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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Britishness: Scots Style

Via Drinking from Home, the Ignorant Jock's "homies" debate his Britishness agenda.

Apparently, this is something to do with the Scottish National Liberation Army. Could this be the first example in history of the overlords wanting to fight for independence from their subjects?

Channel 4 poll

Channel 4 would like to know if you would sacrifice your civil liberties for more security.

It's 95% no at the moment, looks like the sweaty baboon's ID cards aren't so popular after all.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Twat of the Week: Neil Kinnock

Peter Hain put in another strong effort this week but the Twat of the Week Award is proving to be ever so elusive for our favourite bigot.

Neil Kinnock 57%12
Peter Mandelson 5%1
Geoffrey Howe 0%0
Hazel Blears 0%0
Tony Blair 5%1
David Cameron 5%1
Peter Hain 24%5
Gordon Brown 5%1
21 votes total

The clear winner this week with 57% of the vote is the Welsh Windbag, Neil Kinnock. I can't say I'm surprised really - he just seemed to go the extra 1.6093km this week and his efforts paid off.

Without any further ado, I am pleased to announce Neil Kinnock as this weeks Twat of the Week.

Letter: Shropshire Star

Parliament for England can target NHS crisis

The Star reported that the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital loses £3m per year treating Welsh patients because the Welsh Assembly won't pay the cost of treating a patient.

When Shropshire NHS is in debt to the tune of £30m and talking about closing hospitals to cut costs, why are we having to subsidise Wales even further?
Wales already costs Shropshire taxpayers millions per year in subsidies under the Barnett Formula.

I read a letter in a Welsh newspaper demanding that the Welsh government charge English pensioners for treatment in Welsh hospitals. As English taxpayers are already paying for the Welsh NHS it is slightly hypocritical, don't you think?

Daniel Kawczynski MP criticised the Welsh Office minister, Nick Ainger, about this but he doesn't have any idea what to do about it.

An English Parliament with the same powers as the Scottish Parliament would have control of the English NHS and our health budget.

An English Parliament would be able to fight for cuts (or even the end) of the Barnett Formula. An English Parliament is the answer but we need to ensure English MPs at Westminster have England's interests in mind.

The May local elections are a good place to start.

Stuart Parr

Letter: Shropshire Star (CEP Shropshire)

Brown not right man for top job

How any self-respecting English person can even think of accepting Gordon Brown as Prime Minister is beyond my comprehension.

Nowadays, following devolution, 85 per cent of the job he aspires to is merely to run England. Yet he will have no mandate from anyone to do that.

His Scottish constituents send him to Westminster solely to look after tax, defence, foreign affairs and a few international matters. They elect someone else to deal with things like health, education, transport and law and order in the Scottish Parliament.

Therefore he will not have been elected by either the people of England or Scotland to talk or act over all these internal matters that affect English people's daily lives. Labour might just as well appoint Jacques Chirac to the post.

Edward Hlgginbottom

Another poll on metric measurments

All the current polls on introducing metric roadsigns in the UK are showing opposition of around 90-95%.

How do the Metro newspaper (who are pro-metric) manage to get a different result?

Could it be anything to do with the wording of the poll do you think?
Would you back British road signs switching from miles to kilometres?

Yes, this is the modern world!

No! Give 'em an inch and they'll take a kilometre
They're certainly sitting on the fence at the Metro.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bigot tries to bribe police

Peter Hain, the Minister for Wales West Britain, Northern Ireland and official chief bigot of the Labour Stazi, has joined Charles Clarke's attempts to bribe police authorities into complying with his merger plans.

The sweaty baboon tried to bribe forces prior to his deadline (which they all ignored) by offering them money for voluntary complying with his instructions. Now the bigot has warned Welsh forces that they risk losing funding if they don't comply.

The question is, why ask them in the first place? What was the point in asking the police forces if they wanted to merge and when they said no, forcing them to do it anyway? It makes a mockery of democracy and just goes to prove that New Labour have no respect for the people of this country. So much for Traitor Blair's respect agenda.

Twat of the Week voting

Was this week national twat week or something? No less than nine candidates for this week's award, half of them supplied by one person who shall remain anonymous as he's making far too enemies!

In no particular order, we have:

Neil "Welsh Windbag" Kinnock - calling for metric roadsigns
Peter Mandleson - pro-European, pro-metric treacherous tosser
Geoffrey Howe - calling for metric roadsigns
Hazel Blears - "social inclusion" (keeping the poor poor)
Traitor Blair - "social inclusion" (keeping the poor poor)
"Devolution Dave" Cameron - support an English Parliament you idiot, EVoEL won't work!
Peter "Bigot" Hain - contemptable tosspot
Gordon "Ignorant Jock" Brown - if you don't know by now, you've come to the wrong place

Twat of the Week
Neil Kinnock
Peter Mandelson
Geoffrey Howe
Hazel Blears
Tony Blair
David Cameron
Peter Hain
Gordon Brown
Free polls from

Top Referrers

Seeing as how everyone seems to be naming their top referring blogs, here's mine:
  1. L'Ombre De L'Olivier
  2. Tommy English
  3. Blog of Kev
  4. Little Man in a Toque
  5. The England Project
  6. Waking Hereward
  7. The CEP
  8. Chicken Yoghurt
  9. The Lone Voice
  10. Anglo Saxon Times
And while I'm on the subject of stats:

(Month to Date)

Unique Visits: 17,007
Page Views: 27,223
Most unique visits in one day: 9th Feb (1,034)

113 visits from Russia (Hello Scaffold)
13 from educational establishments
5 from the US military
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1 from Cayman Islands

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dear Tony #7

Each one gets better - Dear Tony #7.

Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru are no longer called Plaid Cymru. They are now called New Plaid.

Not sure what the name change is supposed to achieve. It doesn't seem to have done much for the New Labour Stazi other than help them to make the shift from Socialist to Facist.

New map of UK

An Englishman has taken over as head of the EU and made some changes. Just check out this new map of the UK for instance:

Come on then, who is it?

Who's Englishman then? Got a few hits from Sterling Times, I have my suspicions as to who it is. I'm not complaining, I'm just nosey.


England lost 18-12 against Scotland in the Six Nations.

Scotland were average but England played terribly, making simple mistakes and failing to take advantage of opportunities.

The only thing going for us is that we had the best crowd. The England team was booed onto the pitch, they were booed every time they won a line out or scrummage or ruck, they were booed when they scored, they were booed when they missed, they were booed when a player left the pitch, they were booed when a player came onto the pitch.

It must be difficult being so envious of your neighbours all the time but the Scots really need to try and control themselves in public - it's hardly a positive advertisment for the North Britain Region is it?

Anyway, seeing as how they quite obviously hate the nation that pays all their bills and benefits (muslim protesters aren't the only hypocrites in that respect) I have decided to take the piss and sent the following email to Lothian and Borders Police:

I would like to make a complaint about a Scotland fan breaking the law, broadcast live on television in front of hundreds of police officers, during the RBS Six Nations match between England and Scotland tonight.

The Scotland fan in question was standing in the crowd waving the rampant lion royal standard. It is illegal to fly that royal standard in Scotland unless it is commanded by Her Majesty.

I trust you will investigate this matter and bring the offender to justice. I am not sure of the punishment for flying the Royal Standard without the permission of the Queen but I expect the Lord Lyon will be able to advise you.


Stuart Parr

Twat of the Week nominations

Thanks to Scaffold for reminding me about Twat of the Week this week.

Same as usual, put your nominations in the comments or contact me.

Friday, February 24, 2006

European Union (Implications of Withdrawal) Bill

Missed this one!

In November last year the House of Lords introduced a bill to require the Chancellor to appoint a 7 member committee consisting of 2 pro-EU, 2 anti-EU and 3 opinion-less people to debate the implications of UK withdrawal from the EU.

The bill is still with the Lords. Hopefully they'll get it down to the Commons sharpish.


I have a suggestion.

Instead of spending 70-odd million English taxpayers pounds on converting our road signs to metric so we look like proper Europeans, why don't we try and convince the rest of Europe to start a process of Imperialisation?

The Romans gave us imperial measurements in the first place, the rest of Europe are the ones being different. It's time they were made to conform.

Perhaps we should form a European Imperialisation Association and slug it out mano-a-mano with the UK Metrication Association and the EU weights and measures nazi's.

Prince Charles

I can't believe the papers are still pontificating over whether Prince Charles should be commenting on matters of a political nature.

Starting with the Magna Carta, the power of the crown has been seriously diminshed to the extent that in today's Britain, the little power that the Queen still has she is unable to exercise without permission from the British government in case they don't like what she does and legislate against her.

Prince Charles is not King, he is not head of state - he is a private citizen. Sure, he's a Prince and heir to the throne but there is nothing to stop him from getting involved in politics if he wants to.

To be quite frank, I hope that he continues to defy the British government when he becomes King. If they get out of line he can always sack them ...

Amnesty International condemns Britain

Amnesty International have condemned the British government over the anti-terrorism and anti-democracy laws they have inflicted on us in the name of the war on terrorism.

Meanwhile Traitor Blair et al continue to preach "democracy" to Iraq and other countries without democratic governments, some of which Amnesty International consider to have better human rights records.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Left Sidebar

I've added a sidebar on the left hand side of the blog as you can see.

There are some other changes I want to make as well but this one was the most difficult one to do as it changes the layout.

Anyway, now I have an additional sidebar the links and images won't disappear 3 feet off the bottom of the page into the depths of obscurity.

Kinnock wants metric road signs

The Welsh windbag, Neil Kinnock, has spoken out in favour of metric roadsigns.

Yawn. Go ahead, change Welsh roadsigns to metric if you want but leave English signs alone. Welsh roadsigns are already dangerous enough through random dual-language signage rules which sees some signs in English, some in English with Welsh translations and some Welsh with English translations. Every sign takes a fraction of a second longer to analyse as your brain identifies which part of the sign you can understand when you should be concentrating on the road.

I would put money on your average teenager having no idea what a kilometre looks or feels like, even though they are schooled almost exclusively in metric measurements. Myself, I was taught both - mathematics was metric and practical maths was imperial.

Metric road signs will be dangerous so let Kinnock fight for them just so long as they are only put up in Wales. The smaller the population of Wales, the less we have to subsidise them.

Iain Dale has a poll.

Poll: Should Gordon Brown be Prime Minister?

Gordon Brown, aka the Ignorant Jock, is being set up as the replacement Prime Minister when Traitor Blair finally does the decent thing and resigns.

However, now that Scotland and Wales have their own Parliament and Assembly, the British government spends around 80% of its time dealing with matters that affect only England.

It is for this reason that an MP with a Scottish constituency, unelected by and unaccountable to the English should not be allowed to head up the British government until England has its own Parliament with at least equal powers to that of Scotland.

As things stand, Scottish (and to a lesser extent, Welsh) MP's routinely debate and vote on legislation that affects English people only. In fact, it is quite rare for a bill to come before Parliament where a Scottish MP's constituents will actually be affected. There have been a number of bills passed by the British government since our masters gained their devolved governments that only affect English people and that a majority of English MP's have rejected. These bills have only been passed because Scottish and Welsh MP's (usually whipped by the Labour party to vote in favour of party policy) have voted on that bill even though it doesn't affect their own constituents.

This is wrong and undemocratic. If Gordon Brown were to take the leadership of the Labour Party and the therefore the country, the people of England will have to suffer minority rule by an unelected and unaccountable Prime Minister until the next election. Gordon Brown as Prime Minister would spend a single-figure percentage of his time in office dealing with matters that affect his own constituents and about 4/5ths of his time dealing with English-only legislation.

In my opinion, Gordon Brown must never be the British Prime Minister while England has no Parliament of its own.

Should Gordon Brown be Prime Minister?
Free polls from

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Herceptin for the Welsh

Source: BBC News

Women in Mid and West Wales are to be given Herceptin in the early stages of breast cancer thanks to a decision by Swansea Local Health Board. This means that women across the whole of Wales will now be able to receive this potentially life saving drug.

Women in England can continue to die happy in the knowledge that all those taxes they and their families have and will continue to pay in the future are paying for the rest of the country to receive this life saving drug that they are refused.

The British government clearly values an English life less than that of a Scot or Welsh person. The Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly use English taxes to pay for life saving drugs for their own country whilst the British government, ruled by the Scottish Raj, deny English people life saving treatment because there is no money left once our "partners" have taken what they want.

Dying for an English Parliament? These women are:

Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill - part 3

I have been talking about this bill on a forum and spotted some more problems with it.

This bill doesn't protect constitutional law which means a minister could repeal or amend the fundamental basis of our legal system such as the Bill of Rights, Magna Carta and Habeas Corpus. It would be possible, for instance, to replace our legal system with a system based on Napoleonic Law (the system the EU uses) with a handful of statutory instruments. A minister could even turn the country back into an absolute monarchy by repealing the Magna Carta.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Welsh Companies House

Confused by the title? You should be - there is no Welsh Companies House.

Companies House is part of the Department of Trade & Industry, a department of the British government.

So why, then, are the contacts for Companies House that have no photograph on the contacts page represented by a Welsh flag? Why has nobody objected to this inappropriate use of the Welsh flag on a British government website?

If I was the cynical type I would say it had something to do with the Minister for Trade & Industry being a Welsh MP.


I hate telemarketing. I get spammed through my email, I get spammed through my letterbox and now I'm getting spammed through my mobile phone.

Today, part way through my training course, my phone rang. I was expecting a call from my bank so I excused myself and answered the call. I got cut off because of the poor reception so I rang the number back. "You have been called by Telefocus. It isn't important, we will call you back."

I am having problems at the moment with Carphone Warehouse. My wife took out two phones on a contract with Carphone Warehouse about 2 years ago. She uses one and I use the other. Not long ago I started receiving phone calls from companies wanting to upgrade my phone. Where did they get my number from? None of them would tell me, fobbing me off all the time and even cutting me off mid-sentence when I complained.

Anyway, by my amazing powers of deduction I figured out that either T-Mobile or Carphone Warehouse had been passing my number on. I phoned T-Mobile and they said it wasn't them. I phoned Carphone Warehouse and they said it wasn't them. I phoned T-Mobile back again and they said it definitely wasn't them but they would investigate it. I phoned Carphone Warehouse back again and discovered that they had flagged my account for marketing - something we specifically said we didn't want when we took the phones out. The flunky removed the marketing flag but refused to tell me what they were going to do about the companies they had already sold the details on to without our premission and, thereofre, illegally.

I phoned back T-Mobile and told them what Carphone Warehouse had done and they said they would get their dealer support people onto it. I was pretty pissed off so I phoned Carphone Warehouse back to complain and was told that the marketing flag was for internal marketing and that my details would not have been provided to external companies.

Now this wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for the fact that Carphone Warehouse owns shit loads of companies so me getting phone calls from 3 different companies in one week is, technically, internal marketing.

Back to Telefocus - are they part of Carphone Warehouse? My investigations turned up no clues so I took the bull by the horns and phoned them. No, they aren't part of Carphone Warehouse and Carphone Warehouse aren't one of their client's. So where did they get my phone number from? They can't tell me unless I phone them in business hours. So I will. Tomorrow. And if it turns out that Carphone Warehouse have sold my details on then I'm going to complain properly through OFCOM, the Data Protection Registrar and T-Mobile.

I'll end this with some interesting snippets of information from my investigations. The domain name for Telefocus apparently belongs to Silverfir Limited. This company doesn't exist but it used to - it was the previous trading name of Telefocus until 1997 when it changed its name. As there is no such legal entity in existence by the name of Silverfir Limited, and hasn't been since 1997, how can the domain name be owned by Silverfir Limited? I've asked their domain registrar that question and told them I want to buy the domain. Their tax returns are also a month late and they are such a small company (despite delusions of grandieur on their website) that they are classified as a small business by HMRC and only have to file tax returns every other year.

Lets see what tomorrow brings ...

EU wants to brainwash our children

Neil Herron tells us that Margaret Walstrom, the EU Information Commissioner, wants “more propaganda for children, to turn them into European citizens instead of national citizens”.

Let me think about that ... um, no.

I'd like to see them try and convince my eldest that he's European and not English. I've had to tell him to stop trying to recruit his teachers to the CEP. I wouldn't mind but he was bugging them every other day. He's 8 years old.

Road Signs to Go Metric in 5 years?

Neil Herron has got his hands on a preliminary press release from the UK Metric Association. The UKMA are, to be fair, a joke. They are also perfect politician material being slippery and dishonest.

Neil's analysis of it is pretty funny - Neil Herron: Road Signs to Go Metric in 5 years? Another load of Hogwash from the deceitful UKMA

Twat of the Week: Gordon Brown

Looks like the Ignorant Jock is going to be just as popular as his predecesor when takes over the leadership of the Labour Stazi. Despite being pretty much absent from the news this week, it seems that Gordon Broooon's Bullshit Britishness speeches are still a sore point.

Princess Tony will no doubt be very disappointed at losing yet another vote - expect "reform" of internet polls shortly.

Final results are as follows:

Peter "Bigot" Hain - 2 (25%)
Chris Huhne - 0 (0%)
John "Fat Turd" Prescott - 1 (13%)
Gordon "Ignorant Jock" Brown - 5 (63%)
Traitor Blair - 0 (0%)

8 votes total

It gives me great pleasure in announcing Gordon "Ignorant Jock" Brown as this weeks Twat of the Week.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill - part 2

I am usually pretty good at understanding these bills but even this one is quite baffling. As far as I can make it out, here it is in a nutshell:
  • Any Minister of the Crown can amend existing legislation
  • Any Minister of the Crown can implement the recommendations of one of the Law Commissions, either as the recommendation is presented or changed if they want
  • Doesn't apply to Northern Ireland
  • They can confer powers to other people
  • Laws can be repealed
  • Their actions can bind the Crown
  • The Minister changing the law has to be of the opinion that it is relevant to government policy
  • The laws a Minister for the Crown makes will be done so by Statutory Instrument
  • It can be anulled by Parliament
  • A draft Statutory Instrument has to be approved by the Commons and the Lords first (this isn't the law the Minister wants to make but kind of like a request to be allowed to make a law along these lines)
  • Can't increase tax
  • Offences under this law can only carry a maximum two year prison sentence or a level 5 fine (£1,000?)
  • Can't permit forcible entry to property or confiscation of goods
  • Can't force someone to give evidence
  • Can't impose on Scottish devolved matters
  • Can't confer or remove powers to the Welsh Assembly or reaffirm them
  • Consultation must be taken first and the Minister decides who to consult
  • Must consult Welsh Assembly if it affects devolved functions in Wales
Would you trust John Prescott with this sort of power?

Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill No 111

I have received the following in my inbox today. It needs no comment other than the picture at the end ...

Parliament to abdicate? 16 October 2006

By Edward Spalton

Among the hullabaloo about identity cards and banning smoking and the "glorification" of terrorism, a thoroughly nasty Bill of incalculable constitutional consequences has been presented. It goes under the grey name of The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill No 111. I have tried to read it but it is in the sort of language, which makes the head spin after a line or two.

Even the explanatory notes are heavy going – but the basic purpose is to make it easier for the government to enact laws without having to tax the intellects or attention of MPs. The Bill is a way of allowing laws to be passed by orders from ministers, bypassing MPs altogether. Of course, they say the law will only be used for uncontroversial matters – "a tidying up exercise", as we were assured the EU constitution would be. But what if these powers were to fall into the hands of a government less given to plain dealing and truthfulness than this one?

In plain language, it is an "Enabling Act". The ambition to pass such measures is not unknown. The late Sir Oswald Mosley proposed just such a law for the day his fascists came to power. It would, he said, "turn Parliament from a talk shop into a workshop". His exemplar, the even less lamented Adolf Hitler, inherited a number of similar "emergency laws" from previous, democratically elected, centre party governments. They were sufficient for locking up his opponents until he could pass the total enabling act, dispensing with parliament altogether, except as an applauding audience.

John Spencer, a Cambridge law professor, says that this Act would enable the government to create new offences without debate, punishable with imprisonment for up to two years. They could also introduce house arrest, give the police even greater powers to interrogate and detain, set up new courts (Star Chamber, perhaps?) and rewrite the rules on immigration, nationality, divorce, inheritance and the appointment of judges – all without troubling your friendly neighbourhood MP or depriving him of a wink of sleep by late night sittings.

In other walks of life, people lose their jobs when a function is outsourced – but not our MPs. Legislation is largely out of parliamentary control already. A recent German study showed that 80% of their laws now originate from the EU – either as regulations, which apply straight away or as directives, which require national parliaments to pass laws implementing EU policy. As the EU’s laws apply across Europe, Britain cannot be very different.

This Bill, if passed, will ensure that most such laws will not receive the slightest scrutiny in parliament. Blair’s babes will not have to trouble their pretty little heads. As one Old Labour peer remarked, "They will be able to get home in time to put the babies to bed".

We have departed so very far from the former principles of responsible British parliamentary democracy. Perhaps it is time for the government to dissolve the people and elect a new one.


Please write to your Member of Parliament urging him or her to reject the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill. Please pass on this message to as many people as possible. This will be one of the most important letters you have ever written.


As a self-confessed and often vocal English nationalist I am often accused of all sorts of things.

I've been called a racist and a bigot. The BNP's lawyer, Lee Barnes, called me a liberal facist (two mutually exclusive terms but knuckle draggers aren't well known for their intelligence. I'm often called anti-Scottish and anti-Welsh and sometimes anti-European.

Now, I've never been anti-European - in fact, I've often argued in favour of a single European currency and in favour of the common market. I am not opposed to Europe or the common market. Europe is a continent and it's pretty pointless opposing a continent because no matter how times you complain about it, it's not going anywhere for a few million years at least.

The common market is a great idea too. Free trade helps the economy and that means we're better off as a whole. Empires were forged on the back of trade and the human race's time on this planet will probably revolve around trade until we eventually make ourselves extinct or nuke ourselves back to a hunter-gatherer existence.

The single currency I also think is a fairly good idea. In principle. We do a lot of trade with countries in the eurozone and a common currency would reduce costs. However, the problem with the UK is that we do more trade outside of the EU than within it so for a single currency to work it needs to be a global single currency or at least covering the majority of our trading partners. The euro, quite fairly I think, has been branded a bit of a flop. Fans of the euro go on about how it's a new thing and it's just teething problems but this isn't true. I can think of two single currencies in existence now that predate the euro and they work perfectly fine - the East Caribbean Dollar and the Central African Dollar (I think it's called a dollar anyway).

Anyway, onto the title of this post - am I a eurosceptic? If you'd asked me a couple of years ago I'd have said no. If you'd asked me 6 months ago I'd have huffed and puffed a bit and eventually said no. Ask me now and the answer is yes. I am opposed to the EU, the political union of European countries. I want free trade, I want preferential trade agreements and I want good relations with our neighbours. What I don't want is thousands of regulations a day from unelected foreigners - we get enough of that from Scottish MP's legislating for England.

So, am I a Eurosceptic? Yes, I suppose I am.

Twat of the Week Voting

Disaster! No internet access in my hotel room. Luckily there is access at the training centre so let the voting begin ...

Twat of the Week
Peter Hain
Chris Huhne
John Prescott
Gordon Brown
Tony Blair
Free polls from

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Twat of the Week nominations

I will be away next week on a course but I should have internet access assuming my loan laptop has a network card.

As usual, either contact me or leave a message in the comments with your nominations.

Muslim votes

It is a criminal offence with a maximum £1,000 fine for failing to complete and return an electoral registration form.

So why , instead of a fine, do the 60,000 London muslims (18% of the total) get away with not filling in the form? Not only do they get away with it but the British government wants to spend money encouraging (not forcing) them to register to vote.

Friday, February 17, 2006


I'm working on a whole new website design for Wonko's World and I was thinking of including some games that 1&1 offer just for a bit of distraction really. Give them a try and let me know if they're worth the effort.


I warn you, Blocker is really addictive!

Hello readers

Been checking my logs again. One day last week I had over 1,000 unique visits in 24 hours. Which is nice.

Amongst the visitors were the Central Science Laboratory and United States Navy as well as a variety of universities and presumably the same person from Japan who appears in the logs every week.

Letter: Shropshire Star

No MPs to battle for rights of English

Eric Boyden asks why English patients have to wait longer for cancer treatments than Scottish patients.

To put it bluntly, in the eyes of the British Government an English life is worth less than that of a Scot or any other nationality.

Scotland and Wales get quicker treatment because their governments pay for it.

Not only do they get the quicker treatment but they also get treatment that English patients can’t have at all because of the cost.

The Scottish and Welsh governments are able to offer expensive treatment because of the very generous block grant they receive every year thanks to the Barnett Formula.

The Barnett Formula is a calculation that is used by the Chancellor to work out how much English tax should go to subsidise the rest of the country.

Scotland alone receives an extra £11.3bn per year from the English taxpayer.

For the system of government that gives democracy to the minority (15 per cent of the population) and actively discriminates against the majority, we can thank Tony Blair and the Scottish Raj.

The only form of self-governance the British government are prepared to concede to England is regional assemblies

Scotland and Wales only get this preferential treatment because their governments fight for multi-billion pound subsidies from English taxes.

They only get away with this because there is no English government to fight for our interests.

British MPs elected in English constituencies put Britain before England so they aren’t going to put a stop to it.

Ask David Wright what he thinks about the current arrangement.

I did and he doesn’t see a problem with Scottish MPs deciding what happens in England, even when his own constituents’ lives are at risk.

Stuart Parr, Telford

EU Services legislation

Yesterday MEP's voted to pass a new piece of euro-legislation that would enable a company in the EU to provide services to another EU country without having to abide by the local laws in that member state.

If I'm understanding this correctly, a Greek water treatment company could provide a service in the UK that complies with Greek rules over water quality. You can't even drink the tap water in Greece.

Apparently this will boost the EU economy and make it easier to do business.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

MOD gagging newspaper?

I've just read a rather disturbing comment on a forum.

The MOD are planning to shut down some of its operations in Telford and relocate them elsewhere in the country. This is one of the usual "we won't do anything without consultation" scams we've come to expect lately - the replacement site has already been bought and the decision has been made.

The local paper here - the Shropshire Star - has been giving extensive coverage to the events but according to that article, the MOD have told the Shropshire Star not to publish any more stories on it without their approval.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but the MOD, as a military organisation and not a civillian one, have no authority over a newspaper or any other civillian organisation, company or person unless Marshall Law is declared?


Tommy English sent me the url to a very entertaining read this morning.

Englandism is a very entertaining read. Staunchly pro-English and very un-PC. Not the kind of stuff you'll find in history books but worth a read.

Letter: Shropshire Star (CEP member)

England gets such a raw deal

It is clear from the Shropshire Star's recent report that the Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, is determined to impose regional police forces on the citizens England regardless of public opinion.

Indeed, the Labour government appears to have reneged on its promises to hold referenda on regional assemblies. Unlike Scotland and Wales, the voters of England have been denied any say on how its affairs are to be dealt with.

For those who despair, may I point out that the English Democrats Party e%ists to promote the establishment of a national parliament for England following endorsement by voters in a referendum. In the meantime, I and other like-minded citizens will support any representations the Shropshire Star cares to make opposing the subsuming of West Mercia Police.

Alan England

Letter: Shropshire Star

Minister ignoring public over police plan

Just who does Charles Clarke think he is?

In a written statement to the Commons, the Home Secretary announced that there is “only one acceptable option” for England’s police forces and that is for them to combine into regional forces.

To justify the merger he mentions terrorism and organised crime.

Apparently, West Mercia Police isn’t capable of preventing terrorism unless it’s merged with all the other police forces in the West Midlands Euro-region.

Funny that, I don’t recall any terrorist attacks in Shropshire since the IRA bombed Shrewsbury Castle 14 years ago.

I’d say West Mercia were doing a pretty good job on that front, certainly better than the Met.

West Mercia Police conducted surveys when the mergers were announced a few months ago.

More than 90 per cent of those that responded were opposed to a regional police force.

How dare Charles Clarke, a public servant, disregard the clear wishes of the public.

The Chief Constable has hit the nail on the head when he says that this is merely an extension of the British Government’s regional agenda.

It won’t be long before every aspect of out lives is controlled by unelected bureaucrats in Birmingham.

It’s time our elected representatives received a stark reminder that they are in office to serve us, not their own interests and definitely not the whims of the EU which dictated the English regions in the first place.

Local elections are being held in England on May 4 — hopefully it won’t be too late by then.

Stuart Parr, Telford

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Letter: Shropshire Star

There are 645 MP's, not 605. Not sure if that's my mistake or theirs.

Consider campaign for English parliament

I would like to offer a reply to Jim Thornicroft’s letter, “Parliament for English a bad idea”. His concern that an English Parliament would create an extra layer of bureaucracy and tax burden on the English is a very common argument against an English Parliament. It is, however, a misconception.

The Government has 605 MPs and spends 80 per cent of its time dealing with matters that affect England.

To create an English Parliament and leave 605 MPs in Westminster would, I agree, be unacceptable and an unnecessary burden on the English taxpayer. But Jim is looking at this problem the wrong way around.

Scotland and Wales have had their own government now for almost eight years and are already reaping huge benefits at the expense of the English taxpayer.

The British government is already over-sized since devolution came to the rest of the UK and the day-to-day running of Scotland and Wales moved away from Westminster.

An English Parliament could take away as much as three-quarters of the British government’s workload so why would we need 605 MPs? The simple answer is that we wouldn’t.

An English Parliament need not be an extra level of government but rather a different layer of government.

There really is only one feasible solution to the discrimination against England and that is to establish an English Parliament.

I would urge Jim to write to his MP but I doubt that he will get the response he wants. British MPs are well aware that an English Parliament will force them to hand back their first class tickets on the gravy train.

If you really want to make a difference Jim, join the Campaign for an English Parliament and start pressing for a real solution.

Stuart Parr Telford

English woman loses legal bid for Herceptin

An English woman has lost her legal bid for the right to have the potentially life-saving drug Herceptin.

Despite the fact that this drug is available in Scotland, paid for by English taxpayers, the judge does not believe the English NHS Trust covering her area has acted illegally.

I hope that this poor woman takes her case to the Commission for Racial Equality because this is blatantly discrimination. A Scottish woman can have the drug but an English woman can't and the English woman and her family are paying for the Scottish woman to get it.

Talk about a sick joke.

Aland Islands threatens EU

Had a quick read through the Torygraph today while I was watching the kids swimming this morning.

Apparently, by what they describe as a "quirk of 20th century history", the 26,000 inhabitants of the Aland Islands off the coast of Finland are co-sovereign rulers of the whole of Finland.

The islands are an autonomous part of Finland who have almost total control over their own territory. As co-sovereign rulers of Finland, they also have the power to veto any national policy made by the Finnish government.

The EU has seriously damaged the economy of the Aland Islands by banning things like spring duck hunting and fishing using traditional nets. Their latest attempt to interfere in the lives of Alanders is to ban the Swedish chewing tobacco Stumo.

Stumo is banned throughout the EU except Sweden which got an exemption as a condition of joining the EU and the Aland Islands who made a law legalising it. The EU is taking the Aland Islands to court for breaking EU law but the Aland Islands will not be allowed to defend itself in the European Court because it is a region of Finland so it will be convicted and fined.

The Aland Islands are so fed up with the EU that they have sent a representative to Brussels to tell them that if they try to revive the EU constitution the people of the Aland Islands will veto the legislation for the whole of Finland.

An Englishman's Castle quite rightly says that it's a shame another small island to the west doesn't stand up to EU in the same way.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Smoking Ban from 2008

The British government today voted overwhelmingly in favour of a full smoking ban in England despite the best attempts of a certain Scottish MP to have it watered down to a partial ban.

I watched half the debate which bored number 2 son and marginally interested number 1 who asked me lots of questions which I really couldn't answer in terms an 8 year old could understand.

Anyway, I digress.

The bill was passed by the Commons with a pretty hefty majority and smoking will be banned in all public places from summer 2008. There will be a maximum fine of £1,000 for not displaying a no smoking sign and another fine of £2,500 for allowing someone to smoke in a no smoking area. Both will be spot fines and therefore illegal under the Bill of Rights but that's pretty much par for the course under the Labour Stazi who have made everything, no matter how minor, an arrestable offence.

One comment from Caroline Fleet that I found entertaining was when she said the British government didn't want to allow licencing of smoking venues by local authorities because (you'll like this) they didn't want a piecemeal approach, they wanted a national approach to a smoking ban. The Scots giving themselves their own ban and the Welsh doing the same doesn't count as a piecemeal approach then?

Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MP's joined in the debates and votes of course even though the ban only affects England. I'll pick through the Hansard when it's available for some of the more hypocritical speeches.

Monday, February 13, 2006

This woman is not human

Mrs Sane is watching the Winter Olympics (I'm not bothered because I can't support England) and she just called me over to look at what just happened to a Chinese Figure Skating woman.

Basically, he partner threw her about 8 feet into the air for her to do what Mrs Sane informs me is called "a quad". She fumbled her return to the ice, dropped heavily to the floor on her right knee while her left leg slid away and she basically ended up doing a box splits.

The skater lady could hardly move, her partner had to hold her up. A couple of minutes later she's back out on the ice doing her business, jumping, the full works.

There's only one explanation - the Chinese are breeding mutant ice skaters.

This woman is not human

Mrs Sane is watching the Winter Olympics (I'm not bothered because I can't support England) and she just called me over to look at what just happened to a Chinese Figure Skating woman.

Basically, he partner threw her about 8 feet into the air for her to do what Mrs Sane informs me is called "a quad". She fumbled her return to the ice, dropped heavily to the floor on her right knee while her left leg slid away and she basically ended up doing a box splits.

The skater lady could hardly move, her partner had to hold her up. A couple of minutes later she's back out on the ice doing her business, jumping, the full works.

There's only one explanation - the Chinese are breeding mutant ice skaters.

Teletext Viewers Poll

Apparently Teletext ran a viewers poll with the question "Was Tony Blair right to bar England-only MPs votes?"

The result? 96% said no.

Will Traitor Blair change his mind when he can see that 9 out of 10 people in the UK want to stop Scottish and Welsh MP's from interfering in English legislation?


Twat of the Week: Dave Richards

A very close vote this week but we do have a winner. Until last night Traitor Blair was looking like a clear winner but when it came to it he ended up losing by one vote. Sound familiar?

A quick reminder of the contenders this week:

Dave Richards - "For me, there is no distinction between English and British"
John "Fat Turd" Prescott - Making a mockery of the select committee interviewing him on serious constitutional issues
Gordon "Ignorant Jock" Brown - British, British, British, Bollocks
Charles "Sweaty Baboon" Clarke - Still not backing down on Police mergers or ID Cards
Traitor Blair - Refusing to stop MP's with constituencies in Scotland and Wales voting on English legislation

The votes have been counted and here are the results of the English jury:

Gordon Brown 2 (Le Jock Ignorante, deux points)
Charles Clarke 4 (Le Baboone Perspirant, quatre points)
John Prescott 21% 5 (Le Gross Merde, cinq points)
Tony Blair 25% 6 (La Banque Porcine, six points)
Dave Richards 29% 7 (La Salope de le semain, sept points)

Just like being at the Eurovision Song Contest eh?

There is a difference between Britain and England and no, the Republic of Ireland is not part of either. You are a complete and utter fuckwit and an utter twat. I hope the knighthood you are obviously expecting is worth it. Dave Richards, you are this weeks Twat of the Week.

ID Cards bill passed

The British government voted tonight to introduce ID Cards.

Despite being assured that they would be voluntary, every new passport issued from 2008 will also come with an ID Cards. This will be compulsorary.

The House of Lords, who have amended and blocked so much shitty legislation from this government recently, rejected the ID Cards bill not long ago on the basis that the British government had not given any indication of the cost of the scheme which is expected to run into 10's of billions of pounds.

The bill will go before the Lords again and they can amend or reject the legislation again but after it's been to the Lords 3 times, the British government can use the Parliament Act to force it through anyway. Mmmmm, democracy.

Traitor Blair was unable to attend the vote (do I detect a theme here?) because his plane broke down while he was returning from his holiday conference in South Africa.

The Lib Dems have pledged to continue their fight against voluntary ID Cards. Bet Princess Tony is quaking in his boots.

I saw a Home Office minister on the telly this morning getting a grilling about ID Cards. When he was asked about how the cards would prevent Identity Theft as the British government claim they will, he said that in future he expects companies to be able to use the identity database to verify your identity. If you haven't just shouted "What!?" at the screen then you obviously didn't understand what I said. The British government expects to sell access to your details on their identity database to private companies.

My passport is up for renewal in the near future. I think I will wait until 2008 to apply for mine just so I can refuse an ID Card. If necessary I am prepared to go to court to prevent the state from keeping my details on the identity register and to challenge their refusal too provide me with a passport unless I submit to their commercial intelligence and information gathering.

I have a right to privacy and I intend to use it.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wales beat Scotland

Well, it looks like the power of positive thought worked after all - Wales beat Scotland leaving England as the only 6 Nations team to still have a clean sheet.

Hypocritical Protesters

Gareth rightly asks, why aren't they burning the Egyptian flag?

Five months ago an Egyptian newspaper published the Muhammed cartoons that have cause the suspiciously well-organised "spontaneous" protests by muslims around the world.

I know I'm not the only one to wonder at how well organised these protests have been but the press seems oblivious. The cartoons were published over 5 months ago but no protests took place until now. All over the middle-east, muslims burned Danish flags which seem to be easy to get hold of in large quantities all over the Islamic world for some reason. Some of the placards I saw people carrying were printed. Not only were they printed but they were done professionally, had complex designs and had a lot of planning and thought put into them.

As far as I'm concerned, the protests were not in the slightest bit spontaneous. They have been planned for at least 5 months and specifically targetted against the west, otherwise Egypt would have been torn apart by protests 5 months ago when one of their newspapers published the cartoons. And if images of Muhammed are so offensive to muslims, why have muslims portrayed their prophet so many times throughout history?

There was a protest in London yesterday against Islamaphobia and incitement. I'm sorry but it's all self-inflicted.

Uncyclopedia: Tony Bliar

One of my readers has emailed me about the Politics in England Wiki article my team of web pixies edited yesterday.

He said that he could improve it but it might end up like this.

I'm suporting Scotland

... about as much as they support us!

Currently half watching Wales give Scotland a going over. It's still not a foregone conclusion but hopefully the power of positive thought will give Wales the edge over the jocks.

Scottish Lords object to English Votes

I know I'm a bit late on this one but I've been busy.

There was a debate the other day in the House of Lords on a Lords bill to prevent non-English MP's voting on English-only legislation - the Tory policy of English Votes on English Legislation (EVoEL).

There was, of course, opposition to the bill and can you guess where most of it came from? Yep, that's right - Labour and Scottish Lords.

Despite the opposition, the bill was unopposed in going forward for a second reading. Don't get excited though, with Traitor Blair publicly stating his opposition to equality and democracy in England there is no chance of it ever getting through the Commons.

See Also:

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Twat of the Week voting

Time to cast your votes for this week's Twat of the Week.

The candidates this week are:

Dave Richards - "For me, there is no distinction between English and British"
John "Fat Turd" Prescott - Making a mockery of the select committee interviewing him on serious constitutional issues
Gordon "Ignorant Jock" Brown - British, British, British, Bollocks
Charles "Sweaty Baboon" Clarke - Still not backing down on Police mergers or ID Cards
Traitor Blair - Refusing to stop MP's with constituencies in Scotland and Wales voting on English legislation

Twat of the Week
Dave Richards
John Prescott
Gordon Brown
Charles Clarke
Tony Blair
Free polls from

Government of England on Wikipedia

I set my web-pixies to work on the Wiki article for Government of England today.

Trouble is, they're not very well trained in the art of Wiki-speak so it doesn't look very good. Anyone with some experience of writing Wiki articles is very welcome to improve it.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Twat of the Week nominations

The week's flown by, I didn't realise it was Friday!

Let's have your nominations - comments or contact form.

British boss for English team

Dave Richards, the Premiership boss, is on the panel looking for a new manager for the England football team. He says we don't want another foreign manager for England, he would have to be British. He said "For me, there's no distinction between English and British".

Somebody is obviously looking for a knighthood.

I just sent this to the Sun ...

The Sun is right, we don't want a foreign manager for the English football team - that includes the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish.

Just because for Dave Richards "there's no distinction between English and British" doesn't mean the rest of us think the same.

The England boss should be English, not British.

I'd like to see an Englishman try and get the job of managing Scotland's national team - he'd stand as much chance as Scotland have of winning anything other than Curling.

I'm sorry but I would rather have a Swede as a manager than some anglophobic Scot, Taff or Irishman.

Guaranteeing security is as important to Labour as fairness

Source: BBC News

Tony Blair will tell the Labour Stazi faithful that guaranteeing security is as important to Labour as fairness at todays conference in Blackpool.

Labour gave devolution to Scotland and Wales but not England. Labour takes billions of pounds of English taxes and gives it to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and then cuts services in England because there's no money left. Labour discriminates against English people and is attempting to abolish the English nation and culture.

Labour doesn't even know the meaning of the word fairness.

Do they sell nuclear fallout bunkers on eBay?

Labour Labour Labour, out out out

The local election in the Scottish constituency of Dunfermline and West Fife last night delivered what is hopefully the first of many major election defeats for the Scottish Raj.

The constituency was a Labour safe seat in a Labour heartland and was won last time round with an 11,000 vote majority. MP's from round the country were packed off to the constituency to campaign for the incumbent Blair's Bitch, Catherine Stihler MEP. The ignorant jock, Gordon Broooooon, lives in Dunfermline and West Fife which borders his own constituency of Dunfermline East and was parachuted in to scowl at the locals on Stihler's behalf.

Despite this high profile campaign they still managed to lose to the Liberal Democrats by 1,800 votes!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

This isn't democracy

Source: BBC News

The British government are planning on scrapping the 2007 local elections in England.

The official reason is that there is no point holding elections in 300 local authorities in England when they are planning to "reform" English local government 12 months later.

Let me see if I can pick any fault with that ...
  1. It shouldn't be up to the British government (which includes Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MP's) to decide what type of local government England gets
  2. Labour are most likely going to find themselves in a minority after the local elections and this is clearly nothing more than a stalling tactic to allow them to force through the reforms and smooth the handover of power to the Ignorant Jock while they still have a majority
  3. Who says Labour are going to get the reforms through? If the Tories have got any backbone they will resist yet another attempt by Labour to rig elections and constituencies. They let the last one pass when Labour rejigged the constituencies to give them more safe Labour seats and dilute opposition safe seats. They surely can't be stupid enough to let it happen again?
  4. What is this obsession with reform? It's really, really getting on my tits. Why do they feel the need to reform everything? Ok, things are shit in this country at the moment but they're the ones who made it shit. Reforming hideously bad government by introducing more crap is not going to improve things. It's nothing but empty gestures.
The Conservative shadow government minister was particularly inciteful when he said "It would be dreadful for Mr Blair to receive the drubbing he would undoubtedly receive at the polls next year so it would be convenient just to suspend democracy".

Absolutely right. You're the opposition, now fucking do something about it!

Just wanted to clarify ...

This is not real. A while back I was trying to explain my English politics obsession to my very good Dutch friend. Despite it being totally irrelevant to him, he still sits and listens to me rant with, I presume, a bemused look on his face (I can't see him, he's 600 miles away).

Anyway, the best way I could think of explaining it to him was to use Benelux as an analogy.

English people seem to have a problem believing that our country has the kind of government Mussolini would have been ashamed of. They would quite happily believe that those funny foreigners could do it though.

I've heard from a couple of people who believed the story which is good. Try telling a "non-believer" this story and then ask them why they find it believable in another country but not in England.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Breaking Story: Union of Benelux

The Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourgish governments have today signed an Act of Union, uniting the three countries into the United Kingdom of Benelux.

The new federal government will be based in Amsterdam, the new capital of Benelux.

Belgium and Luxembourg will each have its own devolved government handling local affairs.

The Netherlands will be divided into 6 regions - North, South, West, East and Central Netherlands and the City Region of Amsterdam.

A devolved government for the Netherlands was mooted but was considered too great a risk to the union. The government of Benelux is drawing up plans for regional government in the Netherlands at some point in the future.

A Dutch campaign group raised the concern that Belgian and Luxembourgish politicians would be voting on legislation that only applied to the Netherlands. The Belgian-born president of Benelux gave the matter consideration but it was thought that preventing them from doing so would disenfranchise voters outside of the Netherlands and the concerns were dismissed.

As part of the terms of the Union of Benelux, the Netherlands will pay off the national debt of Belgium and Luxembourg and a new funding structure put in place which will see the Netherlands subsidise Belgium and Luxembourg whilst they work towards bringing their economy up to the same level as the Netherlands.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blair rules out English-only votes

Source: BBC News

Blair rejects England-only votes

Tony Blair
Mr Blair said the debate had gone on 'forever'
Tony Blair has ruled out stopping Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland MPs voting on England-only issues.

The prime minister told the Commons Liaison Committee that creating "two classes of MP" could get Parliament "into all sorts of problems".

Campaigners say that as English MPs have no say over devolved issues, their non-English colleagues should not vote on things like English school reforms.

Conservatives accused Mr Blair of ignoring "fair play".

'Don't agree'

It was pointed out to Mr Blair that all MPs would have a vote on the proposed smoking ban in England, even though Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland had already made their own decisions.

Liaison Committee chairman Alan Williams, Father of the House and a Labour opponent of devolution, accused ministers of failing to address the issue.

Mr Blair said: "I'm not failing to address it. I don't agree.

"English MPs still remain in overwhelming majority. I think if you try to create two classes of MPs, you will get yourselves in all sorts of trouble and you will find it very hard to distinguish between those things that are purely English, purely Scottish and so on.

"We have got a UK Parliament. In the end I totally understand why people think it's a good idea from other political parties, but in the end, if you try to divide MPs up into two categories and then you have to define the legislation they are able to vote on, you will find it very hard.

"I doubt if a government is going to introduce this."

Shadow secretary of state for constitutinal affairs Oliver Heald, said: "The prime minister seems to have lost his sense of equity and fair play.

"Scots accept England should be treated equally with Scotland; why won't the Prime Minister?

"In ruling out English votes for English laws, he is thinking of the Labour Party's interests rather than the interests of the United Kingdom."

Scottish National Party constitutional affairs spokesman Pete Wishart said: "English MPs have every right to feel aggrieved that the Government's lobby loyalists from north of the border will determine controversial English outcomes on legislation."

Peter Facey, director of the New Politics Network think tank, said: "The answer is not necessarily England-only votes in the Commons or an English Parliament but to put decision-making at a level much closer to the people."

What can I say? This statement from Traitor Blair is absolutely fantastic. It shows that he has given the issue some thought and decided that it's ok for England to be discriminated against.

His argument that it would be "very hard" to decide what was English-only and what was Scottish-only legislation is absolute premium grade bullshit. The answer is that anything that is currently devolved to Scotland and Wales should not be voted on by non-English MP's.

If that would create an unworkable solution in the British Parliament then set up an English Parliament.

It's not rocket science Tony, just democracy.

Abu Hamza convicted

The hook-handed hater of the west, "Sheik" Abu Hamza, has been convicted of a number of race hate and terrorism crimes.

He has been sentenced to 7 years in Belmarsh after which he will hopefully be extradited to the US where he is also wanted on terrorism charges and with a bit of luck will end his miserable life festering in a US jail.

The man is a hypocrite. He preaches about the evils of the west and tells his follows to reject our values and society but has been quite happy to live here on benefits at the taxpayers expense.

Good riddance to bad rubbish I say.

Letter: Shropshire Star (not one of mine)

Found this on the letter pages of the Shropshire Star tonight. Yet another example of people literally dying from anglophobia.

MP could do more for cancer sufferers

I'm sure sufferers from cancer in the Telford constituency will welcome David Wright's support for Beating Bowel Cancer's Loud Tie Appeal, although I believe there is much more work he could be undertaking which would make more of a difference.

I e-mailed him at his House of Commons e-mail address on August 25 asking about the delays to approving new anti-cancer drugs by the National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE). No reply has been received. Since Commons e-mail addresses are not compulsory and since the system sent my e-mail back to me in confirmation, why have I not even had the courtesy of an acknowledgemen t?

There is a new bowel cancer drug, Avastin, which is awaiting approval. This is the first of a new type of drug - monoclonal antibodies -which will enable cancer to be managed as a long-term condition. My consultant thinks Avastin will help 10 times as many patients as Herceptin.

NICE is going to be clogged with applications for similar drugs in the near future as they become available. Avastin is due to be approved by NICE for the 2008 NHS budget in England but should Be approved for use in Scotland by the end of this month.

Why do patients in England have to wait far longer than in Scotland for new life-saving drugs and what is our MP doing about it? Keep wearing the silly ties, David, but do some real work towards helping your constituents and others who are fighting an effective killer.

Eric Boyden

Monday, February 06, 2006

Police mergers will go ahead

Charles Clarke, the lying, despicable shit of a Home Secretary has given a written statement to the commons today confirming that regional police forces will be going ahead regardless of the massive public and police opposition to them.

West Mercia Police (my local force) is the largest police force in England and Wales and covers a mostly rural "patch". It receives the lowest funding in England but still manages to be the best performing police force in the country.

West Mercia Police conducted a survey of residents in their force area and found that in excess of 90% of people questioned were opposed to merging West Mercia into a West Midlands regional police force.

With this in mind, the sweaty baboon has decided that the first forced merger will take place in the West Midlands. The West Midlands regional force will fit snugly into the boundaries of the West Midlands Regional Assembly. Very convenient.

A map of the four police forces that will be merged was shown on the news this evening. West Mercia is currently almost twice the size of the other three combined. So where will the new regional police force have its headquarters? In Birmingham of course! Three quarters of an hour's drive away if the roads are clear. Where is the West Midlands Regional Assembly based? In Birmingham of course! Very convenient.

I am totally disgusted with the sweaty baboon. He is a public servant but seems to have forgotten what that means. When 90% of the people say no, it means no. It doesn't mean do what you want and screw public opinion.

The decision has been made, what happened to the commons vote on the mergers that was promised?

This is democracy Labour style and you can expect more of the same until we get our own government to run our own country. Until that happens, we will be faced with this constant onslaught of pro-regional, anti-English bullshit.

Twat of the Week: Jack Straw

This week's Twat of the Week is an absolute run-away victory.

A quick reminder of the candidates:

Jack "Demon Headmaster" Straw (for condemning Mohammed cartoons)
Peter Mandleson (for condemning Mohammed cartoons)
Raymond Lakah (owner of France Soir sacked the editor for publishing Mohammed cartoons)
Robert Hazell (for promoting euro-regions for England)
Andy Burnham (for exaggerating identity fraud to justify ID cards)
Traitor Blair (for breathing)
Hilary Armstrong ("for heroic stupidity" - surely she deserves an award?)
Sir Ian Blair (last weeks winner)
Peter "Bigot" Hain (lying anglophobic bigot)
John "Fat Turd" Prescott (do you need an exucse?)

With 20 votes (53% of the total), Jack "Demon Headmaster" Straw you are this weeks Twat of the Week.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Inciting racial and religious hatred

I saw a couple of minutes of Sky News this morning showing muslims protesting in London about the Mohammed pictures.

The banners they were carrying had varying messages on the same theme. A couple that spring to mind said "Massacre those who insult Islam" and "Europe, your 9/11 will come".

As I said the other day, I can understand why they're pissed off but this behaviour is unacceptable. Since Islamic terrorism has hit the headlines following the September 11th attack on the World Trade Centre, muslim groups have been trying to convince the world that Islam is a peaceful religion.

The behaviour of these protesters means one of two things: either the muslims calling for the masacre of Europeans aren't following Islam or Islam really is a violent religion.

Whatever the reason, the fact that the police are not only letting these protesters get away with breaking the law but actually escorting them while they do it is absolutely appalling. Would a group of white christians be allowed to walk the streets carrying placards calling for the massacre of muslims? Would they bollocks.

Every single muslim that carries a placard or shouts a message inciting racial or religious hatred should be arrested, convicted and locked up in a high security prison until they are no longer a threat to society. If they are immigrants then they should be deported to their country of origin and be stripped of their citizenship. If something like this can make them call for the massacre of English people then they don't belong here.

See Also:
Sky News - poll on the right hand side of the page asks "Should police in UK arrest threatening protesters?"

Saturday, February 04, 2006

So, were you dazzled?

Apparently, Wales were ready to dazzle England this afternoon.

Well they dazzled me alright. For the first 20 minutes after which they were totally outplayed and outclassed by England for the rest of the match.

And to think I was in two minds whether to switch off in disgust at Wales getting two national anthems - Land of my Fathers and God Save the Queen.

Final score: England 47, Wales 13.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Twat of the Week voting

You know the drill by now. A bumper crop of 10 nominees this week. Enjoy.

Jack "Demon Headmaster" Straw (for condemning Mohammed cartoons)
Peter Mandleson (for condemning Mohammed cartoons)
Raymond Lakah (owner of France Soir sacked the editor for publishing Mohammed cartoons)
Robert Hazell (for promoting euro-regions for England)
Andy Burnham (for exaggerating identity fraud to justify ID cards)
Traitor Blair (for breathing)
Hilary Armstrong ("for heroic stupidity" - surely she deserves an award?)
Sir Ian Blair (last weeks winner)
Peter "Bigot" Hain (lying anglophobic bigot)
John "Fat Turd" Prescott (do you need an exucse?)

Twat of the Week
Jack Straw
Peter Mandelson
Raymond Lakah
Robert Hazell
Andy Burnham
Tony Blair
Hilary Armstrong
Sir Ian Blair
Peter Hain
John Prescott
Free polls from

Twat of the Week Nominations

Come on then, lets have your nominations for this weeks Twat of the Week award.

Put your nominations in the comments or contact me.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cartoons depicting Mohammed

There is absolute uproar amongst muslims all over the world because a handful of European newspapers have published cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed. Under Islam, the depiction of Mohammed or Allah is a sin.

There have been protests the world over and the EU's offices in Palestine are being picketed by armed protesters.

The Muslim Council of Britain has complained that it is disrespectful and muslim groups have been calling for the EU to take action against governments that allow newspapers to publish the cartoons.

I can understand why they are upset about it but the easy solution is for them not to look at them. As far as I am aware, they have not been published on the front page of any newspaper so the reader would have to open the newspaper to find the pictures.

There are no muslim countries in the EU and Islamic law is not recognised in any EU state. There is no reason why, when every EU member has freedom of press, that a national government should prevent a newspaper from publishing a cartoon no matter how offensive it may be to a religion. I would even go so far as to say that it would be absolutely wrong for a government to even attempt to do so.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, click here. If you are offended by images of Mohammed, don't look at them. If you have a problem with me, a non-muslim in a non-muslim country, choosing to make the pictures available to anyone who chooses to look at them then please leave any rational argument in the comments.

Letter: Shropshire Star

Tax claim makes me cynical on EU budget

The EU has officially criticised the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, for exceeding EU targets on borrowing.

A few months ago, the EU’s own auditors refused to sign the EU accounts off for the seventh year running because they were fraudulent.

A bit hypocritical surely?

Now I see that the Austrian president, in his role as president of the EU for the next six months, has decided that what we really want is to revive the EU constitution (preferably without referendums this time so we can’t say no) and to allow the EU to directly tax citizens.

The proposal is for the EU to establish a tax on money borrowed for speculation which they will then use to fund themselves instead of having to rely on individual member states coming to an agreement on the budget.

This, it is claimed, will stop the bad feeling between member states when debating the budget and among citizens when talking about who contributes and receives what in the EU.

Perhaps I’m just cynical but a more realistic reason for this proposal is to give the EU, which is guilty of serious financial corruption, a free hand in setting its own budget and will help to hide the true cost of the EU from the taxpayers that fund it.

Stuart Parr, Telford

I was just testing my car officer ...

The Telford policeman that accidently recorded himself doing 159mph in his new police car and was let off because he said he was just testing his new car will be brought before a judge again for the same offence.

The judge's decision to find him not guilty attracted so much criticism from the public and press that the CPS applied for the verdict to be overturned and for him to stand trial again.

The verdict has now been overturned and the police officer, who drove at speeds in excess of 80mph in the centre of Telford and up to 159mph on the M54 motorway which runs through the town, will stand trial for the offence again.

He wouldn't have been caught if he hadn't accidently turned on the onboard camera they use to record pursuits when he went over a bump.

I wonder home many people have used the excuse that they were just testing their car when they've had a parking ticket since this guy got let off?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tories say police mergers are undemocratic

According to BBC News, the Tories have said that the police force mergers that the British government are trying to impose on England are uncosted and undemocratic.

The Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, says that the impetus for reform came from the police, not from politicians. Perhaps it's the same arrangment as the police "request" for powers to detain "terrorist suspects" for 3 months without charge? The British government ordered them to put forward a proposal for it and then said "Look, the police have asked for it!"

Michael Ancram MP (CON) told Charles Clarke to "climb off his obsessional hobby horse... and listen to the people of this country".

The British government says that forces with less than 4,000 officers are not equipped to deal with sophisticated crime and terrorism. The Association of Police Authorities says that forces should work together on sophisticated crime and terrorism.

The mergers, in reality, have bugger all to do with effective policing. If you look at the regional police forces the British government is demanding, they slot into the current English euro-regions. This is all about making another major aspect of our lives fit in with regional government to fulfill the British government's policy of regionalising England to ensure that England never gets its own national parliament and will remain incapable of stopping the obscene theft of English taxes to subsidise the bankrupt nations of the UK.