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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Who calls the shots?

The Daily Mail has helpfully provided a list of prominent North Britons in the UK government.

Cabinet Ministers

Tony Blair
Prime Minister, born and educated in Edinburgh

Gordon Brown
Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kircaldy

Dr John Reid
Secretary of State for the Home Office, North Lanarkshire (almost entirely an English department)

Lord Falconer of Thornton
Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs, Edinburgh
Also Lord Chancellor of England but they missed that off

Des Browne
Secretary of State for Defence, Ayrshire

Alistair Darling
Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, educated at East Lothian (An English Department)

Douglas Alexander
Secretary of State for Transport and Scotland, Glasgow (An English Department)


Baroness Ford of Cunningham
Chairman of English Partnerships, Ayrshire (An English Department)

Lord Sandy Leitch
Chairman of the National Employment Panel, Dunfirmline

Louise Martin, CBE
UK Sport board member, Dunblane

Ian Hay, OBE
Low Pay Commission, Aberdeen

Other Senior Politicians

Nigel Griffiths
Deputy Leader of the House of Commons, Glasgow

Ian McCartney
Minister without Portfolio and Party Chair, East Dunbartonshire

Pat McFadden
Junior Minister for Social Exclusion, Paisley

Bridget Prentice
Parliamentary Under Secretary for the Department of Constitutional Affairs, Glasgow

Jim Murphy
Minister of State at the Department of Work and Pensions, Glasgow

Anne McGuire
Minister for Disabled people, Stirling

Adam Ingram
Minister for the Armed Forces, Glasgow

Thomas McAvoy
Government Whip and Comptroller of Her Majesty’s Household, Lanarkshire

Michael Martin
Speaker of the House of Commons, Glasgow

Lord Irvine
Former Lord Chancellor and Blair ally, Inverness

Jim Fitzpatrick
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Trade and Industry, Glasgow (An English Department)

David Cairns
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and the Scottish Offices, Greenock
Barry Gardiner, Food Minister, Glasgow


Hmm, 106 Scottish-born MP's in Westminster. Scots make up roughly 8.5% of the population but about 16.5% of the UK government is Scottish.

As well as the list of ministers, the Daily Mail also provided a list of political commentators and media controllers from North Britain.

The Commentariat

Nicky Campbell
Broadcaster, Edinburgh

Charles Allen
ITVs Chief Executive, Lanarkshire

Andrew Neil
Publisher and broadcaster, Paisley

James Naughtie
Today presenter, Aberdeenshire

Andrew Marr
Former BBC political editor and broadcaster, born in Glasgow, educated Dundee

Kirsty Wark
Newsnight presenter, Dumfries

Kirsty Young
Five newsreader, born South Lanarkshire