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Monday, June 26, 2006

Tory Bill of Rights?

David Cameron was on the telly on Sunday morning talking to Andrew Marr about this and that, looking very sincere and sure of himself. They touched on devolution and DC briefly mentioned EVoEL as the solution to our problems and then he got on to the Human Rights Act.

Apparently, DC is considering repealing the Human Rights Act when the Tories win the next election. He says that rather than importing a foreign idea of rights and responsibilities we should create our own British Bill of Rights.

Nice one Dave but we already have a Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights 1667 is still in force today and, thanks to the Metric Martyrs, it cannot be repealed by implication so it supercedes a large number of laws that have since been introduced to limit our freedoms. We don't need a new Bill of Rights, we just need our existing Bill of Rights enforcing. That means no more summary justice, no more jury-less trials and no more on-the-spot fines for a start.