is not a territorial entity as Mr Brooks contends - it is a political project.

He asks how the political pressure Neil Herron mentions to fly the flag is different to the pressure he and his fellow campaigners have applied to have the flag removed. The political pressure to fly the flag comes from the British Government whereas the pressure not to comes from ordinary people.

Finally, how has the removal of the EU flag in favour of the English flag advanced Wear Valley's drive to become the best district council in England? How can a council that chooses to fly the flag of a corrupt political project based in Belgium instead of the flag of England possibly claim to be English?

To fly the English flag is an expression of patriotism. To remove it and fly the EU flag in its place is a display of treachery. At least we now know the price of Wear Valley's loyalty - two members on the EU Committee of the Regions. -

Stuart Parr, Telford (Euro-region of the West Midlands)

Letter: Shropshire Star

We should fly the flag of England

I would like to thank Councillor John Smart for his reply to my question “When was the last time your local council did anything to promote St George’s Day?”

I wasn’t aware that Hadley & Leegomery commemorated St George’s Day last year and I thank him for the information.

It is a sad fact that they are, as Councillor Smart said, in the minority.

The three flag poles on top of the Telford & Wrekin Council offices sport a council, British and European flag instead of the flag of England.

It is a shame when public servants decide to promote a corrupt and undemocratic European Union by flying their flag over our public buildings rather than showing some respect and patriotism for our own country.

I wrote to the council asking them to fly the English flag instead of the European flag a while ago and eventually received a rather confusing reply from the chief executive.

He told me that there are three tiers of government in England — local, British and European.

He then went on to counter my argument that spending public money to promote the EU is not lawful (Local Authority Guidelines on Advertising) by claiming that the EU is not political.

Is it possible to be any more political than a government?

To fly the European flag, the council has to spend taxpayers’ money obtaining planning permission because the law says that it is advertising.

The council does not, however, require permission to fly the English flag.

I wonder if Telford & Wrekin Council will have the nerve to defy Labour Party policy and fly the English flag in place of the European one?

Stuart Parr,

Friday, December 23, 2005

Twat of the Week: Charles Clarke

The latest winner of the ever more inaccurately named Twat of the Week award (sorry, I keep forgetting to do it) is ... Charles Clarke.

The Home Office Baboon Minister has instructed police forces across England and Wales to submit proposals to merge in regional forces (which just happen to randomly fall in line with the Euroregions). So far none of them have done it but once they buckle under the political pressure to comply with the Britification policy of the Scottish Raj, good old Charlie will be able to turn around (again) and say "Look," (again) "the Police are asking for this and we must give it to them" (again). Any of this sound familiar? 90 days detention for "terror suspects" ring any bells?

Needless to say, Charlie boy as an utter twat and a most deserving winner of the Twat of the Week award.

Caption competition ...

I'm confident that police forces will comply with my instructions

Charles Clarke ... unlucky!

Charles Clarke gave 43 police forces instructions to submit plans for merging into regional forces.

13 forces have agreed to it and not one has submitted a proposal despite the deadline being today.

He was quoted on BBC News this morning saying that if the police didn't put forward their proposals then they would just have to go ahead and do it how they see fit instead of how the police want to do it.

Wake up Charlie - they don't want to do it and the people don't want them to do it.

I hope that's really pissed on his Christmas bonfire.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Spam and eggs

I noticed my inbox looked a bit light last night so I had a quick shufty at the junk mail folder and found a bunch of them lurking there.

I have changed from Incredimail to Thunderbird and the spam filter is still learning what's spam and what's not.

Anyway, while I was checking through the emails I saw one from NatWest. "I'll have a look and see what the latest scam is" thought I. Imagine my amazement when it turned out to be genuine! My bank was wishing me a merry Christmas (not winter festival) and reminding me that online banking is available all over Christmas.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Gay marriage

The first legal gay marriage took place at 8am today between two women in Brighton.

Not sure what I think about this. I have to turn away when they show two men kissing on the telly but if it was two women I could watch them going at it all day. I think it's a man thing.

Woman sues local health authority

An English woman is taking her local health authority to the high court today over its refusal to provide her with the cancer drug Herceptin.

The drug is a potential life saver as it has been successful treating women with breast cancer when chemotherapy and radiotherapy has failed.

Her local authority have refused to provide the drug because at £40,000 for a course of treatment, they can't afford it.

Not a problem in Scotland or Wales though. Thanks to the £11bn+ subsidy courtesy of English taxpayers, the drug is available for free outside of England.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Police Mergers to get Commons vote

Source: The CEP

The Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, in the knowedge that no English police force is in favour of merging into a regional force and that the majority of English people (I saw the figure of 90% somewhere) are opposed to the mergers, has announced that the decision will be made in a Commons vote.

The Commons vote being English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish MP's. Voting on the merger of English police forces. In England. Not in their own constituencies.

No Mandate!

Welcome Grocer Jack

I'd like to welcome Grocer Jack to the Witanagemot Club.

If this is anything to go by, he should be good for a few laughs.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Clarke still determined to press ahead with regional police

Source: BBC News

The Home Secretary is still determined to press ahead with the British government's plans to create a network of regional police forces despite massive opposition from the public and the police forces involved.

In a statement, he said that a report by HM Inspectorate of Constabularies said that the way police forces are set up now are not sufficient to deal with terrorism, serious or organised crime
or major incidents.

The cost of implementing the regional police forces (which will nicely fit in with the unelected and unwanted regional assemblies) is estimated at between £500m and£600m.

The British government have been accused of trying to bribe police forces into drawing up merger plans by offering them more money if they submit a merger proposal by Friday.

Let me see ... the police don't want it and the people don't want it. Looks like it's a done deal then.

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Why we can't have a full smoking ban

Why can't England have a full smoking ban like they are having in Scotland?

Because banning smoking in public places will encourage more people to smoke at home in front of their children.

Simple solution. Charge any parent subjecting their children to passive smoking and, as a consequence, a risk of premature death and permanent debilitating health problems, with child abuse and/or reckless endangerment to life.

If the British government are that concerned about childrens health then they'd jump at the chance. Just think of the money you'd save on the NHS. Less people smoking, smokers smoking less and less children suffering from asthma, bronchitis, etc.

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Not Proud of Britain

Taking the pizz-a

Source: Neil Herron

Just remind me who runs this country again?

Pizza Hut are in the process of phasing in metric measurements for their 950 restaurants in preparation for an EU ruling due to take effect from 2009 which says that pizza's must be sold in metric measurements instead of imperial.

This is getting pathetic, pubs will be serving half litres of beer before long and roadsigns will be showing measurements in metres and kilometres instead of yards and miles.

I don't understand the EU's obsession with abolishing imperial measurements in favour of metric. When I went to primary school we had two different types of maths. We had mathematics which included metric and we had practical maths which included imperial measurements.

We've had imperial measurements for hundreds of years, everybody understands them. I don't see how anyone can justify confusing 90% of the population for the sake of changing how we measure things.

Adam Smith Institutes criticises asymetric devolution

According to the CEP, the Adam Smith Institute is critical of the economic aspect of the asymetrical devolution in the UK.

Happy Christmas (terms & conditions apply)

Worried about the potential fallout from wishing someone a merry christmas or passing on seasons greetings? Worry no more!

Fellow Witanagemot Clubber, Gavin Corder, has assembled a crack team of lawyers and come up with a seasons greeting that is virtually incapable of offending anyone*.

The Politically Correct Christmas Greeting

* Except Christians and other people living in a Christian country who take offence at Christian celebrations being sidelined by politically correct muppets in case they offend easilly-offended people of other religions who choose to live in a Christian country but refuse to accept its customs. But that doesn't count.

John Prescott Stolen

I don't very often post good news so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to blog about some fantastic news.

According to Dead Brains, the fat turd, John Prescott, has been stolen.

Hat tip: Kev

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas songs ...

Why are Christmas songs so popular? Let's face it, most of them are just cheesy naffness with a catchy tune. They don't even make sense!

When the snowman brings the snow
Actually, it's more to do with the temperature of rain-bearing clouds.
Well he just might like to know
How does he know anything? Snowmen are made of snow.
He's put a great big smile on somebody's face
Does he? Snow is cold, I don't like being cold.
If you jump into your bed
It'll break.
Quickly cover up your head
You'll suffocate.
Don't you lock the doors
Are you kidding? I don't fancy waking up Christmas morning to find the telly's been nicked.
You know that sweet Santa Claus in on the way
He's not real.

Well I wish it could be Christmas every day
Why? It's expensive, the kids haven't been at school for a week and they're climbing the walls.
When the kids start singing and the band begins to play
Ok, when was the last time you saw this? Not on TV.
Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day
I refer to my previous comment.
So let the bells ring out for Christmas
Yay, I love being woken at 7am by bloody church bells.

When we're skating in the park
Amongst the bottles, hypodermics and dumped matresses?
If the snow cloud makes it dark
It usually makes it lighter because it reflects light better.
Then your rosy cheek's gonna light my merry way
Frostbite is so merry.
Now the frosty paws appear
Animals love frostbite too.
And they've frozen up my ear
I can't think of anything more fun than ear ache.
So we'll lie by the fire
And get covered in bits of spitting coal and wood.
'Til the sleet simply knocks 'em all away
Wet, dirty and slippery. I can hardly wait.


When the snowman brings the snow (snowman brings the snow)
It's nothing to do with snowmen.
Well he just might like to know (just might like to know)
No brain.
He's put a great big smile on somebody's face
So if Santa brings that sleigh (Santa brings that sleigh)
He isn't real!
All along the Milky Way (along the Milky Way)
North Pole to England via Alpha Centauri? Santa needs GPS.
I'll sign my name on the rooftop in the snow
Isn't walking along a snow-topped roof a bit dangerous?
Then he may decide to stay
Because you're so special he'd choose you out of the other few billion people on the planet.


Why don't you give your love for Christmas?
Bah humbug.

New Witanagemot homepage

Gareth has done some sterling work with the Witanagemot homepage. It's looking very tiday and professional and even has an aggregator for member blogs.

Prescott opposes school reforms

Last time I checked, we had one of the best education systems in the world and we were turning out some world-class high achievers.

Obviously, for Traitor Blair, this just won't do. The very thought that some people could outperform others is enough to make our beloved leader have sleepless nights.

Everyone should be treated equally (except white English people) and everyone is entitled to achieve the same level of mediocrity - no more, no less.

To that end, the Lame Duck has devised a raft of education "reforms" to make education better, more relevant, more accessible and - most importantly - more crap.

The plans are so bad that even the fat turd himself, John Prescott, can't bring himself to support them. In a candid interview with journalists, Prescott said ...
I were a failure in t'11-plus. It were a load of shite where some of the kids did alright an' some of 'em were bloody useless. Tony's plans are fit for nowt but wipin' me fat arse. Pass the vol-au-vents love.
A Downing Street press officer later released a formal version ...
Since I was an 11-plus failure, since I do believe that produced a 'first-class/second-class' education system, I fear this is a framework that may do the same. I'm somewhat critical of it.

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What could you do with £281?

What could you do with £281? Buy extra Christmas presents? Pay off your credit card bill? Take the ball and chain away for a dirty weekend?

Every taxpayer in England donates £281 per year to Scotland by way of the annual subsidy they require to avoid bankruptcy. This is assuming that Scotland was to keep every penny of the duty levied by the UK Treasury on North Sea oil and gas. Without taking it into account, the figure is closer to £450 per person.

404 Parliament not Found.

Any suggestions for what to do with the domain now I've got it, please post them in the comments or contact me.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Dear Tony #4

Yellow Swordfish has posted up the latest of his very funny Dear Tony letters.

Dear Tony #4 suggests that our beloved leader gives Scotland independence which would pay for the £7bn he has just given away to the EU and asks him to tell the Fat Turd to smile more.

Hit List

I've added Tesco to the Anti-English Hit List at the request of Christopher Reeves (I don't think it was Superman).

Tesco sell Scottish food labelled as such but English food is labelled as British. If you buy English cheese from Tesco it will have a Union Flag on it.

If anyone starts a campaign against this, please let me know so I can update the Hit List.

If anyone would like to tell me about any campaigns they have for the organisations already on the Hit List or any nominations to add to the list, please let me know.

Abolish the BBC campaign

I don't support the campaign to abolish the BBC although I would like to see them lose most, if not all, of the licence fee and take in money from advertising.

I had an email from someone called Lefty asking if I would give the campaign a mention. No skin off my nose so duly mentioned.

LA Times

The LA Times have a Travel article about Edinburgh and the Scottish Parliament.

Have a read, it's quite entertaining. I know the Americans aren't exactly noted for their grasp of the concept of accurately reporting historical facts but the article is so inaccurate you'd think it was written a work experience kid.

I sent them an email. Perhaps if enough people correct the article they'll publish a correction


Your article on Edinburgh and the Scottish Parliament is inaccurate. Substantially so in fact.

The Act of Union 1707 did not bring Scotland under English rule. It abolished both the English and Scottish Parliaments and created a British Parliament with representatives from both countries (and Wales). It did not, in any way, make Scotland English.

The Act of Union 1707 was not a hostile piece of legislation. It was passed in a rather underhand way in Scotland but that was the fault of the Scots, it was their country and their sovereign government. The Scots didn't do too badly out of it - before the Act of Union 1707 the country was bankrupt with massive national debts. The debts were paid by England and a large sum of money was given to Scotland for distribution to the needy. Once again, the Scots in power screwed their people over and stole the money. Again, this is the fault of the Scots and not the English.

Also, the Scottish Parliament was not the first parliament in the British Isles. The Tynwald is the parliament of the Isle of Man and is the oldest parliament in the world.

Finally, Tony Bliar (intentional typo) did not promise a parliament to Scotland - it was promised by his predecesor, John Smith. There was opposition in the top ranks of the Labour Party to devolution but it got pushed through because Tony Bliar is Scottish (born in Edinburgh).

I'm sure the t-shirts you saw were lovely. I have my own on sale - "England: Sponsoring Scotland since 1707".

Friday, December 16, 2005

Bye bye rebate

Word on the street (well, BBC News anyway) is that Traitor Blair has offered up £1bn of (mostly English) taxpayers money to get a deal on the EU budget.

He's apparently offered to knock £1bn off the rebate and take a cut in the escalator that keeps it in line with the EU budget in return for a vague promise that the budget will be reviewed in 2 years time with emphasis on farming payments.

I can imagine the review ...

UK: 43% of the budget goes on CAP payments, France alone gets 25% of the budget in CAP payments so I think we need to reform CAP.
France: Non
UK: Can we have our rebate back then?
Everyone: NON!

Well done Princess Tony, you've sold us right up the river. What a prat.

Scottish Tories sign contract with Scotland

A group called Scottish Tories have singed a contact with Scotland. Bit of a publicity stunt I think.

I'm not entirely convinced this is official Conservative business to be honest but it's interesting to see what MSP's and Councillors are offering Scotland when we get promised nothing but more tax and even greater subsidies to Scotland from our own pockets.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Good King Tony

From Toque ...

Good King Tony he looked out on the Feast of Stephen,
When the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even.
Brightly shone the moon that night, though the frost was cruel,
When an English pensioner came in sight, gathering winter fuel.

“Hither, Gordon, and stand by me, if you know it, telling,
Yonder peasant, who is he? Where and what his dwelling?”
“Sire, he is an Sassenach, living here in England,
They do not get the benefits that we bestow on Scotland.”

“Bring me haggis and bring me scotch, bring me pine logs hither,
You and I will now dine, it's long since we were t'gither.”
Tony and Gordon, drank and ate, scheme and plot thickened,
Their evil designs for Eng-er-land, at a pace they quickened.

“Sire, the English are resurgent now, and West Lothian stronger,
Fails my heart, I know not how; I can go no longer.”
“Follow my lead, my good Gordon, you simply should ignore them,
You should not let English rage bother your decorum.”

And in Tony's footsteps he will tread, doing as Tony has hinted;
Prejudiciously spending every note that Eng-er-land has minted.
So my fellow English men, be sure, wealth or rank possessing,
That with your ballot slip this time, a Scot you will not be a blessing.

City Regions

The New Local Government Network has released its recommendations for the reorgansiation of local government based on its City Regions Commission, the report includes a call for government to pass greater power and strategic responsibilities to new local authority alliances, based on England's city regions.

Full details are at the Campaign for an English Parliament newsblog.

First question, how many city regions will we have in Shropshire? We don't actually have any cities.

Second question, why can't we just have an English Parliament instead and then we can decide what we want for ourselves?

Scotland nets £5m profit from G8 summit

Source: BBC News

Only days ago the SNP were bitching about poor little Scotland, so hard done by by the anti-Scottish British government, having (shock horror!) to pay for hosting the G8 summit at Gleneagles.

The UK Treasury paid £20m towards the cost, the UK Foreign Office paid £5m towards the cost and the rest falls at the feet of the Scottish government who have provision for major events in the annual block grant.

According to a British government report, the G8 summit made a profit of £5m, all for the benefit of Scotland. This doesn't include the benefits from worldwide promotion of Scotland as a location for major events or the increased profile of Scotland which will attract investment. The value of this is estimated at £66m. The benefits from 6 months of media coverage before the event are estimated at £618m.

Rather than admit the event benefitted Scotland and that they made a fair amount of money out of hosting it, the SNP continued to moan about the costs and the amount the British government contributed and demanded that they compensate Scottish businesses for loss of revenues.

Typical SNP. Not only do they want their cake and eat it, they also want half of our cake as well.

David Wright MP will support Welsh Government Bill

I wrote to David Wright MP (Telford) and asked him to confirm that he would not be supporting the new Welsh Government Bill which will give more power to Wales and prevent English MP's from interfering in more Welsh matters.

I asked him this, not because I think that English MP's should be allowed to interfere in Welsh business, but because it doesn't prevent Welsh MP's from interfering in English business.

Predictably, he says he will follow Labour Party policy and support the bill because devolution was a manifesto commitment.

I have previously written to David Wright on the subject of devolution, asking him if he supports an English Parliament and if not, why does he belive it is fair that the rest of the UK gets devolution but we have to tolerate Scottish and Welsh MP's interfering in English matters and pay billions of pounds for the privelege. He responded with two paragraphs and refused to answer any more correspondence on the subject.

You can read his reply here (PDF).

English subsidy to Scotland hits record high

What would we do without the Scotsman? The English national newspapers (not that they ever call themselves English) would never publish a story exposing the criminal amount of money diverted from English taxes to Scotland but the Scotsman is quite happy to do so.

The Scotsman tells us about the British government report on how much Scotland receives in subsidies from England. The figure has risen to an unbelievable £2,200 per person - about £11.3bn per year.

The subsidy is calculated using the Barnett Formula and comes directly from English taxes as the rest of the UK are net receivers from the UK Treasury, leaving England the only net contributor.

State expenditure in Scotland last year was £45.3bn, over half of the entire Scottish economy. They only raised £34bn in taxes though leaving the rest to be paid for by English taxpayers.

The SNP called the report statistical propoganda and repeated their usual argument that if Scotland was allowed to keep revenues from North Sea oil and gas (a large proportion of which was in English waters until the Scottish Raj took the arbitrary decision to move the maritime boundary in favour of Scotland) then Scotland would be subsidising England.

Let's see ...

Taxes Raised (£34bn) + Oil & Gas Revenues (£4.3bn) = £38.3bn

Income from Scotland (£38.3bn) - State Expenditure (£45.3bn) = -£7bn

Perhaps I'm missing something here? I don't understand how a £7bn deficit would translate into Scotland subsidising England.

The subsidy to Scotland in 1997-98 when Labour came to power was £1,055 per person. With the aid of a Scottish Prime Minister and Scottish Chancellor, the subsidy has increased by 208.5% even though inflation is below 2.5%.

The Scottish Executive has been pressing for fiscal independence for Scotland for some time now. They are presiding over a country that is effectively involvent and cannot survive without billions of pounds of subsidies from England. If they were company directors they would be have been banned from running a company by and would probably facing criminal charges over financial mismanagement.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Nope, it's not a foreign swear word, it's the name of a company that prints Decoupage sets for card making.

There don't seem to be many places that sell them in this country and the ones that do aren't very cheap. I've had a browse through the multitude of Dutch sites that Google throws up and they're roughly the same price with expensive postage on top.

Anyone know where I can get these cheap or, even better, how to get in touch with the company that makes them?

Valuation Nazi's do have the power to fine you after all

Tim over at An Englishman's Castle has done some more digging and found that the Valuation Office can prosecute you for obstructing them.

Looks like I'll have to rely on my original plan then.

Letter: Shropshire Star (not one of mine)

A local councillor has replied to one of my recent letters in the Shropshire Star.

Patriotic authority

Stuart Parr asks "When was the last time your local council did anything to promote St George’s Day?" (Starmail, December 7).

Could I point out that Hadley & Leegomery Parish Council put up display bunting on that day and flew the flag of St George at its offices in Hadley.

Since taking control of the parish council from the Labour Party at the last election, the Residents’ Association, along with some independents, resolved to erect a flag pole outside its offices in Hadley and has since flown the Union Flag permanently except for April 23, when the Cross of St George is flown.

I realise we are in the minority.

Cllr John Smart

We certainly are in the minority Mr Smart. Hadley (and to a lesser extent, Leegomery) is rather "multicultural" so well done that man. Spoke to one of my parish councillors this evening and asked if we would be having St Georges Day celebrations next year in this parish. He said he didn't know. I'll press him on it closer to the time although the with the little darlings round here they wouldn't last very long.


L'Ombre de l'Olivier has a funny modern-day take on the story of Nelson.

It's actually quite believable.

Valuation Nazi's don't have the power to fine you

Thanks to An Englishman's Castle for clearing up the confusion over whether Valuation Officers have the right to fine you for refusing them entry to your home.

It seems the little tinkers at the BBC have been taking orders from uncle Tony again and spreading blatant mistruths.

Where are you visiting from?

Just curious ...

Where are you visiting from?
Northern Ireland
Elsewhere in Europe (inc. Russia)
North America
South America


Free polls from

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Another edumacated Welsh blogger

Another edumacated Welsh blogger complaining about English imperialism and the English overlords.

How difficult is it to tell the difference between English and British? It seems the "English bad British good" propoganda seems to work on everyone apart from the English.

Regional Spatial Strategy (aka bollocks)

Source: Waking Hereward

The fat turd has come up with another plan for concreting over all the green bits of England.

This new plan has the rather grand title of "Regional Spatial Strategy" but it's basically building long lines of warehouses along the side of roads to obscure the view of anything remotely green looking.

Most of the warehouses will be built in the West Midlands where it is expected to produce an extra 1,500 lorry journeys per day.

For those of you that don't know the West Midlands very well, I'll explain how the roads work. The West Midlands is serviced by the M5, M6, M54 and A5. The M6 is the busiest and most congested road in Europe. The M5 is not much better, especially where it joins the M6. The junction of the M54 and M6 is virtually stationary from 5.30am to about 7pm. The A5 is part dual carriageway but is mostly single carriageway and also heavily congested.

So where the chuff are they going to put 1,500 extra lorries per day?

Most of the green areas in the West Midlands are in Shropshire and around Sutton Coldfield. If this goes ahead - which it no doubt will because it's being handled by the John Prescott Appreciation Society West Midlands Regional Assembly - the only hope for residents in lovely rural Shropshire is that the Regional Assembly can't see further than Wolverhampton.

England Gordon - it's that big bit underneath the motherland

Gareth at the CEP has corrected one of Gordon Brown's press releases.

In the press release the tartan taxman quotes people saying things about England and the English and then talks about it as if it was British. He even talks about British history starting from the events at Runymede in 1215 (about 500 years before Britain even existed) to the 1689 Bill of Rights (18 years before Britain existed)!

Even Gorrrdon Broooon isn't that dense that he could accidently confuse England and Britain so many times, especially when the material he's quoting is talking about England and the English.

Has devolution strengthened the United Kingdom?

The CEP would like to know if you think devolution has strengthened the UK.

Press Release: Cross of St. George Flag Victory for People's Campaign

Press Release
13th December 2005
The People's No Campaign
" Cross of St. George Flag Victory...
Council concedes defeat and the EU Flag will not be flown."
Another victory for The People's No Campaign and a victory for England. A victory that will have implications for all other Local Authorities across the country who are flying the EU Flag unlawfully.
Wear Valley District Council has succumbed to people pressure and abandoned its attempt to replace the Cross of St. George with the EU Flag.
The row, which erupted in September surrounded the flying of the EU Flag by Wear Valley District Council. Campaigners Neil Herron and Jim Tague successfully forced the District Council to remove of the EU 'Ring of Stars' as it is classed as 'an outdoor advertisement' and not the flag of a nation state and therefore needs planning consent. It was also argued that to fly the EU Flag was using public money to promote a political project which falls foul of local authority guidelines.
The Cross of St. George was proudly erected outside the Civic Offices replacing the EU Flag.
However, Wear Valley DC then applied to itself for planning permission to fly the EU Flag and this permission was granted with a unanimous decision by elected councillors present at the planning committee.
One must question the political motives behind the desire to fly the EU Flag, but members of the Labour controlled council include Olive Brown. the North East's alternate member on the EU's Committee of the Regions.
A meeting was convened for Tuesday 13th December between Director of Housing, Michael Laing, the Council Officer responsible, Freedom of Information Officer, Lawrence Serewicz and Jim Tague and Neil Herron where a number of questions, proposals and an ultimatum were put to the officers.
Mindful of the massive national publicity and furore surrounding the attempted removal of the Cross of St. George it was decided that the EU Flag would not be flown and the Cross of St. George would continue to fly alongside the Union Flag and the Wear Valley District Council flag.
The campaigners agreed to this and allowed the concession that the EU Flag could be flown on one day...May 9th, classed as 'Europe Day.'
Neil Herron, Campaign Director states, " I must commend Council Officer, Michael Laing, for correctly standing up to political pressure. Local authority guidelines prevent the use of public money to promote political projects or influence the public to hold a political opinion. Wear Valley District Council's aspiration to become the best District Council in England has taken a massive leap forward by continuing to fly the Cross of St. George and abandon the flying of the EU Flag. Let us hope that many others follow the lead and put people before politics and patriotism before political correctness."
Jim Tague, Wear Valley Co-ordinator states, "This is a victory for people power and a victory for common sense. In such politically correct times this is an extremely brave decision by an officer of Wear Valley District Council to give the English flag such prominence. It will now only be removed on the instructions of politicians with an obvious pro-EU agenda. Councils across the rest of the country will hopefully follow this lead.I look forward to my Council becoming the best District Council in England."
Michael Laing did comment that should the flag disappear unannounced it may be due to the fact that he has agreed to take it home from time to time to wash it! Most certainly this goes well beyond the call of duty and must be commended.
Neil Herron
0191 565 7143
07776 202045
Jim Tague
07704 664223

Monday, December 12, 2005

£500 fine for refusing entry to Valuation Officer

Snafu over at Not Proud of Britain points us to a BBC News article about the penalty for refusing entry to a Valuation Officer.

Valuation Officers are the people who come and pluck a figure out of the air as to the value of your property for the purposes of Council Tax banding.

According to the article, if a Valuation Officer asks to enter your property you can be fined up to £500 and receive a criminal record.

I wonder who is telling porkies and if it is intentional. According to this hansard from last month, the Valuation Office do not have the ability to fine residents who refuse entry to their property.

Here's my plan for when the Council Tax Nazi's turn up on my doorstep.

"Are you the owner or occupier of this property?"
"Is the owner or occupier of the property here?"
"Can I ask who you are?"
"Yes but I'm not telling you"
"Can I ask when the owner or occupier of the property will be here?"
"Yes but I'm not telling you"
"You are aware that it is an offence to obstruct a Valuation Officer in the course of their duty?"
"Yes. Prosecute me then. Oh no, you can't if you don't have my details can you? Goodbye."

Sound advice for scrooges

Source: The Telegraph & An Englishman's Castle

Teachernet, a British government website, has some sound advice for teachers who really want to ruin Christmas whilst earning serious brownie points for the Traitor Blair Award for Gratuitous and Oppresive Political Correctness.
Children should be protected from "terrifying" Father Christmas, shielded from "alarming" pantomimes and encouraged not to send wasteful Christmas cards, a Government website has advised teachers.

When arranging Christmas parties in schools, teachers should also avoid arranging games of a competitive nature so that no child feels they have "underperformed", the website said.

Parents' groups said yesterday that if schools followed the advice then children would experience a pale imitation of Christmas.

The advice, on the Teachernet website developed by the Department of Education as a resource for teachers, covered all aspects of arranging a festive party in school.

It said: "For very young children, Father Christmas can be terrifying, and if you are planning a visit from Santa, you'll need to make sure that fearful children are near an exit. Trips to the pantomime can cause alarm, so the same planning applies."

In separate advice on Christmas giving, teachers are told that children should be discouraged from sending Christmas cards to fellow pupils because they are a waste of paper.

"If you have access to the internet then why not try sending electronic Christmas cards?" the advice read.

Children should give their families "experience" presents, like breakfast in bed, as opposed to wrapped presents. "These gifts can appear much more personal, as they have far more meaning and don't come surrounded by useless packaging," it said.

The advice suggested that head teachers hold school assemblies, called "The aftermath of Christmas", in which children act out opening presents and advent calendars and then throw the packaging on the floor to highlight the waste of paper at Christmas.

The site also suggested a list of non-competitive games to replace traditional games like pass-the-parcel, which it said can cause "anxieties" in the children who do not win.

"If you do have games with winners, make sure that all children are given an opportunity to succeed where possible," the advice read.

Margaret Morrissey, from the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations, condemned the advice.

"It is so sad that we have become so politically correct that we are trying to remove the magic of Christmas," she said. "For the majority of young children Christmas is magical. I think it is wicked if schools should try to deprive children of that."

A spokesman for the Department of Education, which hosts the website but says it is not responsible for its content, said yesterday: "We fully support the traditional British Christmas.

"This is not Government policy and was not produced by the department as the disclaimer on the site makes clear. We have withdrawn it as it does not reflect our views."

Stars tackle anti-English attitudes

Source: icWales & CEP

A campaign is underway to persuade Welsh sports fans to be nice to the English.

Bit of an uphill struggle that.

One thing that confuses me though ...
Welsh stars such as Man United winger Ryan Giggs, rugby player Colin Charvis, soccer boss John Toshack and rugby coach Mike Ruddock are backing the Kick Racism Out scheme, which will attempt, among other things, to wipe out the tradition of whistling England's national anthem in sporting fixtures.

Which English national anthem would this be then? Do they mean the British national anthem?

English man denied cancer treatment

The CEP reports that an English man is denied a cancer treatment that is available in every other country in the UK and Europe.

The British government insist that the current constitutional settlement in the UK is fair despite being constantly faced with evidence like this that it clearly isn't.

How do they sleep at night knowing that people are dying because they refuse to give England the same rights as the rest of the UK?

Commonwealth Games Council decide on English anthem

The Commonwealth Games Council for England has decided on the anthem for England during the games.

They unanimously chose Land of Hope and Glory.

Land of Hope and Glory isn't and English song. It's a British song. It is most famously associated with the last night of the proms where people wave the Union Flag to it. What has it got to do with England? Absolutely bugger all.

The CEP ran a poll on what should be the English national anthem and guess what - Land of Hope and Glory didn't win. Not by a long shot.

Out of 13 choices, Jerusalem got 54% of the vote. Email them and let them know.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Scottish NHS funding shortfall

The Scottish NHS is suffering from a major funding shortfall and is expected to end the financial year with a deficit of £183m.

This is despite Scotland receiving an average of £213 per person, per year, more than England for health expenditure.

I accept that Scotland has to provide health services to very rural areas but then so does England. The English NHS also has to provide health services to the huge number of asylum seekers and refugees who live here as well as to Scottish and Welsh patients who live in the borders for a knock down price.

No mention of cutbacks though, I expect they'll just end up with more money to plug the gap while English hospitals go on cutting services to try and balance the books on ever decreasing budgets.

Cost of G8

Source: BBC News

The cost of policing the G8 summit was £72m.

The UK Treasury agreed to pay £20m of the cost with the rest being funded by the Scots.

This is not, of course, good enough for the SNP. They think the whole cost should be footed by the UK Treasury, spreading the costs (but not the benefits) of the summit across the whole of the UK. With English taxpayers making over 80% of contributions to the UK Treasury and being the only net contributors, this means the cost will fall almost entirely on the shoulders of the English.

The block grant to Scotland (funded mostly by the English taxpayer) already contains funding for major events so England has already paid most of the cost.

Despite this, SNP spokeswoman Roseanna Cunningham MSP said "Basically Westminster is just going to dump the cost on Scotland - a small country, far away, of which they know little and care less." Is anyone in Scotland actually attached to reality any more?

If I was an SNP person I would be questioning why, in the run-up to the summit, the best estimate for the cost of the Gleneagles Summit was £12.1m when policing alone cost £72m.

Then again, that would mean missing out on an opportunity to snipe at the Scottish Raj, with its Scottish PM, Scottish Chancellor and Scottish-dominated cabinet, for being so anti-Scottish. Even if it is a load of old haggis.

Tyrant Mugabe strikes again

The tyrant Mugabe is clamping down on that pesky democracy again.

A Zanu-PF meeting has decided that the tyrant should have the power to confiscate the passports of anyone seen as a threat and for action to be taken against any civic group or NGO it thinks are sponsored by the West.

This guestbook is priceless.

That explosion

I wasn't going to blog about this because I didn't really think it was such a big issue.

An oil depot has blown up, 43 people have been injured and it's not suspicious.

Apparently people have been panic buying petrol already. Insanity.

Scotland gets free dental checks

Source: Not Proud of Britain

Scotland is to get free dental checks for all by 2007.

England will be getting ... price increases.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Letter: Shropshire Star

Clarke has contempt for public

I wonder if Home Secretary Charles Clarke knows of a different definition of democracy to the rest of us?

He instructed West Mercia Police to draw up plans for a merger with West Midlands Police without consulting the public or the police forces involved.

When faced with the fact that 88 per cent of people in Weat Mercia are opposed to the merger of the police forces, you would imagine that the plans would be scrapped. This is a democracy after all.

But no, rather than remembering that his job is to serve the people, the Home Secretary said he would wait until he received the results of the police consultation "before deciding how to proceed".

I understand that this is a major blow to the Government's drive to firmly establish regionalisation in England, but how can the Home Secretary even contemplate going ahead with the merger when 88 per cent of the people in West Mercia are opposed to it?

This just shows the utter contempt our so-called elected representatives have for the people they are elected to serve and for the democracy that this country was once so famous for.

Stuart Parr

Friday, December 09, 2005

Luck of the draw!

England's world cup group has been drawn and we've struck lucky. We've drawn Trinidad & Tobago, Sweden and Paraguay.

Now, we've not beaten Sweden for nearly 40 years but that's water under the bridge now, we haven't played them for years. Trinidad & Tobago should be a walk in the park leaving only Paraguay as a potential threat (those pesky South Americans).

I'm don't like to count chickens before they've hatched but when we could have ended up with the Netherlands, Czech Republic or Croatia in our group, I think we've been lucky!

Oh yes and we're seeded 2nd in the world.

Urge your MP to reject bill

Snafu makes a very good point on the Government of Wales Bill - why should an English MP give up their right to interfere in Welsh politics when they won't do the same for England?

A very good point and I'd like to take it a step further if I may by suggesting that everyone writes to their MP and asks them to refuse to support the bill unless an equivalent bill is introduced to stop Welsh MP's interfering in English politics.


George Orwell's Estate sues UK government

Trustees of the George Orwell estate yesterday announced that they intend to sue the British government over copyright breeches relating to the George Orwell novel '1984', a novel about a futuristic police state.

Professor Ramsbottom, a trustee of the Orwell estate, said: "Our lawyers have compared George Orwell's novel '1984' with a number of Labour documents. These documents include the Labour party manifesto, known in the Labour party as the 'The Book', and a number of laws passed by the Labour government over the past five years. Our analysis shows there are clearly great swathes of text that have simply been copied and adopted as Labour policy, far too much for this to be just coincidence."

Home Secretary Charles Clarke, said: "This is clearly absolute rubbish. A police state is a political condition where the government maintains strict control over society, particularly through suspension of civil rights and often with the use of the police. We thought police should not be used for that purpose as it is inherently anti-democratic. Name me one thing that demonstrates Labour is heading that way? OK - name me two things? OK - name me three things..."

Peter Gee

Virtual March

The Democracy Movement is inviting concerned citizens to take part in their virtual march on 10 Downing Street over Traitor Blair's efforts to give away the rebate.

Corrupt record charts screw over kids

The stage school that one of my kids goes to have recorded the AFC Telford United anthem and have been selling the single through Virgin Megastore in Telford.

It went on sale on Monday and by today they had sold over 2,500 copies - enough to put them in the national top 30 charts.

The stage school and football club have both been taking pre-orders for a couple of weeks, the single has been advertised in the local press and had daily coverage on local radio. I also advertised it on the Telford United forum and Telford Live forum and advertised internally within Capgemini - the club sponsor and the biggest employer in the town.

The board in the Virgin store in Telford shows that the single is the #1 best seller in the store.

You'd think everyone would be happy right?


The people who run the charts don't accept that the single has genuinely sold so many copies and have pulled it from the charts because they think it's suspicious.

Personally, I reckon they must be closet Sugababes fans because the Telford United single sold more copies in the Telford store on Monday than the new Sugababes single sold in the entire country.

Democracy in action

I had to read this a few times to make sure I hadn't misunderstood it.

The following is a quote from Peter Hain on the proposed referrendum to give the Welsh Assembly more powers.
Rhodri and I and Welsh Labour are not in the business of calling referendums we are going to lose.

I must be mistaken. I thought the idea of a referendum was to find out what the public wanted, not to rubber stamp a government policy.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

More powers for Welsh Assembly

Source: BBC News

The British government has revealed plans for the Welsh Assembly to have more powers.

They have stopped short of offering the power of primary legislation until aroun 2010 and following another referrendum.

There is no mention of offering any devolution to England of course.

Shamocracy in action.

First conviction for protesting within 1km of parliament

Police have made the first successful prosecution of a citizen for protesting within 1km of the British parliament.

The draconian law is one of a set of measures designed to curtail human rights and civil liberties brought in under the vague pretence that they will prevent terrorism. The rights and liberties being abused include the right to assembly, the right to protest, the right to free speech and the right to trial by jury.

The woman, a 25 year old peace protester, was arrested for standing outside Downing Street reading out the names of British soldiers killed in Iraq since the start of the war on the man that embarrassed George Bush senior terror.

She received a conditional discharge, was ordered to pay £100 costs and now has a criminal record.

There have been heated exchanges in the British Parliament over the whole sorry affair. David Heath, a Lib Dem MP, said the law "was sold to us on the basis that it was to prevent terrorist acts against this House and has now been used to convict a young lady, Maya Evans, for reading out a list of British soldiers killed in action in Iraq by the Cenotaph."

Ho ho ho

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Welsh FA refuse to join Team GB

Source: CEP

The Welsh FA have refused to join the British football team the British government wants to field in the 2012 Olympics.

The Scots have already refused, leaving only England and Northern Ireland to make up the team. Assuming Northern Irish football is still at the level it is today, Team GB will end up an English team with a different name.

How convenient.

Letter: Shropshire Star

Why can’t we have a special day for saint?

Earlier this year a pub landlord in Norfolk applied for a late licence to allow his regulars to celebrate St George’s Day. For the second time in two years he was refused a late licence on the grounds that it is not a special day in England.

When he made his first application two years ago, he was told to come back this year with evidence that St George’s Day is a special occasion. So he did.

He turned up at the magistrates court with a large group of supporters, hundreds of letters and assorted reporters and TV crews.

The magistrate still said no, so he appealed to the High Court. A High Court judge refused the appeal on the grounds that he was also of the opinion that St George’s Day is not a special day and the magistrate was right to refuse the late licence.

One of the reasons given for it not being a special day was the lack of national celebrations like those seen on St Patrick’s Day.

Ask yourself this: When was the last time your local council or the Government did anything to promote St George’s Day?

They are happy to hold festivals for Diwali, Eid, St Patrick’s Day, Chinese New Year — anything except St George’s Day.

Anything, as long as the English are denied the right to celebrate their culture, history or nationality.

What are they so afraid of? Why do the Government go out of their way to offend 50 million people?

Perhaps David Wright MP can explain why his party is intent on denying the English their national identity whilst spending billions on ensuring the rest of the UK can promote theirs?

When I asked him why he was opposed to an English parliament when it was plainly obvious that England was being discriminated against he simply refused to answer me and any subsequent correspondence from me doesn’t even prompt an acknowledgement.

Stuart Parr

Letter: Shropshire Star (CEP Shropshire)

Join battle for English parliament

Leaked reports suggest that the Scottish-led UK Government is now looking to abolish the 1000-year-old English shires.

This is yet another deliberate attempt by the anti-English, Scottish-controlled Labour Party to erase England, its history and its people from the map.

They will say it is only reform of local government but unless they are stopped we will soon merely be West Midlanders run by an unelected regional assembly operating out of Birmingham.

The Campaign for an English Parliament is trying to get fair treatment for England, with a parliament along the lines already given to Scotland.

Because the English are so easy going, the majority of the people in England are unlikely to do anything to save their country — they’ll wait till it happens and then moan.

Edward Higginbottom
Shropshire Branch of the Campaign for an English Parliament

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Twat of the Week: Martin Allen

Tricky choice this week, so many twats and so little time.

Terry White was a popular choice to receive the award for the second week running. Helen Cannam was also suggested for her little piece on why we should be proud to fly the EU flag.

In the end, though, I've had to go with Martin Allen.

Martin Allen is the bigotted manager of Brentford Football Club who seems to have a problem with the English flag. If you haven't seen the story already, you can read it here.

For ignorance and bigotry levelled against patriotic English flag-wavers, Martin Allen, you are this week's Twat of the Week.

Thanks to everyone who sent in nominations.

88% of West Mercia opposed to police merger

West Mercia Police have been running a survey on their website to find out what people want to happen to West Mercia Police.

The British government wants to merge West Mercia Police with West Midlands Police to fit in with the unwanted, undemocratic, unelected regional assemblies make them better.

West Mercia Police is officially the best performing police force in the UK whilst West Midlands languishes in the bottom half of the table. West Midlands Police is a much larger, metropolitan police force and will control the combined force.

Owen Paterson, MP for North Shropshire, brought the subject up in Parliament today, informing the Home Secretary that 88% of people completing the survey were opposed to the merger of the force.

The Home Secretary said "You are right to draw attention to concern in West Mercia about the proposals for a merger, which has been expressed to me directly. I intend to wait for the conclusions reached by the police following the consultation before deciding how to proceed".

I'm wondering if Charles Clarke is perhaps misunderstanding the situation here. 88% of people in West Mercia are opposed to the merger. I don't see what there is to decide. The people of West Mercia have made their decision, the British government now know the level of opposition to the merger, the plan should immediately be scrapped.

I think I'll email him and explain ...

Letter: Shropshire Star (CEP Shropshire)

Situation unfair for pensioners

The recent cold snap and the threatened had winter has highlighted the dangers to the elderly, in particular, many of whom still live in poorly heated homes.

For those pensioners living in Scotland they are, of course, better off. The Scottish Parliament is providing them with free installation of central heating. This is possible because the taxpayers in England generously subsidise Scotland to the tune of £8 billion per year.

That equates to more than £1,300 extra per person being spent on everybody in Scotland compared to those in England.

The Scottish-led UK Parliament sees nothing wrong in this invidious situation.

Isn't it time England was treated equally with Scotland instead of like a third class citizen within the United Kingdom and given its own Parliament?

The Campaign for an English Parliament is trying to do just that. Help us fight the injustice by joining us today

Edward Higginbottom
Co-ordinator, Shropshire Branch of the Campaign for an English Parliament

Girl sent home for wearing crucifix

Remember, "we have to be understanding" ...

Girl sent home for wearing a crucifix

A school has defended its decision to exclude a pupil after she refused to take off her crucifix necklace.

Sam Morris, 16, was told to remove her cross and chain on Thursday by deputy headteacher Howard Jones at Sinfin Community School in Derby.

When theyear-11 student refused she was told not to return until today and without the item of jewellery.

The 1,070-student comprehensive has a strict policy which bans most jewellery being worn.
Items can be worn out of view or if they are part of religious beliefs, such as the Kara, a bracelet worn by Sikhs.

But the policy has been described as "unfair" by Sam's mother, Debra Saunders.

Mr Jones said her daughter's one-day exclusion had been a "last resort" after a 30-minute conversation failed to persuade her to take it off.

Mr Jones said the strict jewellery policy was to avoid accidents. He added: "As a Christian I don't have to wear a crucifix but Sikhs don't have that option and we have to be understanding."

Mrs Saundera, of Thackeray Street, Sinfin, said: "Sam thinks it is very unfair when other people are allowed to wear religious symbols and it just ends up creating a divide between the pupils when everyone is told they should be living in unity."

See also:
England, the Land Equal Rights Forgot

Monday, December 05, 2005

English flag is racist ... yawn ...

Another public figure has decided that the English flag is racist.

Martin Allen, the manager of Brentford Football Club has gone ape shit over someone in the crowd at a Brentford-Oldham match waving (shock horror) and English flag with the phrase "Born English, Live English, Die English" on it.

Apparently some black players were offended by the phrase and the manager said "If we see it again at our ground I will find the person responsible and burn it in front of him. There is no room for it in society or in football. "

The stories seems to have been broken by Manchester Evening News who have a comments section which is currently running to 9 pages of criticism for the bigot and his mock concern.

One question springs to mind - English is a nationality, not a race so how can the comment be considered to be racist? The indigenous population of England is Anglo-Saxon and there are very few people in this country who could boast pure or even close to pure Anglo-Saxon genes.

The full article is as follows ...

A WAR of words has broken out between soccer club bosses after a fan unfurled a St Georges flag with the words "Born in England Live in England Die in England ."

Brentford manager Martin Allen said he felt the words on the flag were racially offensive.

He spoke out after his side's FA cup match against Oldham Athletic at Boundary Park . Two weeks ago the same flag was flown when Oldham played Brentford in a league match at Griffin Park and police ordered it be taken down.

The flag has now been banned from the ground while an investigation takes place.

Mr Allen explained the London club has a number of black players in the squad who took great offence at the message.


He said: "Sadly, very sadly, that flag has racist undertones and we made a complaint about it then.

"Although it was removed it came back out again near the end of the game and nothing was done about it.

"It made it a difficult afternoon.

"If we see it again at our ground I will find the person responsible and burn it in front of him.

"There is no room for it in society or in football."

Following its reappearance in Oldham he complained to club officials who promised to look into the situation.

But Oldham manager Ronnie Moore, said: "How can that be racist? Maybe if it was being flown at a match in Wales or Scotland it could be considered racist but I can't see how that it is racist here - I don't know what he's going on about.

"We have foreign and black players on our team and none of them said anything or complained to me."

A spokesman from the Commission for Racial Equality, said: "Flying the St Georges flag is not viewed as racist, but racism in football and racist comments directed against players and fans should not be tolerated."

Should this St George's flag be burned to combat racism? Have your say.

See also:
Campaign for an English Parliament
Not Proud of Britain

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Protect your kids online and help their school

Chris over at Telford Live has just posted this.
"One in five children age 7-10 who regularly use the Internet have received a sexual solicitation while online. One in four were unwillingly exposed to images of naked people or people having sex" according to The National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

Anyway we've [Bespoke Computing] come to an arrangement with the vendor of some software aimed and protecting kids online. Here's the deal:

Parents buy a copy of MadeSafe Child from a dedicated website at the recommended retail price of £29.99 - link here.

When you order, you nominate the school your child goes to. We'll then give £6 towards the IT spend of that school.

SNP demands more power for Scottish Parliament

Source: BBC News

Alex Salmond, the leader of the SNP, has appealed for Scotland to be allowed to control asylum, nuclear power, pensions and disbandment of army regiments.

Pensions are mismanaged by the British government and paid for from national insurance contributions. To allow the Scots to control pensions would require them to be opted out of that part of national insurance and to be able to directly raise tax at source. The Scottish Executive could always use their own money (not ours) to top-up pensions.

Nuclear power - fair enough. If they don't want nuclear power stations then build them somewhere else. Let them have dirty coal powered stations instead and make sure they don't get any of the power generated from the nuclear power stations. NIMBY springs to mind.

Disbandment of army regiments - the military is a reserved matter and so it should remain. If the Scottish Executive want to use their own money (again, not ours) to keep surplus regiments in existence then they can always suggest it to the Secretary of Defence.

Asylum - how the hell are they proposing to do this? Set up passport control between England and Scotland? This is so ludicrous it doesn't even warrant a discussion.

Twat of the Week nominations

It's been a busy week as far as twats are concerned.

Send me your nominations.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Remember my little run-in with Books Direct?

Remember my run-in with Books Direct not long ago?

Books Direct - shit company

Well I thought it was all sorted until a couple of weeks ago when I got a letter from a debt collector demanding the money for the books I didn't order and had sent back to them.

I phoned them up and remained remarkably calm but firm. I went through the entire saga from the start. Again. The person I spoke to said that as it was so long ago they would credit my account.

I asked for a letter of confirmation and also confirmation that this wouldn't appear as late payments on my credit file.

Flunky: "We haven't blacklisted you sir."
Wonko: "That's not what I'm asking. This will show as late payments for credit."
F: "We haven't blacklisted you sir."
W: "Yes, you said but I'm not talking about that. This will be registered as late payments because it's revolving credit. I want confirmation that it won't show up."
F: "Errrr. Yes, we'll confirm that sir."
W: "You don't sound very confident, are you sure?"
F: "Errrr. Yes, we'll send you the letter."

Not entirely convinced of the last promise but crediting the account I expected to happen.

How wrong could I be?

On Thursday I received a letter from a solicitor demanding the money plus £50 costs within 14 days otherwise they would take me to court.

There are advantages to having once been a debt collector ...

Flunky: "Can I confirm yuor name and address please."
Wonko: Gave her name and address
F: "Can I take a contact phone number please?"
W: "No."
F: "Can I confirm your occupation please?"
W: "No."
F: "Errrrr. Ok, what can I do for you?"
W: You've sent this letter for an outstanding account with Books Direct and there is no balance outstanding - etc, etc, etc, whole saga again - anyway, I'm going to take them to court for harrassment, costs and compensations so it's up to you if you want to be a part of that."
F: "We've heard nothing from our client since they instructed us."
W: "That's their problem, not mine - they're the ones who are incompetent, not me."
F: "Do you have anything in writing?"
W: "No, I told you they keep promising to send me letters and then don't."
F: "I'll have to put the account on hold until we get instructions sir."
W: "Ok. One other thing."
F: "Yes?"
W: "Your letter says that you're going to take me to court unless I pay up in 14 days. Presumably you're aware that your client hasn't issued me with a CCA notice or a Formal Demand so you can't actually take me to court can you?"
F: "Well, it's up to our client if it goes to court."
W: "Yes but you can't actually take me to court though can you?"
F: "Errrr. We'll take that into account sir."
W: "Ok, I'm just telling you for your own benefit really. It is actually against the law to misrepresent facts in a letter like this after all."
F: "Errrr. We'll take that into account."
W: "Ok, bye."

Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment.

Friday, December 02, 2005

We should be proud to fly the EU flag

Helen Cannam has written an article for "This is the North East".

We should be proud to fly the EU flag

by Helen Cannam

SO the European Union is a "political project"? At least, that's the view of the people who oppose Wear Valley District Council's right to fly the EU flag outside the Civic Centre in Crook.

Well, yes, it probably is. In the same sort of way as the union of Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland is a "political project", if a rather older one.

They were both set up as a means of pooling the interests of a collection of disparate nations which (in spite of mutual suspicion and many causes of disagreement) yet had many things in common. They both involve sharing sovereignty in the interests of a greater good. They are both ways of giving a stronger voice to smaller nations than any of them would have on their own. And we are after all (like it or not) an integral part of both projects. Shouldn't we then be doing our best to make a success of them?

There's a lot wrong with the way the EU's run. Even the most passionate European would have to admit that. But in my view that's a reason for reforming it and making it work better, rather than turning up our noses and saying we'll have nothing to do with it.

Many years ago we spent a family holiday in a cottage in a village in Alsace in north-east France. The lady who owned the house had lived in that pretty village all her life. When she was born, it was in France. In her girlhood, it was annexed by Germany. Suddenly, they were all made to speak German, to behave as if they'd never been French. Then the war ended and the village became French again.

That lady was the most passionate pro-European I've ever come across. She'd had more than enough of war, of disputes about what land belonged to whom. She just wanted to be allowed to live her life in peace. It was there, in that region of ever-changing borders, that the whole European project made real sense.

We've lately been remembering the dead of two World Wars. We think of the waste of young lives, the terrible suffering, the cruel things that were done, in the names of other nations and (sometimes) of our own.

And most of these things happened in the heart of Europe between the nations of Europe.

No European Project is going to wipe out all our differences. The French will always be French, the Germans, German. We will always be British; just as within the United Kingdom the Scots will always be Scottish, the Welsh, Welsh - and the people of the North-East, North-Easterners, shouting loudly for their region.

But surely it's better that our representatives should sit round a table, however tediously, however unproductively, and try to solve our problems by talking, rather than shouting from the sidelines with a stockpile of weapons at their elbows? Surely in these days of a global economy, global terrorism, global warming, it's a good thing that we work together to give a stronger voice to our nations than we would ever have working alone?

So I like to see the EU flag flying from our flagpoles. It speaks to me of friendship, or working together, of trying to make a better world. We're nowhere near achieving it yet. But it's a hope worth striving for.

Utter bollocks, the whole lot of it. Flying the EU flag is wrong. It is illegal and to fly it in place of the English flag is an affront to any patriotic Englishman (or woman).

As for this claptrap ...
The French will always be French, the Germans, German. We will always be British; just as within the United Kingdom the Scots will always be Scottish, the Welsh, Welsh - and the people of the North-East, North-Easterners, shouting loudly for their region.
... no mention of the English I see. And what's this about people of the North East being North-Easterners and shouting loudly for their region?

78% of people in the North East rejected their regional assembly and Prescott's regions.

Is that loud enough for you, you daft tart?

Another new tax

Scientists at the Gordon Brown Institute for Financial Mismanagement have discovered a new strain of the Tax virus and are planning to release it into the water supply unless their demands of utter and abject grovelling subjection of the English nation are met.

This new strain of the Tax virus belongs to the "State Theft of Assets" family and symptoms include the British government taking 20% of the profit from sale of land to property developers.

Dr Blind-Panic, professor of Made-Up Statistics at Oxtail University, warned that the Tax virus is fast becoming a pandemic and is expected to be responsible for thousands of deaths next year.

Those thought to be particularly at risk are the elderly and infirm, many of whom die each year as a result of the Council Tax virus.

We must pay our fair share

Traitor Blair has explained why we have to give up part of the EU rebate.

Apparently, we have to pay our fair share and our fair share is more than it is now because we have to help pay for the cost of EU enlargement.

Now I may be misunderstanding things here. You see, my impression was that the enlargement of the EU was about making it better, stronger. If it's going to cost billions every year to enlarge the EU, what exactly is the benefit of enlargement?

Britain already pays the second highest contribution to the EU and once Traitor Blair has frittered away the UK rebate to make sure that the EU's 7 year budget is signed off, we might even make it as the highest contributor.

In the meantime, while Traitor Blair has been compromising with our taxes, the French have once again refused point blank to even consider a reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which accounts for over 40% of the EU's entire budget and of which they are the EU's biggest beneficiary.

Throughout the British presidency of the EU, the UK has been constantly blamed for holding up an agreement on the EU budget over Traitor Blair's refusal to compromise on the UK rebate. Traitor Blair offered to compromise on the rebate if France compromised on the CAP which they have refused to do.

So what's the difference? It's because we're not French or German. EU member states are supposed to be treated as equals. My arse.

Blair should resign

As if there weren't enough reasons for Traitor Blair to resign, Anoneumouse has found yet another one.

On the 8th of June, Simon Burns MP asked Traitor Blair "Will the Prime Minister tell us if the UK rebate is negotiable?"

Traitor Blair replied "The UK rebate will remain and we will not negotiate it away. Period."

As Anoneumouse points out, the Ministerial Code of Practice says of Ministers of the Crown:
it is of paramount importance that Ministers give accurate and truthful information to Parliament, correcting any inadvertent error at the earliest opportunity. Ministers who knowingly mislead Parliament will be expected to offer their resignation to the Prime Minister;
Last time I checked, the Prime Minister was a Minister of the Crown and it's pretty clear that he lied to Parliament. So, when can we expect to see his resignation?

Terry White resigns

The CEP reports that according to the Telegraph, Labour bigot Terry White has resigned.

He was 65 years of age and almost ready to retire. If he wasn't such a twat I could almost feel sorry for him. After all he was only regurgitating party policy, he just forgot that it's supposed to be a secret.

Welsh worries over English hospital

Source: BBC News

The Shrewsbury & Telford NHS Trust, which administers the Princess Royal Hospital (PRH) in Telford and Royal Shrewbury Hospital(RSH) in Shrewsbury, is a few million in debt and are looking to cut services.

One of the proposals is to downgrade one of the hospitals and only offer A&E at the other one. It is most likely going to be the Princess Royal in Telford that gets downgraded because, despite it being a fairly new hospital, it is badly equipped and has huges debts.

However, the Welsh aren't taking any chances and Glynn Davies AM has already scheduled a meeting with the Health Trust amid concerns that Welsh patients in Powys might have to travel to Telford for treatment if they decided to downgrade the RSH instead of the PRH.

Welsh First Minister, Rhodri Morgan, has even appointed someone to investigate.

I remember blogging about the Welsh using the RSH a few months ago. At the time it was discovered that the RSH was losing loads of money because they were obliged to treat Welsh patients but received a fraction of the money they would get for an English patient as the Welsh Assembly paid for the Welsh patients.

Perhaps the Welsh, if they are so concerned, could consider paying the going rate for a patient when they attend the RSH or perhaps even pay a premium as they are being treated outside of their own country - as they would were they to send their patients to, say, the United States.

While they're discussing ways of saving the A&E service at the RSH, they might consider forfeiting their portion of the £15bn of English taxes that are given away to the rest of the UK under the Barnett Formula so that the English NHS might have enough money to offer a similar level of care and treatment that is received in Scotland and Wales.

Mrs Carter please ...

I first heard this a few years ago and I still laugh every time I hear it.

I've done sales before and sometimes it's better just to give up.

Mrs Carter please ...

Stats, stats, stats

Yes, I know I'm obsessed with stats but I just can't get over how many visits I'm getting.

On Monday this week I had 656 unique visits. On wednesday I had 707 unique visits.

In November I had 18,303 unique visits.

I rely on word of mouth and linkage to attract visitors but I really don't understand why this many people come here. Tell me why!

I'm not complaining by the way, just looking for answers.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Racist murderers banged up

Two men have been convicted and jailed for the racist murder of Anthony Walker, a black school kid.

Personally, I would like to see them serve a proper life sentence - let them die in jail but they will be out in about 20 years.

I haven't seen any mention of the two Asians who kicked a white man to death and said something along the lines of "That'll teach the white bastard to interfere in paki business". Last I heard the judge was deciding whether it was racially motivated. Tough call that - when you're an Asian kicking someone to death, "white bastard" can mean so many things.

Terry White sacked?

Rumours abound that Labour bigot Terry White has been sacked.

Keep your eyes and ears pealed people, this will no doubt be done quietly.


Traitor Blair is prepared to reduce the UK's EU rebate by up to half to make sure the new 7 year budget is agreed upon before Britain passes on the EU presidency.

The UK has been blamed by virtually every other EU member state for the deadlock over the budget despite the fact that it is France's refusal to even entertain reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) that have proved to be the sticking point.

France receives billions in CAP subsidies and opposes any reform that will means its large, militant farming sector might have to farm for a living.

Up until recently I was firmly in favour of the EU, believing that the benefits to the economy outweighed the cost in terms of money and EU laws. Recently I have been undecided on what our future inside the EU should be as the ever increasing number of laws imposed on us from Brussels is becoming oppresive.

The only thing that I feel makes staying in the EU viable is the rebate we get, without which the contribution we make will be greater than any tangible benefits from being part of the union.

If any part of the rebate goes, then I'm joining the no camp.

The Sun fly English flag

The Sun followed up on yesterday's story by hoisting a huge Cross of St George opposite Labour Party offices.

It's a nice gesture but there's still no mention of the CEP who broke this story days ago.

Is it cuz I is black?

I had an email earlier on today and unfortunately I am unable to get at it at the moment because there is a problem with my host's mail server.

Anyway, the gist of it is, a film is being made of the Beowulf story.

Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon poem written in old-English and is the oldest piece of English literature known.

The film is being made in Africa. With black actors. Beowulf is the story of a germanic warrior prince set in Scandinavia.

There aren't that many black people in Scandinavia now, let alone 1,400 years ago. In fact, it is generally accepted that black people had not come into contact with Scandinavians at all by 600AD.

There is a blog campaigning against this film which can be found here.

Witanagemot Roundup #5

L'Ombre de l'Olivier has posted up the 5th edition of the Witanagemot blog roundup.

It must have taken hours so go and read it and make it all worthwhile.