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Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm out of here

Going Camping, back in a week.

Capping Footballers Wages

Jack Straw has said that footballers wages should be capped and that clubs should have a fans charter and a fan on the board. This is, of course, because he's a football fan and nothing to do with the EU which has been saying this for the last month or so.

Shropshire Star: Keep the flag flying

Keep the flag flying

I have noticed that, with the World Cup nearing, the England flags have been popping up again.

Now I issue a plea to every Englishman in the county. Let's do the opposite of what happened after Euro 2004 and keep them up permanently, not just until England eventually get knocked out.

Tom Wright, 15

Letter: Shropshire Star

Big stores only back England at World Cup

It is great to see so many English flags fluttering from people's cars.

It would be nice to think that most of them would stay after the World Cup, but it seems that most people only think about supporting their country when it comes to a sporting event.

For the past few weeks all the supermarkets have been selling the England supporter kits which contain these flags and are obviously doing a roaring trade.

I would urge anyone considering buying one of these kits to think about where they make their purchase.

For instance, Tesco refuses point blank to label any of their own products as English. They will gladly label Scottish items, but English products are labelled as British. They even have specialist buying teams in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but not in England. Tesco says England is too big to market as a country, but apparently not if there's a World Cup they can make money from.

Sainsbury's and Somerfield both label at least some of their own products as English so it must be possible to market England as a single country.

So, if you're tempted to buy one of these kits take a look at what they have on their shelves. If they can't support England when there isn't a World Cup don't support them when there is.

Stuart Parr

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Just remember ...

... regions are nothing to do with Europe.

More knuckle draggers

English nationalists often get accused of being right wing racists and are quite often associated with the BNP. This is not true. Some English nationalists are BNP supporters but they make up a minority of supporters of the BNP.

Some people are convinced when you explain what English nationalism is about and others aren't. Unfortunately, it's going to be more difficult in the light of the people of Burnley electing two knuckle draggers from the England First Party.

The EFP make the BNP look like fluffy liberals. Their manifesto reads like a piece of Nazi propoganda - they would ban mixed-race marriages and homosexuality and would repatriate immigrants.

If anyone has any doubts, let me just state categorically that the England First Party does not represent anything other than a minority of extreme racists. As the BNP only came second in five out of the seven seats they contested, this might even have been a protest vote.

Hoon on Montenegro

The Minister for Europe, Hoon the Buffoon has the following to say on Montenegro voting to give themselves independence:

The people of Montenegro have expressed a clear desire for an independent state. This is an important moment in the history of Montenegro.

We are pleased that ODIHR declared that the referendum complied with international standards. All sides in Montenegro, and the Serbian Authorities, must now work together to determine the way forward.

Hmmm, 74% of people voting in a BBC poll said they wanted an English Parliament but we still haven't got one. The people of the north east of England voted against a regional assembly - a referendum that saw the UK government throw considerable resources into the campaign amid concerns from independent monitors - but the assembly is still there.

Why is it that British politicians are so keen to congratulate other countries for embracing democracy but are actually making this country less democratic at every opportunity?

Justice for England

Fun with the Home Office

My many enquiries to the Home Office asking if the Home Secretary will exercise his right to legislate in Scotland under section 28 (7) of the Scotland Act 1998 to force Scottish police forces to merge in the interests of national security have solicited only an automated response informing me that my enquiry has been forwarded to the Scottish Executive. Understandably annoyed at the blatant fob-offs I decided to ring the Home Office and spoke to Sally Waples on the Police Restructuring Team (020 7035 4747).

Ms Waples completely failed to understand that my query had no relevence to the Scottish Executive as I was asking about the Home Secretary. She also argued with me that the Home Secretary was unable to legislate on devolved matters until I quoted the Scotland Act at her when she conceded that she wasn't familiar with devolution. Did that make a difference though? No. She remained resolute in her opinion that I shouldn't be bothering the Home Office and should speak to the Scottish Executive.

I told her I didn't need to speak to the Scottish Executive because I already know they plan to make Scottish forces smaller because that's what prompted me to email the Home Office. I asked what I should do if I write to the Scottish Executive and they come back and tell me what I already know which is that they will refuse to merge their police forces. She told me I should keep writing to them. And what then? Nothing, the Home Office isn't interested.

So what to do? The Home Secretary isn't planning to tell Scottish police forces to merge despite telling us that anything less than 4,000 officers in a police force puts us at risk of terrorism. Obviously this is unacceptable - either there is a risk of terrorism and the Home Secretary is guilty of dereliction of duty or the risk of terrorism is a lie and the merger of police forces is politically motivated.

I spoke to James Slack at the Daily Mail about this yesterday and he seemed interested so maybe they'll get somewhere with this.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Twat of the Week: Joseph Harker

Last week saw Traitor Blair claim a ToTW record by becoming the first person to win the award twice in a row. This week sees another ToTW record being set - the biggest landslide vitory so far!

Traitor Blair 0 (0%)
Gordon Brown 0 (0%)
Joseph Harker 18 (90%)
John Reid 2 (10%)

20 votes total

It seems that some patriotic English people take offence at being called racist thugs for flying their country's flag by left liberal apologists. Joseph Harker, you are a most deserving Twat of the Week.

Cheltenham cabbies banned from flying England flags

Cheltenham have followed in the footsteps of Blackpool by banning cabbies from flying England flags from their cars. The council claim that it is because people might get confused if taxis fly England flags and think that any car with an England flag is a taxi.

What a crock of shit!

Bush urges Israel to bypass Palestinian government

Warmonger Bush has urged the Israeli president to bypass the democratically elected Palestinian government, which is controlled by Hamas, and negotiate directly with the Palestinian president instead.

Gotta love that good old American-style democracy.

Monday, May 22, 2006

LGA thinks they should have more power

The Local Government Association, a group of local council leaders, has announced that English cities should be given the same powers as the Scottish Parliament so they can better compete with major European cities.

Did I hear that right? Local council leaders saying they should be given more power? Surely not.

The Scottish Parliament is a nation parliament representing a country. If cities need to be given more autonomy then that should be handled by an English parliament. It shouldn't be decided upon by the British government that is desperately seeking new ways to dispose of England to ensure the continued existence of the union and the all important Scottish and Welsh votes.

Confirmation that Police mergers willgo ahead

John Reid, the new Home Secretary, indicated that he was thinking about whether or not to press on with the regionalisation of English and Welsh police forces. Either it didn't take him long to think about it or he was lying because he has just made Tony McNulty minister for police because he is the best person to push through police reforms including the mergers.

Shropshire NHS pays to borrow its own money!

Shropshire NHS recently donated £13m from its already overstretched budget to setting up a new West Midlands regional bank. They have now accepted a £34m loan from the regional NHS bank. Interest will presumably be charged on the whole £34m meaning that Shropshire NHS will be paying interest on £13m of its own money on top of being £13m out of pocket in the first place.

A spokesman said it was a great deal because we've been given more money than we paid into it. For "given" read "loaned".

Herceptin for Shropshire campaigner

A Shropshire breast cancer sufferer has been given a course of Herceptin after staging a week-long sit-in protest at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. She will now be able to join the Welsh women who are already receiving the drug free of charge at the same hospital.

Unfortunately, this doesn't much help the other English women in Shropshire - or the rest of England - that are suffering at the hands of the institutionally racist NHS.

Twat of the Week Voting

Yes, I'm late again but I've been pretty busy. Please cast your votes from the following:

Twat of the Week
Traitor Blair
Gordon Brown
Joseph Harker
John Reid
Free polls from

A quick reminder of the twatty behaviour of our candidates this week:

Traitor Blair - specifically for being ashamed of the Jewish expulsion from England hundreds of years ago. Yes Tony, it wasn't a very nice thing to do but it was hundreds of years ago. Stop apologising - it wasn't even your country that did it, you're Scottish.

Gordon Brown - the Ignorant Jock hasn't done anything in particular this week but while he's in his job and continuing to breath he is an affront to the English nation. Recent figures show that England is subsidising the rest of the UK by between £1k and £2.5k per person per year at the hands of the Scottish Chancellor.

Joseph Harker - the Guardian chief apologist who is so ashamed of his nationality he has denounced every person flying an English flag or vaguely proud of their country as right wing racists in the employ of the BNP.

John Reid - effectively running an English ministry despite being from North Britain. Still won't make his mind up on whether to scrap plans to merge police forces into Euro-region shaped puppets.

Need Help

Anyone vaguely interested in marketing/advertising/graphics/DTP who is prepared to help me produce some World Cup related advertisments for the CEP, please contact me.

You will recycle

Someone from the south of England is in court today after being charged with not properly recycling their rubbish. This person has apparently been putting non-recyclable rubbish into their recycling box and now faces a fine of up to £1,000.

Montenegro votes for Independence

Montenegro has voted for independence from Serbia in a referendum. It was a close result with 54% of people voting in favour of regaining their independence which they lost to Yugoslavia 90 years ago.

If the 700,000 people of Montenegro can do it then there's no reason why England can't at least get a devolved government. All across Europe, unions are breaking up and countries are going it alone. Society hasn't fallen apart and Europe hasn't decended into anarchy and war.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


According to Conservative Home, the Ignorant Jock has been especially generous with English taxes of late. The average North Briton now receives in excess of two grand a year more than the average English cash cow person in public spending from the UK Treasury.

Taxi Drivers banned from supporting England

Taxi drivers in Blackpool have been banned from wearing clothes featuring the word England, the three lions or St George's Crosses and from flying England flags from their cabs. One driver claims that he was told that it was to prevent causing offence to foreigners and to prevent any possible trouble from Scottish and Welsh people. One cabbie had his licence suspended for wearing a shirt which said the word England on it.

Blackpool council is currently flying a gay pride flag over its offices in support of homosexuals. I wonder how many people in Blackpool find that offensive.

Letter: Yorkshire Post

In response to a letter calling for the removal of the monarchy and establishing an elected monarchy ...

Fair elections?

From: Stuart Parr, Briarwood, Brookside, Telford.

ALED Jones fails to understand one major point about democracy – elections don't make a system democratic (Yorkshire Post, May 18).

The Government has shown itself to be corrupt and morally questionable while simultaneously legislating to strip us of our rights and freedoms.

An elected head of state, just like an elected House of Lords, would have the opposite effect to that imagined by perpetual optimists in that it would merely cement the ruling party's hold over the country and sweep away effective opposition.

Labour won the General Election nine years ago and took control of the Commons. At the time the Tories controlled the House of Lords but Labour have since "reformed" the Lords so that they could appoint peers based on their political affiliation and have now given themselves a majority in the upper house.

So, the Labour Party now controls (albeit tenuously) the Commons and the Lords. If we had an elected Head of State, what party would he or she represent do you think?

Would the electorate vote Labour in the General Election, Labour in the House of Lords and a Conservative for President? The answer, I'm sure you'll agree, is no.

Therefore, both Houses of Parliament and the presidency – the highest authority in the land – would all be controlled by the same party.

Is that your idea of democracy?

Friday, May 19, 2006

Twat of the Week nominations

Please send me your Twat of the Week nominations. Either post in the comments or contact me.


The Home Office, responsible for controlling immigration, has discovered 5 illegal immigrants.

Not only is this a record but they were working at the Home Office as cleaners!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pray for England

I'm not a religious man but if it helps ...

Anything to Declare?

Yesterdays joke of the day:
How many illegal immigrants are there in England?

Nobody knows.
Traitor Blair was asked yesterday how many illegal immigrants there were in this country and he doesn't know. Nobody knows apparently. That's reassuring.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Euro DropZone

The EU has, bizarrely, agreed to allow Slovenia to join the Euro.

I don't think any further commentary is required.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Will the Home Secretary order a single Scottish police force?

I have just emailed the Home Office with a very serious concern over our safety and security.

English police forces have to merged into large regional forces because they are too small to effectively fight terrorism and serious and organised crime. The proposed West Midlands regional police force will cover 5m people.

The Home Secretary's constituency in Scotland is covered by Strathclyde Police. They cover 2.2m people and are planning to split into 6 smaller forces because they can't effectively police 2.2m people.

According to the Home Office, this is too small to fight terrorism and serious and organised crime. By allowing any more than one single regional police force in Scotland covering its population of 5m, the Home Secretary is putting the UK at serious risk of terrorist infiltration from inside Scotland.

Naturally, I have written to the Home Office asking if the Home Secretary will be exercising his right to legislate on devolved matters in Scotland for the safety of the country by forcing them to merge into a single regional police force.

Letter: Shropshire Star

Growing Scottish influence on cabinet

I had the misfortune to see Labour's party election broadcast the day before the local elections.

The broadcast talked about how well Britain was doing under Labour and finished with the strapline "Britain is moving forward - vote Labour".

Bearing in mind that these were the English local elections, I wonder how many people were left wondering what Labour were planning to do for England and how many votes they lost as a result of Labour's continued denial of the existence of our country.

Can you imagine what would happen to Labour's all important majority in Scotland and Wales if they used the word "Britain" in a local electon broadcast there?

The cabinet reshuffle that follwed Labour's humiliating loses at the local election had both positive and negative sides.

The positives were the sacking of Chalres Clarke and John Prescott being stripped of all his powers. These two men were possibly the biggest threat to freedom and democracy in this country.

On the downside, there are now 5 MP's with Scottish constituencies in top ministerial positions running departments that are rarely permitted to do anything that affects their own constituents.

This is a clear message from Tony Blair - if England can't be trusted to vote Labour then he will have to bring in people we can't vote out of office. There are only two ways to get anywhere in this Labour government - you either have to be incompetent or Scottish.

Stuart Parr

Letters: Glasgow Herald

The Herald is almost unique in the Scottish press in that it not only understands the discrimination against England as a result of devolution but, unlike the cowardly "English" press, it actually dares to report it. But your editorial, Scottophobia lives on today (May 15), certainly falls short of your usual balanced reporting.The opposition by English people to a Scottish MP becoming prime minister is nothing to do with a phobia or even dislike of the Scots. It is simply the case that, since devolution, Westminster now spends roughly 80% of its time dealing solely with England. It is not unreasonable for the people of England, representing 85% of the population of the (dis)United Kingdom, to want somebody who is accountable to the English electorate as prime minister.Were Gordon Brown to become the British prime minister, he would have a free rein over England but would be almost incapable of introducing any legislation that would affect his own constituents. He would be safe in the knowledge that no matter how unpopular a piece of legislation was, nobody in England could vote him out of office as he is elected in Scotland. Westminster has become largely irrelevant in Scotland since devolution so the diehard Labour constituents, most of whom would vote for a chimpanzee if it wore a red rosette, are very unlikely to vote him out based on what he has done to the auld enemy south of the border.I have no problem with a Scottish MP becoming prime minister of the UK once a fully-devolved government, with at least the same powers as the Scottish Parliament, has been introduced in England. Until this happens, increasing numbers of English people will refuse to submit to minority rule by unaccountable Scottish politicians.

Stuart Parr, Telford, Shropshire.

THE growth in Scottophobia was inevitable. The idea of devolution might have been to strengthen the Union, but only fools could have thought that a manifestly inequitable system, that Labour created, could possibly achieve that aim. Gordon Brown or John Reid have every constitutional right to be prime minister but neither will have any electoral mandate for the bulk of that job. Post-devolution, the duties have changed dramatically. Besides going on lots of holidays and prancing about the world saying how they are going to save it, the PM's main function is to oversee the administration of England.Brown/Reid are, however, elected to Westminster to represent their constituents on non-devolved matters. So they have no mandate from either Scottish or English electors to deal with things like health, education, law and order, etc. That is why they should not be PM of the UK until England has a devolved parliament of its own. Constitutionally, there is no reason why an English MP representing an English constituency should not be secretary of state for Scotland, but if any such person were appointed there would be a big protest from Scotland.

Edward Higginbottom, Rea Bank, Weir Road, Hanwood, Shrewsbury.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Twat of the Week: Tony Blair

Traitor Blair is certainly one for setting records. Not only is he the most unpopular Prime Minister for nigh on a century, not only is he the worst Prime Minister in living memory, not only is he the Prime Minister that has used the Parliament Act to bypass democracy more times than every other British government since it became law, but he is also the only person to win Twat of the Week twice in a row!

Poor Tony, nobody likes you. Why don't you resign?

Steve McClaren 1 (6%)
Traitor Blair 10 (56%)
John Reid 6 (33%)
Gordon Brown 1 (6%)

18 votes total

Lessons on British Values

The Higher Education Minister (didn't realise we had one, he must be good) has announced today that the British government is considering making lessons on British values compulsary in secondary schools.

However, as is usually the case when it comes to all things British, this will only apply in England. Scottish and Welsh children will continue to be taught Scottish and Welsh values along with their Scottish and Welsh history and nationality while English children will spend their formative years being brainwashed into thinking they are British and not English.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Raj giveth and the Raj taketh away

Traitor Blair and the Ignorant Jock have come to an agreement over linking state pensions to earnings. The link will be restored in 2012, not long after the next election.

So, how's this going to be paid for? Well, women and men will have to retire at the same age. The retirement age will also be increased to 68.

This isn't going to happen until 2012 though giving the Scottish Raj - particularly if the Ignorant Jock is Prime Minister - some excellent leverage in the next election.

Human Rights Act to be amended?

The unelected Scottish Lord Chancellor of England, Charlie Falconer, has indicated that the Human Rights Act could be amended to put the safety of the public first.

Now, on the face of it, this sounds like a good idea. The 7 Afghan plane hijackers that have been allowed to stay in this country because their human rights would be breached by deporting them have clearly abused the Human Rights Act and they shouldn't have been allowed to stay.

However, the point of human rights legislation is to put the rights of an individual beyond politics. The whole point is to define certain rights that every individual should have that cannot be interfered with or removed.

What the proposed amendment will do is allow human rights to be set aside "in the interests of public safety". Just like ID cards, the national ID database, the Terrorism Act and countless other pieces of legislation brought in recently to curtail our freedoms and turn England into a police state.

Something needs doing with the Human Rights Act but not this.

Twat of the Week voting

Time to vote for this weeks Twat of the Week.

Twat of the Week
Steve McClaren
Traitor Blair
John Reid
Gordon Brown
Free polls from

Friday, May 12, 2006

Twat of the Week nominations

Time for this weeks Twat of the Week nominations. As usual, either post in the comments or contact me.

Letter: Shropshire Star

City proposal will mean more tax

I wonder how many residents of Telford know anything about the West Midlands city region that Michael Frater has sold us to?

It took me about a month, many phone calls and e-mails and I ended up speaking to Birmingham City Council but I finally managed to get some information on the proposal.

I didn’t get a copy of the proposal as that is to be kept secret for the next few months, presumably so that members of the public can’t give their councillors reasons to object to it.

The city region, Messrs Frater and Austin tell us, will bring us economic benefits and help us attract investment.

The blueprint for city regions produced by the UK government suggests that city regions will be able to levy business taxes. Extra taxation will encourage investment in Telford?

The economic benefits will be in the form of extra money from the UK government and EU in return for complying with regional policy.

This is nothing short of bribery and, in the case of the EU, they are bribing us with our own money!

The city region will mean higher taxes, less democracy and accountability, move more control of our daily lives away from our own democratically elected local representatives to unelected regionalists in Birmingham and the “economic benefits” are little more than bribes paid out of our own pockets.

Stuart Parr, Telford

Thursday, May 11, 2006

EU Arrogance

Source: BBC News

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has said that we need an EU constitution and has pledged to revive it even though it was rejected by France and the Netherlands - both traditionally pro-EU countries.

So far 15 countries have ratified the constitution although only one or two have actually held referenda on the subject.

Opposition to the EU constitution is massive in the UK and throughout Europe amongst real people. The popularity of the EU is rock bottom across the continent, even in the new Eastern European member states that benefit most from the mainly English-funded EU cash cow.

Merkel's comments are typical of the arrogance that lies at the heart of the pro-European establishment and the EU as a whole. The EU constitution is not wanted in most of Europe except by European Federalists. Referenda have been held, the constitution has been rejected. The people do not want it. It's rejection should be seen as a message that the EU constitution should be abandoned, not as a challenge to force it through against the will of hundreds of millions of people.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Northern Ireland Assembly law passed

The Lords have passed the Northern Ireland Act today allowing the Northern Ireland Assembly to be reconvened later this year.

The Northern Ireland Assembly was suspended in 2002 because of allegations of republican spies in Stormont. When it is reconvened at the end of this year, England will once again be the only country in the UK that is rulled directly by the British government. Even the Outer Hebredies have more autonomy than England!

Road Pricing

The Transport Minister was on the telly this morning talking all about road pricing. It's going to be great, it's going to be fair, it's going to save the environment and, of course, it's only going to affect England.

The Transport Minister is Scottish and he was elected by his Scottish constituents. Following the humiliating defeat at the local elections the other day, Traitor Blair appointed a bunch of Scottish yes men to the cabinet as punishment for not voting Labour.

Transport is devolved in Scotland and Wales so his plans for road pricing will only affect England where we have no say in whether he keeps his job or not.

The plans are still to be finalised but from what he said this morning, every vehicle will be fitted with a black box which will be tracked by the EU's Gallileo Spy GPS system. The EU spent billions on these spy GPS satellites and so, to justify the cost to the (mainly English) taxpayer, they decreed that EU members states must implement road pricing schemes that use their new spy GPS technology.

So, in order to blindly comply with the EU's instructions, the British government (and in particular the undemocratic Scottish Transport Minister) has announced, without consultation, that a road pricing scheme will be introduced with trackers in every vehicle and we will pay by the mile for our journeys with variable pricing on different roads and different times of the day.

If it's instead of the annual car tax then I'll be much better off as I travel no more than 25 miles per week by car but I absolutely disagree with the spy box in the car. As with ID Cards, I will refuse to have one.

Leave Fatty to do his job

I read a story in the paper last night about the Fat Turd asking that he be left to get on with his job. Obviously this confused me as he doesn't actually have one but I read on and it all became clear. Apparently, John Prescott's new job is as a "deal maker" for Traitor Blair. For this he is getting paid over £130k a year, two ministerial homes and all the perks, priveleges and benefits of being a minister.

Anyone got a clue what a "deal maker" for the Prime Minister actually does? Answers on a postcard.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Twat of the Week: Traitor Blair

Poor Tony, he's not having a good week. He's had to sack one of his yes men and demote another couple and then he had to appoint some of his Scottish friends to the cabinet because the English keep voting their Labour representatives out of office. Now, to top it all off, he've been voted as Twat of the Week!

Traitor Blair 9 (41%)
John Prescott 4 (18%)
Gordon Brown 2 (9%)
Charles Clarke 2 (9%)
Margaret Beckett 2 (9%)
John Reid 3 (14%)

22 votes total

Well, I certainly won't be losing any sleep over the result - the man is a traitor and deserves every piece of misfortune he encounters. Tony Bliar, you are this weeks Twat of the Week.

Animal Rights Terrorists

Shareholders in GlaxoSmithKline have been sent threatening letters by what the media are calling "animal rights activists". It's time these people were correctly referred to as animal rights terrorists.

The dictionary definition of terrorist is:

a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities

I think that just about covers "activists" who write threatening letters, firebomb houses and cars and steal the remains of peoples' dead relatives because they have some link to a company that uses animals for medical testing.

Happy Europe Day!

Happy Europe Day everyone. Here are some images to get you in the mood ...

Keep an eye out for people flying the EU flag like they did on St Georges Day.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Granny Weatherwax

So, Granny Weatherwax ... is she more powerful than the wizards? Magic is magic right? In a magical deathmatch between Granny Weatherwax and one of the wizards, who'd win?

Twat of the Week voting

Ok, Twat of the Week voting time. Nominees are as follows:

Twat of the Week
Traitor Blair
John Prescott
Gordon Brown
Charles Clarke
Margaret Beckett
John Reid
Free polls from

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Pigging good idea!

Source: Telford Live

Letter to Ms Beckett:

My friend, who is in farming at the moment, received a cheque for £3000 from the government for not rearing pigs. I now wish to go into the ‘not rearing pigs business.’

In your opinion, what is the best kind of farm not to rear pigs on, and which is the best breed of pigs not to rear? I want to be sure I approach this endeavour in keeping with all Government policies, as dictated by the EU under the Common Agricultural Policy.

I would prefer not to rear bacon pigs, but if this is not the type you want not rearing, I will just as gladly not rear porkers. Are there any advantages in not rearing rare breeds such as Saddlebacks or Gloucester Old Spots, or are there too many people already not rearing these?

As I see it, the hardest part of this programme will be keeping an accurate record of how many pigs I haven’t reared. Are there any Government Local Authority courses on this?

My friend is very satisfied with this business. He has been rearing pigs for twenty years or so, and the best he ever made on them was £1422 in 1968, until this year when he received a cheque for not rearing any.

If I get £3000 for not rearing 50 pigs, will I get £6000 for not rearing 100?

I plan to operate on a small scale at first, holding myself down to about 4000 pigs not raised, which will mean about £240,000 for the first year. Then I can afford to buy an aeroplane.

Another point. These pigs I plan not to rear will not eat 2000 tons of cereals. I understand that you also pay farmers for not growing crops. Will I qualify for payments for not growing cereals to not feed the pigs I don’t rear?

I am also considering the not milking cows business, so please send any information you have on that too. Please could you also include the Government information on set-aside fields? Can this be done on an e-commerce basis with virtual-reality fields?

In view of the above you will realise that I will be totally unemployed, and will qualify for unemployment benefits.

Federal Europe - from the horses mouth

Below is a copy of the Schuman Declaration, the document that declared a European Community (now the European Union). When a pro-EU person tries to tell you that a federal dictatorship isn't the ultimate aim of the European Union, just show them the image below and point them to the bit I've ringed.

"première étape de la Fédération européenne"
"first step of the European Federation"

Hat-tip: Campaign for an Independent Britain

Shropshire Star: Fiasco sparks farmer suicide fears

This was in the Shropshire Star a few days ago. Since this story, Margaret Beckett has been promoted to the Foreign Office as reward for her incompetence in charge of DEFRA.

Debt-ridden farmers across Shropshire have contemplated suicide as the only escape from the government’s single payment fiasco, it was revealed today.

The Rural Stress Network, founded during the foot and mouth crisis in 2001, said financial pressures were intolerable for farmers who have been waiting months for subsidies.

Many were battling with banks over sky-high charges. Others had no money to feed their families, while “three or four” in the last week said they had thought about suicide.

The Single Payment Scheme, which provides support payments to farmers for the environmental work they carry out, has descended into chaos with 70 per cent of claimants still unpaid. Now it could take until November to clear the backlog.

Helen Williams, for the Rural Stress Network, said many farmers were on the edge.

BBC: Scots take top roles in reshuffle

Not even the BBC can ignore the number of North British MP's the Traitor Blair has installed into his new, reshuffled cabinet.

This reshuffle sends out a clear message - if the English won't vote Labour then we will be punished for it. There are 23 cabinet ministers and 5 of them represent North British constituencies This might not sound bad but North Britain represents less than 10% of the population and the North British MP's all hold the top jobs.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Twat of the Week nominations

Please send me your nominations for Twat of the Week. Either post in the comments or contact me.

Cabinet Reshuffle

Well, the expected cabinet reshuffle has been announced. Not quite the vote-winner I suggested earlier today but interesting nonetheless.

The Sweaty Baboon has been sacked and will now return to the back benches where he can't get into too much trouble.

Margaret Beckett, previously Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is taking over the Foreign Office from the Jack "Demon Headmaster" Straw. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is responsible for paying subsidies to English farmers - something they have completely buggered up so far.

John Reid, the Scottish Secretary of Defence, has slipped into the Home Office further strengthening the Scottish Raj.

Alan Johnson is replacing Ruth Kelly as Minister for Education.

Jack Straw has list the Foreign Office and is now Leader of the Commons. Bit of an insult I'm sure.

And last but certainly not least - John "Fat Turd" Prescott will remain as Deputy Prime Minister but is losing his office which is expected to be split up and subsumed into other departments. Ruth Kelly is taking over Prezza's responsibilities in Parliament. Two jags, three shags, four chins and no job.

Labour drop to third place

Following yesterday's local elections Labour have dropped to third place overall. The Conservatives are now the majority party with a 40% vote share, Lib Dems are second with a 27% vote share and Labour are third with 26%.

How the mighty are fallen.

The people have spoken now pack you bags

It looks like Traitor Blair's speech the other day worked. He asked the people not to vote on the basis of the previous few days' headlines in which Labour have been shown to have taken incompetence to a new level, but to vote on the basis of their achievements in the last few years. It appears that voters have certainly done that because yesterday Labour lost 254 seats in the English local elections.

Perhaps a cabinet reshuffle will work. I suggest sacking the entire cabinet and prime minister and starting again.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

EU threatens fine over farming subsidies

The EU may fine the UK government for its incompetence over farming subsidies for English farmers.

Farmers in Scotland and Wales have already received their subisidies - some of them before Christmas - from their own governments. English farmers are now receiving forms to claim this years subsidy before they have even been paid for last year.

The British government has only a few weeks now to pay the subsidies before the Eu starts imposing massive fines for non-payments.

Eastern European Workers

EU law provides for the free movement of workers between member states. Under EU law, all member states are required to allow the free movement of workers from other member states. So whay is it that since the last batch of Eastern European countries joined the EU, only three countries are allowing unrestricted migration from from those new member states?

Only the UK, Sweden and the Republic of Ireland have allowed migrant workers from the new member states to come over in unrestricted quantities to flood our labour markets with cheap labour. France, on the other hand, is planning to further tighten its restrictions on migrant workers from Eastern Europe. The EU is strangely silent on this matter ...

Electoral Fraud

Police are investigating 7 London Borough's over electoral fraud (Labour controlled I believe). They are also investigating Labour-controlled Birmingham (again) for electoral fraud.

How long will it be before electoral fraud is added to the list of crimes that will be prevented by compulsary ID cards?

Isn't it funny how it's always Labour-controlled councils that get investigated for electoral fraud?

Job Cuts at Shropshire Hospitals

Nurses and medical staff were protesting outside the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital yesterday over 300 job cuts at the hospital and its sister site, the Princess Royal in Telford.

This is the same Royal Shrewsbury Hospital that is giving Welsh women the breast cancer drug Herceptin for free and is charging £43k per course of treatment for English patients.

Shropshire's contribution to the subsidy of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is in the region of £100m per year but the only way anyone can come up with of plugging a £31m budget deficit is to cut jobs and services. I've got a suggestion - stop subsidising the rest of the UK so that they can have free presecriptions, free dental and eye care, expensive drugs, etc. and spend our own taxes on ourselves.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More Smoke and Mirrors

More smoke and mirrors from the Labour Stazi. In a blatant attempt to divert some attention from the Sweaty Baboon's utter incompetence and inability to do his job the Home Secretary has decided that rather than use existing laws to deport foreign nationals who are in prison, he will rush in some new laws that mean they will be considered for deportation automatically.

I like the idea of them being considered for deportation automatically but there are existing laws which allow them to do this if only they were competent enough to use them. This is nothing more than the kneejerk PR stunt that follows any revelation of incompetence or wrongdoing by Labour.

Partly Political Broadcast

I saw the party election broadcast for Labour yesterday as well as a snippet of Traitor Blair's speech telling us to forget the bad headlines and remember the good things Labour have done instead like ... ummmm ... hmm, anyway...

The bit of Bliar's speech that I heard was Britain this, Britain that. The party election broadcast was Britain this, Britain that. In fact, it ended with "Britain is moving forward ... vote Labour" and then the voiceover comes on at the end and says "That was a party election broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party for the English local elections".

Can you imagine a broadcast by the Labour Party for the Scottish local elections ending with teh strapline "Britain is moving forward ..."? No, so why should we put up with it? If you have a local election in your area get yourself down to the polling station, vote anyone but Labour (or BNP) and tell as many people as you can the slogans from the general election - Scotland Forward Not Back, Wales Forward Not Back and Britain Forward Not Back.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Charles Clarke did not resign

The Sweaty Baboon told the BBC last week that he had offered his resignation to Traitor Blair and that he had refused to accept it. It now transpires that that was a complete lie - the Home Secretary did not offer to resign.

It also appears that it took the Home Secretary 3 weeks to tell the Prime Minister that the bunch of fuckwits that run his department had accidently released a hundred or so dangerous foreign criminals instead of deporting them and it then took nearly a week for the public to be informed. All told, these dangerous criminals had been on the streets for almost a month before the public were told about it. Five of them have already reoffended.

I give him until the end of next week before he has to resign and the end of the year before he's back in the cabinet again.