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Friday, March 31, 2006

Clamping Cars

I found out today that the owner of the commercial park that the company I work for is located on has given permission to a company to clamp any cars parked on the access roads. There is enough office space for probably 2,000+ people and parking enough for half that at most.

Personally I don't park on the access road because I'm too lazy to walk and usually find a bit of grass on the car park I can squeeze into but for the life of me I can't find a single sign warning of parking restrictions or their intention to clamp cars. There are double yellow lines that, even if they weren't on a private road and therefore not worth the effort of painting, wouldn't be legally enforceable anyway.

Needless to say I will be leaving notes on any cars I see with tickets or clamps pointing out that there are no signs and that "any promise of fine or forfeiture before conviction is illegal and void" as per the Bill of Rights 1667.

Letter: Shropshire Star (CEP Shropshire)

Treatment has to be made fair

Shropshire girl Katie Morgan's mother has breast cancer and might benefit from Herceptin.

Unfortunately, Shropshire NHS Trust cannot afford to allow her to have it.
If she lived two miles further west, in Wales, she could get it.

But then every taxpayer in England is providing Wales with a subsidy.

Mrs Morgan's hopes lie with her MP, Owen Pater-son, who has taken up her coee.
Good man that he is, he will need help.

So can I suggest you write to your MP and/or the Secretary of State and demand fair and equitable treatment for all the United Kingdom's citizens.

Edward Higglnbottom
Shropshire Co-ordinator,
Campaign for an English

Letter from David Wright MP

Remember the email I sent to David Wright a week ago? He's normally very prompt so when I didn't see a yellow envelope on my doormat after a couple of days I thought he had decided not to reply to me. To my surprise, he has and here it is ...

Telford Constituency


30th March 2006
Mr Stuart Parr

Dear Stuart

Thank you for your e-mail of the 25th March. I prefer to reply by letter to constituents.

As you point out, there are some significant challenges facing the health economy in Shropshire due to the deficit position. I would however point out that waiting lists have gone down significantly and there are many more staff working in our local hospitals. I fully expect that we will see no change to A & E services at the PRH, which seems to be the main area of concern locally.

I know your view is that we can resolve all of our problems by creating an English parliament, and we will have to disagree on this.

I would be more than happy to meet you to discuss these matters. We could meet before or after your work hours on a Friday, so perhaps you will let me know when you are available by telephoning my Telford office on the number below.

Yours sincerely

David Wright

London (020) 7219 8331 Telford (01952) 507747

Ah, where to begin? Waiting lists are down. That's great but there are people being turned away for treatment because there's no money to treat them. Shropshire NHS is £30m in debt and we're giving away £100m a year to our neighbours in involuntary subsidies. Put two and two together David!

I don't recall saying that an English Parliament would solve all our problems but I admit I am of the opinion that it would solve a large number of them. I respect his right to have his own opinion on the subject but an ITV poll showed 95% support for an English Parliament and a BBC poll showed 74% support. Going on the results of that poll, it's reasonable to assume that three quarters of his constituents support an English Parliament and he was elected to represent their views, not his own.

I will naturally be taking him up on his offer to meet up - probably in 2 weeks time so I'll let you know what he says.

BBC survey on English national anthem

Don't get excited. The BBC commissioned a survey in which they asked whether England's national anthem should be God Save the Queen or Land of Hope and Glory. 55% of people said Land of Hope and Glory.

Quite why they offered only two options, both of which are British songs, is beyond me but at least is shows that the majority of people don't want God Save the Queen to be played as the English national anthem.

The CEP has been running a poll for some time now asking what England's national anthem should be and almost half of the votes have been for Jerusalem. Anthem4England also has a poll asking the same question.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Free Social Care for the Elderly?

A report has been released today recommending that all elderly people should be entitled to free social care without means testing.

I first heard about this on the BBC this morning which obviously did its best to confuse the issue by talking about the elderly throughout Britain and not just England which is where the problem lies.

Scotland and Wales already have free social care for the elderly without means testing paid for from English taxes. It is only in England that our elderly citizens are required to sell their homes to pay for their care if they have more than £20k in assets.

The report is right though, our elderly citizens should all get free social care - they've paid for it throughout their working lives. But why stop at just this? If we stopped subsidising our ungrateful scrounging neighbours we'd have billions of pounds extra to spend on services for ourselves rather than going without and paying for theirs.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More from Tesco

It seems that "Laura" does exist and she's been filling me in on why Tesco don't give a toss about England.
Thank you for your response.

Under no circumstances was I trying to insult your intelligence. I was simply informing you of the information that we have on our systems regarding your query.

Thank you for your constructive comments.
Don't mention it Laura but you've still not answered my questions and you have insulted my intelligence.
You wouldn't find a copy & pasted response to a complaint insulting?

The information you have is obviously out-of-date or intentionally misleading. Will nobody in Tesco answer my complaint or address any of the questions and points raised?
An hour or so later and she's replied.
Thank you for your email.

I feel that you queries have been addressed Mr Parr.

I am sorry that you are not satisfied.

You comments have been logged, there is nothing further that I can add.
Must have missed that email Laura because all you've done so far is talk crap at me.
With all due respect, my points haven't been answered have they?

I'll bullet what I'd like you to answer. If you don't want to answer them just say so.

1. If English produce can't be labelled as such because England is too big and diverse then why isn't this a problem when you're selling English supporters kits for the world cup or the rugby?

2. If you used to label English produce as English in the past, why can't you do it now? England hasn't grown in size.

3. When did your research show you that the union flag was identified with England and who did you ask? It can't have been in the last 3-4 years and in England.

4. You've got dedicated buying teams in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but not in England. Why? Aren't Tesco interested in buying English produce?

5. Your corporate responsibility section on your website says that you label the country of origin on 7,000 lines purchased in the UK. You don't label anything as English so does that mean you don't buy anything from England.

6. Why do you respond to complaints with a copy & paste response that doesn't actually answer the complaint and then act surprised when your response isn't felt to be acceptable?

You aren't obliged to answer my questions of course but I will be sharing the outcome of my correspondence with Tesco with quite a lot of people and right now it's not looking like a glowing report. Every little helps.
Every little helps - get it?
Thank you for your email.

1. A supporters kit is one product that is made in mass numbers in one factory, from one supplier and is of one design. Grocery products, by their nature, can come from various parts of the country and suppliers are therefore where possible the origin of the product is displayed. Therefore it, is not at all relevant to your point. In fact a football/rugby strip will probably be produced in a country such as Taiwan.

2. Customer feedback: the Union Jack flag was more recognised therefore we decided to use this.

3. Several years ago.

4. We have buyers in every country in the UK to test and source our products for our customers.

5. As above

6. As stated I was giving you the information I have available to me.
I need to have a little think about the best way to approach this now. They say they are basing their policy on a study that was carried out years ago. Education or complaint, I'm easy either way but I'm not sure which will be most effective. Any comments?

Email to David Wright MP

David Wright, my local MP, has become a bit lax in replying to me again so I thought I'd share this email I just sent him as it is unlikely that I will get a reply to post up later on.
Dear David Wright,

I am writing to you about two issues.

The first issue is the merging of our police forces into regional forces to comply with the EU's instructions to regionalise England.

What I am wondering is, if England has to have 10 regional forces to be able to be able to effectively police 50m people, why is Scotland keeping it's 8 forces for only 5m people? This is especially strange when Wales has to have one regional police force for 3m people.

The second issue is the Parliament Act. This piece of legislation is an affront to democracy and it needs reforming. I was rather hoping you would introduce an amendment to replace the clause that allows the Commons to bypass the Lords when they can't bully them into agreeing to a bill with a clause that requires the Commons to gain the permission of the electorate by way of a national referendum if they wish to bypass the Lords.

I'm sure you'll agree that this is far more democratic than the current arangements which means the British government cannot be effectively be opposed on any matter by the Lords because they always have the ability to overrule them.

Now, let me pre-empt your argument that the Commons are elected and therefore have the mandate of the people because only about a third of voters actually voted Labour in the last election and less than half the electorate voted so having a mandate from about 15% of the country doesn't give you the right to do what you want or to claim that you are reflecting the wishes of the people.

I appreciate that the Labour government relies somewhat on the Parliament Act to legislate, having used it more times since they came to power than every previous government combined, but if you really stand for democracy then you should be more than happy to introduce this amendment.

Actually, I know I said I was writing to you on two issues but I've just thought of something else. Would you please buy a thesaurus for the propoganda department and ask them to find another word for reform because I am getting sick of hearing the word. They could try using words like "fudge", "politicise", "break", "handicap", etc. instead of reform as they all mean the same thing in the end - politicise the police, break education, handicap the Lords, etc.

I look forward to hearing from you again soon (by email please).

Yours sincerely,

Stuart Parr

Lords cave in on ID Cards

The Lords put up a valiant fight but in the end, the prospect of a futile all-night sitting on the ID Cards bill with the end result being that the British government would use the Parliament Act to force the issue anyway, has convinced the Lords to cave in to pressure from the Commons and agree to a compromise.

The Leader of the Lords warned peers last week that the Commons would use the Parliament Act and that a compromise would have to be agreed.

The compromise the Lords have agreed to is that until 2010, people applying for a new passport or renewing an existing passport, will be able to opt-out of having an ID card. They will, however, still have to submit their biometric data and personal details to the National Identity Register whether they choose to have the card or not. The data on the register will be sold by the British government to private companies and there are no plans for you to be able to prevent your data being sold.

This compromise has only been reached because the British government is able to use the Parliament Act to force the bill into law without the consent of the Lords. The Parliament Act is an awful piece of legislation which enables the Commons to disregard any opposition in the House of Lords regardless of public opinion or the reasons why the Lords are opposing them. The Parliament Act is an affront to democracy and it must be amended so that if the Commons cannot get the consent of the Lords on a bill then they must get the consent of the people via a referendum.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Letter: Shropshire Star (not one of mine)

Formula is storing up various problems

Stuart Parr (Letters, March 4) makes some interesting points regarding the Barnett Formula, which has the effect of transferring government money from England to the other British nations.

This happens not only with the NHS but with care for the elderly and in higher education.

There is also evidence to suggest that public transport in Scotland is being subsidised at the expense of that of the rest of the country.

Our Minister of Transport, needless to add, represents a Scottish constituency.

I can't help feeling that as with so many other policies, the present Government has never really thought through the implications of settingup semi-autonomous assemblies in Wales and Scotland.

Already we are seeing a drop in applications to English universities as more students seek to attend Scottish ones where top-up fees are not levied.

Old people likely to need residential care are moving away from England to take advantage of the better deals on offer elsewhere in Britain.

As long as the differential increases between the benefits offered in England and those in the rest of Great Britain, the greater the emigration will be from England to where the benefits are better.

Not only will this put extra pressure on the education, health and social services of Wales and Scotland but it will tend to push property prices and rents even higher than they would otherwise be, pricing local people out of the market.

David Burton

Letter: Shropshire Star

Not sure if I incorrectly quoted the date 1667 for the Act of Union (which was actually 1707) or if the Shropshire Star got it wrong.

No English parliament since 1667

I read John Cross's letter the other day [Country's rights go back to Saxons) with great interest.

I thought it was a very well thought out and insightful letter.

However, I would just like to point out to John that there has been no English parliament since 1667 (actually, it's 1707).

The parliament sitting in Westminster is the Parliament of the United Kingdom, not England. In fact, even though 80 per cent of parliamentary time is devoted to England, there is a disproportionately high number of Scottish and Welsh representatives sitting in the British government so it couldn't even be considered an English parliament by default.

I had the good fortune to pass by the Magna Carta memorial at Runnymede recently although I didn't have a chance to stop and see it up close.

It seems a shame that laws such as the Magna Carta (which is still in force today, although mostly repealed) and Bill of Rights can last for hundreds of years, protecting the rights and freedoms of the English people only to be walked all over by disrespectful career politicians.

The Legal and Legislative Reform Bill would allow these same career politicians, some of whom are so jut of touch with reality they don't even notice their £300,000 mortgage being paid off, to repeal and amend the laws giving us our fundamental rights almost on a whim.

This is democracy New Labour style,

Stuart Parr

Monday, March 27, 2006


Just had this oh so familiar reply from Tesco ...
Thank you for your email.

We do not place the English flag on "English" produce because we have what we term generic core lines.

As Tesco view Scotland & Wales as "Regions" for the purposes of merchandising and to ensure we give the customers in these areas exactly what they expect and want (i.e. Welsh & Scottish people have loyalty to their own products), we like them to know that the products they are purchasing are from their own areas/countries hence the reason for the flag.

As I am sure customers can appreciate, it is more difficult to do this because of the sheer size and complexity of areas in England.

We did several years ago have the St. George Flag on produce, however from customer feedback the Union Jack flag was more recognised therefore we decided to use this.

Where a Union Jack flag is on the packaging we are now adding the County.

I hope this information has reassured you and goes some way towards clarifying our position.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at quoting TES1979747X.

Kind Regards

Laura Pollock
Tesco Customer Service
Sorry love, should have done some research yourself. I'm not your average punter griping about something and nor am I gulible enough to accept a shitty copy & pasted response and forget all about it.

Dear "Laura",

Please don't insult me with this copy & pasted standard response. I haven't contact you on a whim to complain - I did my research and spoke to other people who feel the same way. I have also now seen this same email word for word four times.

If you value me as a customer as much as you claim to why do you insult my intelligence with this claptrap?

Funny how England isn't too big to market as a single entity when you peddle England supporters kits during big football events like the World Cup. I gather you also plan to mark St Georges Day in store - will that be on a regional basis or England as a whole? Your explanation is absolute tosh and you know it.

England is a single nation, the only regions of England are those imposed by politicians who haven't lived in the real world that they wouldn't know how much a pint of milk costs or who Tracey Barlow is shacking up with on Coronation Street if their lives depended on it. It looks like the directors of Tesco need to come down from their ivory towers and start asking real people what they want.

Scotland is a nation of 5 million people, the indigenous population comprising two distinct genetic groups. How do you market things differently to Highland and Lowland Scots? They aren't just form a different part of Scotland, they are genetically different from each other. Do you market the Shetland Islands in the same way as, say, Glasgow? Surely they want different things being at opposite ends of the country and being completely different (culturally and genetically) from each other?

You say you changed the English flag to the British flag for English produce a few years ago - wasn't England too big to market then? To my knowledge it hasn't gotten any bigger recently. In fact, what with erosion of the coastlines it's a bit smaller now than it was this time last year. Have you had a look around to see what flags people have on their car number plates, flying from their homes, hanging from their rear view mirrors? Have you watched a football or rugby match in the last few years? When was the last time you saw an English person waving a Union Flag?

Your email and your attitude are a disgrace. I was offended before but I am doubly so now. I have shopped at Tesco for years and recommended it to friends and family. Not any more. My clubcard will be in the post in the next few days and to be frank, you can shove it where the sun doesn't shine (and I don't mean Finland).

From now on I will put off as many people from shopping at Tesco as I possibly can. Asda and Somerfield are evidently capable of marketing England as a single entity as they seem to manage to put the English flag on English produce. I'll take my custom to a supermarket that acknowledges the existence of my country and doesn't treat their customers with contempt.

Please feel free to send your own email to Tesco quoting the same reference number that they gave me and let them know that their pathetic attempt to fob us off isn't going to work.

Twat of the Week: Peter Arnold

This weeks vote was a two horse race from the beginning. Things were looking promising for Jacques until the last minute when, being a Frenchman, he decided to eat his horse and allowed Peter Arnold to gallop on to victory.

Peter Arnold wrote a charming letter to the editor of one of the local rags up there explaining that the English a mongrel race and that there is no such thing as England. Strangely, Mr Arnold forgot to mention in his letter that he was Councillor Peter Arnold, the Lib Dem leader of Newcastle City Council and a long time supporter of the North East Regional Assembly.

Jacques Chirac 38%8
Gordon Brown 14%3
Tony Blair 5%1
Rod Aldridge 0%0
Peter Arnold 43%9
21 votes total

An utter tosser and deserving Twat of the Week.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hoon warns Lords not to oppose ID Cards

The Right Dishonourable Geoff Hoon, leader of the House of Commons, has warned the House of Lords not to keep opposing ID Cards.

In a deliberately misleading statement Hoon said that ID Cards were part of the Labour Stazi manifesto and convention says that the Lords do not oppose a manifesto policy. What he fails to mention is the fact that their manifesto said they would be voluntary and forcing anyone who applies for a new passport form 2008 to submit their biometric data and personal details to the national ID register so that it can be sold on to private companies is not voluntary.

Hoon, along with the rest of the lying, dishonest, two-faced tossers on the front benches, knows perfectly well that the public are opposed to the ID register and opposed to compulsary ID cards.

The bill is now coming before the Lords for the fourth time in one session of parliament which means that the British government are now able to use the Parliament Act to force the law through without the consent of the Lords and there is little doubt that this is what will now happen.

Hoon has told the Lords that the Commons are the elected house and that they should not be opposed on this. I wonder if he has stopped to think why the Lords are making such an issue of this? Perhaps he thinks that they are just being difficult, flexing their muscle. It probably hasn't occured to him that the Lords are doing what is right - respecting and standing up for the wishes of the people in this country and opposing dangerous, invasive, undemocratic policies from the clowns in the Commons.

When will they listen? WE DON'T WANT ID CARDS! Give it up, get over it, move on. You've got another couple of years before your suitcases are dumped unceremoniously on the pavement outside Downing Street and you're all out of a job so rather than mark your departure with shitty legislation that is probably going to be repealed once you've lost the next election, why not do something that the people want and save us all a large wedge of our taxes? You are, after all, public servants.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Tories pressured to reveal lenders

The Labour Stazi Propoganda Department has been in overtime since the news that they have secretly received multi-million pound loans from people who were subsequently nominated for peerages and their companies given multi-billion pound contracts from the British government.

They have rushed through another law to stop it from happening again even though there is already a law against selling peerages.

Now they are pressuring the Tories to reveal who has given them loans even though there has been no suggestion that the Tories have been receiving secret loans or that they have done anything wrong in return for these loans.

Part of me says that if they've got nothing to hide then they should reveal their supporters but the bigger part of me says that they shouldn't. The people who loaned money to the Tories did so in the knowledge (and perhaps on the condition) that they would be anonymous. To reveal their names would be a breach of trust and, bearing in mind that it the Labour Stazi that are under scrutiny and not the Tories, unjustified.

The Labour donors were named because of the impropriety surrounding their loans and the peerage nominations and contacts they received in return. If anything comes of the police investigation into Traitor Blair's actions (which, on past history, it won't) then they would have been named anyway.

For once I think the Tories are right in keeping schtum over the loans. We have to remember who has been caught doing dodgy deals here.

Twat of the Week voting

Time for Twat of the Week voting and we've got some good candidates this week.

The old favourites, the Ignorant Jock and Traitor Blair are in there of course. They are joined by the French President Jacques Chirac who walked out of a conference because a French deligate decided to address the conference in English saying that it was the de facto language of business in Europe.

Two lesser known candidates are also in the running. Rod Aldridge was the CEO of Capita, the company that has the ID Cards contract (amongst others) from the Scottish Raj and also happens to be one of the stooges who got offered a peerage for loaning money to the Labour Stazi. Peter Arnold is the Lib Dem leader of Newcastle City Council who announced that there is no England and that the English are a mongrel race.

All worthy candidates but in the words of Freddie Mercury "fat bottomed girls are coming your way" "there can be only one" ...

Twat of the Week
Jacques Chirac
Gordon Brown
Tony Blair
Rod Aldridge
Peter Arnold
Free polls from

Email to Mark Pritchard MP

Email to Mark Pritchard MP.
Dear Mr Pritchard,

I have written to David Wright and thought it only fair to give you the same information and the opportunity to give your opinions.

I read in tonight's Shropshire Star that the local hospitals in Shropshire have had a reprieve and that they no longer face the threat of closure. However, I note that services will still be cut to save money.

I have been working out some figures and have attached an Excel spreadsheet with them in. The figures detail the amount of money Shropshire contributes to the subsidy of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland every year under the Barnett Formula. The figures are interesting and I wonder if you have ever found out exactly how much keeping our neighbours from bankruptcy costs your constituents.

In short, Shropshire contributes £100m per year to the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish subsidy via the Barnett Formula. Bearing in mind that the debt of Shropshire NHS is around £30m and it has a budget deficit of £60m, to pay £100m out for superior services in the rest of the UK that we are denied even if we are in those countries and then to cut our own services because there is no money left is remarkable don't you think?

The answer is, of course, a simple one and is in two parts.

Firstly, the Barnett Formula needs to be abolished and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland need to learn to cut their cloth to fit their pockets. The reason why they need so much money is because they can't seem to stop themselves giving things away to their people to secure a few votes. Perfectly understandable as career politicians have a lot to lose if they fail to win an election but I don't see why we should be paying for their publicity stunts. If we cut off the subsidy then they will have to learn to control their spending and become self-sufficient, just like we have to.

Secondly, England needs her own devolved parliament. Now I know you won't be keen on the idea as a Conservative because the party seems to have this bizarre belief that equal access to democracy will mean the end of the union but please do bear with me on this. Quite aside from the fact that recent polls show massive public support for an English parliament - ITV Teletext poll was 95% in favour and BBC poll is 74% in favour (please pass on my thanks to Lord Falconer for giving the Campaign for an English Parliament a much needed boost, much appreciated) - a devolved English government would take control of the English health service. Since Scotland and Wales took control of their own health budgets they have improved services no end. They have free prescriptions, free access to drugs such as Herceptin without having to beg for their lives only to be turned down, free eye tests, etc. An English parliament in control of its own budget would be able to allocate the necessary funds to the health service without having to rely on the benevolence of Ms Hewitt who has to act in the interests of the whole of the UK, not just England.

Now I'm not suggesting that we cut off the subsidy completely. The Scottish and Welsh administrations have learnt to rely on English taxes to bail them out and adjusting to a new regime of spending their own money instead of ours will be difficult. There may be occasions when they simply can't afford necessities and we will have to come to their rescue again. What I would like to see happen, though, is that we first pay our own bills and provide reasonable services to our own people before we start giving away our hard earned taxes. It's not as if they're actually grateful for the handouts either is it? Every year Plaid and the SNP complain that the Barnett Formula is so unfair to them - I wish someone would give me free money!

So, in summary, I suggest the Barnett Formula is scrapped and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland made to spend only the taxes raised in their own countries. Furthermore, I suggest a devolved English parliament which will bring fairness and equality to England and, most importantly, control our own budget. If, once we have paid our own bills, there is some money left over then we can offer some sort of subsidy to our friends in the north and west.

I know you're busy but I would appreciate more than 1 paragraph in response to this and I would urge you to use email rather than the postal service. Only tonight I read a report into the spiralling costs of postage in the public sector and an email doesn't cost anything to send and you'll be doing your bit for the enivronment because that Commons paper must take half a tree to make it, it's very heavy.

Kind regards,

Friday, March 24, 2006

Email to David Wright MP

Further to my post below about cuts to health services in Shropshire, a letter to my MP, David Wright ...
Dear David,

I trust this email finds you well?

Thank you for your recent letter. I have left a message on your answerphone to try and arrange a mutually convenient time to come and see you but nobody has called me back. Unfortunately I work full time so I can't attend your surgeries during weekdays. Would you please let me know when we can meet?

On to the subject of the hospitals. I read in tonight's Shropshire Star that the local hospitals in Shropshire have had a reprieve and that they no longer face the threat of closure. However, I note that services will still be cut to save money.

I have been working out some figures and have attached an Excel spreadsheet with them in. The figures detail the amount of money Shropshire contributes to the subsidy of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland every year under the Barnett Formula. The figures are interesting and I wonder if you have ever found out exactly how much keeping our neighbours from bankruptcy costs your constituents. My guess is that you haven't and that is the reason why you have always maintained that the Barnett Formula and lack of devolution in England is perfectly reasonable.

In short, Shropshire contributes £100m per year to the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish subsidy via the Barnett Formula. Bearing in mind that the debt of Shropshire NHS is around £30m and it has a budget deficit of £60m, to pay £100m out for superior services in the rest of the UK that we are denied even if we are in those countries and then to cut our own services because there is no money left is remarkable don't you think?

The answer is, of course, a simple one and is in two parts.

Firstly, the Barnett Formula needs to be abolished and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland need to learn to cut their cloth to fit their pockets. The reason why they need so much money is because they can't seem to stop themselves giving things away to their people to secure a few votes. Perfectly understandable as career politicians have a lot to lose if they fail to win an election but I don't see why we should be paying for their publicity stunts. If we cut off the subsidy then they will have to learn to control their spending and become self-sufficient, just like we have to.

Secondly, England needs her own devolved parliament. Now I know you aren't keen on the idea but please do bear with me on this. Quite aside from the fact that recent polls show massive public support for an English parliament - ITV Teletext poll was 95% in favour and BBC poll is 74% in favour (please pass on my thanks to Lord Falconer for giving the Campaign for an English Parliament a much needed boost, much appreciated) - a devolved English government would take control of the English health service. Since Scotland and Wales took control of their own health budgets they have improved services no end. They have free prescriptions, free access to drugs such as Herceptin without having to beg for their lives only to be turned down, free eye tests, etc. An English parliament in control of its own budget would be able to allocate the necessary funds to the health service without having to rely on the benevolence of Ms Hewitt who has to act in the interests of the whole of the UK, not just England.

Now I'm not suggesting that we cut off the subsidy completely. The Scottish and Welsh administrations have learnt to rely on English taxes to bail them out and adjusting to a new regime of spending their own money instead of ours will be difficult. There may be occasions when they simply can't afford necessities and we will have to come to their rescue again. What I would like to see happen, though, is that we first pay our own bills and provide reasonable services to our own people before we start giving away our hard earned taxes. It's not as if they're actually grateful for the handouts either is it? Every year Plaid and the SNP complain that the Barnett Formula is so unfair to them - I wish someone would give me free money!

So, in summary, I suggest the Barnett Formula is scrapped and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland made to spend only the taxes raised in their own countries. Furthermore, I suggest a devolved English parliament which will bring fairness and equality to England and, most importantly, control our own budget. If, once we have paid our own bills, there is some money left over then we can offer some sort of subsidy to our friends in the north and west.

I know you're busy but I would appreciate more than 1 paragraph in response to this and I would urge you again to use email rather than the postal service. Only tonight I read a report into the spiralling costs of postage in the public sector and an email doesn't cost anything to send and you'll be doing your bit for the enivronment because that Commons paper must take half a tree to make it, it's very heavy.

Kind regards,

Shropshire Hospitals get reprieve

Shropshire's hospitals have been given a repieve following months of threatened closures and downgrading of services to pay crippling debts and plug a growing deficit.

Shropshire NHS is over £30m in debt and has a budget deficit of £60m and mooted the idea of closing the smaller hospitals in the county to try and cut costs.

There are two main hospitals in Shropshire - the Princess Royal in Telford and the Royal Shrewsbury in (believe it or not) Shrewsbury - and a number of smaller hospitals in outlying areas. As the most rural county in England, the rural hospitals provide a valuable service. Without them, patients in South Shropshire would face an hours drive to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital for some things as the Princess Royal doesn't offer the same services.

A large protest took place recently in Bridgnorth, the home of one of the threatened hospitals, in which thousands of people turned up to protest.

Shropshire Primary Care Ttust has now said that it will have to cut some services to save money but it has ruled out closing the four smaller hospitals.

One question remains unanswered though, by local MP's, the British government, Shropshire NHS and the press. That question is why, when the county NHS service is £30m in debt and has a budget deficit of £60m, are we still expected to contribute nearly £65m to the Scottish subsidy alone every year and over £100m in total to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? I don't have a problem helping out our neighbours if they're short of cash but not at the expense of services here and certainly not to provide them with a superior health service (Herceptin, for example) to our own.

Breakdown of the figures: html | xls

Twat of the Week nominations

Time flies when you're having fun taking a bung - just ask Princess Tony.

Time to send in your nominations for this weeks Twat of the Week Award. Usual methods apply - leave a comment or contact me.

Boycott Tesco?

Tesco don't sell produce with the English flag on because Scottish and Welsh people are loyal to their produce and England is too big. Not too big to put the British flag on English produce but too big to put the English flag on English produce.

Tesco obviously have a fair number of enquiries about this because they actually have a standard copy + paste response they send out.

Perhaps a boycott is in order? Will you boycott Tesco until they put the English flag on English produce?

At the request of a certain pointy-hatted blogger, I've added a third option to the poll which means the existing 6 votes (all of which said yes) have been lost. Sorry about that. Please address any complaints to Blue Witch, Painful & Embarassing Spells Department, The Coven, Blogland.

Boycott Tesco until they put the English flag on English produce?
I have already seen the light and already boycott Tesco as I realised long ago that they are a company with no morals or ethics and are just out to make as much money as possible, no matter what the cost to the producers, consumers, their employees, the environment, local communities, or the country.
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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The scum jump on the bandwagon

If you ever needed evidence that the BNP were backwards knuckle draggers with half an ounce of wit between them, you need look no further than this.

The Campaign for an English Parliament's Cambridgeshire Branch has been on the back of Tesco over this for ages and a couple of days after the national CEP blog takes up the story, the BNP mysteriously turn up a letter from one of their members asking the same questions.

The CEP really need to drive that bandwagon a bit faster if they want to stop the BNP from latching on.

Letter: Shropshire Star (CEP Shropshire)

Bill would undo our history of democracy

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill No 111.

As I understand the provisions of this proposed piece of pernicious legislation, it is effectively an "Enabling Bill" which, if passed, will have far reaching constitutional consequences.

It appears to be a way of allowing laws to be amended and/or created by ministers, not Parliament, making MPs effectively redundant.

The most prominent user of such legislation in the past was Adolf Hitler.

The current New Labour Government has already destroyed much of our democracy, which took a thousand years to carefully construct. They must not be allowed to complete their apparent plan to create an anti-democracy state.

I urge everyone to write to their MP urging them to resist the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill No 111. If they do not, every elector will effectively be disenfranchised by inaction.

Edward Higglnbottom
Co-ordinator, Shropshire
Branch of Campaign for an
English Parliament

Letter: Express & Star (CEP Shropshire)

 Lord Falconer, the Lord Chancellor (who incidentally is the head of the judiciary in England) made a speech on Friday March 10 about constitutional reform in which he extolled the virtues of devolution to his native Scotland.

Evidently the greatest benefit from this has been that it has stopped the drift of votes from Labour to the Scottish National Party.

He denounced the very idea of an English Parliament because he reckoned it would lead to a break up of the United Kingdom which, though he did not say it, would of course mean an end to the English taxpayers subsidising Scotland to the tune of £8 billion a year, and rising.

So, basically, he and his colleagues are happy to continue to practice apartheid against the people of England who they treat as third class citizens within what is supposedly the United Kingdom.

This situation will of course only change if the people of England stand up for themselves, no-one else will.

Edward Higginbottom, Co-ordinator, Shropshire Branch of the Campaign for an English Parliament, Hanwood, Shrewsbury.

Budget gift for Scotland

North Britain has received an £87m increase in funding from yesterdays budget. The increases will be met from English taxes naturally. Not bad for a country with a population of 5m.

Meanwhile, the English will be getting increased taxes to pay for it all.

Thanks Gordon.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Letter: Shropshire Star (CEP Shropshire)

Drug must be given to all of UK

Further to the letter by Stuart Parr concerning the cancer drug Herceptin.

The Welsh Assembly has recently announced that all women in Wales will be prescribed the drug, where needed, on the NHS, but the British government still refuses to fund the drug for women in England.

Instead, the decision will be left to the relevant PCTs, all of whom are millions of pounds in debt and simply cannot afford it on the meagre funding allocated to England. The English tax payer is now funding this life-saving drug for women in Scotland and Wales, while their own wives, sisters, daughters and mothers are considered not worthy of the cost by Gordon Brown the Scottish Chancellor.

Della Petch
East Yorkshire

Letter: Shropshire Star (not one of mine)

Councils not really for people

The publication of the tenth year of rises in council tax, up and above the annual rate of inflation, is classed as "social justice" by egalitarian Labour politicians, but to the ever-suffering council tax payers it is a continuing stealth tax to fund local pet projects or to employ co-religionists on an epic scale.

Further still, this 84 per cent rise since 1997 is purely an English phenomenon, as the equivalent Scottish bills have risen by a mere 40 per cent. This blatant and deeply undemocratic transfer of funds from England to Scotland is another example of dogmatic socialist re-distribution of wealth.

There appears to be ever increasing numbers of nonproductive council employees with gold-plated pensions, holiday entitlements and guaranteed sickies. The only way to make serious in-roads into this excessive council spending is to sack people.

A simple internal audit of what services councils provide and what actually is needed to provide them, would surely supply a certain cut in council taxes.

How many so-called local councillors have been floated in from other areas for political purposes? Unfortunately, councils now appear to exist solely for the benefit of the people they employ, rather than for that of the people they serve.

CO Jones

Letter: Shropshire Star (not one of mine)

Parliament could sit in derelict factory

I, like your correspondents Messrs Parr and Higginbottom, object to English matters being determined by Scottish and Welsh MPs and also English departments being presided over by Scots.

Lord Baker is attempting to introduce a Bill through Parliament to prevent Scottish and Welsh members from voting on English-only affairs. It will probably not run far because this Government could not exist without Scottish and Welsh support.

However, it may highlight the plight that English voters are in.

The Westminster Parliament is originally an English institution which the Scottish Parliament, after several months debate voted to join, by the Act of Union, mainly because their own country was bankrupt.

So why should we give up pur Parliament for them? It is ours and we should keep it for England. Then if, as Edward Higginbottom suggests, we have a separate parliament for matters concerning the whole of the UK, it could be located in a much more central position, such as Doncaster where there are a lot of empty factory units that could be converted.

Those key departments and ministers could then move north, benefit from cheaper housing and spread a little prosperity.

My desire to see England self governing in no way detracts from the immense contribution made by Scots, Welsh and Irish. I only wish we hnd the same control over our affairs and can see no benefit in the break-up of the English kingdom into the regions being attempted by this Government.

John T Thornicroft
Market Drayton

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dutch tighten immigration

The Dutch have tightened immigration controls in an attempt to ry and stem the influx of Turkish migrants.

The new controls mean immigrants will have take a gruealling citizenship test to show that they understand Dutch culture and can speak the language before they are allowed to settle there.

BBC News interviewed some Turkish immigrants who said that the language test was too hard. How can they expect to cope with life in the Netherlands if they can't speak the language? They also interviewed a Turkish man who still lives in Turkey but whose wife is in the Netherlands already. He wants to join her but he was complaining that the test was too expensive and some of the images on the accompanying DVD were inappropriate. He was specifically referring to the bit that talks about gay marriages and topless beaches - both of which are abhorrent to muslims of course. He said that if any of his friends saw him near a topless beach they would have no respect for him. Not quite sure why this stops his from learning enough about Dutch culture and language to be able to live there and integrate but the BBC obviously thought it had some relevance.

If only the collaborators in charge here had the balls to introduce something similar.

Dishonest, Anglophobic and Racist

Councillor Peter Arnold, the Liberal Democrat leader of Newcastle City Council, wrote a lovely letter to the Independent explaining that there is "no such thing as England".

Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course but some people might think it a little strange that Councillor Peter Arnold should sign his letter simply "Peter Arnold" giving people the impression that he is just a member of the public and not regurgitating party politics.

Councillor Arnold said that Scotland, Wales and Ireland are "fairly homogenous" but England is "the genuine mongrel nation". I wasn't aware that the Lib Dems had borrowed the BNP's racial purity policies but it would appear that at least one of their members has.

I would have thought there was a good chance of Councillor Arnold getting booted out of the Lib Dems for his racism and deceit but he's managed to save his skin, I think, with this classic quotation from the Little Yellow Book of Lefty Liberalism:

"I regard myself first and foremost as a Northumbrian, then as British, and finally as European. Here in the North-East we only began to be part of the nation after 1603. Before that, the independent kingdoms of England and Scotland played havoc with the area, and used it (and abused us) for their own dynastic ends. I have no loyalty to England."

Newcastle is an English city and it was English people living in England that voted for Councillor Arnold in the first place. Lets hope the people of Newcastle get this dishonest, Anglophobic racist out of public office when the next election comes round.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Twat of the Week: Tony Blair

Well, the traitor had this sewn up from about an hour into the voting.

Our glorious leader has bucked the Labour Stazi trend and actually managed to field more English votes than the opposition.

I would like to take this opportunity to deny the rumours that I rigged the poll so that Traitor Blair would win and to let you know that you are all welcome to join me at Westminster Palace when I receive my Barony.

The final results were:

Tony Blair 56%10
Ian Blair 17%3
David Milliband 6%1
David Cameron 11%2
Charles Clarke 6%1
Tessa Jowell 0%0
David Blunkett 0%0
Gordon Brown 6%1
18 votes total

The clear winner is "Honest" Tone, the embodiment of proprietry, defender of the morals of the Labour Party and all round nice guy. Oh, did I mention the fact he was a crook?

Traitor Blair, it gives me great pleasure to announce you as this weeks Twat of the Week.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Council Tax and Free School Meals

We had the council tax bill through the other day, stuffed full of propoganda. A couple of interesting snippets.
Every year we're asked why the council tax goes up by more than the rate of inflation. This is because many of the services we deliver - like care for elderly and vulnerable adults, placements for looked-after children, construction costs and other factors that don't appear in the headline rate of inflation - cost more and more each year.
Lovely, so we can expect double-inflation rate increases indefinitely while wages and pensions average at less than the rate of inflation? So when will it stop? When every taxpayer is in prison for non-payment? Here's a suggestion - stop wasting money on services that only benefit a small minority of people. Stop funding tea parties for the gay and lesbian club. Stop funding "community leaders" for minority groups. Stop pissing money up the wall trying to slow every motorist in Telford down to 20 miles per f**king hour!

Another leaflet gives an insight into what our council taxes is being wasted on:

Free School Meals

If you are in receipt of:
  • Income Support or Income Based Jobseekers Allowance, or
  • Maximum Child Tax Credits, and have an annual taxable income of less than £14,155 and, if in work, do not work more than 16 hours per week
  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 and
  • You have a child aged between four years eight months and 19 years old, who is attending a school or college in the Telford & Wrekin area, your child may be entitled to receive free school meals.
Let me just get this right. You either have to be unemployed, in receipt of tax credits and working less than 16 hours for less than £14k a year (I want one of those jobs) or an asylum seeker.

I have 4 young kids, I work full time, my wife is about to start working full time next month but because we aren't lazy-assed Albanian rent-a-brides we have to pay our own way and subsidise the aforementioned lazy-assed Albanian rent-a-brides and subsidise North Britain and West Britain and pay above-inflation council tax increases for the rest of our lives.

If England wasn't the finest nation on the face of the earth I'd be on the next people-trafficking banana boat out of here.

Twat of the Week voting

Ok, time to vote for this weeks Twat of the Week.

Before you vote, I thought I'd share this email with you:

Please insert this person (Tony Blair) every week until he resigns. Once this has happens please insert ( Gordon Brown or Tessa Jowell or David Blunket or please refer to the house of commons register of Labour MP's for the rest and insert as required)

I thank you

How could I resist?

Twat of the Week
Tony Blair
Ian Blair
David Milliband
David Cameron
Charles Clarke
Tessa Jowell
David Blunkett
Gordon Brown
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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Frustrating the will of the people

The Sweaty Baboon, Charles Clarke, has said that the Lords should stop "frustrating the will of the people" over both the ID Cards Bill and the Terrorism Bill.

What shocking arrogance. The Sweaty Baboon knows damn well that the majority of the people in this country are opposed to compulsary ID Cards, the National ID Register, the Terrorism Bill, Regional Police Forces and pretty much everything else that's uttered forth from his stupid furry cake hole.

The Lords know that these pieces of legislation are fundamentally bad and that public opinion is wholly against the proposals and that is why they have amended and opposed the bills.

Charles Clarke has absolutely no right to speak of frustrating the will of the people when he is completely aware of the fact that the people don't want his proposals.

St Georges Day petition

Charles Wells Brewery, makers of Bombadier beer, have a St Geroges Day petition in association with the Telegraph.

Charles Wells Brewery is a Friend of England.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Cutting services is so exciting!

My father-in-law currently goes to a day care centre in Stirchley two mornings a week. He's physically disabled and deaf and the two mornings a week he goes there give him an opportunity to mix with other people and for my mother-in-law to get a break from being his full time carer.

The centre is due to close shortly for refurbishment and when it opens it will become a coffee shop. They will no longer offer any respite care or be taking disabled people to the gym or any of the other services they currently offer.

Last week there was an article in the Shropshire Star about Telford & Wrekin spending millions on imporving services for the disabled. It appeared the day before we found out what they were doing to the day care centre in Stirchley.

I contacted the Shropshire Star and they spoke to my mother-in-law and the council and ran the story last night with some truly bizarre quotes from the council spokeswoman about how closing it would improve services and how exciting it was because it was all going to be great.

Next to that story there was another one about Telford & Wrekin crying out for people to act as carers for disabled people because there is a shortage of services for the disabled! They will pay up to £307 per week for someone to care part time for a disabled person. My mother-in-law cares for her husband 24/7 and gets £40 per week.

The council have said that they will pay someone directly to come and fetch my father-in-law and take him to the gym or swimming but he won't have the opportunity to go to a day care centre and mix with other people. Presumably it would be one of the aforementioned £307 per week carers they want to recruit.

Can somebody please tell me how this is an improved service because to me it looks like a complete pile of sh*te.

NI "fast losing patience" over devolution

Source: BBC News

Sir Reg Empey, the leader of the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), has told an American press club that the US and Northern Irish voters are "fast losing patience" and "patience is ebbing" over devolution in Northern Ireland.

Point 1: what the f**k has it got to do with the US whether the British government restores the devolved assembly in Northern Ireland?

Point 2: England hasn't even been given the choice of devolution yet so they should think themselves lucky that it's even on the agenda.

Lend us a Tenner Tone

It appears I had underestimated the extent of the loans that Labour have received.

They have received almost £14m in loans, £10m of which is yet to be accounted for. Nearly £4m has apparently been loaned by three people who were subsequently offered peerages by Traitor Blair.

It does sound slightly suspicious but Princess Tony did say sorry and er, it won't happen again. So that's ok then.

This is wonkotblair reporting from Fidel Castro's yacht spending the proceeds of last night's bank robbery.*

* God told me to do it, sorry and it won't happen again.

Lords Reject ID Cards for 3rd time

The Lords have rejected the ID Cards bill for the 3rd time making the use of the Parliament Act to force it through a pretty much foregone conclusion.

The England Project laments the fall of the Lords and the abuse of democracy the Parliament Act enables.

Anthem 4 England

Anthem 4 England is back up and running after a minor disaster with the database.

I'm changing my name to Blair

First Ian Blair manages to keep hold of his job despite serious misconduct, lying repeatedly and breaking the law. Now Traitor Blair seems to be pulling off the Teflon job of the year over the revelations that the Labour Stazi has been accepting tens of thousands of pounds worth of loans which he knew about but kept secret from the party treasurer.

This, on top of everything else the traitor has done in the past few years (including the illegal invasion of Iraq), leads me to only one conclusion - the only way to put yourself above the law is to change your name to Blair.

Just call me wonkotblair from now on.

Twat of the Week Nominations

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

West Midlands City Region

I called Democratic Services at Telford & Wrekin Council today to ask for a copy of the proposal for the West Midlands City Region that Frater the Traitor has secretly sold Telford to.

They told me they don't have a copy which I personally find a bit strange as they must have had sight of the proposal to agree to it in the first place.

I expressed my concern that there has been no public consultation and that the decision has been taken in secret without the consent of the people of Telford. I asked if there were any plans for consultation and was told "Ummmm, I don't know. Birmingham is the lead authority on this so you'd be better of asking them".

Right, so Telford will be asking Birmingham if they should hold public consultation? I asked the man at the council this and he said "Ummmm, I don't know. Birmingham will probably have a better idea".

I pointed out that if Birmingham want to hold a consultation or not then that is their decision and that Telford is still independent of Birmingham at the moment and that Telford should make the decision. So will there be any consultation do you think? "Ummmm, I don't know".

When I first asked for the document he didn't know whether they had a copy or, indeed, that the announcement had been made. I pointed out that it was his department that announced it much to his surprise. I managed to get in a sarcastic comment about Democratic Services announcing it when the secret decision wasn't exactly democratic.

The poor chap didn't seem to be very good at dealing with sarcastic people so I gave him some more. He didn't seem keen on commenting over the similarity of the words "Frater" and "Traitor" so I didn't press him.

He also wasn't aware that the plan is for the City Regions to have tax raising powers nor that it was a political idea - he was under the impression it was merely economical. He also wasn't aware that it was Labour party policy and seemed to be under the impression that there was even the faintest possibility of the British government rejecting it. Poor deluded fool.

Obviously I set him straight on this and a few other points on the subject of regional government, Labour, Telford & Wrekin Council and the death of England at the hands of regionalists.

To his credit, he phoned me back to give me more information even after I gave him so much shit the first time round. It wasn't particularly useful but 10/10 for effort and persistence though.

Next phone call is to Birmingham City Council.

Education Bill Part 3

The following is a list of MP's that voted on the Education Bill last night. The top half of the list are those who voted in favour and the bottom half (in italics) voted against.

MP's with Scottish constituencies are blue, Welsh are green and Northern Irish are red.

31 of 40 (77.5%) MP's with Welsh constituencies voted , 42 of 59 (71.2%) MP's with Scottish constituencies voted and 9 of 18 (50%) MP's with Northern Irish constituencies voted (5 constituencies are held Sinn Féin who don't send MP's to Westminster - 69.2% adjusted).

I have included contact details for MP's with Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish constituencies and their party follows their name.

(L) = Labour
(C) = Conservative
(LD) = Liberal democrat

Afriyie, Adam
Ainger, Nick (L)
Ainsworth, rh Mr. Bob
Ainsworth, Mr. Peter
Alexander, rh Mr. Douglas (L)
Allen, Mr. Graham
Amess, Mr. David
Anderson, Mr. David
Anderson, Janet
Arbuthnot, rh Mr. James
Armstrong, rh Hilary
Atkins, Charlotte
Austin, Mr. Ian
Bacon, Mr. Richard
Bailey, Mr. Adrian
Baird, Vera
Baldry, Tony
Balls, Ed
Banks, Gordon (L)
Barker, Gregory
Barlow, Ms Celia
Baron, Mr. John
Barron, rh Mr. Kevin
Battle, rh John
Bayley, Hugh
Beckett, rh Margaret
Begg, Miss Anne (L)
Bell, Sir Stuart
Bellingham, Mr. Henry
Benn, rh Hilary
Benton, Mr. Joe
Benyon, Mr. Richard
Bercow, John
Beresford, Sir Paul
Berry, Roger
Binley, Mr. Brian
Blackman, Liz
Blackman-Woods, Dr. Roberta
Blair, rh Mr. Tony
Blears, rh Hazel
Blizzard, Mr. Bob
Blunkett, rh Mr. David
Blunt, Mr. Crispin
Bone, Mr. Peter
Borrow, Mr. David S.
Boswell, Mr. Tim
Bottomley, Peter
Bradshaw, Mr. Ben
Brady, Mr. Graham
Brazier, Mr. Julian
Brennan, Kevin (L)
Brokenshire, James
Brown, rh Mr. Gordon (L)
Brown, Lyn
Brown, rh Mr. Nicholas
Brown, Mr. Russell (L)
Browne, rh Mr. Des (L)
Browning, Angela
Bryant, Chris (L)
Buck, Ms Karen
Burden, Richard
Burnham, Andy
Burns, Mr. Simon
Burrowes, Mr. David
Burt, Alistair
Butler, Ms Dawn
Butterfill, Sir John
Byers, rh Mr. Stephen
Byrne, Mr. Liam
Cairns, David (L)
Cameron, rh Mr. David
Campbell, Mr. Alan
Campbell, Mr. Gregory (DUP)
Carswell, Mr. Douglas
Cash, Mr. William
Cawsey, Mr. Ian
Challen, Colin
Chapman, Ben
Chaytor, Mr. David
Clappison, Mr. James
Clark, Greg
Clark, Paul
Clarke, rh Mr. Charles
Clarke, rh Mr. Kenneth
Clwyd, rh Ann (L)
Coaker, Mr. Vernon
Coffey, Ann
Conway, Derek
Cooper, Rosie
Cooper, Yvette
Cousins, Jim
Cox, Mr. Geoffrey
Crabb, Mr. Stephen (C)
Creagh, Mary
Cunningham, Mr. Jim
Cunningham, Tony
Curry, rh Mr. David
Curtis-Thomas, Mrs. Claire
Darling, rh Mr. Alistair (L)
David, Mr. Wayne (L)
Davies, David T.C. (Monmouth) (C)
Davies, Mr. Quentin
Davis, rh David (Haltemprice and Howden)
Dean, Mrs. Janet
Denham, rh Mr. John
Devine, Mr. Jim (L)
Dismore, Mr. Andrew
Djanogly, Mr. Jonathan
Dodds, Mr. Nigel (DUP)
Donaldson, Mr. Jeffrey M. (DUP)
Donohoe, Mr. Brian H.
Doran, Mr. Frank
Dorries, Mrs. Nadine
Dowd, Jim
Duddridge, James
Duncan, Mr. Alan
Duncan Smith, rh Mr. Iain
Dunne, Mr. Philip
Eagle, Angela
Eagle, Maria
Ellman, Mrs. Louise
Ellwood, Mr. Tobias
Engel, Natascha
Ennis, Jeff
Evans, Mr. Nigel
Evennett, Mr. David
Fabricant, Michael
Fallon, Mr. Michael
Field, rh Mr. Frank
Field, Mr. Mark
Fitzpatrick, Jim
Flello, Mr. Robert
Flint, Caroline
Follett, Barbara
Foster, Mr. Michael (Worcester)
Foster, Michael Jabez (Hastings and Rye)
Fox, Dr. Liam
Francis, Dr. Hywel (L)
Francois, Mr. Mark
Fraser, Mr. Christopher
Gapes, Mike
Gardiner, Barry
Garnier, Mr. Edward
Gauke, Mr. David
George, rh Mr. Bruce
Gibb, Mr. Nick
Gillan, Mrs. Cheryl
Gilroy, Linda
Goggins, Paul
Goodman, Helen
Goodman, Mr. Paul
Goodwill, Mr. Robert
Gove, Michael
Gray, Mr. James
Grayling, Chris
Green, Damian
Greening, Justine
Greenway, Mr. John
Grieve, Mr. Dominic
Griffith, Nia (L)
Griffiths, Nigel (L)
Gummer, rh Mr. John
Gwynne, Andrew
Hague, rh Mr. William
Hain, rh Mr. Peter (L)
Hall, Mr. Mike
Hall, Patrick
Hammond, Mr. Philip
Hammond, Stephen
Hands, Mr. Greg
Hanson, Mr. David (L)
Harman, rh Ms Harriet
Harper, Mr. Mark
Harris, Mr. Tom (L)
Hayes, Mr. John
Heald, Mr. Oliver
Healey, John
Heathcoat-Amory, rh Mr. David
Hendrick, Mr. Mark
Hendry, Charles
Hepburn, Mr. Stephen
Heppell, Mr. John
Herbert, Nick
Hesford, Stephen
Hewitt, rh Ms Patricia
Hill, rh Keith
Hillier, Meg
Hoban, Mr. Mark
Hodge, rh Margaret
Hodgson, Mrs. Sharon
Hoey, Kate
Holloway, Mr. Adam
Hood, Mr. Jimmy (L)
Hoon, rh Mr. Geoffrey
Hope, Phil
Horam, Mr. John
Howarth, rh Mr. George
Howarth, Mr. Gerald
Howells, Dr. Kim (L)
Hughes, rh Beverley
Hunt, Mr. Jeremy
Hurd, Mr. Nick
Hutton, rh Mr. John
Iddon, Dr. Brian
Ingram, rh Mr. Adam (L)
Irranca-Davies, Huw (L)
Jackson, Mr. Stewart
James, Mrs. Siân C.
Jenkin, Mr. Bernard
Jenkins, Mr. Brian
Johnson, Mr. Boris
Johnson, Ms Diana R.
Jones, Mr. David (C)
Jones, Mr. Kevan
Jones, Mr. Martyn (L)
Jowell, rh Tessa
Joyce, Mr. Eric (L)
Kaufman, rh Sir Gerald
Kawczynski, Daniel
Keeble, Ms Sally
Keeley, Barbara
Keen, Ann
Kelly, rh Ruth
Kemp, Mr. Fraser
Kennedy, rh Jane
Key, Robert
Khabra, Mr. Piara S.
Khan, Mr. Sadiq
Kidney, Mr. David
Kirkbride, Miss Julie
Knight, rh Mr. Greg
Knight, Jim
Kumar, Dr. Ashok
Ladyman, Dr. Stephen
Laing, Mrs. Eleanor
Lait, Mrs. Jacqui
Lammy, Mr. David
Lancaster, Mr. Mark
Lansley, Mr. Andrew
Laxton, Mr. Bob
Lazarowicz, Mark (L)
Lepper, David
Letwin, rh Mr. Oliver
Levitt, Tom
Lewis, Mr. Ivan
Lewis, Dr. Julian
Liddell-Grainger, Mr. Ian
Lidington, Mr. David
Lilley, rh Mr. Peter
Linton, Martin
Loughton, Tim
Love, Mr. Andrew
Lucas, Ian (L)
MacDougall, Mr. John (L)
Mackay, rh Mr. Andrew
Mackinlay, Andrew
Maclean, rh David
MacShane, rh Mr. Denis
Mactaggart, Fiona
Mahmood, Mr. Khalid
Main, Anne
Malik, Mr. Shahid
Malins, Mr. Humfrey
Mallaber, Judy
Mann, John
Maples, Mr. John
Marris, Rob
Marsden, Mr. Gordon
Marshall, Mr. David (L)
Martlew, Mr. Eric
Mates, rh Mr. Michael
Maude, rh Mr. Francis
May, rh Mrs. Theresa
McAvoy, rh Mr. Thomas (L)
McCabe, Steve
McCarthy, Kerry
McCarthy-Fry, Sarah
McCartney, rh Mr. Ian
McCrea, Dr. William (DUP)
McDonagh, Siobhain
McDonnell, Dr. Alasdair (SDLP)
McFadden, Mr. Pat
McFall, rh Mr. John (L)
McGovern, Mr. Jim (L)
McGuire, Mrs. Anne (L)
McIntosh, Miss Anne
McIsaac, Shona
McKechin, Ann (L)
McKenna, Rosemary (L)
McLoughlin, rh Mr. Patrick
McNulty, Mr. Tony
Meale, Mr. Alan
Mercer, Patrick
Merron, Gillian
Michael, rh Alun (L)
Milburn, rh Mr. Alan
Miliband, rh Mr. David
Miliband, Edward
Miller, Andrew
Miller, Mrs. Maria
Milton, Anne
Mitchell, Mr. Andrew
Moffat, Anne
Moffatt, Laura
Mole, Chris
Moon, Mrs. Madeleine (L)
Moran, Margaret
Morden, Jessica (L)
Morley, Mr. Elliot
Moss, Mr. Malcolm
Mountford, Kali
Mullin, Mr. Chris
Munn, Meg
Murphy, Mr. Denis
Murphy, Mr. Jim (L)
Murphy, rh Mr. Paul (L)
Murrison, Dr. Andrew
Naysmith, Dr. Doug
Newmark, Mr. Brooks
Norris, Dan
O'Brien, Mr. Mike
O'Brien, Mr. Stephen
O'Hara, Mr. Edward
Olner, Mr. Bill
Osborne, Mr. George
Osborne, Sandra (L)
Ottaway, Richard
Paice, Mr. James
Paisley, rh Rev. Ian (DUP)
Palmer, Dr. Nick
Paterson, Mr. Owen
Pearson, Ian
Pelling, Mr. Andrew
Penning, Mike
Penrose, John
Pickles, Mr. Eric
Plaskitt, Mr. James
Pope, Mr. Greg
Pound, Stephen
Prentice, Bridget
Prescott, rh Mr. John
Primarolo, rh Dawn
Prisk, Mr. Mark
Pritchard, Mark
Prosser, Gwyn
Purnell, James
Rammell, Bill
Randall, Mr. John
Raynsford, rh Mr. Nick
Redwood, rh Mr. John
Reed, Mr. Andy
Reed, Mr. Jamie
Reid, rh John (L)
Rifkind, rh Sir Malcolm
Robathan, Mr. Andrew
Robertson, Hugh
Robertson, John (L)
Robertson, Mr. Laurence
Robinson, Mr. Geoffrey
Robinson, Mrs. Iris (DUP)
Robinson, Mr. Peter
Rooney, Mr. Terry
Rosindell, Andrew
Roy, Mr. Frank (L)
Ruane, Chris (L)
Ruddock, Joan
Ruffley, Mr. David
Russell, Christine
Salter, Martin
Sarwar, Mr. Mohammad (L)
Scott, Mr. Lee
Seabeck, Alison
Selous, Andrew
Shapps, Grant
Shaw, Jonathan
Sheerman, Mr. Barry
Shepherd, Mr. Richard
Sheridan, Jim (L)
Simmonds, Mark
Simon, Mr. Siôn
Simpson, Mr. Keith
Singh, Mr. Marsha
Slaughter, Mr. Andrew
Smith, rh Mr. Andrew
Smith, Ms Angela C. (Sheffield, Hillsborough)
Smith, Angela E. (Basildon)
Smith, rh Jacqui
Snelgrove, Anne
Soames, Mr. Nicholas
Southworth, Helen
Spellar, rh Mr. John
Spelman, Mrs. Caroline
Spicer, Sir Michael
Spink, Bob
Spring, Mr. Richard
Stanley, rh Sir John
Starkey, Dr. Phyllis
Steen, Mr. Anthony
Stewart, Ian
Stoate, Dr. Howard
Straw, rh Mr. Jack
Streeter, Mr. Gary
Stuart, Ms Gisela
Stuart, Mr. Graham
Swayne, Mr. Desmond
Swire, Mr. Hugo
Syms, Mr. Robert
Tami, Mark
Tapsell, Sir Peter
Taylor, Ms Dari
Taylor, Mr. Ian
Thomas, Mr. Gareth
Thornberry, Emily
Timms, Mr. Stephen
Tipping, Paddy
Todd, Mr. Mark
Touhig, Mr. Don (L)
Tredinnick, David
Turner, Mr. Andrew
Turner, Mr. Neil
Twigg, Derek
Tyrie, Mr. Andrew
Ussher, Kitty
Vaizey, Mr. Edward
Vara, Mr. Shailesh
Vaz, Keith
Viggers, Peter
Villiers, Mrs. Theresa
Walker, Mr. Charles
Wallace, Mr. Ben
Waltho, Lynda
Ward, Claire
Waterson, Mr. Nigel
Watkinson, Angela
Watson, Mr. Tom
Watts, Mr. Dave
Whitehead, Dr. Alan
Whittingdale, Mr. John
Wicks, Malcolm
Wiggin, Bill
Willetts, Mr. David
Williams, rh Mr. Alan
Wills, Mr. Michael
Wilson, Mr. Rob
Wilson, Sammy (DUP)
Winnick, Mr. David
Winterton, Sir Nicholas
Winterton, Ms Rosie
Woodward, Mr. Shaun
Woolas, Mr. Phil
Wright, Mr. Anthony
Wright, David
Wright, Mr. Iain
Wright, Jeremy
Wright, Dr. Tony
Wyatt, Derek
Yeo, Mr. Tim
Young, rh Sir George

Abbott, Ms Diane
Alexander, Danny (LD)
Baker, Norman
Barrett, John
Beith, rh Mr. Alan
Brake, Tom
Breed, Mr. Colin
Brooke, Annette
Browne, Mr. Jeremy
Bruce, Malcolm
Burgon, Colin
Burstow, Mr. Paul
Cable, Dr. Vincent
Campbell, rh Sir Menzies (LD)
Campbell, Mr. Ronnie
Carmichael, Mr. Alistair
Caton, Mr. Martin (L)
Clapham, Mr. Michael
Clark, Ms Katy (L)
Clegg, Mr. Nick
Clelland, Mr. David
Cohen, Harry
Connarty, Michael (L)
Corbyn, Jeremy
Cruddas, Jon
Davey, Mr. Edward
Davidson, Mr. Ian
Dobbin, Jim
Dobson, rh Frank
Drew, Mr. David
Dunwoody, Mrs. Gwyneth
Efford, Clive
Farron, Tim
Featherstone, Lynne
Flynn, Paul (L)
Foster, Mr. Don
Galloway, Mr. George
George, Andrew
Gerrard, Mr. Neil
Gibson, Dr. Ian
Gidley, Sandra
Goldsworthy, Julia
Grogan, Mr. John
Hamilton, Mr. Fabian
Hancock, Mr. Mike
Harris, Dr. Evan
Harvey, Nick
Havard, Mr. Dai (L)
Heath, Mr. David
Hemming, John
Henderson, Mr. Doug
Heyes, David
Holmes, Paul
Hopkins, Kelvin
Horwood, Martin
Howarth, David
Hughes, Simon
Huhne, Chris
Humble, Mrs. Joan
Hunter, Mark
Jackson, Glenda
Jones, Helen
Jones, Lynne
Keen, Alan
Keetch, Mr. Paul
Kennedy, rh Mr. Charles
Kilfoyle, Mr. Peter
Kramer, Susan
Lamb, Norman
Laws, Mr. David
Leech, Mr. John
Lloyd, Tony
McDonnell, John
Meacher, rh Mr. Michael
Mitchell, Mr. Austin
Moore, Mr. Michael (LD)
Mudie, Mr. George
Mulholland, Greg
Oaten, Mr. Mark
Öpik, Lembit
Prentice, Mr. Gordon
Pugh, Dr. John
Purchase, Mr. Ken
Reid, Mr. Alan (LD)
Rennie, Willie (LD)
Riordan, Mrs. Linda
Rogerson, Mr. Dan
Rowen, Paul
Russell, Bob
Sanders, Mr. Adrian
Short, rh Clare
Simpson, Alan
Skinner, Mr. Dennis
Smith, Geraldine
Smith, John
Smith, Sir Robert (LD)
Stunell, Andrew
Swinson, Jo (LD)
Taylor, David
Taylor, Matthew
Taylor, Dr. Richard
Teather, Sarah

Thurso, John (LD)
Trickett, Jon
Truswell, Mr. Paul
Turner, Dr. Desmond
Walley, Joan
Wareing, Mr. Robert N.
Webb, Steve
Williams, Mark (LD)
Williams, Mr. Roger (LD)
Williams, Stephen
Willis, Mr. Phil
Willott, Jenny (LD)
Wood, Mike
Trickett, Jon
Truswell, Mr. Paul
Turner, Dr. Desmond
Walley, Joan
Wareing, Mr. Robert N.
Webb, Steve
Williams, Mark
Williams, Mr. Roger
Williams, Stephen
Willis, Mr. Phil
Willott, Jenny
Wood, Mike

Education Bill Part 2

I haven't got the list of voters yet but I have found the list of Labour rebels and abstentions.

Four Labour rebels and four Labour abstentions were from Scottish or Welsh constituencies meaning 61 of Labour's 69 Scottish and Welsh MP's voted on the Education Bill which only affects England.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Education Bill passed

The Education Bill has been passed thanks to the support of Labour's Scottish & Welsh contingent and the support of the Tories who have been slagged off on the Labour website in return for their support.

Labour MP's voting for: 274
Labour rebels: 52
Labour MP's not voting: 25
Labour MP's with Scottish or Welsh constituencies: 69

Of course, it's conceivable that the Labour MP's with Scottish and Welsh constituencies are included in the 77 that either rebelled or abstained from the vote. It is also conceivable for an elephant to fly as long as his ears are sufficiently large enough and he has a magic feather in his trunk.

Once again, Labour passes a piece of English legislation with the help of it's Scottish and Welsh MP's. If I can get hold of the voting records tomorrow I will do my best to name and shame every one of them.

Letter: Shropshire Star

Clarke not taking any notice of public view

Carolyn McDonald says that I am wrong to say that Charles Clarke is ignoring the views of the public over the merger of police forces.

She goes on to say that "Most people don't care whether their police force is run from Worcester or from Birmingham".

Given that 92 per cent of people who took part in West Mercia's polls were opposed to the merger, I rather think that they do care.

Charles Clarke also plans to merge the four Welsh forces into one large force despite massive public opposition and the opposition of all four forces.

Despite this he has said that he will force through the merger of the Welsh forces and the merger of West Midlands and Went Mercia. How exactly is that taking notice of the wishes of the public? Regional police forces are nothing to do with fighting crime, they are part of Labour's regional agenda.

The EC dictated years ago that England would be divided into nine regions and that each of those regions would have regional government.

Planning, transport, environment, health and many other aspects of our lives are already controlled by the unelected and unaccountable West Midlands Regional Assembly (WMRA),

The ambulance and fire services are now regionally controlled and soon Charles Clarke will force a regional police force on to us.

How long do you think it will be before WMRA controls the emergency services from Birmingham as well?

If the other three forces in the West Midlands want to merge then let them.
West Mercia has the best performing force in the UK, let's keep it that way.

Stuart Parr

Best Council in England

Telford & Wrekin Council have just been voted best council in England The Regions.

How does a local authority that has done nothing of particular note manage to win such an award?

Let's see - it's a Labour council, the Chief Collaborator (Michael Frator the Traitor) has just secretly sold the borough to a West Midlands City Region, they have refused to fly the English flag instead of the European flag, they support the regionalisation of England and even when our local NHS trust is £30m in the red and threatening to downgrade the town hospital the council still refuse to say a bad word against the British government that continues to fleece £63m a year out of Shropshire taxpayers to give to Scotland.

Everyone has their price.

FA letter intercepted

Little Man in a Toque has been sent this intercepted letter from the FA.

After reading it, I sent a copy to a source in Downing Street who said that the letters confirm what we have always thought - Tony Blair is the most popular Prime Minister in history, support for Europe is at an all time high and the price of Peruvian vole skins is about to rise on the futures market.

Could we have some more money please Darling?

Source: CEP

Merseyside Council have caved in and pulled the plug on its tram system despite having already imported 1,000 tonnes of rails after the Scottish Transport Minister for England pulled funding for the project because of cost inflation. Another three tram schemes have also been axed in England because of cost inflation.

Meanwhile, he has kindly donated an extra few million pounds of English taxes to Edinburgh's tram scheme to cover cost inflation.

A classic case of OIMBY - Only In My Back Yard.

Monday, March 13, 2006


I went shopping with Mrs Sane today and I tried to buy something English from Tesco. Unfortunately, England doesn't exist in Tescoland.

England - it's the big bit under Scotland with 50m people in it


I have a problem with a statement about your corporate responsibility. You say:

"We have dedicated buying teams in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, whose task it is to seek out and develop relationships with suppliers. In the UK, Tesco stocks over 7,000 local products. All products are labelled with the country of origin and, where appropriate, with national flags."

No buying teams in England? Do you buy anything from England. You see, I went shopping with my wife in Tesco today and I looked hard for English food. Have a guess how many items I found. None. There was an abundance of Scottish food, all labelled with a Scottish flag. Everything else had a Union Flag on it, the flag of the UK. Even items that were obviously English such as Cumberland sausage had a British flag on.

To be quite frank, I am offended. How can you claim to be supporting local producers when you will only label Scottish food as Scottish and everything else as British? England constitutes 85% of the population of the UK yet you happily shun it to pander to a few Scottish nationalists living north of the border where they make up less than 10% of the population.

I can go to Asda or Somerfield and buy English food marked as produce of England with an English flag on the packaging. Guess where I will be going to do my shopping in future.

Stuart Parr
Offended Englishman

I'll let you know if they come back with a lame assed excuse. In the meantime, you can email them at and let them know what your opinions.

Google Searches

Spotted a couple of google searches in the referrers list for my blog that I thought were quite amusing.

Why Blair hates the English (front page, 9th result)
Tosser Gordon Brown (front page, 4th result)

Cheered me up no end. Just thought I'd share those with you.


Sophie is doing ok now. She's pretty much back to normal although she still has the squits. She's stopped the staring into space thing now which is reassuring.

I've fired off a complaint to the council about not clearing the snow form the roads to the hospital and asking them why they can't manage such a simple task when they've just put our council tax by double the rate of inflation.

I've also fired off a less frivilous complaint to NHS Direct. They told me I could give Sophie 40ml of Calpol and 40ml of Nurofen in 24 hours. According to the hospital she can have 9ml of Nurofen and 24ml of Calpol. There's also the matter of a temperature of 37-38 supposedly being ok when the paramedic wasn't. Everyone can make mistakes but potentially lives are at risk. If Sophie had continued fitting she could have ended up brain damaged or dead. The same applies if we had overdosed her on Calpol and Nurofen. This is serious stuff and someone at NHS Direct needs some basic training.

Another poll on English Parliament

ITV Teletext have conducted a poll on whether we should have an English Parliament following Lord Falconer of Neptune Uranus telling us that we will never have one.

There were 1,676 votes cast (it was a premium rate number) and 95% were in favour of an English Parliament.

Remember, the English don't want their own parliament.

Council Tax bills to rise in Wales

The people of West Britain are about to experience council tax increases for the first time in a couple of years.

The heavily subsidised North Britons have got used to fixed council tax bills this last few years courtesy of the English taxpayer but this year they will have to pay the increased bills as the Welsh Assembly can no longer afford to subsidise bills to the same extent.

Attention please. The gravy train will be running a reduced service to Cardiff for the rest of the year.

Prescription Price Increase

According to BBC News, NHS prescription charges in England are to go up by 15p.

Prescriptions are, of course, free in West Britain (paid for by English taxes) and North Britain is about to introduce free prescriptions (again at the expense of the English taxpayer).

Sack Blair

Which one? Both of them preferably but today I'd settle for Ian Blair, the muppet in charge of the Met Police.

Exactly what do you have to do to get sacked if your surname is Blair? Ian Blair has an appaling record as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Force. He was "in charge" at the time of the London bombings last year and he was "in charge" when officers accidently mistook a Brazillian man for a muslim terrorist and shot him multiple times in the head at point blank range while he was restrained on the ground. Blair even lied about what had happened, got caught out, apologised and held on to his job without so much as a public telling off.

Now it turns out that Ian Blair has been illegally taping phone conversations with the Attorney General and the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Ironically, one of the conversations he recorded with the Attorney General was about phone tapping!

What does the Prime Minister's Office say about this? "The matter is now closed." Ken Livingstone? Congratulated him for "doing a first-class job in delivering neighbourhood policing to every part of London, raising the visibility of the Met and driving down the fear of crime."

You can't make this stuff up.

Twat of the Week: Lord Falconer of Neptune

Possibly the most convincing win in the history of Twat of the Week this week.

A sterling effort by Frater the Traitor who, despite only being the Chief Collaborator of Telford & Wrekin Council and not a well known "celebrity", managed to come in at second place beating his lord and master, Traitor Blair.

Poor old David Milliband, Minister for Undemocratic Regions, must have thought he was at a re-run of the North East Regional Assembly vote.

Lord Falconer 78%31
Michael Frater 10%4
David Milliband 0%0
Tessa Jowell 5%2
Tony Blair 8%3
40 votes total

The undisputed Twat of the Week this week though is Lord Falconer of Neptune Uranus. His speech stating that England would never get its own parliament was like red flag to a bull and actually had quite the opposite result than the petty Scot intended in that it did more for the cause of English nationalism than a years worth of campaigning could ever do. Even the BBC got in on the act with a poll and Have Your Say effort on an English Parliament - both of which showed overwhelming support from both England and North Britain for the creation of an English Parliament.

Lord Falconer, on behalf of English nationalists everywhere, I would like to thank you for your inadvertent good work on our behalf and present you with this weeks Twat of the Week.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Scariest Day of my Life

Today was officially the scariest day of my life. My daughter has been ill since Friday afternoon. She was throwing up everywhere all Friday evening and she's had the squits since then (and still has now). She's also had a temperature since Friday.

This morning she wasn't getting any better so I called NHS Direct and was told to give her calpol and ipubrofen every 3 hours and she'd be fine, it's just a bug going round. The nurse at NHS Direct also said that her temperatur would be ok at between 37 and 38 and if we were worried then to take her to the doctors tomorrow.

We'd run out of calpol and none of the chemists opened until 10am so I took Sophie downstairs and she asked me for some milk. I sat her on the sofa in the living room and went into the kitchen and put her some milk in the microwave. I heard a funny noise from the living room so I went to check on her.

When I got in the living room she had started having a fit. She was shaking, her eyes were rolling, she was drooling and shaking. I have never been so scared in my life. Mrs Sane was crying, I called 999 and an ambulance turned up a few minutes later. The paramedic took her temperature and said she was too hot and that's why she had fitted. She had fitted 3 or 4 times by now.

We got her to the hospital and spent a few hours fretting over her while she was swinging between sleep and a zombie-like daze. Then all of a sudden, like the flick of a switch, she was back with us. Fully coherent and chatting away. She's back home now and we put her to bed about an hour ago. I'm fighting the urge to go and check on her every 10 minutes.

The hospital staff were great, as were the paramedics. NHS Direct I will never use again though. The paramedic said 38 was too high a temperature for a baby and the dosage of calpol and ibuprofen they said we could give her was too high - she's 18 months and they said she could have 40ml of each in 24 hours. The hospital have said 15ml of each in 24 hours - that's
less than half of what NHS Direct said. My only other gripe is that the roads to the hospital were covered in snow. The council hadn't even bothered to keep the route clear overnight.

Anyway, she's home and she's ok, that's the important thing.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Twat of the Week voting

Ok, Twat of the Week voting time. The nominations this week are:

Lord Falconer of Neptune for saying that we will never have an English Parliament.
Michael Frater the Traitor for secretly selling Telford to a new West Midlands City Region.
The Right Dishonourable David Milliband for promoting regions.
Tessa Jowell for being a daft bint and quite possibly a liar (allegedly).
Traitor Blair for claiming that God told him to invade Iraq.

Twat of the Week
Lord Falconer
Michael Frater
David Milliband
Tessa Jowell
Tony Blair
Free polls from

They need our help again

First the Scots needed our money to pay for their Parliament, then they need our money to keep it going and now they need our technical expertise to find out why the beam holding the roof up that broke the other day actually broke.

What would they do without us eh?

Friday, March 10, 2006

BBC Vote on English Parliament

Presumably as a result of the masses of comments they've had on the subject today, the BBC have put a poll on their website offering you the chance to vote for or against an English Parliament.

Poll here.

I urge you to go and make your feelings known. Currently it's 68% for and 32% against but these BBC polls mysteriously swing the other way in an unfeasibly short time. Either the BBC themselves fiddle the results or our beloved leaders mobilise their ranks. Whatever the reason, keep an eye on the results and pass the url on to your friends.

BBC ask if we should have an English Parliament

The BBC have done the unthinkable and not only acknowledge the existence of England but asked for our thoughts on whether we should have an English Parliament.

Get to it girls and boys.

Twat of the Week Nominations

That time of the week again. Send in your nominations from the contact form or leave a comment.

I'll break with tradition and give my nominations now:

The Right Dishonourable David Miliband, Minister for Unelected and Undemocratic Regions
Frater the Traitor, Chief Collaborator of Telford & Wrekin Council
Lord Falconer of Pluto

Lord Falconer of Neptune

Source: CEP

Lord Falconer must be on another bloody planet to the rest of us.

According to the BBC, Lord Falconer of Neptune will tell a conference on devolution that there is no case for an institution that will lead to a federal UK "not today, not tomorrow". As someone said in an email I received, there was a case for one yesterday - the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly.

Lord Falconer said "The opinion polls consistently show that the English support devolution for England and Wales but so far don't want it for themselves." Every poll I've seen shows that the majority of people are in favour of either an English Parliament or English Votes on English Legislation and that only a minority wants to keep the status quo. So where does Lord Falconer get the idea that we don't want devolution? Easy answer is that he doesn't - he knows that English people are fed up with being ruled by the Scottish Raj but being a jackbooted general of the Labour Stazi he faithfully toes the party line.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Telford to be included in West Midlands City Region

The Shropshire Star certainly seem to have bought into this whole City Regions crap. Nobody has asked me or anyone else that I know of if they want Telford to be included in a West Midlands City Region governed from Birmingham. Nobody asked me if I wanted yet another unelected, unaccountable and undemocratic regional government interfering in my life.

Why is nobody questioning why "Mr Miliband has made it clear that city regions will be the main focus for growth and government spending in the future" because even the British government admit that nobody in England actually wants regional government except those like Frater, Milliband and Prescott who that stand to gain from it financially and politically.

I like living in Shropshire, I don't want to live in the West Midlands. The West Midlands is an artificial euro-region and I have no affinity with it and nor will I until the day I die.

This is another part of Labour's regionalistation plan. Telford & Wrekin Council is, after all, a Labour controlled council and a collaborator like Frater is bound to go far toeing the party line.
Telford poised to reap huge benefits from West Midlands alliance


By Peter Johnson

TELFORD IS poised to become part of the "metropolitan city" of the West Midlands - a move which could bring hundreds of jobs and millions of pounds of investment to the borough.

Borough council bosses say they are not turning their backs on the rest of Shropshire as the shake-up will mean a huge economic boost benefiting the whole county.

But today's announcement will help bring to fruition the borough's ambition to become the jobs, leisure and cultural capital of the region.

The seven West Midlands Metropolitan Council lead-era have agreed to include Telford in the Metropolitan City Region in the West Midlands.

A proposal is being sent to David Miliband, the minister for communities and local government, later this month to create a city region.

It will be a focus for millions of pounds to he spent on job creation, new homes, better transport links and shopping developments.


Telford is now set to win a share of this investment by joining forces with Birmingham and the metropolitan boroughs of Solihull, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Sandwell and Coventry.

The impact will not be felt immediately but the long-term benefits for Telford are potentially huge. And it will mitigate the potential harm of the Government's threat to axe more than 1,000 defence jobs in the borough.

Michael Frater, chief executive of the Borough of Telford & Wrekin, said today; "This is the most important decision in the long-term future success of Telford.

"It's a win, win situation for our urban areas and rural areas, and puts Telford in a much stronger position to negotiate with the Government."

Councillor Keith Austin, leader of the council, said Telford was the economic powerhouse of Shropshire and today's announcement would bring valuable spin-off benefits for all the county.

"We have not turned our backs on the rest of Shropshire and will remain as an independent borough with the metropolitan city of the West Midlands," he said.

Mr Miliband has made it clear that city regions will be the main focus for growth and government spending in the future, helping to halt the drift of population from cities to rural areas.

Concensus: call off the dogs

The Office of National Statistics have said (following at least 10-15 complaints that I know of) that they intended all along that they would be asking about English nationality on the census form and that it was simply a mistake by the BBC.

Maybe it wasn't a consensus after all but the ONS website still doesn't mention it anywhere although they do confirm that Welsh will be on there.

Letter: Shropshire Star (CEP Shropshire)

Parliament for English Neccessary

We are now in the council tax setting season and we will be lucky if the national average rise is about four per cent. This will mean the rise will be above inflation for the tenth successive year.

Since Tony Blair came to power in 1997 hills have gone up for English Band D properties by an average of 84 per cent whereas those in Scotland by a mere 40 per cent. This is one of Gordon Brown's stealth taxes. It is money taken from England and used to provide a massive subsidy to Scotland.

This tax hits those on fixed incomes hardest. It is true Gordon Brown gave pensioners an extra £200 last year to help with council tax - it was election year -but there is no commitment to pay it again.

England needs its own parliament to ensure taxes paid in England are used to fund services in England.

Edward Higginbottom
Co-ordinator for the Shropshire Branch of the Campaign for an English Parliament


The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has decided to include Welsh to the list of nationalities on the 2012 census form. The nationality option will include Scottish, Welsh, Irish and British. Spot the missing country!

Email at the ONS to let her know your feelings on this. You might also like to sign this pledge to refuse to complete the census unless your nationality is included on it.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Exclusive Charles Clarke Picture

Click here for an exclusive sneak preview of Hello magazine's recent photo shoot of the Sweaty Baboon, Charles Clarke, in his new home.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

St George's Day Cards

St George's Day cards are a bit thin on the ground. Apart from the obvious St Georges Cross, what else would you expect to see on a St Georges Day card?

Twat of the Week: Charles Clarke

Due to poor memory and organisational skills it's been a rather short Twat of the Week voting window but there have been enough votes to get a clear winner.

Charles Clarke 73%(8)
Tessa Jowell 27%(30)
Tony Blair 0%(0)
Ming Campbell 0%(0)

11 votes total

The Right Dishonourable Charles Clarke, aka the Sweaty Baboon, is responsible for the forced mergers of our police into regional forces despite massive opposition and for the sneaky introduction of mandatory ID cards. Charles Clarke has systematically ignored the wishes of the people he was elected to serve and is slowly but surely turning the UK into a police state.

An utter tosser and thoroughly deserving Twat of the Week.

Lords reject ID Cards Bill again

The House of Lords again rejected the ID Cards Bill on the grounds that the scheme is supposed to be voluntary but forcing people to have an ID card and submit themselves to the National Identity Register when they apply for a passport makes the scheme compulsary.

In the face of massive opposition from the public and the Lords it would be fairly reasonable to expect the British government to give in and do their job of serving the public.

But no, the Sweaty Baboon was on the telly this morning explaining their future plans for a points system for immigration that all revolves around biometric passports and ID cards.

My prediction is that the British government will reintroduce the ID Cards Bill unamended as quickly as possible so that they can abuse the Parliament Act again to force the legislation through.

Interesting fact: this Labour government has used the Parliament Act to bypass opposition from the Lords more times than every other government combined since the Parliament Act was introduced.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Councillor Bob Piper

Very entertaining insight into the mind of Labour Party faithful, Councillor Bob Piper.

All forms of nationalism are wrong, the sight of a young blonde wrapped in a flag is repulsive to him and freedom and choices make him want to throw up. Somebody needs to get out of the closet I think.

Shropshire Star Editorial

I nearly missed this one in the Shropshire Star. Believe it or not, Eric Smith, the person who worte this editorial piece, works for BBC Radio Shropshire. The Beeb going against the Scottish Raj - a refreshing change.

Change part of regional blueprint

Shrewsbury's new ambulance headquarters, planned for Emstrey, has been put on the back burner.

It had long been the plan to take the service out of their cramped Abbey Foregate site to a more strategic, purpose built location on the town's ring road.

Apparently this stay-put order is just a temporary set-back - but am I surprised? Not in the slightest. You see the Shropshire Ambulance Service is no longer controlled in Shropshire. It is part of the Birmingham and Black Country Strategic Health Authority, and so the decisions are now made out of county, some 50 miles away.

Much has been said and written about the proposals to amalgamate police forces in the region, but isn't it an interesting co-incidence that the new "super" police force will cover an area which is exactly the same as the "super" ambulance service i.e. Shropshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.

Is this set-back for the ambulance service the first example of Shropshire losing out in this creeping regionalisation? I seem to recall that there were plans to relocate the Fire & Rescue Service HQ to the same site, but that has changed too. The operational centre will remain in St Michael's Street in Shrewsbury, but the call centre will relocate to around Junction 2 of the M54.

Coincidentally this will then cover the same area as the police and ambulance service. Government ministers are keen to point out that this is not regionalisation. Pull the other one.

Twat of the Week voting

Ok, ok, I know it's a bit late but I've been busy.

This weeks contenders are:

Tessa Jowell for being hypocritical and sneaky and for being so damn stupid.
Traitor Blair for claiming God told him to go to war with Iraq.
Charles "Sweaty Baboon" Clarke for forcing through regional police forces and trying to implement compulsary ID cards through passport applications.
Minge Campbell for being a tosser.

Twat of the Week
Charles Clarke
Tessa Jowell
Tony Blair
Ming Campbell
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Letter: Shropshire Star

No money for NHS as it is being diverted

A woman has lost her legal battle to be awarded the potentially life-saving drug Herceptin.

She now faces the very real prospect of an untimely death through the return of her breast cancer.

A group of Shropshire women are awaiting their day in court to try and secure the right to a life-saving course of Herceptin where they will, no doubt, receive exactly the same answer.

Today I read Herceptin is being routinely prescribed to women with breast cancer in the UK - but only if they live in Scotland.

The Barnett Formula diverts enough tax away from England to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for them to be able to offer expensive drugs such as Herceptin ana leave the English NHS on the verge of bankruptcy.

A Scottish woman is allowed Herceptin, regardless of the cost, because the English taxpayer is paying for it.

An English woman is denied the drug because there isn't enough money left in England to pay for it after the rest of the UK have taken what they want.

The true cost to England of Gordon Brown's vision of Britain can be measured not only in billions of pounds but in the needless loss of English lives just to keep the fifth of the population who don't live in England healthy and happy.

Shropshire's contribution to the annual subsidy paid to Scotland alone would pay Shropshire NHS's £30m debt twice over in one year.

Stuart Parr

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Charles Clarke confirms West Midlands regional force

The Right Dishonourable Charles Clarke, Home Secretary and Sweaty Baboon, announced yesterday that he was satisfied that the creation of a West Midlands Regional police force would go ahead because it would be "in the interests of efficiency and effectiveness of policing".

Telford & Wrekin Council have teamed up with West Mercia Police Authority to fight the merger which was opposed by over 90% of respondents in West Mercia Police and independent polls.

The Sweaty Baboon said that he would "carefully consider any objections received" but that he would be unlikely to have a last minute change of heart. So basically, 90% of the people in West Mercia can object if they want but he will do what he wants anyway.

Shamocracy in action.

Crime Pays

There's a saying "Crime doesn't pay". well it does if you're the police.

The 999 service has seen an unprecedented rise in the number of calls it has received and so, to combat this, a new service for minor emergencies will be introduced.

Good idea, eh? Well it would be if it wasn't a New Labour idea. But it is which means its going to cost lots of money and bugger up the existing service we have.

Not only will it cost vast sums of money to set up and run but it will also cost 10p to call the number. The type of calls that the 999 service will no longer handle include reports of drug dealing (including to children), harassment (including people in your face shouting and threatening you at the time) and vandalism (including graffiti and criminal damage). If you want to report one of these minor emergencies then you will have to pay for the privilege.

Now I can see a major problem with this because it's something I've encountered. I hardly use my mobile phone so the tariff I have is a cross between a pay as you go and contract tariff. I get 15 minutes of inclusive calls a month to land lines and mobile numbers. If I want to call any other number then I have to have pre-paid credit on my account like you would with a pay as you go phone.

So what do I do if I see some kids smashing the windows of pensioners bungalows or a drug dealer selling heroin to a 10 year old kid? I call the new 101 number right? Wrong. I never have any credit on my phone because I hardly ever use it and if I phone 999 they won't deal with it because it's a "minor" emergency.

I know, I could use a phone box. All I've got to do is find one and then put 10p in the ... oh dear, I very rarely carry cash because all I spend money on is petrol and I use my card for that. Ok, all is not lost, the drug dealer is still counting the 10 year olds pocket money so I can phone the local number for the police station. Ring ring. I'm sorry, this number is no longer in use. Please call 0845 ...

Result: crime rate increases, Police and British government complain crime isn't being reported often enough, Sweaty Baboon brings in a law using the new Enabling Act to make not reporting crime a criminal offence, half a million law abiding English citizens are in prison (the law won't extend to North Britain or West Britain of course) and gands of drug dealing vandals roam the streets because the police are too busy picking up the people who didn't report them.

Remember, you read it here first!

Now Blair talks to God

It wasn't that long ago that George Bush told us that he got his instructions to bomb Iraq into the stone age from God.

Now Traitor Blair announces that God also told him to invade Iraq.

What an interesting defence ...
Traitor Blair you are charged with taking the country into an illegal war, lying to the public and the Commons over the existence of WMD and being responsible for the death of 103 British soldiers. How do you plead?

Umm ... well (pause for thought, look stern) you know (thoughtful smile, expansive gesture) God told me to do it and (pregnant pause, bang fist into palm) you can't argue with God.

Baliff, fetch the straight jacket.
Did I miss the new law that bound church and state again? I was always under the assumption that this was a secular state.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Twat of the Week Nominations

I remembered before the weekend!

As usual, please send your Twat of the Week nominations in using the contact form or leave a comment.

Question Time

Well, Question Time was in Telford last night and what a yawn inducing programme it was too.

I did apply to go on the programme but didn't even get an acknowledgement. I guess the applications were checked against the same blacklist that rejects all my BBC Have Your Say comments, no matter how tame they are.

I kept an eye out for the two Telford MP's but neither of them were there.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Skye is Falling

The Northern British Parliament cost £430m of mostly English taxes to build and took more than 3 years longer to build than was planned.

Despite having the bottomless pit of the English taxpayers purse at their disposal and 3 extra years in which to do a decent job, proceedings at the Northern British Parliament had to be stopped today because part of the roof broke.

Drinking From Home brings us this excellent quote from George Reid MSP, the presiding officer of the Northern British Parliament, made last Saturday in the Scotsman newspaper ...
Marvel for a moment at how, in such a complex construction, its integrity of design is ensured through the use of only a few materials - oak and sycamore, Kemnay granite and Caithness flags, stainless steel and brushed concrete...Take in the extraordinary timbered ceiling, a gentle reminder of the magnificent hammer-beamed roof in Old Parliament Hall. And appreciate that this place really does sit in the land and history of Scotland, the Palace of Holyroodhouse framed in one window, and the long Radical Road climbing up the crags in the others.
Don't know about you but I'm impressed.

Letter: Shropshire Star (not one of mine)

Merger is not about efficiency

Carolyn McDonald may be right to presume that people would be happy just to have a more efficient and responsive police service, but the merger of forces isn't about providing that.

It's about the Government betraying England to Brussels. Merging our forces is another necessary step towards regionalisation.

It was rejected in the North East referendum, but it is now being introduced by stealth. Wales and Scotland have their own parliaments, England doesn't.

A map of Britain from the EC shows our neighbours, but there is no mention of England - only the nine Regional Assemblies with which it has been replaced. Work it out for yourself.

Robert Jenkins

Minge Campbell it is then

The Lib Dems have elected their new leader and predictably chosen another Scot.

72 year old Sir Minge Campbell won 57% of the vote and is apparently going to embark on a process of modernising the party. Apparently, his first act as party leader will be to get himself one of those new-fangled shooting brakes to ferry him from his constituency in North Britain to Westminster.

Some Scottish MP's have had crises of conscience and refrained from voting on English-only matters, the SNP in particular restrict their voting to Northern British matters. Sir Minge doesn't lose any sleep over doing it though - he believes he is justified in voting on English-only matters because some of his constituents have relatives in England.

I kid you not.

I have relatives in Texas but that doesn't mean my MP can involve himself in American politics. The same should apply for MP's with Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish constituencies.

Elected Lords?

I've seen a few people talking about having elected Lords the last few days and it seems to come from a group called Elect the Lords.

The problem with all this talk about electing the Lords is that people can't see past the fact that the Lords are unelected to see why that is a good thing.

Dr John Parkinson, a politics lecturer at the University of York, has an article in the Guardian today on the subject and seems to hold similar views to me on the subject.

I posted this on the Eurorealist blog earlier today:

It was the fact that the Lords got their position by lottery of birth that made them an effective check on the power of the Commons.

British MP's will sell their grandmothers if it means they might win an election. How many times has a leadership candidate or prospective parliamentary candidate abandoned their long held beliefs and principles and toed the party line for the furtherance of their career? I can give you a few examples in the last few month off the top of my head.

The Lords had no reliance on popularity with either the electorate or the party and, rather than turning them into raving dictators, it made them into effective opposition and overseers of the career politicians in the Commons who stand to lose if they lose support of their party.

Since the last "reform" of the House of Lords, the Labour Stazi has appointed itself a majority in the upper house where previously it had been a Conservative majority.

The proposed "reform" to make it an elected upper house is nothing to do with democracy or accountability but merely an attempt to legitimise the situation whereby the upper house is 99.99999% guaranteed to have the same party in control as the Commons.

If the people vote for a Labour government in the Commons, they sure as hell aren't going to vote for a Conservative government in the Lords are they?

Once the same party has absolute control of both houses there is no opposition or oversight and the Lords becomes an expensive talking shop - this is what the Commons has been reduced to over the last few years.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Red White and Brown?

Scaffold has asked me to blog about an idea he's had in the hope that someone who speaks better English will be able to pretty it up!

His idea is to play on the colours of the Cross of St George, namely that Brown isn't one of them.

A clever bit of thinking there I think so lets see if anyone can make use of it.

Shropshire Woman Denied Herceptin

I read this in last night's Shropshire Star ...

NHS says it will not give drug
By Vickie Woodward

A second Oswestry woman is being forced to raise thousands of pounds "or potentially life-saving cancer treatment after health officials refused to pay for it.

Ann Cook works at the same hospital as fellow breast cancer patient and fundraiser Margaret Bradford. Both were refused the potentially ife-saving Herceptin on the NHS by Shropshire Primary Care Trust.

They are facing bills of between £40,000 and £47,000 to fund the treatment.

Today Mrs Cook, a nursing auxiliary at Oswestry's orthopaedic hospital, said she was "extremely disappointed" to get a letter nforming her that her circumstances were not deemed exceptional.

"I heard that certain other counties are funding it. Surely we should all be on a level playing field," she said.

"To have a postcode lottery is deplorable. We have only just started fundraising
I was hoping that they would change their minds and fund it.


The PCT has said the drug can only be given to patients diagnosed before October 2005 in exceptional circumstances.

Mrs Cook was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2005. She had surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.

The aggressive tumour was tested and found to be HER2 positive, and she was told by her oncologist at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital that Herceptin would be of substantial benefit.
Mrs Cook, a mother-of-two, wrote to the PCT to ask for the controversial treatment, but received a letter at the same time as Mrs Bradford informing her they would not be funding the drug.

Catering administrator Mrs Bradford, 54, travelled to Christie's Hospital in Manchester for her first course of treatment last week. To help call (01691) 662450.

When Mrs Cook says that "certain other countries are funding it" I don't know if she was referring to North Britain and West Britain or not.

The sad fact is that if Mrs Cook lived literally 5 miles to the west she wouldn't have had to beg for her life and be turned down. Oswestry town centre is about 5 miles from the Welsh border.

Herceptin is available to Welsh and Scottish breast cancer sufferers without them having to beg for it thanks to the Scottish Chancellor's generosity with English taxes.