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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Shugborough Hall

Spent the day at Shugborough Hall yesterday with Mrs Sane. It's half an hour away from Telford and I didn't even know it was there until yesterday.

The house is the home of the Earl of Lichfield but now belongs to the National Trust. Apparently, the family had two deaths close to each other a couple of decades ago and the death duties were too much to pay so they had to hand their family home over to the Treasury. The Treasury didn't want it so they gave it to the National Trust. The National Trust couldn't afford it so they leased it to Staffordshire County Council who now run it as a museum under the banner of the National Trust. What a palaver!

The house is very nice - lovely painted ceilings and furniture and the gardens are excellent. Lord Lichfield actually lives in one wing of the house but he isn't allowed to cross over into the public part of the house apart from a living room he uses that the public is allowed to see.

There was a rather interesting statue in the gardens which, from a certain angle, looked a bit ... dubious. Anyone care to guess what the two men in the statue are doing?

(Click for a larger image)