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Germany shuns EU for unilateral action on economy

Our beloved leader, President McBrown, threw carbon footprint to the wind and jetted off to Europe at the weekend to decide on a common EU response to the economic problems but when push came to shove, national interest came first for our federalist colleagues over the water.

The Republic of Ireland announced it was guaranteeing ever last penny cent of savers’ deposits and the EU started flapping. Then Greece followed suit and announced that it, too, would guarantee all of savers’ money.

How very un-European of them not to adopt the common EU policy of doing bugger all.

Then it got interesting because the German Chancellor, Reichsführer Merkel, announced that Germany would also guarantee all deposits. Quiet panic spread round EU governments – the EU’s Minister for Propaganda has done something without telling them what they should do!

Now Austria and Denmark have guaranteed savings and the European Bundesbank Central Bank has said that it will give the European banking sector whatever liquidity it needs for as long as it needs.

None of this has helped though – stock markets around the world are taking massive hits. The FTSE has dropped well below the 5,000 mark for the first time in years and the UK economy is in recession. Major banks have failed and governments are still throwing billions of pounds at them in the vain hope that things will get better. They won’t, not for a year or two.

If the current economic troubles have shown us anything, it is just how weak the EU is. The federalists claim that we are stronger together, united in our aims, yada yada yada. But when it comes down to a straight choice between national interests and EUish interests, the whole thing falls apart. Eurosceptics should draw small comfort from the duff economy – money is going to be tight, some people are going to lose their homes and jobs; but the EU has been exposed for the sham that it is and our economic recovery will be a damn sight quicker without interference from our masters in Brussels.

Institutional Racism in the Met Police … against white men

Boris is launching an inquiry into allegations of racism at the Met Police from the Metropolitan Black Police Association.

The Met BPA says that it will be discouraging black and asian people from applying to join the Met Police because of the “hostile and racist situation there”.

Yes, so fucking hostile and racist that they allow a Black Police Association.  Strangely enough, there’s no White Police Association.  Not because they don’t need specific representation – they do because white male officers are the most discriminated against section of society – but because it simply wouldn’t be allowed.

A spokeswoman for the Met Police Association said “At least 20% of all new recruits into Hendon police training college are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds”.  What percentage of applicants are from black or ethnic minority backgrounds?  In 2005/06 it was 19.2% so that indicates that black and ethnic minority recruits have, if anything, a slightly higher chance of getting into the force.

Here’s an interesting quote from the Met Police 2005/06 employment report:

Over the 2005/06 financial year there were 104 corporate recruitment campaigns designed to encourage black and minority ethnic community members and women to apply to the MPS

104 recruitment campaigns run specifically to target black and asian applicants.  Presumably these were coupled with “no white men” recruitment drives that seem to be increasingly common in the police.

The problem with the Met and the police as a whole is that they are obsessed with race.  The Met wants the ethnicity of their force to be proportionate to the ethnicity of London.  But applications from white men are disproportionately high so potentially excellent white male recruits don’t even make it through the selection process whilst black, asian or women applicants that have far less potential are recruited in their place just so they can say they have a “diverse” and “representative” police force.

It takes the fucking piss.

The Black Police Association excludes white officers and then accuses the Met Police of being racist.  The Black Police Association has successfully lobbied for recruitment campaigns that exclude white males and then accuses the Met Police of being racist.  The Black Police Association has successfully lobbied for quotas on the number of white male officers allowed in the force and then accuses the Met Police of being racist.  The Black Police Association has successfully lobbied for disproportionate promotion of black and ethnic minority officers and then accuses the Met Police of being racist.

The Met Police bend over backwards to show favour to black and ethnic minority officers to the detriment of the native white male population but it’s never enough.  If you give them an inch they’ll take a yard.  The Black Police Association is am exclusive, divisive and racist organisation that shouldn’t just be ignored, it should be banned along with every other pressure group that restricts its membership to one race or colour.  If white-only groups aren’t acceptable then neither should BME-only groups – no exceptions.

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Morris Dancing!

Child #4 isn’t very well today and I don’t do ill children (if you don’t know, I’m not telling!) so Mrs Sane dispatched me with #1, #2 and #3 to Ironbridge.

Regular readers may recall that I got a passport allowing unlimited access to all the Ironbridge museums for the bargain price of £24 through my employer. We’ve certainly made full use of the passport since getting it – we’ve been to Blists Hill a couple of times and Enginuity about 5 times.

Enginuity is brilliant but there’s only so many times you can go to the same place and play with the same stuff so we went for a look around the Tile Museum and then went to the Ironbridge for a look round the toll house. That’s when we came across these guys:

I’ve lived no more than 10 minutes away from Ironbridge my whole life and didn’t even know there was a morris dancing group in Ironbridge! These lot are called the Iron Men and Severn Gilders. It was really nice to see some traditional English public entertainment – even the obligatory 5 million Japanese tourists that frequent Ironbridge every weekend (ok, there were actually about 10) found it most entertaining.

Here are some pictures and the original 3gp video file which is much better quality than the YouTube version above …

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CEP rally – 18th October at Shrewsbury

The Shropshire branch of the CEP is holding a rally on Saturday the 18th of October in Shrewsbury.

We’ll be meeting somewhere central – probably Pride Hill or near the hideous Market Hall – at around 10am and hand out leaflets.

The theme of the rally will be the NHS. Just over the border in Wales they have free prescriptions and free hospital parking. The Welsh government doesn’t even pay the going rate for their treatment in English hospitals, costing the hospitals in Shrewsbury, Oswestry & Telford over £1m per year in lost revenues. In Scotland they will all be entitled to free prescriptions from April next year and in Northern Ireland prescriptions will be only £3 next year and free for all from 2010.

Please get in touch for more details.

Another Cabinet of all the Talentless

No Mandate Brown has almost finished rearranging the deckchairs on the SS New Liebour and so far successfully produced a cabinet that promises to be as ineffectual, incompetent and sleaze-ridden as the last one. More so, in fact, thanks to the addition of Peter Mandleson.

Mandleson has already had to resign from the British government twice – once for allegedly taking a dodgy loan and a second time for allegedly abusing his position to get passports for two of his mates. He then did the only thing a corrupt, criminal politician can do – he got himself an unelected job in Federal Europe.

Mandy’s appointment was described by David Blunkett, who also resigned from the British government twice for abusing his position, as “a masterstroke”. Too right it’s a bloody masterstroke – not because Mandelson is anything other than a corrupt little shit but because it’s deflected attention away from what a corrupt little shit El Gordo is.

There are some positives, other than those I mentioned yesterday – Tom Watson, the MP for Glasgow South, has been evicted from the Department for Transport which makes way for an MP elected in England to take his place. Transport is devolved in Scotland so Watson’s constituents in Glasgow South were largely unaffected by what he did as a Transport Minister.

The Flint woman has been made Europe Minister where she can’t do too much damage and Ed the Millibeast has been given the new Energy & Climate Change Ministry where he can happily waste days and days coming up with pointless and futile climate change policies that will piss off more and more people and hasten the demise of Liebour.

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Good news day

Not one, but three pieces of good news from the Liebour camp.

Firstly, Liebour’s pet Police Commissioner, Ian Blair has resigned blaming a lack of support from Boris Johnson for his resignation. Jacqui Goebels-Smith has had a whinge saying that Boris didn’t follow correct procedures by using his first day as Chairman of the Met Police Authority to tell Ian Blair it was time for new leadership. Meanwhile, Red Ken has forgotten that he’s a nobody – not a councillor, not an assembly member, not an MP and not the mayor – and nobody really gives a shit what he thinks. Apart, that is, for the amusing claim that Boris is making the role of Met Police Commissioner “much more political”. To be quite frank, I think the only way it could be made more political was if Boris took the job on himself. Ian Blair is a card-carrying Labour Party member and the most politically motivated and controlled puppet that’s ever been in the job. Good riddance to bad rubbish I say.

Secondly, Ruth Kelly, the psycho Opus Dei fanatic and Transport Secretary for England is not only resigning from the Cabinet to “spend more time with her family” (a traditional euphemism for “done something really bad but don’t want my face on the front page of the Sun over it”) but she’s also standing down as an MP at the next election. Which is rather academic really because, like most Liebour MPs, she would have been spending a lot more time with her family after the election anyway.

Thirdly and finally, Lord Digby Jones, part of El Gordo’s “Cabinet of all the Talentless”, is resigning from his unelected appointment. Digby Jones is such a successful ambassador for Birmingham that he hosted a conference to tell local businesses how to out-source their businesses abroad. He’s also a former lobbyist for the tobacco industry.

The day has got off to such a good start, now watch some bastard spoil it.

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Deported for committing thought crimes

Via an Englishman’s Castle, an Australian holocaust denier has been arrested in the UK to be extradited to Germany to stand trial for breaking their holocaust denial laws.

Dr Toben runs a holocaust denial website which is illegal in Germany but not in England. He was in transit from the US to Dubai, stopping off in the UK, when police boarded the plane and arrested him for German thought crimes.

Toben will be extradited to Germany under a European Arrest Warrant – another anti-terrorism law that’s being abused – which requires only that the subject of the warrant has been accused of something that is a crime in an EU member state. No evidence is required, or even requested. There is no right of appeal and extradition is granted automatically. Most importantly, the offence that the subject is accused of doesn’t have to be a crime in the country it was supposed to have been committed in.

Under EU rules, Germany would have been within its rights to have demanded the extradition of Prince Harry for breaking their laws banning the glorification of Naziism when he dressed up in an SS uniform because, despite being a prince and 3rd in line to the throne, under EU rules he is an ordinary EU citizen.

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Shropshire Star: Kind of PM to think of England

The following letter was published in tonight’s Shropshire Star. Unfortunately, whilst editing it they took out “in England” from the end of the first line which makes the whole letter ambiguous.

Kind of PM to think of England

How kind of Gordon Brown, the MP for Kikcaldy and Cowdenbeath in Scotland, to find some loose change down the back of the sofa to pay for free prescriptions for cancer patients.

I remember when my own mother was recovering from cancer the last thing she needed was the worry of how to pay for prescriptions when she was unable to work.

However, when considering Mr Brown’s generosity, it should be remembered that in Wales nobody has paid for a prescription for nearly two years now.

And any of Gordon Brown’s constituents in Scotland suffering from long-term of permanent illnesses haven’t paid for prescriptions for some time. Already 92 per cent of prescriptions dispensed in Scotland are free of charge.

Stuart Parr